Human Resource Management and Recruitment in Tesco

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Introduction of Organisation Behaviour

Each and every product has its own organisations. Organisations may be big or small and behaviour of people plays an importortant role in each and ever organisation.

Organisations behaviours is study of groups, people and indivduals acts within the organisations. People used to participate in the organisation to achieve their desired goals and social objectives.

People plays an important role in each and every organisations so we can say that human beings are the valuable assest for the organisations.( Great JRD TATA). The utilisations of resources such as money, market, machines, and different method is not possible without human resources. Thus in each and every activity of the organisations people are at the centre point.

Each and evey people in the world has desire to achieve sumthing i.e. job satisfaction, value, and money. Ortanisations needs to motivate the people in every activity or aspect of the organisation. Motivations plays an improtant role in the organisations to motivate the people in their work and also helpes them to carry out their work effectively. There are many other factors that should be taken into consideration with in the organisation are rules and regulations, policies, culture, team work and many more.

The environment of the organistions is affeted by mainly two factors. They are "INETENAL FACTORS AND EXTERNAL FACTORS." These two factors must be control in such a way that they help the organistions to run smothly to eac and evey activity. So such infection of both these factors must be done at regular interval of time.

Organisation can achieve their goals satisfactioraly if the management within the organisations is proper and effective. No organistions can run without management. Management is an important part of organisations. It in cludes POSD CORB i.e.

P= Planning




C= Controling

At last so we can say that POST CORD is essentials and very important for the running of the organisations.

In these competitive era it is very difficult to run the organisations. Due to the competitons organisations make constant efforts and focus towards how to witin the customers by providing them good services as compare to other organisation.

Literature Review

There are many factors which can affect the organisations. The two main factors are Ineternal and External factors. Internala environment of the organisations is affected by the different policies and standards used by the management to run the organisation and also be affected bye employees attitudes with in the organisations. Inspite of these Internal Environment, External enviornment of the organisation is affected by the factors such as political, social, Economical, Physiological, and Educational.

Due to poor planning and lack of insight sumtimes its may happen that the organisation may lead to disarray. Planning is very important in the organisation no organisation can without planning. The entrepreneours who are skilled in changed management are not valuable to the organisations i.e. harnessing the forces of change.(GREGORY DEES ET AL,2002 PAGE.310)

From the armstrong points of view when there is an awareness of the need to change in the organisation ,the change process begins in the organisation .After the analysis of the situation and the factors, possible causes of action can be recognised and the evaluation of the choice is made for the prefferd action.(ARMSTRONG.2006,PG-346).

People in the organisation think that there will be an entirely logical and linear process of going from one way to another when the planning in the organisation took place.According to PETTIGREW & WHIPP the changes that took place is an cumulative,literature and reformulation in use process.(PETTIGREW & WHIPP,1991,PG 253).


The firms current skills ,abilities and potential employees can be improved by the work practices,performance management system and training.It can also be improved by the ansentive compensation and also by the employee recruitment and selection procedure.We should encourge the non performing employees to leave the firm by reducing shrinking,increasing the motivation and enhancing retention of quality employees.(JONES AND WRIGHT,1992,US DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR 1930).

HRM is one of the important and essential element within the organisation to put the right person at right place and at right time.In the present situation knowledge is very important because without it no organisation can get success and that knowledge comes from the people.Most of the organisation in UK are service providers and the knowledge is necessary todevelop the service.

For example UK'S biggest retail chain TESCO has near about 2000 stores around the country with approximately 47000 employees.Tescoalso operates in other country except UK such as china,japan and turkey.Recently Tesco also entered in US.There are mainly four store formats in which tesco operates they are


METRO STORE suitable in town and city centre

EXPRESS STORE suitable and value fresh local food

EXTRA STORE wide variety of food and non food rang

e with other services

SUPER STORES wide variety of non food lines.

From the above disscussion we can say that TESCO needs different skilled people within the store.

In every store tesco requires supervisors,stockhandlers,checkout staffs,managers and the distribution centres needs stock management people.At the top TESCO also needs human resources,information technology and legal accounting property management.

As tecso follows the structured recruitment process for management and operation roles ,tesco needs right people at right time and at right place.

At the first stage PLANNING is necessary in every organisation.So tesco do the planning first which includes the current workforce,future needs,training to be imparted to different employees.Location is very important as tesco is a growing company.It should be located at the place where people can go and buy their things very easily.

At each and every year tesco follows the PLANNING PROCESS in the last week of february and also they take quartely review in may,august and there is a need for the company to recruit the new people.this may help the company to achieve the desired goals.

TESCO makes use of the ANNUAL APPRAISAL to fill vacancies internally as well.As a result employee can develop their their skills and abilities with in the company.It also runs the TALENT PLANNING to encourge the people in the organisation.

To serve the customer in a better way

TESCO has implented the structured process.

Customers are at the top sotesco needs the

Right person at each level.TESCO has six level

For controlling &managing the organisation.

Work level 1 - staff for customer service

Work level 2 - Leader for the team

Work level 3 - unit wise manager

Work level 4 - supporting unit manager and recommonding doing


Work level - 5 responsible for whole TESCO

Work level - 6 Leader of whole organisation

The recruitment of people in TESCO is done in teo ways :


TESCO gives first chance to the people for the higher post within the organisation .By checking the skills & abilities TESCO gives promotion to their staff.these in turn helps the tesco to save their time and money.The main benefit of the internal recrutiment is that as the person is already working in the organisation he is very much aware about the rules and regulations of the organisation so he may acquainted very easily with the new post.


To recruit the people from outside TESCO advertise the jobs through their own site WWW.TESCO_CAREERS.COM and sometimes in stores on the notice board.After that the applicant who is capable would be called for the interview and the final selection is done by the assessment centre.People canalso drop the CV in storesas well as they can register in job centre plus.

As it is very expensive to advertise the jobs on television,magazines,agencies and radio TESCO also makes it easy for the applicant tofind out jobs on site and also simple applicant process on the website.

The next step after the recruitment is the selection process.SELECTION means to select the best candidate out of all the possible outcomes.These process is based on decision making.

While selecting the candidate it isvery important for the manager to decided which applicant would be best for the role.After selection the screening of applicant is very important element of selection.

During the screening process manager carefully check the CV'S of the candidate in which the past employment history and their interest,education is it is very important to screen the applicants skills and knowledge.The below given are the several stages to select external management applicant.


In the final stage applicant attend the assessment centre which are runs by the managers.In these stage applicant is provided with various exercise,team working &puzzle solving.If the applicant is approved by the assessment centre then the manager takes the interview and in these part of interview manager makes sure that the candidate is fit for the role which he applied for in the organisation.

Thus we can say that HRM is the vital element within the organisation.The placement of right person at right time and at right place is very important for the organisation to achieve their desired goals.So HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT is the key factor for the organisation and so human is considered as the valuable assets for the organisation.


MOTIVATION also plays an important role in an organisation.The study of motivation is concerned with why the people behave in a certain way.In a simple way motivation can be described as the direction and persistance of action.

Each &every person in the world has desire to achieve something.They also have some goals to achieve in the at these time it is only the motivation which helps the people to support them in achieving their desired goals.Motivation provides strength and right direction to the people.Motivation is not just the behaviour itself and also it is not the performance but it is concerned with the action and the internal and the external forces which influence a persons choice of action.Motivation also brings greater achievements.(LAURIE J.MULLINS,8TH EDITION,PGE 250).