Human Resource Management And Information System Business Essay

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Human Resources: Is the performance of the events and activities which are in the planning, organization and development and leadership which the department can stimulate the staff to reach the highest level of productivity efficiently, effectively, and the combination between the company and the employee in the direction and contribute to the achievement of the objectives of each of them..(Micheal Armstrong,2006) performance : It is the process of creating a work environment or setting in which people are enabled to perform to the best of their abilities. (Robert Bacal, 1999). Information system :" that socielty has become so dependent on are typically distributed network systems that components of varying quality that have been intgrated to provide services for the end -user" (Vickie R Westmark,2004:pag1) . long tirm is the period of time, more than ten years, using in organization like planning , strategy , marketing …..atc (Steven A. Dutch,2006).

This study tries to understand the relationship between human resource systems and performance management. The comprehensive understand of this relation will improve the performance of corporation. The negative side is the main material cost of computer software, as well as the need for technical support for the operation of huge Programs successfully.

The development of information system , human resources and activating both of them is essential in achieving the goals of the organization regardless of its activity, thereby improving the performance of the organization . This is an opportunity for us to upgrade the bank's performance , its continuous development in terms of operations in the bank also while linking to the development of information system and while researching for providing information appropriately.

This helps to upgrade the performance of the organization, Continuous improvement of the operations of the Organization relating to the development of information system and doing the necessary research to provide information promptly.

Accordingly, interest was the development of human resources associated with activating the information system in different fronts and in particular human resources information systems.

The world has witnessed developments unprecedented in the field of administrative thought and practice, and the most prominent of these developments change the perception of the process by which human resource development and transfer of the routine traditional to the modern system, which depends on the information system management in maintaining the data of the organization, which enables the leadership of the implementation of the provisions and the rules upon the management staff.

The traditional view of human resources is identified has been the most distinguishing feature of the theories is that they seek to gain access to the principles of management theory as a basis for regulation and administrative design.

The modern view of human resourc is identified as a major department in the administrative bank , where the first role in achieving efficiency, productivity and contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the organization which will have to achieve high levels of performance.

It is clear from this that human resources require  training system in line with the evolution of modern information system management, and must be planned well so that organizations, to achieve effective monitoring and proper decision-making, reflects on the performance of the organization over the long term.

1.2 Purpose of the Study

"William R. Tracey, in The Human Resources Glossary defines Human Resources as: The people that staff and operate an organization … as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization. The organizational function that deals with the people" (Susan M. Heathfield,2012). Performance: Give employees feedback on the extent of their competence in carrying out functional and meals, as well as guiding them in developing their future (Dr Javier Martinez,2002) information system: The way they perform input, processing, output, storage, and control activities (Sebastian Boell,2012). "Organizations often depend on helping behaviors to deal with non-routine aspects of work. Helping behavior is a robust predictor of group and organizational performance" (Podsakoff, MacKenzie, Paine, &Bachrach, 2000 as cited in Mossholder, Richardson and Settoon, 2011).

And accourding to Boxall & Macky it has become more important in light of the movement toward greater employee involvement (e.g., Boxall & Macky, 2009 as cited in Mossholder, Richardson and Settoon, 2011), interactive work structures (e.g., Frenkel& Sanders, 2007 as cited in Mossholder, Richardson and Settoon, 2011), and human resource (HR) flexibility within organizations (e.g., Beltra´ n-Martı´n, Roca-Puig, Escrig-Tena, &Bou-Llusar, 2008 as cited in Mossholder, Richardson and Settoon, 2011). "Because helping behavior involves actions by which individuals positively affect others, much organizational research has sought to identify its immediate dispositional and situational antecedents. Less work has been devoted to establishing broader mechanisms organizations can use to purposely harness helping" (Organ, Podsakoff, &MacKenzie, 2006 as cited in Mossholder, Richardson and Settoon, 2011). Thus, although current research offers guidance regarding individual-level influences on helping behavior, it is less informative as to how organizations should promote and sustain helping between employees (Mossholder, Richardson and Settoon, 2011).

The choice of human resource management as a part of organizational sustainability is justified because: (a) human resource is a function which presents greater potential to include the postulates of sustainability in the organizational scope (Vickers, 2005 as cited in Jabbour and Santos, 2008); (b) modern human resource management and sustainable organizations require a long-term focus and actions which extrapolate the search for an exclusively economic performance (Wilkinson, Hill and Gollan, 2001 as cited in Jabbour and Santos, 2008); (c) stimulating organizational sustainability is the current paradigm of human resource management (Boudreau and Ramstad, 2005 as cited in Jabbour and Santos, 2008); and (d) modern human resource management has to be effective in order to meet the needs of the multiple stakeholders

"Over the past decade or so the human resource management function has come under pressure to demonstrate its contribution to organizational performance" (Stewart, 1996 as cited in Sun, Aryee and Law, 2007). "Consequently, research in strategic human resource management has examined the influence on organizational performance of high-performance human resource practices, which are coherent practices that enhance the skills of the workforce, participation in decision making, and motivation to put forth discretionary effort" (Appelbaum, Bailey, Berg, &Kalleberg, 2000 as cited in Sun, Aryee and Law, 2007 as cited in Sun, Aryee and Law, 2007) and that ultimately "result in . superior intermediate indicators of firm performance (i.e., those indicators over which the workforce has direct control) and sustainable competitive advantage" (Way, 2002 as cited in Sun, Aryee and Law, 2007).

Although there is considerable evidence that "high-performance human resource practices are associated with organizational performance" (Appelbaum et al., 2000; Arthur, 1994; Bae& Lawler, 2000; Bartel, 2004; Batt, 2002; Guthrie, 2001; Huselid, 1995; MacDuffie, 1995; Wright, Gardner, Moynihan, & Allen, 2005 as cited in Sun, Aryee and Law, 2007), "a number of theoretical and methodological limitations have been highlighted in recent reviews of the literature" (Batt, 2002; Ferris, Arthur, Berkson, Harrel-Cook, & Fink, 1998 as cited in Sun, Aryee and Law, 200)

The main aim of this study is to attempt to understand the role of "information system" and the role of " human resources" in improving the performance of the organizations.

To achieve this goal a new model will be proposed to describe the relationship between information system and human resource since there is no study to describe or propose a model that reflects the relation between the "information system" and "human resource" .

Thus, the study tries to identify the relationship between "information system" and "human resource" to improve the "performance" of the organization from the perspective of workers, staff or personnel in the organizations.

The aim of this proposed research is to study the underlying implications of study and designed to success at all stated objectives which are to find the elements which affecting both of human resource systems and performance management, and to test if the bank which have a good human resource system, have a good performance management.

1.3 Significance of the Study

Franrash known as human resource management selection process and the use and development of human resources and compensation for working in the organization. (Kris M. Belland, Commander, USN ,2003 ) information system : The people, hardware, software, data, and network resources they use (michelle poter,2006). Performance refers to the degree of achievement, and completion of tasks, which consist of a single individual, which reflects how the individual meet the requirements of work and often occurs not between performance and effort effort refers to the energy expended is measured, performance on the basis of the results achieved by the individual. (BACKGROUND REPORT,2001)

The main findings of the study Contribute to management techniques to save time and effort, through the tremendous speed of the time it takes to pass Information, and access to information-rich results of electronic transactions.

On the basis of constant change with the response to changes in customer needs and desires, and the nature of the important role of human resources in the light of the information system and will impact on improving the performance of the organization and efficiency.

It requires study the role of information system and human resource development in improving the performance of the organization due to their link achieves run success of the organization.

The present research will provide valuable insight to the management of banking sector about the information system importance of human resource management practices for superior and sustainable banks performance and that study will add a scientific value by revealing the elements affecting both of human resource and information systems and performance management. in addition it will offer information to the limited empirical knowledge about the influence of human resource management practices and information system in the bank performance in a developing country.

1. 4. Methodology

The present study carry out the qualitative research which is base on the primary and secondary data collection. There are two main methods that carried as:

The primary method of the study is to conduct interviews of the Literatures on HRIS improvement organization performance. These interviews evaluate the present situation of the HRIS improvement performance on Jordanian bank , the researcher used several methods of interviewing, it was impossible to travel and conduct the direct interviews therefore, i using pretend to have Telephonic Interviews and based email services.

The present also took on the secondary data, the books, journals and articles, the researcher has taken the help of the library, E-library and the data base of the Girne American University, the main focus of this search was to analyze the impact of HRIS on organization performance

The primary data of this research is the information inferred from ray Newspaper. This information was generated from a questionnaire including a number of mandatory questions on the topic and the Telephonic based interviews.

During the present study an internet research concerning HRIS improvement organizational performance will be conducted and academic researches which provides a lot of information on the issue will be analyzed.

1. 4. 1. Hypothesis/ Research Question of the stud

The prim question for this study will be information system and human resources corporate performance in Jordanian banking sector.

"What a human resource system formulation framework is suitable for the formulation and implementation of employee's performance by the organizations?" will be the main research question of the present study.

1. 4. 2. Assumptions/ Unpacking question

The prim unpacking question for this study significant relationship between human resource systems and performance Jordanian banking sector.

1- How does the type of approach (universalist, contingent, configurationally) affect the relationship between HRM and firm performance?

2- Are there contingent mechanisms that affect the relationship between HRM practices and firm performance?

3- Are there differentiated effects according to whether the performance is operational, financial, market-related or employee-related (e.g. satisfaction)?

4-What HRM policies and practices have a greater impact on firm performance?

5- How effective is the information system in terms of your human resources department?

1. 4. 3. Limitation

1- The limitation that had been faced to researcher through carrying the research was a direct access to Jordan official in order to have Face-to-Face interview the reason behind this was away from home country to pursue the Master Degree.

2- It was impossible to have access to key players such as representatives of Multi National Companies to access to Primary data regarding the banks (alksasbeh.f. Unpublished ,2012)