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Recruitment and Placement

United Edible Oils presently has approximately 540 employees working for the organization. The number of employees growing day by day as the workforce and the working range in increasing more in the organization. It suggests that the bank has been giving a serious thought to the Human Resource Development. United Edible Oils has increased its effort to find out the best possible employees and utilizing their talent to succeed. United Edible Oils has three different levels of employees, which are -

Executive/Support Level

Basically the most influential members of United Edible Oils. Their recruitment method and sources are obviously different as they are the top-level management. So, their recruitment must be handled with intense care. They review everything. In recruitment, knowledgeable person is needed. Good background is observed and experience is appreciated. They must be analytical because they have to do the overall analysis of the bus. They are highly qualified.

Operational Level

The employees are the ones who take orders from the top level mangers and direct their subordinates to achieve overall organization goal. The employees who fall under this line of employees are the different Heads or Line Managers of various departments and their Assistant Managers. They maintain documentation; maintain paperwork & entry in the system. An experience of one year is appreciated so that the work can be done with accuracy.

Field Level

This level's recruitment is handled with care because this is the potential future field of finding company's next top performers. The positions in this level include the Assistant Officers and Line Staff. Although the line staffs are important but the assistant Officers are the ones to look out for. Knowing this organization gives an extra effort in the recruitment of fresh employees.

As we know that not every position in the organization has the same recruitment process. For obvious reasons the selection and recruitment process are not the same. But all selection process has some basic outlined steps. United Edible Oils also has a process like that. We are going to discuss the general selection process of the bank in the further parts of our report.

Before going deep into selection process we must discuss the utmost important pre-requisite of the selection process. It is Job Analysis. United Edible Oils like most o the responsible and successful corporations, conducts a detailed job analysis to know the different aspects of a particular job. This Job Analysis enables the employer and employee to know what are the responsibilities and duties of that particular job position. The methods that United Edible Oils uses to collect data about the job are describe below -


United Edible Oils conducts a formal or informal interview (depending on the position) to collect data. This interview can be a structured one or an unstructured one. Both are used. Like all other process it also has its pros and cons.


The Job Analyst gives the questionnaire to the incumbent to fill up the questionnaire. The questionnaire contains some basic job related information, which helps the job analyst to make the job description form. The main advantage of this method is that a large number of employees can be questioned at the same time and it is less costly.


This is another method used by the organization to collect job information. In this method the superior observes the employee and collect data. This is more of a back up method of United Edible Oils. It uses this just to verify the data found primarily.

After collecting the data from the employees it is a must to verify that data. United Edible Oils does that by the observation along with a recheck of the employees just to make sure that the integrity and truthfulness of the data is not sacrificed.

Selection process of United Edible Oils

United Edible Oils uses different methods and sources for their three levels of employee. But in general United Edible Oils uses the conventional selection process. The steps include -

Planning And Forecasting

Reviewing Inside Sources

Outside Sources

Completion and Screening of Applications.

Aptitude Test

Preliminary Interview

Follow-Up Interview

Reference Checking

Medical Test

Final Decision

The steps are further discussed in the following parts of the project.

Planning and Forecasting Employee needs

Before selecting any employee, the bank must know what its needs are for that particular year. No organization can have an effective and efficient selection unless it knows what it wants and how many it wants. United Edible Oils uses some methods to forecast the employee needs. These are -

Budget Cycling: The first method that United Edible Oils uses is to predict its future employee needs according to the past proportion of budget and employee needs.

Revenue Growth Activity: United Edible Oils also predicts its employee needs by the finding the correlation of revenue and the number of employees needed to earn that revenue.

Trend Analysis: The trend of hiring employees is also a good measure of the employee needs in the future. Occasionally, United Edible Oils uses this method to predict the future job needs.

Reviewing Inside Sources

After deciding what number of employees the bank needs, the concerned Department's manager sees if there is anyone within the organization to meet the requirement of the vacant position. Senior managers discuss the strengths and weakness of the employee, check his/her past performance and decide on the suitability of the employee in that position, higher or similar rank in the organization.

Different sources are used in different level of job. For example, a source that is used for Executive level hiring is less likely to be used for any other level's position.

From field level to operation level, selection is arranged on the basis of performance, recommendation of the supervisor etc. The external sources are often expensive. So, sometimes the HR department is informed to mail the list of the interested internal candidates. Then interview is done on the basis of the recommendation of the head of the department and he is recruited.

Outside Sources

If the employee is found from the internal sources, then there is no need for further recruiting. But if the employee is not found then the organization has to look for outside sources. The outside sources can be different for every level. From our interview with the HR, Manager & Administrator, we know that the outside sources can be -


Level most likely to be used

Executive Recruiting

Executive level

Employee Agencies

Executive level

Personal Sources

Mid level

Previous CV's

Fresh/mid level


Fresh/mid level


Fresh level

Completion and Screening of Application from

After deciding what sources to use, United Edible Oils calls for applications from the interested candidates. The screening of the application is very critical. The main problem here is that some of the applicant cannot write a decent, proper application. So, many gets rejected even if they might have been qualified for the job. But their inability to write the application gets them rejected. HR has to go through so many applications that it feels that the ones, which are written according to the requirements of the job and are qualified for the job, should be kept. One important thing to consider is to see that screening is done only on the basis of qualification.

Aptitude Test

United Edible Oils takes an aptitude test of the candidates for the Mid/Junior level position. No such test is required for the executive level. This test is done to measure a particular candidate's ability to learn and perform in the job according to his/her learning. It measures verbal ability, numerical ability, reasoning ability etc. of the candidate.

Preliminary Interview

This interview is done to scrutinize applicants on the basis of different personal attributes. It is used to see if skills and abilities of the applicant match the required ones to perform the job correctly.

Line managers Discussion

Aptitude Test

Preliminary Interview

Follow Up Interview

Reference Checking

Completion and Screening of Applications

Medical Test

Final Decision

Outside Sources



Previous CV's

College Recruiting

Entry Level

Executive Level

Review Inside sources

Forecast future needs

Employee Found



Terminate Recruiting

Continue Recruiting

Employee Agencies

Executive Recruiting

Previous CV's

Personal Sources


Mid Level

Figure 3: Flow chart of recruitment and placement

Follow-Up Interview

United Edible Oils uses a second or follow up interview for further scrutinizing of applicants. This interview is done to determine the suitability of an applicant for a specific job position. The main purpose of this interview is to narrow down the number of applicants on the basis of some requirements of the job.

This is done only when the number of applicants left after primary interview is too high and there is nothing much too differentiate them. So, a thorough interview is taken to further narrow down the number of applicants.

Reference Checking

United Edible Oils gives a huge emphasize on reference for executive and mid level. Professional references are preferred and given more value. It is because of the fact that most of the times the personal references do not give the right information about an applicant. So, professional references are more valued. To verify this reference the most convenient method is used such as e-mail, phone call, letter etc. But phone call gets the preference than e-mail or any other method.

Medical test

If the applicant pool is narrowed down to only one or two, then the bank take a medical test to ensure that the applicant doesn't have any illegal habits and is able to perform the job.

Final Decision

The final decision depends on the report of the medical test and the preference of the concerned department. HR and that particular department seat together and decide which applicant to chose.

Training and development

Employee training and development is any attempt to improve current or future employee performance by increasing an employee's ability to perform. The need for training and development can arise for many reasons. Job applicant with insufficient skill may be hired; technological changes that result in new job skills can occur; organizations can redesign jobs and also decide to develop a new product requiring technologies not used before. In some of these cases, the need for training and development can be immediate and unplanned or can anticipate and planned for in the future.

Increasingly, employers are realizing how important it is to provide training add development if they are to stay competitive and profitable.

Employee Orientation

The orientation programs make employees aware of expected accountabilities to them and ensure that all employees are clear about what they have to achieve, their personal development goals, and their contribution to business performance.

In United Edible Oils, this orientation is done with certain importance. According to the management of Meghna group of industries orientation is very significant as they arrange the formal orientation program regularly. They also said that for operational level and executive level it is very important.

Executive Level - Very important

Operation level - Very Important

Field level - Very Important

For every employee, every year there is a 35 hour training program. Mainly these trainings are in house. For that every department has planning, like on every week or month they send 2 or 3 employees for training. For in house training- there will be lectures or employees go into a department and see how the entries are done.

Methods of training and development

United Edible Oils aims to obtain and maintain best quality of their product in line with its objective to earn maximum customer satisfaction where the word 'customer' indicates both internal and external customers. One of the main objectives of the training and development programs is continuous improvement of the human resource so that they can not only cope with the rapidly changing, intensively competitive global business market but also launch revolutionary banking system. In order to get people energetic, motivated, self driven and learned, progressed and grown within the bank, human resource department follows some systematic, standardized agenda in every step of training and development process.

United Edible Oils follows following training and development techniques in order to ensure continuous improvement of its human resource:

On the job training (OJT)

Strengths Based Development process


Leadership and Management Development

Improvement through performance measurement

On the job Training

On the job training (OJT) means having a person learn the job by actually performing it. United Edible Oils assign one methods of training take place on the job. This method is relatively simple, less costly to operate. Like most of organizations, United Edible Oils also assigns some of new employees to be trained by experienced supervisors or managers. Usually management trainees get on the job training by job rotation. Apprenticeship training is a structure process by which individuals become skilled workers through a combination of classroom instruction and on-the-job training. During the apprenticeship period the BPL trainee is paid less than a fully qualified worker.

United Edible Oils follows on the job training as a training method. It is a frequently used approach to train workers on the job. On the job training occurs when an employee is taught new job or skill under the direct supervision of an experienced worker or trainee.

Strength Based Development process

United Edible Oils has some of the best assessment tool to identify the unique talents each individual brings to the roles they carry out. This tool is completed through the web. It makes individual employees knowledgeable about the companies' awareness of their talents and is supported by a development process which guides them to apply their key talents more effectively in their work and deliver high performance. The development process focuses on helping employees understand their talents more, build them more strongly and develop effective strategies to get out of their deficiencies. Employees are provided with opportunities not only to develop in their current role, but also move into new roles and gain experience of working in different locations and businesses.

Leadership Development

Leadership skill of the experienced manager is one of the key factors of current and potential success of United Edible Oils. Senior leaders set the direction of the business and develop the talent within the organization in the most effective and efficient way.

The organization has a wide range of best class development and assessment programs that are designed to enable the leaders develop their own skills and talents as well as bring out the best in their followers. Leadership Workshops take individual leaders through the increasingly complex business environment in which they operate and the challenges they face.

Succession planning

Succession planning does the most promising employees to develop their working ability further.

Appraisal and Maintenance

All employees may learn about how well they are performing through informal means such as favorable comments from co-workers or superiors, performance appraisal is defined here as a formal, structured system of measuring evaluating and influencing and employees job related attributes, and outcome, as well as level of absenteeism, to discover how productive employee is and whether he or she can perform as or more effectively in the future, so that the employee and the organization and society or benefit.

Methods of Appraisal

In United Edible Oils, usually the line managers always do the performance appraisal. HR department has no authority over the primary appraisal. Here, every supervisor appraises his/her subordinates then managers do the ultimate things. They check their previous record and appraise them on his/her scale. The methods that United Edible Oils follows are:

**Force Distribution Method

**Graphic Rating Scale

Force distribution scale

The force distribution method was designed to overcome this complaint and to incorporate several factors or dimensions into the ranking of subordinates. The term force distribution is used because the superior must assign only a certain proportion of subordinates to each of several categories in each factor. Predetermined percentage rates are assigned to different performance grades.

Graphic rating scale

It is the most widely used performance evaluation. Graphic rating forms vary in the number of performance dimensions the measure. Many rating forms use indicators of output such as quantity or quality of performance. The team performance is used advisedly here because many of these form.

Rater rates on different job factors such as -

Financial: The financial activities that they are involved in.

Customer: The relation maintain with the customer.

People: The relationship maintain with the people within the organization.

Processes: The process they use for the completion of the work.

Three types of Appraisals Interview are conducted.

Satisfactory and Promotable - Discuss career plan and action. It is the easiest of the three appraisal interviews.

Satisfactory but NOT Promotable - Incentives to maintain performance. It is for employees whose performance is satisfactory but for whom promotion is not possible.

Unsatisfactory and NOT Promotable - Correct performance. You can skip the interview or plan a correction.


United Edible Oils offers some basic compensation packages to the employees. It is the package that motivates the employees. It is the fact that keeps them going. But most of the employees are not satisfied. They think that they are not being paid enough. This is very alarming factor for United Edible Oils. Because if the employees think this way then after some time they will be getting less motivated to work. But it remains to be seen. As our observation, we know that United Edible Oils gives a reasonable salary, but the basic salary and other benefits are not relative to the workload of the employees. The different compensation related topics are described in next parts of this report.


Employee salary at United Edible Oils has a simple structure. It is determined by the individual performance level, the organizations ability to pay and the relative job market. There are some cash components of this salary structure. These are -

Base Salary

Base Salary is specific to each individual in the organization. On joining, base salary is determined on relative comparisons with peer groups. Retirement benefits like provident fund and gratuity are calculated on the base salary. Base salary is paid through monthly payroll and taxed at source as per income tax rules.

Conveyance Allowance

It is paid through the monthly payroll. The allowance is paid to offset a portion of the local conveyance expenses incurred by officers while commuting to & fro to office/residence.

Methods of Payment

Employee will be paid by bank current account in the same bank for all employees and staffs provided by the organization. There is also available option for the worker to receive the cash if they want in weekly basis and monthly basis.


There are mainly 3 bonuses. Those are 2 festival bonuses, and a performance wise bonus

Employee Benefit

The purpose of the employee benefits is to motivate the employee through that the organization's willingness to help them in different situations. Employee benefit is very important and integral part of employee compensation program.

Travel Leave and Medical Allowance

This is a combined entitlement which gives the employee the option to utilize it for either leave travel or for medical expenses (LTA / ME) or claim it as a fully taxable allowance where the officer doesn't wish to avail of reimbursement under either heads.

If an employee is sick, he can take the paid leave for 14 days.

Annual leave- Also an employee can tell his head how many days he will need for vacation in the coming year. After the head approves it he can take maximum 20 days leave. But this option is open if an employee works for 1 year than he can enjoy that annual leave in the next year.

Overtime payments

Workers get the overtime payment from United Edible Oils. There is different amount of money already set up for the workers based on pick hour and off pick hour.


United Edible Oils has their own canteen for the workers and employees and there is a set menu in compare to fewer prices. Employees and workers can go over there and have the meals.

Emergency Loan

To meet unforeseen and emergency expenses that an officer may have to incur towards medical treatment or financial loss as a result of theft or fire the United Edible Oils an emergency loan program.

Time Off

The employees are eligible to various types of leave of absence: for vacation, sickness, maternity, personal requirements, public holiday and higher education.


All confirmed officers are eligible for 20 working days of Privilege Leave (vacation) for a full year of service. For those who have joined in the middle of the year the Privilege Leave is on a prorated basis.

Leave without pay

Under extraordinary circumstance officers require leave of absence beyond the above leave provisions. Such leave is granted on a case-by-case basis with the approval of the respective Business Managers or Function Heads.

Retrials Benefits

United Edible Oils offers this benefit thinking of the after work life of the employee. United Edible Oils offers this benefit to all the employees of the organization. In this category bank offers provident fund.

Provident fund is a retirement-oriented benefit. The organization forms the fund through contributions made by the employees and matching contributions.

Deductions and Contributions

Every confirmed employee is a member of the fund and contributes 10% of base salary towards the fund every month. The Bank makes a matching contribution of 10% each month.

The contributions of the employee and the Bank are credited to the trust fund each month.

Employee relationship

Practice of Ethics:

United Edible Oils follows its rules and regulations strictly. It also encourages its supervisors to act fairly with their subordinates.

United Edible Oils follows life time employment policy. They fire any employee only because of fraudulence and they also don't pay that employee any payment. They usually file a case against that employee.


In United Edible Oils according to the Organ gram we can arrange them in three stages which are given as follows;

Top level Management

Middle level Management

Junior level management

Top level management

The top most personality in the organization who basically make the strategy, make the plan and also generate the idea to develop more of the organization in long run. They measure the company situation and on the basis of that take decisions which need to be implementing in the organization. GM, AGM and the Assistant managers are playing most important role over there which has a potential affectivity on the organization.

Middle level management

In the middle level management employees implement the idea and try to fulfill the objective of the top level management through exact activities and the rules in the organization. They manage all other employees and subordinates to maintain the working process and also let them understand about the work. The responsibility is much higher in this level for the employees and they have to be very curious about the whole working process and curriculum. Dept in charge, Engineers and the officers are play the role to complete middle level function.

Junior level management

Lower level management basically follows the rules and procedures which organization set from the very beginning for the employees and workers. They have to follow the command of their seniors to complete the working process and to accomplish the whole work on behalf of the companies. Operators, Supervisors, Electricians, Technicians, Store assistant are playing the role of junior level management. They are highly recommended to the companies to follow the order from their superiors and accomplish the process of work.

In the administration of United Edible Oils basically runs through a chain where the employees or the representatives of the company organized each and every part to random complication of work and reach the organizational goals. Responsibilities assigned to the different specialized persons, so that the whole procedure from production to distribution will enlist in rapid growth or incessant development.