Hr Manager Responsibilities And Challenges Business Essay

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Boecker Public Health is seeking a HR Manager for its office in Lebanon. The mission of the HR Manager, as described in the ad, is "to transform Boecker into a company where people are selected, trained, retained and developed in a way to fulfil Boeacker's philosophy: 'A Company whose clients are extremely satisfied'".

The HR Manager Job that you are advertising is a very critical and crucial position for the success of your organisation. As the job is very challenging, selecting the right person with excellent knowledge of the Human Resource theories and practices is very important. You can see, from the description and explanation, presented below, that I have an excellent knowledge and relevant experience in HR theories, processes and practices.

In addition, I have a very good background in developing strategies and converting them into policies, processes and practices that are very important to a successful implementation of HR activities as outlined in the job's advertisement.


Applying PBL (Macneil & Bray and Hmelo-Silver 2004) and PBL Matrix (MacNeil 2012), the problem of how can I contribute to the success of Boecker by taking the job was initially analysed, resulting in two actions plans: analysing the job ad and establishing a format for this report. In its turn, the first new knowledge was further analysed resulting in couple of new action plans, finding information about the Boecker and analysing the role, responsibilities, requirements and skills. Again analysing these new facts, new actions plans where revealed such as addressing the challenges of HR Management activities, etc… However, due to limited word count, only two responsibilities were further addresses: Strategic Management and Recruitment and Selection.

The Job

As per the advertisement (See Appendix 1), the job is very challenging with full fledge HR management responsibilities. The HR Manager is expected, as part of corporate strategic management, to develop and implement strategies for Human Resource Management and Development. She or he will be responsible for recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits and employee relations. The job requires many essential educational background, skills and experiences (See Appendix 1 for more details).

About the Company

Boecker Public Health is the Middle East's largest Pest management group. Founded in 1993, the company provides world class quality services in pest control, pest management, professional disinfecting, pest control equipment and chemicals as well as food safety training & consulting, fumigation & heat treatment.

With more than 300 employees, Boecker team is a professional, highly trained group of specialists in the fields of environmental health, entomology, marketing and business development. Through its specialised centre "Boecker Academy", the company is providing training and formation for professional pest management technicians.

Since its establishment, the company has expanded within the Middle East region. In addition to opening its newest office in Saudi Arabia, the company has established offices in Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Nigeria (See Appendix 2).

The Job

HR Manager Responsibilities and Challenges

Businesses are continuously making changes in order to adapt to local and global advancements and variations. These changes affect Human Resources in a wide range of issues and challenges. Some of these challenges are: Change Management, Leadership development, HR effectiveness measurements, Organisational effectiveness, Staffing & recruiting skilled local labour (WFPMA 2005 & Stones 2011).

Obviously, Boecker has identified these challenges, and therefore it is seeking a qualified HR Manager to manage and overcome them. As outlined in the advertisement, the HR Manager is a very challenging job. A qualified person with excellent understanding of human resources systems and capabilities to transform strategy into policies, processes and procedures is needed. Therefore it is crucial for an organisation to hire the right person who is able to productively manage and use people in order to achieve strategic objectives on the one hand and the satisfaction of the employees' needs on the other hand (Stone 2011, p.4).

Strategic Management

Planning, developing and implementing strategies for Human Resource Management and Development are very important and challenging tasks. These strategies must accurately reflect the vision and mission statements as well as contributing to the achievement of overall company strategic objectives, culture and values (Stones 2011, p.25). Only a very professional HR Manager with proper education, knowledge and experience is capable of translating corporate strategies into HRM strategies, policies, processes and procedures.

As per your advertisement, it is very essential to hire a person that is capable of reviewing, editing and updating the organisational structure. This structure has to be regularly reviewed in order to be adapted to environmental -external and internal- changes as well as to meet corporate governance and other statutory requirements and regulations. Analysing environmental influences; such as statutory and legal requirements and regulations which are very important in the public health sector, internal structure, cultural, technological, industrial relations, etc…; is an integral part of strategic HRM (ibid, p.26).

Growing the HR services to its full potential is another great challenge that only people with excellent understanding of HRM practices backed up with good theories and management experiences are capable of achieving. It involves setting and evaluating HRM practices in terms of contribution to achieving Boecker's strategic business objectives and satisfying employee needs (ibid, p.33). As effective HRM practices have a positive association with the perceptions of organisational and operational performance (Delaney & Huselid 1996 and Youndt & Lepak 1996), establishing full HR services will have a positive impact on Boecker's employees performance and consequently on the overall company performance.

Recruitment and Selection

Human Resource Planning -recruitment, development and departure- is another challenging task for the HR Manager. Since it matches the organisation's objectives and needs with its personnel; effective manpower planning strategy is critical for Boecker's success (Stones 2011, p.50). Finding and recruiting high calibre and talented labour is one of the major concerns for managers (ibid, p.51). Through overseeing and harmonising the recruitment, selection and placements activities, a competent and qualified HR Manager will effectively forecast the human resource availability. With the right competence and perseverance, she or he will be able to effectively estimate internal demand as well as the labour supply -internally and externally (ibid, p.57), to find qualified individuals that will contribute to the success of Boecker in meeting its objectives.

In coordination with line managers and HoDs, the HR Manager should play an active role in developing, reviewing and updating job descriptions and recruitment process. Failing to have the right people in the right places at the right time will jeopardise the success of the organisation (WFPMA 2005 & Stones 2011, p.150). A qualified HR Manager will effectively understand the work and how it is organised within Boecker. With such knowledge, she or he will be able to ensure, through strategic recruitment (Stones 2011, p.196) and strategic selection (ibid, p.236), correct and accurate recruitment and selection, allowing Boecker to meet its business objectives on the one hand and satisfying the employees' needs on the other hand (ibid, p.150).

Finally, a proper exit or departure is another key activity of the HR Manager. This involves developing and reviewing exit procedures and benefits as per the local legal regulations. Also the HR Manager should conduct an exit interview with the employees who are separating from the organisation. The purposes of these exit interviews are (1) to maintain good relationship with the employees and (2) to discover the reasons for departing (ibid, p.791). The exit interviews can be used to gather useful data about the organisational policies (Half 1994, p.16) and help the HR Manager identifying the weaknesses and strengths of the organisation (Brotherton 1996 and Moran 2004).


The challenging HR Manage is a very critical and crucial position for the success of your organisation and it is very important to select the right person with excellent knowledge of the Human Resource theories and practices. I have presented in this letter, information and descriptions that demonstrate that I am very capable to take these challenges and turn them into realities, by applying HR theories, processes and practices.