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Human Resources operates as a true commercial partner to the business. We make a difference to total business performance, attracting and retaining talent and building a winning employment and performance culture. We also develop skills, capabilities and talent pipelines throughout the organisation. But Human Resources at MAN INFRASTRUCTURE doesn't stop with developing leading edge performance and reward systems, we also focus on ways to engage all current and prospective employees. MAN INFRASTRUCTURE's purpose is 'Celebrating Life, Every Day, Everywhere', and one of our key roles is to create a culture of 100% engagement.

What does MAN INFRASTRUCTURE Human Resources do brilliantly?

The MAN INFRASTRUCTURE HR function is based on a shared services concept. Our Business Partners have a genuine seat at the table and contribute as business, as well as HR, leaders. We are proud of our eye for talent, ensuring we bring the best people to MAN INFRASTRUCTURE.  MAN INFRASTRUCTURE invests heavily in leadership wth clear leadership standards and performance programme for our top 1000 leaders.

What can MAN INFRASTRUCTURE Human Resources offer me?

As HR is represented across the world, you can expect local, regional and global roles as part of an exciting and frequently international career journey. These opportunities include a  wide range of careers both within the HR function and across the broader business. You might decide to progress within a HR speciality - such as reward or resourcing. Alternatively you might decide to develop generalist skills across the HR spectrum. Often our HR professionals choose to move from a speciality role to a Business Partner role or vice versa. Expect to develop skills and experience across a spectrum of competencies, including resourcing, reward, learning and development, change management, organisational effectiveness, business partnering, employee relations, project management and strategic planning. Career growth is continually and positively encouraged and we provide a wide range of tools to assist our people in driving forward their career.

What skills and experience should I bring?

To join our team you will need qualities in addition to the normal HR skills and experience. We're looking for people who can be authentic and connect to the MAN INFRASTRUCTURE Purpose. You'll be someone looking to grow yourself, capable of consistently delivering great performance and managing people for success. Because we interact with all parts of MAN INFRASTRUCTURE and a wide range of third parties and external bodies, we look for people who are comfortable with a partnership approach

Gareth Williams

Human resources director, MAN INFRASTRUCTURE plc

Gareth Williams was appointed human resources director of MAN INFRASTRUCTURE plc in January 1999

Current appointments

Director, human resources - MAN INFRASTRUCTURE plc

Previous appointments

Various senior personnel management positions - GrandMet and then United Distillers & Vintners

Various personnel and employee relations positions - Ford of Britain


In 2003, MAN INFRASTRUCTURE began implementing leadership communication workshops for its senior leaders. While finding innovative ways to address leaders' communication styles, behaviors and skills is a difficult task, the communication team have been able to get leaders to partake in critical self-evaluation by using real-life leadership examples, a number of hands-on exercises and a variety of practical application techniques.

In 2003, after five years of continuous change, the company decided it needed to rally its leadership in an effort to unite and engage employees. "Because of the mergers and acquisitions - and the deep-rooted loyalty people felt towards the company they had come from - it was difficult to unite employees around the new company that had formed," says Dharmesh Shah,director of leadership communication. "While MAN INFRASTRUCTURE was performing well, our CEO knew we could boost performance to higher levels. The key was getting our senior leaders in the company to connect with and inspire our employees."

Creating inspirational leaders

During the company's leadership conference in September 2003, the theme "inspirational leadership" was unveiled and promoted as a key objective for MAN INFRASTRUCTURE's senior leaders. "It became clear at this point that we were serious about wanting leaders to develop the capacity to truly motivate and encourage their teams," says Suketu Shah.

To address this need, Parag Shah collaborated with communicators from across the business and worked with communication consultancy Synopsis to develop the FAME program - intensive, one-day workshops designed to improve the leadership communication skills and styles of MAN INFRASTRUCTURE's senior leaders.

The program is specifically tailored to MAN INFRASTRUCTURE, taking into consideration the company's leadership and business objectives and incorporating specific company examples. "The workshop is designed to be very hands-on," says Knight. "It includes some theory as a foundation, but attention is focused primarily on the practical application of skills and techniques.

Participants are presented with the four essential leadership communication behaviors outlined in the FAME model to help guide them during the workshop's discussions and exercises.

* Focus: Great leaders bring a clear focus to business issues and set a few clear priorities, which they repeat and reinforce consistently. They identify clearly what they want employees to think, feel and do and plan how they can achieve this.

* Articulate: Great leaders can turn a vision into words succinctly. They paint a picture of what they want to achieve, turning "management speak" into plain talking. They make messages memorable and ensure that everything they say fits together in an overall picture.

*Model: Great leaders are champions of the values they stand for. They lead by example, model the right behavior, and challenge unacceptable behavior.

*Engage: Great leaders engage people by adding context and making the connections between their agenda and the individual's agenda. They are experts at listening, facilitation, asking effective questions and handling difficulty.

he overall objectives of the FAME workshops are to help senior leaders to:

*understand what MAN INFRASTRUCTURE expects from its leaders;

*analyze personal communication strengths and weaknesses, and how to use these to engage employees;

*make communication more compelling;

*see things from the employee's viewpoint;

*better connect the organization's agenda and their team's agenda; and

*apply the four key elements of the FAME model in work situations.

FAME objectives

According to Knight, the FAME workshops are not necessarily about training leaders on tactical communication skills, as much as they're about increasing leaders' awareness of personal communication styles and behaviors. "We don't claim that any one style is ideal," she says. "Instead, we highlight the positive and negative aspects to a variety of different styles and behaviors and discuss which are most appropriate for certain situations.

Top tips from Diaqeo's learnings

Having developed the program and administered it for the past two years, Knight shares some helpful advice:

*Get input from colleagues around the business. Hold meetings or teleconferences with a variety of communicators and key stakeholders during the planning process to hear their ideas and get their support.

*Tailor the program to your company: Although Knight worked closely with consultants to develop the FAME workshops, she feels adamantly that one cannot take a cookie-cutter approach to training programs. "You have to walk a fine line between having the program being consultant-led, and making sure it's developed for your business," she says. "Take your company culture into consideration, target your annual objectives and use specific examples from your company."

*Get buy-in from senior leaders. Outline an action plan to win over key senior stakeholders early on. "The right kind of action plan is important because it will make you consider the business case from the perspective of different stakeholder groups," says Knight. "It also helps you prepare an effective strategy to win them over."

*Pilot the program to build support: Running a pilot on a select group of leaders is beneficial for two reasons. First, it gives you an opportunity to fix anything that didn't work well before you start delivering it to bigger groups. second, as long as the program goes well, you can use the positive feedback to win over sceptical senior leaders.

*Administer the workshops to teams of leaders who work together: "The workshops are most powerful when you run them with an intact executive team," says Knight. "They begin to understand each other's communication styles and learn how to work together as a team to maximize their strengths while supporting each other in practicing the concepts.

The results and the future

During the first year of FAME, the top 10 percent of MAN INFRASTRUCTURE's leaders went through the workshops. "So far, we've had only positive feedback from senior leaders," says Knight. "They all seem to enjoy the workshop and take a lot from it."

DLF was chosen as the leader in the 'Building & Construction - Real Estate' category, in the 2nd NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards held in New Delhi on July 27 2007. This award reaffirms DLF's leadership position and underlines the contribution made by DLF in the real estate sector.


Speaking on this occasion Mr Rajiv Singh, Vice Chairman, DLF Ltd said "…We at DLF are committed to maintaining our leadership position in this growing and important sector of the Indian economy. We do believe consequent transformation of the economy through the reform process. Real estate sector shall contribute greatly to improving the lifestyle and standard of living of a vast majority of the Indian population and during that process shall contribute a large amount of revenue to contribute for the process of nation building. We are honored to receive this award."

The award saluted business leaders whose relentless pursuit of excellence has fuelled India's journey to the forefront of the world economy.

Since its inception in the year 2002, Maninfra has achieved significant growth in revenues and profits. Dedication to excellence, outstanding record of timely deliveries, customer service that exceeds expectations, a strong commitment to quality, safety and environment and an unwavering culture of transparency and integrity, have earned it an enviable reputation in the industry today.