How Globalization contributes to grow of international trade


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This report is a summary of module title TIS (Thematic Independent Studies) in Bachelor of Arts and Business Studies (BABS) course, at Greenwich University. The module lasted from September to December 2010. Hereunder is the aim, summary and viva process on essay one.

The objectives of this Reflective report are firstly; to evaluate the extent I have developed on my Independent studies and to access the skills and characteristic that I have learned. Also a more significant objective of this reflective report proforma is to examine the blow from what has happened and demonstrate how these will help me to attain my career goals in the coming days when I complete my Degree course.

3.0 AIM

The aim of Essay one is to elaborate the impact of political instability in International Trade. Through my knowledge of international Business which I got from my study, I tried to apply the knowledge to illustrate what are the difficulties FDI might face when involved business with countries which faced political instability. Also how international trade is important to any country because it help to transfer knowledge and skill from investor to local country.

4.0 Summary

Essay one shows how countries see foreign investors as an agent of prosperity and how Globalization contributes to grow of international trade. In globalization there is increase in and expansion of technology, liberalization of cross-border trade and resource movements, development of services that support international business, growing consumer pressures, increased global competition, changing political situations and expanded cross-national cooperation.

Every investor look careful for which area to invest and which country to invest, country with political instability for them is disadvantage.

Foreign Director Investment (FDI) is drivers which help to bring development in poor nations. It brings funds and capital from foreign and increase skills also transfer technology and job opportunities, joint venture and expertise. [Wikipedia n.d]

5.0 Viva

Unfortunately there was no viva in the mid-year round. So I don't have anything to analyze regarding the viva process.


1.0 Objective

This report is a summary of module title TIS (Thematic Independent Studies) in Bachelor of Arts and Business Studies (BABS) course at Greenwich University. The module lasted from September to December 2010. Hereunder is the aim, summary and viva process on ESSAY TWO.

2.0 Aim

The aim of Essay Two is to connect political instability which faced some of African countries to international trade. Also to show what are the positive effect and negative effect on political instability on such countries?

3.0 Essay's relation

The relation of these Essays's is to show the impact of political instability has on international trade, positive and negative effect of International Business in Africa countries. FDI sometimes operate on different situation, this mean might happen that in that country there is a political instability or not. So I tried to explain the International trade can be important to the world and some of African country which faced political instability can push away the opportunity, at the same time political instability may be opportunity to FDI (Foreign Direct Investment)

4.0 Viva expects

I can expect the panel to ask me different question such as what makes me come up with this topic or where do you get the ideas of this topic. What are the difficulties you faced the period of choosing the topic? How do you manage to get material for your research?


Self assessment

I found myself with amazing capability of come up with something which is productivity.

The things which I done well are the way I managed to complete my research (Essay One and Essay Two). I worked very hard to make sure at least I got information which helped me to finish my research. I can say that I couldn't go deep due to time rushing but I did the best.

The thing which I could have done better is of thinking if I could have given more time I will be able to get more information for different database. Also I couldn't get enough books to get more material due to books are very expensive and our library there is no enough books for this topic I choose. I am sure I will be able to talk about Africa Political instability deeply, the time which I was given was not enough for me because that time I was doing also my Business Plan which need time to concentrate and also preparation of my Small Business Development Exam.

Learning experience

The course is very good to me due to fact that the subject it brings challenging and real life to me. TIS make my mind become more active and give me confidence that will help me to do many things. The research which I go thru on this course it makes me ready books and internet searching in order to get good and enough information. This course makes me to studies different countries they political situation, thru that I discover many things apart from political. For example countries economy situation and so on

Thanks for the Greenwich University to bring the British Education near to me. Because of them I am going to graduate from Greenwich University without of attending class at UK.

3.0 Others

All subjects which I studies for year is grateful to me and take me to another world. Starting with Managing Strategy, the simulation game it was look like real business to me. It gives me a confidence of running business as manager. Another one is International Business; I get information and understand world economy thru this course. Also Small Business, Business plan is something which makes my mind active and faces the challenge of starting of my own business. And know TIS, this course makes my mind become more active and give me confidence that will help me to do many things. After completed my course I am sure I will be a different person due to knowledge and confidence which I gained from my studies.

Before these courses I was worried about starting my own business and work independent that was my weakness. But know I have strength; I can manage to come up with my own idea of starting business. This is because of the confidence I gain thru Greenwich Education.

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