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HONDA Motors Co. or Honda simply is the leading in the engine manufacturing. In 1984, there established Honda according to the Japan market. The name of the organization was the name of Honda was from a legendry man, the man who was an employee at the automobile workshop in his school days he is Mr. Soichiro Honda. He has developed his skills in machine building and procedure of machine working while he was working at workshop and in his 30 year of age he has succeeded in becoming owner to a workshop also to Toyota supplied the piston rings. Then Soichiro who has passion in field of automobile has started an industry of automobiles with two wheelers. Japan was one among many countries struggle economically after the world war-2 and at the time the Honda can been successful in bicycle supply which has been improved to motorcycle. Honda is Industrial Corporation whose reputation smears in the division of motors. The company of Honda Motors enthusiastic in developing, produce and manufacturing the automobiles globally. "The power of dream" is the tagline of the Honda engineering Corporation which states that the Honda is the one among the largest automobiles which continuously endeavour and imagine and get ideas very much innovatively for manufacturing the new automobiles and astound at the field of automobiles. The main intention of this research is to limelight a Broadview more on various innovations, engineering, strategies and implementation of techniques which are presently espouse by Honda for victorious performance in the industry of automobiles.

Task 1

In any industry the developing the new product is the important factor as they have to lead the marketplace so as to steer a successful industry, in which the automobile industry is not an exception. In this paper, the research was on the Honda one of the largest in the industry of automobile and well-known for its innovative ideas, even it has been suggested by the research of Honda that it must always strive to be at the top in the list of automobile by overcome their competitors. Before an attempt to launching the new product successfully in the market, the Honda client must consider mainly two factors for instance require of customers maximization and the limitation of time at marketplace. The success of Honda smears in its performance of area of modern technology that makes the customers to contribute for very long period and make a core potential for the long term targets. From the last few decades the industry has been increasing new products so as to significantly develop the sales as never before in automobiles and the other all industries depends up on products introduced in less than time of five years. Under current aggressive world large numbers of companies like Honda are enthusiastic of new product development and services in a massive pressure. The pressures are because to placing of boundaries among the organization and market. In product development the marketers have an important role and also in designing and researching the product so as for profit generation on product development. Hence in product development the company manager should build successful structure of working for facilitating the production and resources. Alternatively there are various aspects that are to be considered in achieving the new product development by establishing a well structure team on discovering the new product to the industries, this type of team has been utilized by the Honda as well for introducing new product in the world of automobiles (Eric M.olson, Orville C.Walker and Robert W.Rukert, 1995).

Objectives of Development of New Products

Honda has to acquire different objectives regarding the new product development so that it satisfies the need of customers. Objectives of products can be easily thorough by the below figure.

The core objective of new product development engages in paving a way into the market through the various segments.

All the shares are defending that were integrated by some other foreign antagonism in the automobile market.

Loss of sales prevention when comparing with the challenger.

Root of capacity has been increased for efficient deployment.

Improving the newer techniques and not depending on the older techniques.

Development of new products from Honda has many functions with their own organizations, such as product teams, managers and all other members who are responsible for the operation of the equipment and product development as the realization of grand strategy.

After examining several cars that were launched by Honda in the Asian markets, the final version of the Honda City car was name to the recorded motor show. Honda City model luxury cars from Honda, a Japanese manufacturer built manufactured in the Asian markets since 1981. This special version of the car was known as the Honda Fit Aria 2002nd This version says that the car design for a small compact car that was used by the cabin door, five as well / is jazz. Honda was the city managed to hit the Asian markets with the desired properties, as he can from the engines with1.5 litre i-VTEC, which are accessible to both manual and automatic versions have been pushed. This latest version of i-VTEC engine is capable of a maximum power of 6000 rpm to 4700 rpm torque. Size of the Honda City is impressive compared to other cars. Its length is 1695mm wide and 4420 mm reach and incredible ground clearance is 15 mm. Displacement of 1497cc Honda City with a tank capacity of 42 litres. The extended version of the Honda City offer includes integrated audio world class digital media. Also offers customers the latest technologies such as iPod, USB and other devices with MP3 system to integrate, as this plant with the system promises high performance with additional benefits. In the version of Honda City audio system in the steering controls and includes separate controls. As security for the Honda City show, and also includes anti-lock braking system, breakage or prevents unauthorized use. It also includes two air bags, brake assist and the last digit of the G-Con technology. Overlooking the future of the Honda City and ensure pedestrian safety features. Can Honda is available in six colours, namely in polished metal metallic City, Crystal Black Pearl, Bold Beige Metallic, Satin White Pearl Alabaster Silver Metallic Red Habenero car market. Recently, Honda is a lot of new versions of cars like Honda City Honda City ZX VTEC Honda City ZX GXi, CVT and ZX EXI silence, etc. The properties of the Honda City to see in the pictures that appear launched to bottom (Auto News, 2008).

An activity in the automotive industry includes various tools for analyzing marketing strategy. Among them is the SWOT analysis, a perfect tool to analyze the threats of the strengths, weaknesses and all the other factors contained in that business plan. This type of risk analysis shows the different target, with the factors that are convenient for identifying the implementation of internal and external. SWOT analysis is accessible to internal and external factors and groups of all information on two strategies, namely

internal factors include the strengths and weaknesses of the organization.

External factors included, the sector the opportunities and dangers of the outside world.

SWOT analysis is a process in which the classification and improved functionality. Internal factors are views on the economic objectives and external factors are economic issues, legislation and changes in social culture (Dublin, 2010)

Below are the Milestones of Honda with Date






The first world's indoor test for car to car crash unidirectional with complete facilities


R&D Honda at Europe established S.r.l Italian


An engine has been announced for new generation that is DOHC i-VTEC


Introduced robot named ASIMO



Introduced a simulator with 4-wheel driver


A car was introduced which small car the Fit.


Introduced Civics Hybrid



Honda Motorcycle established by the R&D China Co., Ltd.


Developed a cell of solar with thin-membrane fro next generation.


Introduced a new scooter with low price.


FCX vehicle of fuel cell delivered in same day in U.S. and Japan



Established at Japan Co., Ltd at the Honda Research Institute.

Established at USA, Inc at Honda research Institute.

Established at Europe GmbH at Honda R&D.


Established in India the Honda R&D India Pvt Ltd.



Introduced a new control system to all-wheel for flexibility.


Established a center for Wako Nishi R&D.



IGX440, the next generation, the introduction of a universal motor with electronic control



Developed a motorcycle which was mass-produced for the system of first airbag in the world.


Hybrid snow blower has been first introduced in the world for snow-removal switchable mode using controls electronic the HSM1590.


Established a Asia Pacific Co., of Honda R&D.



Introduced Zen


An institute has been established for research for new technology, the technology for both Honda development and Earth for manufacturing the ethanol from biomass cellulose.



Introduced Crossroad


The F730 and F530, two controls for general-purpose cultch assemble.


Developed HFT a automatic transmission that is for motorcycles



Introduced a cruiser sport motorcycle DN-01 which is very large.

Tiller single wheeler FR716/FR316 has been introduced for farmer who are professional


Introduced FREED


Combined electronically comptroller has been developed along with ABS new system break for the model of super sports.


Begin the Domestic sales for mew cells of fuel with FCX clarity.


Win price FCX clarity at Awards of Auto Color Grand Pix in 2009.



Introduced Pianta FV200.


The first Motorcycle with Dual transmission Clutch was introduced in the world.

The development of a product in the automotive industry is a huge task. Most builders program managers are working on methods to monitor planned and include the operation and modernization of its products. Overall, automaker is planning goals in four groups, the development of the concept are, engine development, vehicle development and design of various products. The development concept includes discussion of various approaches to the design of various products and achieving the desired objectives. Discover new ideas for the company would be able to maintain its market position. This concept of development of the theory reduces the concept of the vehicle information. Planning to develop a second engine starts with original design of modern engines. The emphasis on the detailed engine to the building structure with the perfect design of the real idea of the perfect machine, motor development is in many ways, including production and assembly of peripheral motor. Honda also has some specific plans in various tasks involved in vehicle development, such as hairdressing, packaging, body, chassis and component engineering. Last phase of planning includes the design includes the process of refining the actual production process and this process is called art. Companies such as Honda engineers to identify the needs of the specialty by sub-functional, Honda customers are in the observation of the physical locations of REER define specialized way. Most companies' engineers often work on projects to develop new cars every year, the annual design. These projects will be the director of the organization of supervision and ensure the implementation of the project. In contrast, Honda teams are independent of the organizational units. Honda engineers, the consistency could be a perfect vehicle (Kim B. Clark, Steven C. Wheelwright, 1993)

The strategy execution ability or action plans when there is an occurrence of important tools for tackling factor influence. For instance, enjoy corning for enormous success in improving the successful substrate terracotta for converters catalytic. There was a direct result of this success for early understanding of senior executives of requirement of Clean Air Act for emission reduction as well the business with high potential. In 1970, these aspects are so undeniable that Corning has engaged about hundred of engineering and also the scientist to make them to concentrate on this particular challenge. Result of product has been employed in many of the automobiles that about hundred millions vehicles. To gain the capability of factors influence addressing obtains the assist from the new partnership alliance. This can be originate in the automotive and industry of a materials of automotives. Conservation of energy and driving the people and motivate them in pollution reduction and life quality improvement in all these industries to institute the consortia of industry, alliance research and government industry concerted venture in R&D. The automakers of U.S and their government labs, suppliers and number of universities that are established at the Council of U.S for the Research on Automotives, an alliance to concept developing and generating like extremely vehicle with fuel-efficiency. This new research on collaborative spirit has altered in the form of acceptance of automakers with new techniques and procedures. The materials which are alternative to the composites, aluminium and polymers which have been illustrate the advantages m performance of vehicle, economy of fuel and safety.

The industry of global steel has reacted when the threat was sensed by the steel industry. The leaders in the industry of steel thought that members of USCAR could improve the new materials and structures which possibly will relocate steel. There formed the Ultra Light Steel Auto Body about thirty-five producers of steel to the challenges reply around the world for consortium research. This consortium research tapered to develop and produce new traditions to utilize steel in the car generation. The concept has been developed for vehicles and prototype making to demonstrate the individual component and vehicle which has to be invented of steel will be 40 percent lighter than the components which are conservative without any penalty of cost, this will be consummate during designed novel, new technique manufacturer for instance rather than parts and welding parts of hydro forming, assembling the welding of laser and blanks of tailor made, and new advanced formulation of steel. The factors that are influencing on the automakers at the work and approaches are inspiring their suppliers for innovative that together brings the most excellent compound resources attributes and technologies of the organizations. On the whole, the innovative resources that has been assisting for automobiles manufacturing that are additional and safer fuel-efficient, among the lives of longer services, values accumulation of customers.

The capability of plan as well strategy execution be certain of communication effectiveness and quickly factors that are influencing all over the organization entirely. The presence of communication effectiveness also gathering and collision of the influencing factors and the quality information of organizing are all together are earlier critical to foresight. The premature warnings are provided by the early foresight which gives the time manufacturer assessment to decide and then act on it. The resources which are most valuable are the time and capacity in order to decide and then act in turn to have at the shifts significantly in the factors influencing. This is because the technology to be developed newly and enable for the new services and products in which the investment of time requires. For example the industry of aluminium, steel and corning educate about the factors influencing impact be able to fo favourable changes by communicating them about in a manner which makes action of triggers and foresight development (Paul Belliveau, Abbie Griffin, Stephen Somermeyer, 2002).



To start a business, all necessary resources to develop their products, are five important resources for the company to try to represent and help to successfully start their business. Successful entrepreneurs are companies that the businesses of the heart are committed. Many companies create their own business without taking into account the knowledge of the development of economic activities. To start a business must have knowledge about the various aspects and skills in the profession. If the company has no information about the case, then you can hire a bookkeeper. Business knowledge is very important for the creation of an organization. The resources needed to start a business, find enough money for resources companies. Findings of the money for the company is essential, because without hope of return on investments in the first days of activity. If the company raises money from your account so that you borrow fifty percent of the money from financial institutions and the company may be able to borrow 12% of SME financing through private loans, three percent of unrelated individuals. Most companies use their cards to finance your business. Assets such as savings, real estate, credit cards can be used as a source of money to act in order to establish new businesses. A successful business in the country and begin Barbara James states that the funding from friends on, and the family may have to create fifty percent of business loans to the organization. While all are in the above-mentioned discussions were very useful for business development. This work also helps the company to create and accumulate knowledge on the establishment of new activities (Susan Ward, 2010)

New Product Development Corporation Honda should aim to provide the resources to implement the plans for new products and innovative services to their customers. Honda should also enjoy the latest technology in product development. With the latest technology would speed the production and also benefit the organization. This thesis leads resource for the production of new products. The resources those are in the manufacturing of the product listed below:

Raw material

Most company car to use steel and virgin vinyl plastic and oil to produce a product. Lighter weighted team won most of the petroleum products industry has helped to reduce costs expenditure. In the automotive industry most of his work is not done with the help of robots and humans. At the start of car production, robots assemble the parts of the soil and help the people in this area are working with the suspension on the chassis. Employees who works at their home heating and bolts because carry-spam components, and lift heavy all this using the safest way to put the screws and tools.

An industry car has acquired the operation of high peak in the market. In addition to research, were to determine the potential for a car of many investigations and discussions with customers on the market. It was reported that most of the investments held in the automobile industry after the liberalization, privatization and globalization of the automotive industry in India. This scenario changes completely in the automotive industry and the leap in modernization. Most new cars are launched after the aptitude test for customers in life. We have the research that most customers are a judge luxury car with built-in functions with the new technology included. A variety of experimental studies have been done to implement new procedures and plans for the development of the car in the Asian market with the implementation of the latest trends in technology for innovative products import regulations. Guest reviews research has shown that most interested in that new bio fuels and hybrid cars with luxury features fully furnished. Demands for Indian market for hybrid vehicles are very high and these projects are already taken by most car manufacturers.

Automotive spreads fast in today's world. Most devices combine car instead of outsourcing to create home. Most companies like Honda are absolutely essential for the environment. Electronic commerce is one of the methods used by clients to buy cars. Most sites like autobytel are also a funding mechanism for the customer who made the purchase online through their websites. More information about the car manufacturers with the most modern methods of e-commerce offers the services and channels. The complete reference tool to support the above discussion, and why they chose this type of procedure to draw the lines in the order that are,

Market Research and current trends in the automotive industry.

Acquisitions in the automobile industry and globalization.


Specialty manufacturing.


Parts and components manufacturers.

Effect of e-commerce industry.

Manufacturing technology, telemetry and car design.

Cells fuel efficiency, and later in the school car.

Be applied: this industry analysis and various methods for selecting a vehicle to an auto industry must be one of the instruments for the product at a good price into consideration. The following data must be collected to support the previous discussion,

Energy efficiency is the most important factor and one of the significant reduction of emissions standards.

The market share of hybrid cars on the market.

Assessment of the technology used in electric cars and hybrids.

Vehicles to facilitate a slow start.

The cars are powered by natural gas.

Powerful system inside the car and safety procedures.

These discussions are very useful for the selection of a new car with a large bathroom, even in these days of presence (Dublin, 2010)

For the analysis of the different structures in a SWOT analysis is a key technique is to study the infrastructure of the market information company. This technique analyzes the corporate structure, history and provides a detailed analysis of the revenue line of the company. As indicated in research by Honda is one of the largest manufacturers of cars and also a leading manufacturer of automobiles. Although Honda is headquartered in Japan, working in almost all parts of the world technical help from a nerd, we can say that Honda has the advantage of 100,112.4 million earned in the year report 2009. These statistics are very low compared to 2008 was the effect of currency translation and lower sales. In 2009, operating income has been reduced to 1.8964 billion of Honda with 80.1% compared to earnings in 2008. Total profit in 2009 was 1,370.1 million, a decrease of 77.2% in 2008. This technique is very useful for the automotive industry to monitor the internal and external factors may also be able to review and distribution of the benefits of the company. With the help of the choice of this type of company production technology may be able to communicate with corporate customers to update and maintain the organization of information using the statistics. (Data Moniter, 2010)

Honda put most of their efforts in developing the size and development of products and the nature of the industry in which it operates. The new products, no new service or no idea or no innovation that can be perceived by an organization in which consumers perfectly characterized. In the market for new products in five segments, shared new inventions in the world and organizations are in-line skates. New category includes commercial motor sports that are new to the company. Companies can get their products either internally or externally. Supply foreign markets include various services or rights to products from another organization; the internal development of products or services of the business is generated imported. This source must be much more risky, because all costs will keep in the implementation of new products and developments by the company are. License agreements for strategic partnership, cooperation, joint venture and the sources can occur if the trademark is the company more than two collaborative product developments. Product development starts with the new idea. For the success of many new products for new ideas have been developed to generate many ideas for successful product launches, development follows the path diagram.

The second step in the recognition development ideal product contains all the ideas, who collected. The third stage of the formal examination and evaluation by the customer through the marketing research done. Ideas for new products with low structure concept is removed and checked in again. Internet serves as a resource for the collection of information easier for consumers. The next steps include business analysis for new ideas about products based on marketability analysed and fees. After completion of all phases of the idea is rejected, especially marketing and was printed on paper until you need the funds for the production. The final step includes prototype development. A real plan is the product. Marketing is the stage where it is produced in useful scale, and the risk is greater at this time. to take into account the various sources after the product with resource-consumer rates adoption the right time to have developed a product, promoting products on the market through various sources such as starting his media, publishing and marketing, the towers also in terms on the success of new products emerging economies will put on the market.



The introduction of new products on the market would be great for the automotive industry. Before Honda should be new product innovation, able to collect information on market strategy in the Asian markets. The Honda model of 4p and PEST analysis techniques is to understand the strategy of the perfect market. Here is the 4P model in one of the best ways to demonstrate the different types of options in the organization so as to come with a product in marketplace. The 4P policy template is first expressed in 1960 by EJ McCarthy. 4P abbreviated are as follows:





These are variables that control of the executive of the company and help achieve the objectives in the market. This strategy theory 4p marketing models can be detailed with the example of Honda's marketing mix, as


Available Car Models

Honda Jazz

Honda City 2008

Honda Civic

Honda Accord 2008

Honda Civic Hybrid

Honda CR-V


Design & Look

The exterior of the Honda cars made impressive that was built with an excellent design of its competitors.


Honda builds cars are more expensive compared to other cars in this segment. Honda targets people seem to have a car in traffic with a variety of different styles, comfort and innovation. Here is a list of prices for some cars that were manufactured by Honda.


Honda has released the latest version of the Honda City in 1997, called for his client to life and would have been recognized as an engineering marvel. The company has production capacity of 100, 00 vehicles per year.

Production units

Honda has one of its plants in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. And another plant is about to open in Rajasthan, with a capacity of 1,000,000 pieces / year.


Honda is known for its innovation and brand known. The company has never been subjected to aggressive advertising modes, but tries to ensure quality and brand image to customers. Of all the cars manufactured by the company, Honda City is the best-selling car in this segment. As the Honda ad is always keen on the image of the brand project focuses on the latest technology. Honda also believes that the advocates of the brand of television. Honda is very interested in the promotion of hybrid vehicles, which emits water as a by-product. Honda promotes most of its products in most magazines and newspapers (the marketing mix, 2010). The previous analysis in this study conducted survey provides a detailed overview of the marketing strategy 4p per Honda model.

Another strategy used to market a new product is the PEST analysis. This analysis is used to analyze the impact of external factors such as political, economic, social and technological. These factors may also be a threat to the company for some time to act. There is more information about the changes in external nature and about more opportunities for these factors. Most external factors are specific to each country and this analysis is used for different interests. Below are some examples of factors that are considered in the PEST analysis.

Political Analysis

Stability in policy.

The risk of a military invasion

Implementation of a regulatory framework

Protection of intellectual property

Customs and Trade regulations

Business partners

The anti-trust laws

Price regulation

Incentives and tax rates

Minimum wage

Work Week

Mandatory services for the employees

National regulations

Requirements for labelling

Economic analysis

Type of economic system in the countries of operation

Free-market intervention by the government

The comparative advantages of host countries

Exchange rates and monetary stability of the host country

The efficiency of financial markets

The quality of infrastructure.

The skilled labour through technology

Labour costs

The stage of economic cycle

Growth rate of the economy

Discretionary income




Social Analysis


Class structure


Entrepreneurial culture

The health, environmental awareness

Interest Sport

Technological analysis

Recent developments in technology

the impact of technology on the supply of goods

the impact of cost structure

The value chain of construction impacts

The rate of technological diffusion

In practice, the company should consider, monitor and prioritize the above mentioned factors for future inventions. Although companies are perfect with this analysis, there are not some trends with accuracy in the business. PEST analysis is an important role in the identification and implementation of industrial products such as Honda. (MBA Net, 2010)

Take basic measures for the development of products since its launch on the market is a must for all customers in the automotive industry. These measures include ensuring the technical integrity and more for delivery to the customer. The product should review that supports methods of quality control and configuration in detail. In any case, the life cycle of products include problems with the client business customers want the next production cycle of the clock. Apart from these methods must follow appropriate metric for the performance of the products delivered to customers. For the success of new products from Honda should be able, the basic lines of customer support and service in an accident on, all obstacles to the use of products that they were prepared. This would contribute to Honda in touch with your customers regularly updated. Honda makes its role in some basic principles such as respect for people, the joy of creating, selling and buying. These principles explain their beliefs and employment status of a person. Honda became the largest automaker in the world of the head of the motorcycle with 390 branches and 102 represent the equity method. The company bought more of their revenue from various areas of the organization of these segments are such that trade in motorcycles, cars, utilities and financial services. A business requirement of the bike is very big in the Southeast Asian countries where these engines are the primary means of locomotion. In 2009, demand for motorcycles around 6% over the previous year, approximately 40.2 million units as close as was demanded by customers. In October 2009, Honda launched its new production facility in Thailand, the motorcycles of 125 cc, which was developed by principal components produced. The Sales of Honda in the unit in Southeast Asia, the application of 1.4% per year, which was 4.628 million units. This growth is due to the innovation of new models in India and other countries and more sales.


The proceeds from these segments are then applied

The table above shows the total sales for the period 2006-2010 Honda engine in the economic cycle. Scheme can be said that in the past two years, turnover has decreased. Honda has achieved most of its revenue target in 2008 annual sales of 1,600 billion yen. Approximately 13.3% of total revenue is acquired by the company through the motorcycle business.

Companies in the automotive industry is the main activity of most of Honda's income is based on the activity and the activity report on the car below


The main source of automotive business is four-wheel vehicles. Honda makes about half of this income segment of society, as it is the middle segment of the organization. Honda made a profit of around 76.4% in 2009 worldwide and generated sales of 950 billion yen in Asian trading. Automotive business most of the revenues of the company is working worldwide. The losses in this segment which states the position of the organization, 2008 in more than biggest gainers in sales, a return to Honda Known Hilliard 8500 yen. Honda Automobiles this war decline in revenue from one unit 3,392 over than 3.6% last year. In 2010, the required lying on Southeast Asia is about. 19.8% increase compared to 950 000 to the unit last year. This was a strong growth in sales growth Thailand, India and Indonesia.

 The company revenue from Cave of the World representative wills then regions various.


Besides all Honda also produces electricity and other activities of business at marketplace. The mass and should be of high revenue numbers from the South-East Asian Stock Markets. Income structure in this segment is shown below.


This is annual sales revenue from this segment Honda 3.2%. Honda lost 15% compared with last year's sales Cave 2009 pair. Honda salesmen in food are over 4.744 million units worldwide. In Asia, sales give rise courtier 10.2% 1.069 million favour the Euro as sales of low-war economic decline due to the power producers. Engines and distribution revenue from the water pumps are also one of the rides down this segment account purposes.

For the development of revenue-Honda products is the support die credit leasing and financing of customers and the other customers. Support Sties Revenue Federal Rules 24b 606.3 billion yen. Honda would Appraisals of about 71 in comparison to the exchange rate last year but b yen. If this is Strategic Business die lately Honda Financial activity on the issues, like dying for funding of one with deployment rate customers. Combined annual turnover of income share of the rent by about 7.1% a year, this segment and each advanced a result of 200-600billion cooperatives in 2010.


Honda aims the World growth targets favour innovation and creativity and new services for the top customer reach and exceed your expectations (Honda, 2010)


The investigation of the strategies of marketing and some aspects of the recommendations of HONDA Company, The Death of the debate to help make above mentioned expectations send. The important task of closing every industry favour and die based automotive high-quality production of a vehicle to ensure customer cost. Company Honda must coordinate of components for customers and cave to die use of raw materials sources effects. Honda Company for production and development of standards and must die materials for manufacture of vehicles use less plastic. That should make endeavours to reduce. Always being, new technologies cost of dying. The development of various MIT system design by removing barriers in the car and die. Always the elections, the manufacturer should die for Security and materials of the objectives of recycling used as fuel holding. This research helps dying automotive industry management favours development of the necessity of recycled materials in general Can secondary parts and understanding of elastomeric-metal. This contributes to the research and social control detect obstacle to the objectives of management power. Honda should use his position to guarantee funding and the delivery of dying for people to eliminate other cars DM recycling. This research could be useful for further excavations market structures being, expire cavity of industries in the area for most new if automotive innovation trends carried out in the market and understanding.