History Of The Organizational Leadership Business Essay

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This paper discuss about the organizational leadership. Along with the leadership this paper also discusses about the leadership theories, leadership styles, attributes of a good leader and the combination of all these topics. The leadership theories include the various steps or theories that have to be followed by a leader of an organization to make his workers more encourage and thus how to make profit to the organization. Leadership styles include the various leadership styles that can adopt by a leader for the benefit of the organization.


Employees can be called as the building blocks of every organization. There must be a leader for every organization in order to guide the employees of the organization to achieve success. The leader should have the quality to control the employees under him. Leader must have the ability to express his own idea and he should implement his ideas with the help of the employees by giving them proper guiding.

One of the main qualities a leader should have is the effective leadership. He should know what are the things that he have to done for making his workers motivated in order to attain a particular goal for bringing the organization a huge success. The success and the growth of an organization depend upon the effective leadership.

Leadership is a way of influencing and guiding people to achieve a particular goal. A leader should give his employees a chance to express their own ideas and should have the capacity to solve every problem that may occur in an organization. An effective leader should know the strength and weakness of his subordinates. Leader should know the position of his organization in the present state. He should have the ability to have a vision about his organization in the coming years.

A leader must give importance to his employees because as all know that the employees are the building blocks of each and every organization. Without the working of the employees an organization does not have growth. So a leader should have ability to motivate his workers he should give some part of his profit to the employees after gaining every success.

Leadership theories

There are various leadership theories that the leaders have to follow for his effective leader ship.

Great man theories

The great man theory says that the capacity of leadership is inherent. It says that the great leaders are born not made. It says that a good leader is a born leader. This theory considers the leaders as a heroic, mythic and destined to rise the leadership when it is required.

Trait theories

It is similar to the great man theory it also says that the leadership capacity is inherent, but this sys that even though they have inherent leadership quality they have to be trained in order to make them better leaders. It identifies certain behavior and personality shared by the leaders.

Situational theories

This theory says that the leader should have the capacity to choose the best course of action based upon the situation. Different styles of leadership may be more apt for certain decision making.

Participative theories

This theory says that effective leader should consider the effort that has been taken by the employees to obtain a particular goal. These leaders encourages by giving values to the points that have been put forward by the group members. This will help the group members to feel relevant and became more committed to the decision making process.

Leadership style

Leadership style means the various ways of training the employees to gain a particular goal.


When an organization requires a new vision this style is required. It is to guide the employees towards a new set of shared dreams.


This style is done in order to improve the performance of the employees and help them to connect their goals with the company’s goal.

Leadership quality plays a vital role in every organization. If there is a team of members in an organization everyone will not have the leadership quality only a particular person will have the quality to become the leader. To become a leader is not very easy and he cannot become a leader directly. The person becoming a leader should have some qualities to become a leader. The person who has the skill to perform a particular task and the person who have the skill to lead the performance is entirely different. The leader is a person who has the skill to lead the performance.

Attribute of a good leader

The leader should have the ability to over view or judge the output. He should have a vast idea of the work that is in progress and also able to direct his team members in the right path. The attribute of a good leader is his willingness to take the responsibility of his team to direct the team members motivate them to do the work. The leader should lead the team in the right way without making any misunderstandings about his team members. He should have the quality to have a better understanding and behavior of each and every member in his team. Such that he will get an idea about work and improve the quality of the work. The leader should have or feel the thrill of challenge then only he will be able to lead the team and give complete satisfaction to the organization.

A leader should be a person who does not command for any excellence inspite of this a leader should be a person who can build up the excellence. The quality of leaders vary accordingly such as in some organization they need a leader who has good idea and at the same time he should be very arrogant in leading the team members in some organization they prefer for a leader who is very good in his behavior towards the organization and at the same time towards the team members also. The excellence of an organization is in the hands of a good leader.

The major quality that a leader should have is that he should be honest towards the organization and display sincerity and integrity towards the organization. A leader should be courageous and broad minded so that he will be able to face any problems within the organization and also able to develop the organization with his vast ideas. The decisions made by the leader should be trust worthy and should be able to set a goal for the organization and work for the organization to achieve the goal. The leader should have the right vision about the future of the organization. He should have some imagination quality also to develop the organization to high level. The leader should able to analyze whether the employees in his team are giving their best when they are working in a vision based frame work

The attribute of a good leader depends upon his dedication towards the work and the ability to control his team members. He should be very much enthusiastic and work for the organization in a purposeful manner. He should have the ability to face the crisis occurring and should able to motivate the employees and be patient with them to give suggestions about the work. The leader should be more confident in his tasks and trust worthy for the employees. The responsibility and goal of a leader varies but the only thing that has not to be changed in the behavior of a good leader is his sincerity and integrity towards the organization.


This paper gives us a clear idea about how a leader should be and the qualities of a good leader. The leadership quality plays a very important role in the development of an organization. Only with the help of a leader the organization can achieve the goal. The excellence of an organization is within the hands of a good leader. This paper also gave more idea about the leadership theories and leadership styles. The important thing that was noticed in a leader is his trustworthiness towards the organization and towards the employees. The decision made by a leader should be genuine and stern such that the organization will achieve the goal very easily by the proper planning of the leader with his vast ideas and dedication towards the organization.