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In the busy world that we are living right now, most people are looking for opportunities to do business from small to large enterprises. Yet some succeed and some give up. True entrepreneurs do not give up, or stop by a fall, Entrepreneurs are born, not made and they are people who are born with their skill of being able to do what they are interested in doing. Most attributes of a born entrepreneur are not taught or adopted for they are independent and work without a boss but independently.

To Start with, they do not like working for people and earn by following a boss, instead they are people who follow their own dreams and work hard towards achieving them. Their interests and desires will move them towards their goals. For example, you would find people who are honest with what they do and people who just do it for the sake of doing it. Their personal dedication and motivation to work hard and the will to take risks will make them entrepreneurs who are born to be entrepreneurs. They are people who are not afraid to fall. And naturally, succeed in the work carried out some way or the other.

However, there are some key factors that lead born entrepreneurs to work for their goal, and have that will and energy to achieve the goals that they aim to attain. These factors assist them in motivating themselves and working hard towards their goals. The factors may be the will to innovate something or create a new product. "Entrepreneurs are innovators who use a process of shattering the status quo of the existing products and services, to set up new products, services" said Joseph Schumpeter, 1934. As we all are aware, the globalized world needs innovation in every aspect of our lives, hence we are in need of entrepreneurs with great minds. The world right now is full of opportunities, so entrepreneurs are looking in, to fit themselves in the situation and bring about a new product line with newer functions, characters or twists.

Critical Discussion; Entrepreneur are Born, Not Made

Entrepreneur is a French verb 'entreprendre', which means "one who undertakes" (dictionary.com). Entrepreneurs are the people who start their business by themselves with the desire of doing or creating new enterprises. Entrepreneurs are born not made, because most entrepreneurial knowledge cannot be taught if u have no interest or will to become one. These abilities are usually innate abilities that they are born with, however, not made.

The common traits that born entrepreneurs have are drive, aggressiveness, initiative, analytical ability, willingness to take risks, and skill in human relations (Donald F. Kuratko, Richard M. Hodgetts, 2006). They are the people who most like to create new job for themselves, and they are the people who has the ability to start their own enterprise. For most entrepreneurs, they only recognize their skills with different opportunities that come by, which they test for themselves or which carries a certain meaning or value to their nature and life.

However, we all need education to learn our world and be a part of it. Education doesn't come naturally, you have to educate yourself, in order to be successful, but what's really important is that only education cannot make you an entrepreneur but the potential that you have in you can count for the possibilities of you becoming a successful entrepreneur. Plus, whatever is taught at schools and colleges doesn't really help in real life situations where practical skills of you are needed.

More to the fact, some of them who become successful entrepreneurs are people who drop out of college and drive a business setting on their own will and interest. For example Bill Gates, was a college drop-out, yet he was smart and had the will and ability to be one of the best entrepreneurs in the world. He proved it to the world and we are all aware of it now. Microsoft is indeed a successful company and it has captured our respect towards their product and services (Maximillian Garland, 2012). Therefore we cannot conclude that education could make you a successful entrepreneur, because as we have seen in the above example, born entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates, can do business better than people who are educated, because they are naturals to the practical side of the business as well as the entrepreneurial world and challenges.

Most importantly, entrepreneurs are always looking at those businesses which are most likely to be challenging and hard in dealing with their competition. This is because they are people who are aggressive towards what they desire and prefer. They are people who are not afraid to make mistakes, while they are also not afraid to fall (Kura Donald F. Kuratko, Richard M. Hodgetts, 2006). With every fall there is a rise and they are people who strongly believe in it. They like to take up challenges and never sit back with the slightest downfall. Yet they work hard with every single decision, success or failure and believe that failure is the stepping stone to success.

Entrepreneurs might not have resources, but they will have plenty of ideas to run the enterprise. Also they have ability and the strategies to innovate and create new products in their business (John Bessant, Joe Tidd, 2007). Most likely they do not like to sit and wait for someone to take the initiative in the business opportunity. Alongside with that, they can transform treats into an opportunity, such as their ability to restore the business from shutting down back to running and getting profit. This is because he or she will try to find the weakness in the business and keep running the business with improvement and thanks to their analytical ability (Thomas N. Duening; Robert A. Hisrich; 2009). So we know that they are people who think different and act different in business decisions.

For some entrepreneurs they even leave the functional business and start new one because of their traits and willing to take risks in challenging new opportunities. In this case, entrepreneur wants to take new opportunity in new businesses because they are able to perform the function of risk that they will be involved in. However, in every decision involved in new products, new technologies are a risk for the entrepreneur. This means that in every decision that they make in the process of moving to a new firm, they would be aware of the possibilities and profits that are associated with the product or services and the likely progress that can be envisioned with the decision. They would be going for the companies that can offer them a more challenging environment with sufficient pay systems. Niccolo Machiavelli said, "There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things."

Next I want to discuss the entrepreneurial skill in human relations. This can be further explained as communication skills or the persuasiveness they carry within them. A business man needs to make conversations and be able to talk decently and fluently with different people from different cultures. Since today we are living in a globalized market, we need to be aware of product and service needs of different cultures and countries to be successful. As born entrepreneurs are open minded and outgoing, they would be comfortable with discussing any topic and are more aware of these aspects because it is likely that they would research according to their interests. Just as we do research on the different areas that we are interested, they are more likely to go to that kind of behavior. This will make entrepreneur use their communication skills and know how to negotiate, and present the business plan with an appropriate content to the investors or customers who want to corporate with his enterprise (Chuck Frey, 2008). For example, Microsoft Software Company is required the ability to sit down with customer and talk to them about the Microsoft product which will lead to collaborate (Bill Gates, 2007). This is also supporting the fact that entrepreneurs are born, not made because most of them recognize themselves and their traits since childhood with their key motivations that work for them. Their mentality is mostly like to work as self-employed.

However, some of them may not have the financial ability to initiate the business which can be quite a difficult situation to deal with. But born entrepreneurs find their own financing agents, loans, and other sources of financial assistance to keep them going. They do not wait with such complications, yet they seek towards each and every possibility to start their businesses and expand it in time. Some might just come from nothing in their hands and yet manage to work for others since their young age just so they can get sufficient capital to run a business. And once they acquire some resource, they move to do their own businesses. In contrast, other entrepreneurs get their finance backing from their family (is4profit.com). But we all know that it's natural to value money that you earn by your own efforts and hard work, as Bill Gate said, "the best way to prepare to become an entrepreneur is to start a business and study how great startups succeed" (John Greathouse, 2012).


In conclusion entrepreneurs are born not made and are people who always look for business's opportunities, with their capable mind of being entrepreneurial. And they are people who are born with these skills, which enable them to do what they are interested in. In other word they can be recognized easily even from their young age because they have leadership skills that most of the people doesn't have.

Consequently, born entrepreneurs do not like to work for others or be commanded or directed by someone else. Nonetheless, the skill that they have such as leadership, innovation, and creativity will make them become successful entrepreneurs. Significantly, most of them may not even be well educated because referring to historical leaders, most of them had dropped out of college to run their own businesses. However, there are some traits that born entrepreneurs carry along, like drive, aggressiveness, initiative, analytical ability, willingness to take risks, and skill in human relations. These attributes make them more energetic and willing to take risk traits that will lead them to be while also giving them a push to achieve what they want to achieve and compete in big competitions against other entrepreneurs.

They are people who doesn't sit back after a downfall while other competitor run their businesses and take over. They are also good communicators and have good skills in human relation. They have the drive to make negotiations with their business partners and succeed with it which a sign of leadership. Similarly, the analytical ability enables to take advantages and gained huge profit while also recovering from bad businesses and improving along the way with their new strategies. Referring to all these traits and concepts discussed, born entrepreneurs have the will to lead them to have a successful business life where they have the ability to get themselves financial help and become successful entrepreneur in the own managed businesses. Therefore, I believe that Entrepreneurs are born, not made.