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Guest is a theoretical module insufficiently it is different between Personal management with HRM. Reflect view that a core set of integrated HRM Practices can achieve superior individual and Organizational Performance.HRM differs from Personal Management.

Difference between personnel management (PM) and human resource management (HRM) in guest.





Psychological contract

Fair days work for a fair days pay

Reciprocal commitment

Locus of control



Employee relations



Low trust



High trust

Organizing principles


Formal/defined roles




Flexible roles



Policy goals

Administrative efficiency

Standard performance

Cost minimization

Adaptive work-force

Improving performance

Maximum utilization

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In case study it says the staff resigning rate is low this clearly shows that employees are committed to their work and they continue their work rather than leaving the job. There is a reciprocal Commitment under Physiological contract among the staff according to guests in HRM Commitment.

B.A.A offers competitive salary to staff, this relates the policy goal of the organization. By giving competitive salary according to the guest their improving the performance of staff under HRM commitment.

But B.A.A dealing with two unions. TGWU,AMICUS According to Guest module under relationship in personal compliances it clearly shows the Pluralist but in sufficiently it is not talks about the unitarist in HRM.

Guest module is not Adequate. Because there is other module available and according to those modules the point of view is different to each and every module. And if One Module is adequate there want be other Modules. There are four modules.

1. Storey

2. Warwick

3. Fombrun, Tichy&Devanna

4. Harvard

Also In Harvard module as a Situational factor stakeholders were mention. But guest module it is not mention. According to the Harvard module stakeholders are interested in Shareholders, Management, Employee groups, Government, Community, and Union all these facts are considered on the case study. There for guest Module is not adequate.


Storey is Demonstrates the different between 'Personal' and Industrial' and the HRM Paradingm by creating an 'Ideal' type. Characterizes HRM as an amalgam of description, Prescription and logical deduction.

Difference between personnel management (PM) and Personal and IR Practices in story.


Personnel and IR


Beliefs and assumptions



Guide to

Management action

Behavior referent

Managerial task


Nature of relations



Careful delineation of

Written contracts

Importance of devising

Clear rules/mutuality



Norms/custom and practice




High(for example 'parity'

an issue)

Aim to go 'beyond contract'

'can do' outlook;

Impatience with 'rules'

'business need'/






Low(for example' parity'

Not seen as relevant)

Strategic aspects

Key relations


Corporate plan

Speed of decision



Marginal to


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In case study under requirement contract they talks about their procedure and they talks about equal opportunities all these information they provided because to achieve their business needs and objective of B.A.A. And they pay competitive salary, Competitive sick pay for the Staff as well. All this information shows that employees aim is want to go beyond the contract.


Strategic Environment is The Process of Systematically reviewing human resource requirement to ensure that the required number of employees, with the required knowledge. Skills and abilities are available when needed. This generates organizational ability by ensuring that the organization has the skilled. Engaged, committed and well motivated employees it needs to achieve sustained competitive advantage.


In Case Study B.A.A Own Only Seven Airports but in U.K There are More than thirty Airports are Available. This relates the Competitor of B.A.A. Among other Competitors B.A.A allows free car parks for their Customer. And also their Salary rate is higher than the Competitors .This reflecting the Competitive advantage.



The module of flexibility it allows for a staff for 40hour work in a week in less than five days. This allows the staff to a Planed and work in an environment, and job sharing work schedules allow the employees to share their work like changing the shifts .According to flexi time gives employees control over when they begin and end their day. Pay about leave and holidays are considered in flexible working environment. Tele working this allows to work from a remote location through electronic media B.A.A allows above flexible working to their staff to fulfill their objective.


Employees are working longer than ever before due to live longer, to have a healthier life and at the same time they concern about to give continuous contribution to the working world. On the other hand people need money to live longer and fulfill their financial problems. For all above to

.achieve people need flexibility in work place to achieve their goals.

B.A.A maintains the flexibility through developing a culture of tolerance due to the diversity inherent in organization.


Advantages of flexibility

Flexible work schedule have been found to increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Maintaining a culture of diversity and tolerance helps the company to connect with market and helps the company retain top employees.

There is greater number of women in the world and they get the job satisfaction through flexibility, because it creates part-time jobs and mostly women are covering this king of shifts.

Disadvantages of flexibility

Cannot grantee the part time employees except the full time employees because they could works according to their flexibility.

Also cannot grantee the continues work because if they get much more flexible in another place they simply change.

Night time works against their nature. This makes poor concentration on their work.

No good relationship among the staff because of it there want be any team work.



These are the discrimination Module take Place in B.A.A

Direct Discrimination

When a person is treated Less Favorably than a another (In the same circumstances)On the ground of race, gender, Marital status, sexual Orientation,Disablity9Physical and mental)Age Religion.

Indirect Discrimination

This mean applying a Condition Requirement or Practice Which Effects one Group Consider ably more than another and which cannot be justified.


This Occurs when person A Subjects Person B to unwanted Conduct on the Grounds of race or ethnic or national origin that has the Purpose or effect of Violating B' s dignity or Creating. An Intimidating, Hostile, Degrading or offensive environment of Person B.

4. Victimization

Victimization Occurs Where an Individual is treated less favorably as a result of making a Complaint of Discrimination Under this policy.

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B.A.A Handle Discrimination at their work Place under these Case:

1. Believe Of Employees

2. Job Applicants


B.A.A provides equal opportunities to Avoid discrimination. This Policy outlines the organization equal opportunities and diversity approach together with an action plan which deal with how it will achieve a working and learning environment which is inclusive and maximizes the potential of staff. This is heart of organization aim and mission. Individual are selected and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and are given equal opportunities within the Organization. The aim of the Policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee should receive less favorable treatment on organization any grounds which are not relevant to good employment Practice for Staff.



According to case study B.A.A is committed to equal opportunities and oppose any form of direct or indirect discrimination.(Harassment or Bulling of Employees)Job Applicants on the ground of sex ,ethnic or National Origin, Race ,Nationality, Class ,Color, Sexual Orientation, Transsexual, Disability, Marital or Family status, Religion beliefs, Employee status, Membership or non Membership of a trade union ,Hive Status or any other unjustifiable conditions. This Policy believes of B.A.A requirement of Employees and in Job Applicants in Employment.


B.A.A follows the equal opportunity and diversity policy strictly under all of these criteria as follows: Employment and requirement and selection, Promotion, Training, Placement, Reward and recognition, Transfer, Redundancy, Dismissal, Grievance, and disciplinary procedure. Employees should understand that breaches of equal opportunity and diversity of this policy may constitute serious misconduct liable to disciplinary action which may include summary of dismissal.



Performance management is a systematic Process for improving organizational performance by developing the performance of individual and teams. It is mean of getting better performance with in an agreed framework. Performance Appraisal system have provided a formalize process .this is centrally designed usually by the HR function requiring each line manager to approve the performance of their staff. Performance management is a Measurement of skill workforce. Where of measuring the workforce by doing that the goal must be a line of objective of organization. This should be monitored by group of Directors.



Group director Technical director financial director servicing director planning director




According to above chart workers force Performance monitored as follows. Workers feedback monitored by supervisor and they will report to the manager from managers all the information goes to the directors and they will report to the CEO finally it will share with the stakeholders then submitted to the HRM Manager. This is the system follows by B.A.A.


The HRM Module as follows:

1. Storey

2. Warwick

3. Fombrun, Tichy & Devanna

4. Harvard

5. Guest

According to Harvard Framework it talks about stake holder Interests. Stake holders interested in Profits and Share holders, Management, Employee groups, Government, Community .Union

According to case Study that mostly suit for Harvard module Because B.A.A has Seven U.K Airports and they are business of making Profit share target of £700 per year. This relates the share holder Profits. And also B.A.A conducts two union TGWU and Amicus this represent the union. They has approximately 10000 Staff these staff were allowed to Participate in decision making because of t they gain career opportunities .B.A.A offers Competitive salary and Flexible hours. There for the workers are committed in their work. All above information suit Harvard frame work in Stakeholder interests.


B.A.A Operates seven u.k airports and they spend £2m per day to develop their infrastructure over this next decade. They targeting on 5 terminals at Heathrow airport and plan to expand Gatwick and stinted as well. This Expansion clearly shows that lot of People are traveling from different countries. Also they require more staff to contract the fifth terminal there for more job opportunities because of globalization.

Terrorist Issue-B.A.A under privacy more security activities under going before 45munites of plan take off. Because not only aircraft issue, many ground vehicle are moving around the road therefore to avoid terrorist issue they concerning about safety .This is an impact on Safety security in Globalization. Also they have more than one third of 10000 staff for their security even that creates job opportunities. To Human reason Planning B.A.A deals with two Unions all these effect B.A.A in globalization relates to HRM.


B.A.A Committed to equal opportunities direct or indirectly. They concern about Sex, Ethnic or national Origin, Race, Nationality Color When their require People. There are greater numbers of women and they got the minority on their own work place. B.A.A concern about sex under equal opportunity to overcome the diverse workforce. And more number of People is immigrating from different part of the world. Nationalities of these people are difference even though they are highly skilled. B.A.A under nationality concerning about these people to overcome diverse work force. And concerning about people color whatever the color Black or white that B.A.A not mind because they giving opportunity for color under equal opportunity to overcome diverse work force.