Green energy cars into hungarian market

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This is the report commissioned by GEC. This document represents a marketing plan for importing our green energy cars into Hungarian market. This report requested by the marketing manager, in this report, I will analyse the Hungarian market, predict the potential market and give my recommendations. My report was to be submitted to you by 14th March 2009.


Hybrid & Electric Vehicles; it is a new type of automobile market. They are 100% emission-free, having no polluting by-products; they secure their power from batteries, the sun or hydrogen fuel cells. Battery-powered electric cars, besides being cleaner, are more fuel-efficient, get better mileage and have less moving parts to wear out. Cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells are emission-free, lightweight, compact, and three times as efficient as gas engines, have excellent ranges, easy refuelling and are totally safe. Therefore the primary advantages of electric cars over hybrid cars are their lower emissions and higher efficiency. In U.S. and U.K. developed electric cars are manufactured; in series in India eight years ago, are now also available in Hungary.

All the customers can charge or refuelling their cars in every parking places. A developed and mature after-sale service systems service them, which is totally free in 5 years.


3.1 Automobile Market in Hungary

By 31st December 2002, there were 2,630,000 cars, and there were 10,152,000 people in Hungary. We can know that every 3.8 people own one car. After joining the EU, the Hungarian economic growing fleetly, more people can afford to buy a car. Environmental pollution is the hottest and the most urgent problems nowadays in the world. So here is our business opportunity in a potential market

3.2 Market size in Hungary

The population in home of Hungary is 10.5 million; Hungary is one of the most developed countries in east Europe. We can launch our business in Hungary first, if it is beneficial, we can expand our business to neighbouring countries, such as Romania, Poland and Czech etc, where have larger population. We can set out headquarter in Hungary as our base.

3.3 Market development

As I mentioned above, In U.S. and U.K. developed electric cars are manufactured; in series in India eight years ago. We have had plenty of successful examples for us. Protecting environment is the unchangeable fact and inevitable trend in the world; as a developed country, Hungary will join in, so I prospect Hybrid & Electric Vehicles business for future value growth remains reasonably good in Hungary.


4.1 World wild

Japan and US, are the absolutely leaders in hi-tech area, so do in Hybrid & Electric Vehicles business, Toyota, Nissan, Ford etc, have had batch production, although the majority automobiles are still gas energy cars. For Toyota, they are in “call-back” trouble recently, but they never stop their Hybrid & Electric Vehicles business. Last week, as for the government, putting a little pressure on Mr Lagardère might accelerate his group's expansion as a true French media champion - particularly if he finally decides to sell his EADS stake to build up a war chest to buy new media businesses. (FT, 2010-04-14) we can see that Toyota has got into French market.

For Hybrid & Electric Vehicles, the expensive price is the only reason which makes customers fear, as so called “Toy factory”-China also announced that they will join this area with cheap labour. Chinese leaders have adopted a plan aimed at turning the country into one of the leading producers of hybrid and all-electric vehicles within three years, and making it the world leader in electric cars and buses after that.(Global Business, 2010-04-5)

We have so many competitors, and they are our good precedent as well.

4.2 Hungarian competition

REVA is the most famous competitors for us now in Hungary. We can see their production and advertisements in shopping mall, like Arena plaza, Westend etc,. Their strategy is to promote their products, highlight environmental protection, but they never advert or highlight their prices, because the prices are sky high for Hungarian customers. Our products are made in China, with cheap prices, the quality might not as good as Toyota's or theirs, but ours won't be too bad. Customers only care about the prices and safety, which both of the factors we can promise!


Our strategies are CHEAPER, SAFE, GREEN and GOOD SERVICES, which the customers care the most.

Our main aims are making the people who have their gas energy cars, change their mind to purchase our products, which needs good Propaganda: tell them the importance of protecting the environment and the superiority of our products; show them green energy cars' convenience and express; let them know that using Hybrid & Electric Vehicles is a social progress, contribute to human civilization and environment; and in Hybrid & Electric Vehicles area in Hungary, our GEC is their best choice!


People may not accept hybrid and all-electric vehicles at the first time, the reason for that are: 1) High prices 2) Lake of experiences 3) Quality 4) Safety

For all the doubts above of potential customers, 1) we can sale our products at surprisedly low prices, after people know those, we will raise our prices again. 2) we can hold some activities for potential customers to drive our products for free and feel them. 3&4) we must talk with our supply manufactory about the quality problems, we can even spend more on costs to guarantee the qualities, which can really make our potential customers feel our products are absolutely safe!