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Our range is a new enterprise that provides state-of-the-art facilities that accommodate golfers of all levels. A first class driving range with 40 bays along with a putting and chipping green will be available. The focus is to provide practice facilities for golfers of all levels. On site there will be a PGA (Professional Golf Association) qualified professional to provide coaching lessons. A snack area will be available for customers to take a break and relax.

This strategic plan will look at location, finance, and service issues that will be key to the success of the business. There is current competition in Preston, however we plan to provide unique facilities and exciting activities.

  • Objectives/Aims
  • Sales of £555,070 in 2008.
  • Gross margin of 75%.
  • Profit of £112,000 in the first year.
  • To become the leading driving range in Preston.
  • Ongoing development of facilities.
  • Mission

Pro Golf Range is dedicated to providing unique practice facilities for all levels of golfers, from advanced to novice. Manage a facility to help golfers improve their game and to help develop golf throughout England. Each customer will be treated as an individual and their needs will be met accordingly. A good working environment will be provided for employees, working in a friendly team atmosphere.

  • Keys to success
  • Provide state of the art, unique facilities.
  • Visually appealing scenery.
  • Provide appropriate coaching for all levels of golfer.
  • Highly competitive prices.

2.0 Company overview

Our range is a new enterprise that provides state-of-the-art facilities that accommodate golfers of all levels. A first class driving range with 40 bays along with a putting and chipping green will be available. The focus is to provide practice facilities for golfers of all levels. On site there will be a PGA (Professional Golf Association) qualified professional to provide coaching lessons. A snack area will be available for customers to take a break and relax.

2.1 Company ownership

Pro Golf Range will be a Private Limited Company, owned by two partners. Alan McClelland and Miroslav Stiburek, both owning a 50% share. Miroslav Stiburek is a sleeping partner and will have no say in the day to day running of the business. Alan McClelland will be an active managing director with a range of subordinates.

2.2 Start-up costs

Table 1- Start up costs

Start-up expenses











Total Start-up costs


Start-up assests needed

Cash on balance on starting date


Other current assets


Total current assets


Total assets

Long term assets


Total assets


Total Requirements




Alan McClelland


Miroslav Stiburek


Total Investment


Current Liabilities

Current Borrowing


Other Current liabilities


Current Liabilities


Long Term Liabilities


Total Liabilities


Loss at Start-up


Total Capital


Total Capital and Liabilities


Figure 1 - Start up costs graph

3.0 Services

Pro Golf range provides golfers with a unique golf facility such as automatic teeing system which is our Unique Selling Point (USP), as no other driving range in Preston owns one. We welcome golfers of all levels, and have an on site PGA professional to provide instruction where desired. Nevada Bob’s franchise will provide customers with the option of buying all ranges of golf equipment. The snack bar will provide food and refreshments for the customers while they are relaxing. Also, entertainment is provided inside the main building – digital television with major sporting events covered daily. Secure parking is provided with full CCTV coverage.

3.1 Franchise

“Franchisers sell a defined, proven business format or method of operation, offering a product or service that has sold successfully”.

We have decided to open a franchised shop on our premises with Nevada Bob’s Golf. We decided to start a franchise based on a number of factors. Nevada Bob’s is the biggest and most successful golf retail franchise in Europe.

We decided to consider a franchise based on many reasons.

  • Well established brand name is recognised worldwide.
  • 30 years trading experience.
  • Full training provided.
  • Store development assistance.

Although initial set up costs are approximately £250,000 pounds it is a worthwhile investment, as risk of failure is substantially reduced.

4.0 SWOT analysis

Table 2 - SWOT analysis



  • Customer Service
  • Cost
  • Facilities
  • Relationship with customers
  • USP Auto Teeing System
  • Excellent knowledge of the golf industry
  • Innovative aspects
  • Excellent IT skills
  • Accessible Location
  • Franchise - guaranteed sales
  • Good marketing strategy
  • Competition
  • Set Up Cost
  • Cash Flow
  • Reliability of plan/plan predictability
  • Market Presence



  • Market Developments
  • New USP’s
  • Expand and Develop larger facility
  • Seasonal Influences
  • Funding – government grants, business funding for students or people under 25.
  • Market Demand
  • Seasonal Threat
  • Legislative Effects
  • Loss of Money

5.0 Market Segmentation


  • 75% Male
  • Age range of 18 – 65 years.
  • Average Annual household income of £20,000
  • Play for business & social purposes as well as pleasure


  • Age 6 – 17
  • They start playing because their parents play golf.
  • They play other sports along with golf.


  • Golf School Academy (Myerscough college – 200 golfers)
  • University of Central Lancashire has two University teams

Figure 2 - Target market division

6.0 Competition and buying patterns

Main competitors

Increasing participation figures in golf demands increased amounts and improved facilities, so new ranges will be welcomed.

  • Preston Golf Academy – Single level driving range with 18 bays. Reception area with small indoor putting area. Professional is available to book lessons. Vending machines in reception. Range is slightly run down (worn mats etc). On the site of Preston golf club.
  • Preston Golf Driving Range – Single level range with 23 bays. Small reception area. The range is very out dated and run down. Not a golf course within the local area.
  • Myerscough Driving Range – Uncovered bays, very basic facility. Doesn’t have its own building. Not directly beside any parking facilities. 9 hole golf course on site.

Having a golf course within the close vicinity of the range is a good way of attracting customers. Location is also important in how many customers choose their practice facility. Facilities with an on-site PGA professional will draw extra business.

6.1 Strategy and Implementation Summary

Competitive Edge

We have a competitive edge over other ranges in the area.

  • We have taken advantage of new technology. With the use of the Automatic Teeing System.
  • All the equipment will be new and more up to date. The other ranges are dilapidated and in need of attention.
  • We provide a snack bar with the availability of sandwiches and hot drinks. Not all of these facilities are provided elsewhere.
  • The reception area provides Digital television to be displayed on a large plasma screen. This provides the customers with a comfortable place to relax and watch related sporting events.

6.2 Marketing Strategy

We are offering our customers a state of the art golf practice facility that focuses on all areas of the game. This includes the option of instruction from a PGA qualified professional. A snack and entertainment area is also provided to provide relaxation and a social spot for the customers to take a break from practicing. An onsite Nevada Bob’s shop will give the customers the option of purchasing well priced golf equipment.


Non-price Competition is a strategy we will implement. We will distinguish our product by offering a high quality of service, customer focus, and our competitive advantage. We are able to use this, as we make use of new technologies that no other range in the vicinity uses (auto teeing system), along with our modern and up to date facilities.


Promotion is a tactic we will use to help draw extra customers to use our facility. We can alter promotions depending on a variety of factors, such as seasonal or time. Time factors will be looked at to help establish times when the customers turn out is low. By offering an offer at these stages, we will be able to balance out the customer flow throughout the day thus enabling us to provide a higher level of customer service.

Seasonal promotion options will enable us to attract additional customers at different stages of the year. During summer promotional deals can be offered including the use of all the practice facilities (range, putting and chipping green) for one fixed lower price. During winter and periods of cold/wet weather, we can put offers on activities under shelter. This can include an offer for cheaper balls for the range including lunch and a drink.

These promotional methods will help us draw extra customers to use the facility and also help balance out the customer flow. It will help ensure there are always customers on the site instead of having quiet off peak times and busy peak turnout.

Web advertising

A website will be created for this driving range in order to support our advertising and Internet is one of the most powerful source of marketing as well as cheapest. Electronic commerce and Internet marketing have become popular as Internet access is becoming more widely available and used. For a small business it is very useful to have a website to inform customers about whatever the business specializes in.

Nearly all business have a website nowadays, as it quickly informs the customer and by being available on the Internet, we can attract more customers to your business. We will use our website as a source of marketing, and especially when it is very well optimized for search engines, then we will achieve a better attendance to your site. Also, it is possible to pay for the advertising on search engines, which is even better, however, it costs money, so it is important to decide if it is worth of investing into this, depends what business you are in. Over the internet site, the customers will also be able to charge their driving range cards with more tokens (golf balls).

6.3 Advertisement for Pro Golf Range

7.0 Milestones

The below table shows critical events in the development of our business and displays a suitable timeframe in which the tasks have to be completed.

Table 3 - Milestones









Business Plan

Construction (building)

Franchise Set Up



Accounting Plan

Maintenance Plan

Pro Lesson Plan

8.0 Sales forecast

Sales is the sum of all the sales that took place inside the driving range such as Driving range – balls, Coaching Lessons, Food, Marketing space. The sales forecast (see table 4) shows the forecast for the first starting year. For every month and year we expect growth in sales, as we expect to attract more customers to our range by providing good service, and by massive advertising. Hopefully, we will even increase the percentage growth in the future, until we get to a stable state.

Table 4 - five-year sales forecast






Pro shop












Coaching Lessons






Advertising space






Total sales






Figure 3 - sales forecast graph

9.0 Management structure

Alan Mclelland and Miroslav Stiburek are the two founders of Pro Golf driving range, however, only Alan is the active managing director, whereas Miroslav is the sleeping partner. Alan discusses some major decisions with Miroslav when something important comes up. In total the company will have employees

Alan will be in charge of all the subordinates, and will be managing marketing and financial too. The administrator, invoices, etc. will be managed by a financial accountant. A professional coach will be employed for any coaching lessons, and some more might be employed in the future if one is not enough. Maintainance employees for the greenkeeping will be needed as well as a person picking the balls with a drive unit. A cleaner will be employed who will clean the whole building three times every week. We will employ four part-time staff for the reception, perhaps some students, thus save money on wages. Finally, golf Nevada Bob's pro shop staff, only one person is required to be inside the shop at a time, and we are planning to employ someone who knows something about golf technology and the equipment (two pro shop employees).

There might still be some part-time positions, however, they will come up when we start running the actual business. The Job advert will be advertised in magazine, internet, newspaper, and on the driving range

9.1 Personnel table

FY 2008

Pro coach


Bar staff


Reception staff




Pro shop staff




Total People


Total salaries


Table 5 - Salaries

10.0 Cash-flow Forecast

Figure 4 - cashflow forecast

10.1 Profit and Loss forecast












Direct cost of sales






Total cost of sales






Gross margin






Gross margin %




















Marketing costs
























Loan repayment












Total Operating Expenses






Profit Before Taxes and NI






Total Annual Deductions






Net profit






Net profit %






Table 6 - P&L forecast

Figure 5 – P&L forecast graph

11.0 Future Possibilities

With our business idea we have many options to look at to help with development in mind for the future.

One of the main possibilities is expansion. This could take place with many aspects of r business. Facility development is an idea we have already considered and have listed a number of ideas.

  • Increasing the number of bays.
  • Golf simulators
  • Larger putting/chipping facilities.
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Competitions – Potential to attract more customers, especially during winter, when the weather doesn’t permit play on a course.
  • Organised coaching programmes.

The above ideas will help attract more potential customers in the future, and serious consideration would be taken into developing these.