Globalizing business approach and Work Processes

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Human management is core factor in business success. It is fact, that business promotion and brand marketing is considered as the backbone of a progressive concern. However, more critical issue is project management, team development, and resources organization. The teams have to be developed with consideration of cultural differences. Therefore, managers are supposed to be equipped with basic organizational skills, so that they and their work force can contribute its best and get fruitful results for the growth and progress of an organization (Peter, 1974).

Globalize business concepts has shrunken the world into a village, that made it quite hard to develop the teams with multicultural and diverse personalities. However, it is fact that success of a business revolves around the business management approach which structures the organizational persona and success. Therefore, in current ingenious and methodical business era achievement of standard business environment, project management, and organization of teams is not only hard, but, in some cases it is impossible for an un-resourceful business approach. Hence, it is so much important to have strong project management and team development strategies to have smooth work process (Williams, 2002).

Teams and the work process:

Team and work process have interlinked relation. Therefore, behavior would be the core importance for teams and individuals. Moreover, interpersonal relation between the team members plays great impact on the work process. In fact, an effective behavior will result the best outcomes. Team effectiveness and smooth work process in context of organization and the individuals would have been step towards the action model for improving group effectiveness. Therefore, the interconnected relation between the organization and the team/individuals has greater impact on work process (HACKMA, N.d).

Hereinafter, behavior has critical role in the team's work process. Therefore, interpersonal relationship has core importance to not only the teams but also to the organization. So, for the best interest of organization, an effective interpersonal relationship between the team members is of great importance.

Team Development Process:

Team development process possesses great importance for the work process. Normally, team development process is based on three steps which are defined briefly as under.


Formation is first step of team development which organizes a group of people into a team. In that step human resource managers pick the best resources to build an outstanding team. The formation of team is first and essential step because it organizes a group of people and gives them chance to interact with each other and exchange their views. Moreover, Formation is the step which provides a chance to the members to develop best interpersonal skills and interact with multicultural and multi personality team members.


In second step the team members identify their role and responsibilities as well as find the appropriate path to accomplish the set forth goals. Here the managers play critical role to defining the priorities and to properly arrange the individual's strength for achievement of organizational goals. Discussion among the multicultural and diverse personalities and role of managers would bring harmony between the members and develop unity to peruse the set forth organizational targets (Robbins & Judge, 2007).


Performing is the last step which places the team into real time working environment and dig up a realistic output. The managers are also participants in that stage to evaluate the performance of individual resource. This is the time to prove and expose the skills that have learned throughout the team development process and training. It is fact that performance is the perpetual of a team, but, it should be out of cultural context. The teams should perform as a team other than individuals.

What role does trust and cooperation play in the development and maintenance of teams and small groups?

To bring harmony among the team members, every member should accommodate the culture and the personality of another. Therefore, without mutual accommodation it is not possible to develop a strong team and to develop trust and cooperation between the members. However, in teams difference of opinion is obvious. In that case, compromise is most suitable solution when something is largely accepted by the majority of team members.

The managers should initiate their mediations at the worst conditions when it becomes very costly to accommodate the personality of one another. It should be tackle by the managerial skills to develop working relation among the team members other than to panicking the situation.

Identify and explain three major ways in which organizations can be affected positively by teams or small groups.

There are several ways that can affect positively to the teams or small groups by the organizations. However, the three major ways are build trust, encourage effective team work, provide superior leadership. With these three ways any organization can put a great affect on the teams and small groups (Bovee, Thill, Wood & Dovel, 1993).

The first way building trust is a confidence building measure that allows a team member to put his utmost effort to achieve the set forth organizational goals. The second way, encouraging effective team work allows member to cope him/herself with the team in an effective manner. Though, the work process would be streamlined in accordance to the team members. The third way is the final hit to the effective group working. The management skills can be the most effectual to organize the team/groups, synchronize the individuals, and make them collectively competent for the organization's goals. Hence, all three ways/constituents are equal effective to the group working.

Is conflict a necessary part of teams and small groups? How can the team or a small group utilize conflict in a positive manner in order to be a high-performance team?

At workplace conflicts are obvious part of team and groups. However, conflicts should be addressed in a way to resolve them, not in a way to make them more complicated. Hence, to address and resolve, good management skills are needed to resolve the team differences in a peaceful manner.

Therefore, management possesses core importance in every field of life but pertain more impotence in resolving the conflicts. Conflict management also called the art of soft skills or science of mediation. Therefore, conflict management is not an easy task, it needs patience, perfection, purification and pursuance to deal with conflicts and manage them with proper and peaceful methods (Kindler, 2005).

However, it is better to deal the matter with proper mediation. And should be mediate equally both parties should be taken on board to have discussion on the solution. Favoritism should not be encouraged at any stage and a neutralism should prolong. That is the only way to handle the conflict situation with honor and dignity to all and to utilize conflicts in a positive manner in order to maintain a high-performance team.

What five elements would you conclude are the most essential ones for developing a high-performance team?  

For a high performance team, it is mandatory to have energy for perusing the objectives, to have structure for achieving the output/results, and the environment to cope up with the challenges. Therefore, the five most essential constituents for developing a high performance team are environment, energy, objectives, structure, and result oriented efforts. With these five constituents any team can get high performance in its daily business endeavors (See Change Consulting, N.d).

What are the differences between a not-for-profit group in a church and a team in a major corporation?

The major difference between the team of a non-for-profit group in a church, and a team of corporation entity is difference of goals, environment, and encouragement. A non-for-profit organization like church is for social/religious work and for helping/assisting the people with their religious/social issues. So, human level of an employee in non-for-profit organization would be naturally high due to the emotions/religious affiliation. On the other hand, a corporation purely runs for business and profit. Therefore, in a corporation the natural emotional and human level would not be raise but the monetary benefit. Therefore, in corporation team members are only work for business and monetary profit.

How far should a person accommodate the culture of another?

Multicultural differences are the most common and most critical differences between the team members. It has been encountered in the big corporation that hires employees from different cultural background. The relation should be laterally; but, as a good gesture the host should show wisdom and accommodate the cultural differences between the team members. However, the guests should also consider the hospitality by good gesture (Brett, Behfar, and Kern, 2006).