Globalisation gives the new shape and business strategies in a market

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Globalisation is leading the market with different forces, and it is a big term in the market that is still under discussion. Globalisation gives the new shape and business strategies in a market. With in few decades and expansion of the globalization, the shape and structure of the market has been changed and brought the significant difference in the market. It also gives the chance on international level to check the impacts and new strategies in different market. The global effects give the chance to develop their strategies as well as production, marketing, finance and social corporate responsibility of the oganisation. The oganisation acts locally but takes the adopts globally to give the shape and new structure to improve the market share in the market. National government also plays its important roles but these roles are unilateral, so the oganisation gains the competitive advantages with the support of the national government. Now in this era, the political impacts on business can be recognized through globalisation. It also provides the chance to understand the boundaries between political and business. There are other driving force which are working within society to analysis the term globalisation and effects of globalisation in an organisation. With the passage of time, values, norms, laws and regulation of the society have been changed. The values of life also have been changed. Before few hundred years ago, the life of the people was not so fast and modern. People lived very simple and worked for their livelihood, and the values of the society were shared values. But now the picture has been changed due to circulate of the money, first people only exchanged the things in the reward of goods. But money has been brought so many changes in life. Now people works for money, because money is a basic essence of the life. For earning more money, people are adopting the new norms, laws and values of life on the other hand business are growing in the world. The new market structures and business strategies also are changing the profits and revenue of the oganisation. Economic, social, political and religion concept are changing with the growing of economic reliance and expansion. Therefore, the changes of these concepts are bringing some challenges for different societies.

In this challenging world, there is a big issue about business ethics. In few decades, it is also arising in different shapes. Executive of the organisation are responsible for this kind of crime. Because a CEO presents the framework of the organisation, so, it makes the decision for any activity in an organisation. In last few years, there are some cases come out that show the crime of the executive for their personal greed and for the sake of the money. The power of the mass media is growing because the development of the technologies, therefore, now crime would be hidden for a long time. The crime of these CEOs brought them in the court for their decision making acts. To solve these problems, law had been involved. Business ethics provides the proper guideline for managing the business structure. The moral values and policies of an organisation studied by business ethics, it also introduced the moral behaviour and discipline for the business ethics.

The purpose of this coursework to identifies the legal consideration and business consideration within a business. It also looks the social corporate responsibilities of the company in a society. The second part of the coursework identifies the function HR in business ethics.

What are the ethics?

Ethics can judge the moral and immoral behaviour to make well and form standard of life. Ethics also teaches how people try to live their lives in right and wrong way. It also tells the guidance on how to they should conduct themselves in their daily lives. Ethics also determine the standard what is acceptable and what is reject able in a society. The definition of right or wrong is a result of many factors, including religion, traditions and beliefs of their society. On the other hand moral standards are based on religious, cultural and philosophical beliefs. It comes from different sources such as friends, family, religion, school and personal role models. Media, TV, radio, newspaper, magazines and internet also changes the living standard in any society on the moral behaviour. There are also some factors impacts the some double expectation, the attitude of the people to treat you and you are treated by the people. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

What is the business ethics?

Business ethics adapts the methods and purpose of normative ethics to the specific requirement or moral issues in business. It studies the moral demands that apply for the use of profit and non-profit purpose of the organisation. The application of ethical standards to business behaviour, in business ethics several types of people can be seen like stakeholders/ shareholders, employees, community, customers, government, creditors, and suppliers.

Business ethics can be discussed under these factors

Organisational ethics

We proposed business ethics as an area of the study separate from the general subject of ethics because of two distinct issues:

Other parties have a vested interest in the ethical performance of an organisation.

In a work environment you may be placed in a situation where your personal value system.

The key functional inputs that an organisation provides in the transformational of raw materials into a delivered product or service, we will consider an organisation in term of its functional areas within a value chain. The below picture give the porter’s value chain in value chain there are two main areas such as sales, marketing and operational on the other areas are firm infrastructure to HRM management.


The relationship between research and development and manufacturing is often a challenging one. manager complains about design of the products and services. It is big business ethics in an organisation.


The next process after manufacturing is marketing, then it would be analyzed the market position. It has been judged through the market ads whether your products are in right hand and is it using for right purposes.

Human resources

Human resource management is important part of an organisation, it chek the abilityand managing the employees department. It has been seen the direct relationship between company and employees in through HR department


Finance department can be divided into two parts, one is accounting department and the second one is auditing department:

Accounting function that keeps track of all the company’s financial transaction by documenting the money coming in and money going out. It also keeps the balance sheet of accounts at the end of the period such as month, year, decades and weekly.

Auditing department that shows the certification of and organisation’s financial statement, or book as being accurate.

corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is an aspect through an organisation can presents itself in the front of the people. Corporate social responsibility can be divided into two parts (a) social responsibility the other is (b) corporate responsibility. Social responsibility is related to social part of the company. Company can deal with different situation and circumstances within society. It plays important in different norms and regulation of the society such as religious, economical and cultural aspects. But the other level corporate responsibility shows the commitment of the company and its statement which company has presented to keep itself with society.

corporate governance

Customs, policies and laws can be affected through the set of process in an organisation, it called corporate governance. It includes the relation between the stakeholders and the corporation governed. It is about the organization how it direct and controlled, for the success and sustainable economic growth in the organization good governance is needed.

Introduction about the company:

DHL commits its expertise in international express, air and ocean freight, road and rail transportation, contract logistics and international mail services to its customers. DHL is a multinational company that is operating worldwide level; it also presents the superior service quality and satisfaction about their services. DHL accepts its social responsibility by supporting climate protection, disaster management and education.

DHL operates under four specialized divisions:

1) Express

2) Global Forwarding, Freight

3) Chain

4) Mail

Legal Issues:

The principals, policies and regulation have been set by DHL through board. Local or business-related policies will provide more specific guidance. Divisions, business units, regional entities and companies of Deutsche Post DHL may adopt their own local codes, incorporating the substance of the Deutsche Post DHL Code of Conduct but modified to reflect requirements of local laws and regulations or the social customs and characteristics of their business operations.

Company Property

employees can not use the assets of the company for their personal use including labour, supplies and building. Each employee has a responsibility to safeguard and make proper use of Deutsche Post DHL property. For safety of the property of the company, it gets some insurances things Such property includes trade secrets, confidential information, copyrights, trademarks, logos, but also customer lists, business opportunities and product specifications, whether owned by Deutsche Post DHL-affiliated companies or business partners.

Legal Proceedings

employees can not committee the involvement of Deutsche Post DHL or its personnel in any unlawful practice, including the employment of our personnel or use of company assets for illegal gain. DHL must be protected and defended the company. Employees who are threatened by a lawsuit or other legal proceedings or investigation in a business-related matter are required to contact their Deutsche Post DHL Legal Department immediately.

Role of HRM