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How did you undertake your literature survey?

The main theme of the literature review is to develop the research and technical Communication skills. These methods will helps us to find and gather the valuable information of respected subject area and to update our knowledge. The first and the foremost thing how I undertook my literature survey is by utilizing the library in Liverpool John Moores University. In library I found huge collection of books of different subjects from different departments written by internationally acclaimed authors and also had a wide variety of journal articles. Apart from these facilities we also have an electronic library containing number of articles, magazines and journals which we can use from off campus.

Being having interest in Telecommunications and have done my graduate engineering in Electronics and Communication, so I undertook a literature survey on GSM Based SCADA Implementation Using Microcontroller written by Dr. Aditya Goel & Ravi Shankar Mishra Apart from gathering information this literature survey has helped me to gain knowledge and develop technical skills.

Why this particular research paper was chosen?

There are many papers available in Electronic library of LJMU. Among all I have chosen this GSM Based SCADA Implementation Using Microcontroller. The reason is I have done my graduation in Electronics and Communication Engineering and being perceiving post graduation in Telecommunications, so I need to choose this paper which is very interesting and future trend and also related to these subjects which I have some sort of knowledge.

The purpose of this project is to acquire the remote electrical parameters like Voltage, Current and Frequency and send these real time values over GSM network using GSM Modem/phone. This project is also designed to protect the electrical circuitry by operating an Electromagnetic Relay. This Relay gets activated whenever the electrical parameters exceed the predefined values.The Relay can be used to operate a Circuit Breaker to switch off the main electrical supply.

A SCADA system which is designed properly saves time and money by eliminating the need for service personnel to visit each site for check up, data logging and making necessary adjustments where ever it is suitable. This is the reason why I have chosen my literature survey on this particular aspect.

What is the critical appraisal of this paper?

This research paper describes the concept of GSM Based SCADA Implementation Using Microcontroller which makes use of an onboard computer which is commonly termed as microcontroller. This project provides exposure on Initialization of ADC module of microcontroller, PCB designing, interfacing sensors to controller, LCD Interfacing, Embedded C program and a review of factors influencing the design of the system is provided.

Why is this research significant?

In this paper we have developed a wireless integrated SCADA system which is used to monitor and access the performance of device parameters which are situated at a remote location such as temperature, voltage, pressure, humidity on actual time basis. For this we have used the infrastructure of the existing mobile network, which is based on GPRS technique Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a field of constant development and research. This project investigates on creating a very low cost device which can be modified to many different SCADA applications via some basic programming, plugging in the relevant peripherals. A large amount of the cost required in some of SCADA applications results of using specialized communication infrastructure. This application of infrastructure, in the future scheme has a chance of reducing cost. Additionally the generic nature of the device will be assured.

Global System for Mobile communication (GSM) is a digital mobile telephony system which is used widely in all parts of the world. It uses a time division multiple access (TDMA) variation and is the most extensively used of the three digital wireless telephony technologies. GSM digitizes, compresses the data and sends it down to a channel with other two streams of user data, with in its own time slot. It operates at a frequency band of either the 1800 MHz or 900 MHz respectively.

GSM data logging for SCADA is a cost efficient solution for monitoring the process signals which are at a remote location i.e. temperature, level, flow, vibration, pressure and many other critical parameters. Using the GSM mobile phone network we can access the real time and historical data. By sending an SMS to the logger, any GSM mobile can interrogate the individual loggers. The status including current readings and alarms can be sent to the interrogated mobile by a logger.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is a method to control system which enables a site operator to observe and manage processes that are distributed among different remote sites. A well designed SCADA structure saves time and money by eliminating the required personnel service to visit all sites for measurement, on data collection/logging or build adjustments as required. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems are based on computers, different types of controllers and instruments; which includes actuators, networks in system, and interfaces that will manage and control the automated industrial processes that allows to analyse systems throughout data compilation .These types of monitoring is used in industries for electrical distribution systems, food processing schemes and facility security alarms.

Supervisory control and data acquisition used to show a system where both data acquisition and supervisory control are performed. In Mobile Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (referred to as Mobile SCADA) concept used SCADA through the mobile phone network for underlying communication medium. GSM is a wireless communication technology was most popular technology used for transmitting data anywhere in the world via SMS with the help of mobile phones. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is chosen as the definite mobile communication protocol to use, as it provides an on-line Inter connection with no time based charges.

User can send commands in the form of SMS messages to read the remote electrical parameters. This system also can automatically send the real time electrical parameters periodically (based on time settings) in the form of SMS. This also can be designed to send SMS alerts whenever the Circuit Breaker trips or whenever the Voltage or Current exceeds the predefined limits.

SMS is a globally used wireless service that enables the alphanumeric message transmission between external systems and mobile subscribers such as electronic mail, voice-mail and paging systems. This SMS is a store up and forward way of transmitting messages in Mobiles. A SMS benefit includes delivery notifications and alerts, definite message delivery, reliable and low cost communication means for short information. It even has a facility to screen messages and return calls in a selective way and increases subscriber creation.

Components of the SCADA system:

SCADA systems in general are made of four components:

  • Master Unit - This is spirit of the system which is located centrally under the control operato.
  • Remote Unit - This part is installed from where the progression is actually monitored. It gathers necessary data to the process and sends it towards the master unit.
  • Communication Mode - This component transfers signals/data from the master unit to the remote unit. The mode of Communication can be a either cable, wireless media, satellite etc.
  • Software - It is an interface linking the operator and the units. This sofware allows the operator to envisage and control the functions of the process.


The future implementation of the system solves the problem of continuous monitoring of data acquisition system by means of a cheap wireless communication.

The vital components of remote monitoring system designs different Sensors, Signal conditioning devices, microcontroller i.e AT90S8515 and mobile phone. The RTD sensor is used to determine remote area temperature or energy meter reading. The microcontroller data logger is fully based on what it is being measured. The AT90S8515 Microcontroller is a low-power and high-performance system uses CMOS 8-bit microcontroller with 8K bytes of programmable Flash memory. It is programmed using C language, for Wireless communication in GSM mobile with GPRS services. In this project NOKIA 3310 handset is used for GSM communication. Most NOKIA phones have F-Bus connection that is used to connect a phone to microcontroller. This bus will permit us to send and receive SMS messages.

How, and in what way, the work has made a contribution to my knowledge?

The work which I have done on literature survey has made a good contribution to my knowledge. Before doing this survey I had some knowledge about Data Acquisition System and GSM on how it works. But after going on to this literature search I came to know about how SCADA can be implemented to this system. Introducing SCADA (which is the heart of this project) to my knowledge has made me to study this subject thoroughly. So the groundwork on my fundamental knowledge had became more stronger when collecting the information about the components of this project and even gained knowledge in the subjects like Embedded systems, Wireless sensor networks etc. Embedded systems play a vital role in everyday life because it has massive demand in the social market in providing well-built control and security system. Wireless sensor networks also play a similar role in gaining increasing attention in everyday life.

The process of learning or studying in campus learning resources and off campus libraries can be used effectively. Reading the sources, accessing the web to gather information and searching the electronic library in LJMU have made me to increase my knowledge prospectively. Even by criticising, we can analyse the paper and can increase decision making skills which are essential for our future prospectus. This total frame work process improved my theoretical knowledge for practical applications.

Any practical application the work may have?

This GSM Based SCADA Implementation Using Microcontroller has many applications that are used globally in every where and everyday life. One of the practical application of this paper is, it works on the "Remote site Safety & security Application by using Controller" to attain and produce a input data file for each of the data input, construct a Controller Area network , Collecting and managing the data in the Control Area Network(CAN) and send SMS to a monitoring location.

Whether the work is well presented with clear objectives and conclusion?

This paper is very clearly presented with definite objectives like it has a well organised abstract which gives clear idea about the project. Even a normal person who reads this abstract could able to understand the concept of this paper. The objectives of this paper includes

  • Sensing different electrical parameters (voltage, current, temperature).
  • Display those parameters.
  • Forwarding the electrical parameters over GSM network.
  • Producing buzzer alerts (if necessary).
  • Controlling the electrical appliances.

GSM communication performed almost flawlessly data transfer from sensor at remote area was executed without incidents. Since all communication between data logger and user are wireless based, this translates into lowest cost compared to all others system. In this project all the database is stored in a central database in the data logger; user has global access to consolidate data from many system or locations.

Wireless based solutions have universally accepted, familiar and user friendly system. Real-time logging would allow warnings to be flagged to the relevant personnel (e.g. an SMS warning message to the supervisors) and allow corrective action to be taken before the quality and value of the catch is degraded. SCADA is used in many industrial processes such as manufacturing, power generation, water and chemical

Hence the wireless SCADA system is powerful setup for monitoring and controlling the various applications from remotely placed location. It can be further extended for various area of application like health monitoring system, Home security system, Vehicle Security system etc.

Whether the paper could be improved in any way and if so how?

    This paper is well presented with clear objectives but even though some improvements can be done to this project.

  • A reliable and cost effective means of transporting the data must be employed if the full advantage of SCADA can be realized.
  • Here in our paper one user can collect, monitor and control only the specific physical parameter. But we can even improve this to gather the same information of many physical parameters by only a
    single user (mobile).
  • The paper would have been more effective if the security is provided for data transfer.
  • A specific user who is handling the mobile (i.e. the number which is dumped in code) must not use for his personal purposes and makes sure the specific mobile is charged fully and should be in a high
    signaling network place.
  • The paper might have been published in any of the leading papers as article.
  • Lastly the paper can be more effective if the grammatical mistakes are properly corrected.