Global Forces And The European Brewing Industry Business Essay

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According to my view; the illustration is about the future of bio science. Here we asked to answer two question based on four scenarios. Those are: Where's the beef? , New age of Medicine, Much Ado about nothing, and bioscience held hostage.

From my analysis I found the new technology is beginning in science. And there is a new advance in bio technology. Here I used how these scenarios help to make decision about bioscience technology. Also, for our first question I answered both public acceptance and technological advance are very important factor. But there is some problem after innovation. Before implementing a product company should make aware of the product to public.

For this case study I used some research to find which aspect is important to organization. Here according to my conclusion I would like to say the Bio science technology is very important factor for new generation or in future. The technology is helps to cure diseases and help people to live for long years, technology contributing a big part in human life.

Global forces and the European brewing industry

This case study is about European brewing industry. Here I used PESTEL analysis and five force analysis to evaluate the Organization. The purpose of this case is how to decrease the beer and alcohol consumption in European country. Also the case study talks about how the company give more important on their branding and innovation. And they give more priority to the physical condition of consumer.

From Pestle analysis first I evaluate the political factor of European brewing industry then economic factor next social factor of the organization then technological factor and environmental, legal factor. Each and every factor clearly explains about the company. From PESTEL analysis of European brewing industry helps to identify the long term drivers of the organization and the opportunity of the organization. From this analysis I found the impact of alcohol product in PESTEL analysis. So they should more concern on that part to recover from these types of issues.

Next I analyzed the five forces; here I got knowledge about company new threats, new substitute buyers power and supplier power. From this study I understood about Five Forces Analysis. Here European brewing company more concentrate on new entrants. Also they should follow differentiate strategies on their product line to become a successful company.

For second question I analysis how those trend will impact on different company. From this assessment I clearly identified the company strength and weakness. The new trend is differing from each and every company.

However, the case shows how the European brewing industry increased their competitive demand among global market through Competitive change. According to my view European brewing company should more focus on culture of the company and PESTEL analysis. If they focus more on PESTEL analysis its will bring a good trade name to their brand. Also they whole European region should concern on public physical condition.

Evaluation of SWOT

Company Name: HNB Bank

This is the project report about HNB bank. For this evaluation I analyzed the HNB bank vision, mission and company history. The purpose of this report to study about SWOT analyzes, and to understand how to apply this SWOT analyze to an organization.

Here first I did Company Strength. There is much strength in HNB bank. Also there is some weakness in HNB bank. The main weakness is organizational structure, company structure is vertical. This might become a big failure to HNB bank. So Organization better to change their organizational structure based on current environment. Through my research we can get an overall picture about the customer satisfaction of the HNB bank. Here I cover few aspects of the service of the HNB bank. It consist physical environment and conditions, service and general behavior of the staff services at computerized counters, financial consultancy and services.

Most of the customers are highly satisfied with the physical environment condition of the bank, such as cleanliness, layout, access to the entrance, space available for customer and arranging of the pay slips. When considering the service of the staff members it has not come up to the standard level. Customers are satisfied with the service, but they don't highly appreciate the service of the staff members, but bank can develop their service to the extended level by delivering superior value to their customers.HNB Bank has introduced the latest technology to the banking industry of Sri Lanka. They have link all branches together and due to that factor they can provide speedy and reliable service to their customers. In other way that factor became sustainable competitive advantage to them.

According to the facts and figures the HNB bank has largest single line ATM network in the country. Most of the customers are highly satisfied with the service of ATM network of the HNB Bank. In my view the position of the HNB bank is very stable and according to tha annual reports they have very strong financial base, According to our view the HNB Bank has provided considerable quality and fast service to their valuable customers. Also they maintain special standards to meet the customer expectations and requirements.

The Enron corporate scandal

According to this case study; Enron is world leading electricity, Natural Gas Company. Enron used superior accounting tools to keep their share price high. Also around 2000 they use some tactics to attract customers.

Once I evaluate the case study I found some issues in Enron Company. Because, Enron made fraud activities. They don't follow ethical activities. This fraudulent activity doesn't know to top management. Also I found there vision statement were not clear. They should make it correct. Later on they changed their corporate culture due to some reason.

Also, they encourage employees by rewarding system. In my view it's not good at all for the company. I identified the stakeholders and shareholders in the company won't ask any question to top management. And, lack of accounting knowledge to employees. They should know accounting.

I already mentioned there is some problem within the company. Like company executives made offshore accounting to hide company profit and debts. From this case study I understood Enron must have a clear organizational structure and they should observe it in proper way.

Also, the top management always monitors the lower management and middle management. And the top management should have an idea about accounting. And every week or month they are supposed to check the books and make it sure. The Company must make their vision statement clearly to recognize by customers. The success of a company depends on their company vision statement. Also there is no good leadership due to that only their some unethical practices did by executives. They fail to exercise their responsibility to public.

The reason; to do this case study to identify the issues inside the Enron corporate scandal and find how company overcomes from these problems. Here I learned how to become ethical to company and what kind of leadership employees should have within the organization. Really this Case study is help full. However, Enron be supposed to correct some issues to become more successful among world. And they must perform in ethical behavior to attract people.

Cultural web

Cultural web is explained the basic assumption about the society and the organization. It focuses on six basic parts like stories, symbols, power structures, organizational structures, control system and rituals and routines.

For this research I analysis the cultural web for company. And, how this cultural webs important for an organization. I selected Hewas group of company for this evaluation. The reason for this analysis is to get to know about how the cultural web is relating for this company.

Culture is very important to company, every organization having their own culture. This culture helps organization to become more successful. In this research He was group of company using different strategies to reach public. And they are producing eco friendly products.

Also, here I identified organization stories are creating image for their company. The brand name of the company is giving positive feedback among competitive market. And the power structure of the organization also very important for company success. In he was group of company their structure is flexible. And the power distribution is top to bottom. And they normally recruit people based on experience and qualification. They not allowed any recommendation.

Although, the strategy using by top management to change culture of the organization will affect the company. When they changing their culture; they give more concern on their strategic. In this case organization should be able to identify changes in the political structure and influence. In He was group of company they identify some elements within the organization to remove useless power. The manager of the He was group of company find easy to describe paradigm which is help to innovate new strategy.

Finally, in my view, the main intention to do this case study; to identify the culture of the organization and how they using cultural web according to their company information. I think Hewas group of company have maintaining company culture in appropriate way. Here I used SWOT, PEST analysis to identify the organization details. It's really helpful to analysis the information about Hewas Company.

Marks & Spencer

This is the case study about Mark and Spencer. The aim of this case study to analysis the organizational culture of this company. In this organization there is no appropriate organizational structure. From the analysis of this case I found the problem in M&S.

Mark and Spencer structure was top to bottom. And the leadership style was autocratic. Also they recruit people inside the organization this is a big boundary for organizational success. Weather staff will like or not? This is the main down for this organization. And according to this case is M&S motivate employee by money or other rewards?? Also I identified through this case there is a lack of classification of customer trend. This will be a great impact on company growth. Also there is a conflict between management and employee. Also they ignore the competitors as well.

Although there products are branded. This is the one of the reason for their success. And there operations were simplified. This is easy to handle. Also they provide more concerns about value chain (suppliers, distributers). Also the company runs efficiently but not effective.

In 1990's M&S suffer the downturn. The reason for that they did not much concern about design and new trend. Later on they realize it and change their clothing style and the structure of the company to success in competitive market. Also they did not aware of the changing market and competitors also.

However the cultural change of the organization is very necessary to current market, through this case study I get knowledge about change management. The overall case study about the cultural change due to current market. Also to this analysis we can use cultural web to study about Mark and Spencer.

Madonna: Still the reigning queen of pop?

The purpose of the case is to understand the strategy which Madonna used. Here we asked to answer for three questions. After answering those three questions, I realized that are too confusing. As we know Madonna is a well known star in the world. But there are some negative argument regarding sexuality, gender role of Madonna. Also Madonna strategy is well planed and details. Here I used strategic clock to identify her strategy. She always changing her strategy according to new generation, this is the main reason for Madonna's success.

Madonna uses differentiation strategy to differ from other players. Here she implements two different ways to attract customers. First she understands the customer and identifies the competitors. But later on she change her strategic way to penetrating new market and new customers. To identify this I used Ansoff's matrix.

According to this case study we can evaluate how she became more popular among customer and the reason for her success. Also this case illustrates how she uses her leadership strategy and how it helps to her success. The strategic leadership of Madonna helps to adapt according to environmental change and customer expectation. The leadership quality of Madonna helps to forecast on market drift and consumer drift to become success. Also she has deep knowledge in music industry and knows how to respond to changes in music industry.

However she has the ability to change personality according to changes, her adaptability is the one of the main reason for success. And her market challenges among other competitors are very clear. I believe these details give you a general idea about this case study which I did.

The cause, to do this case study to analysis the strategic change in Madonna case study. From this case study I learned how to use strategic clock. This is really helpful to understand overall change in strategic management. Also I learned how to evaluate strategic choices from Madonna case study. Like adaptability, modification, competitive advantage etc. finally I would like to tell the overall success of Madonna was her adaptability according to change.

The virgin group

This is the case study which is talking about Virgin group of company. The virgin group of company doing various type of business all around the world. Richard Branson is most successful entrepreneur.

In this case I learned how Sir Richard Branson's using leadership quality among employees. Here his leadership style is democratic. There is a full freedom to employees to suggest their own idea to make a new business. This is a main reason for success of this company. Here he uses different decision making style to attract customers. And he is targeting different market segments over the world.

In virgin group of company Richard Branson made some difference to reach public. But here I found some issues. They are: There Brand Name has become weaker. And he using different leadership style and strategies to become success in market. Also here I found their management structure were horizontal. It helps to make company in good manner and it helps to persuade innovation too.

Also, they have good knowledge about competitive market. It helps them to overcome from competitors. In my view they better more concern on their brand name and they want to limit their risk. Here I used SWOT analysis to identify the business environment. There management practices have also cited as a major power of the company.

And company vision mission statement was very clear. This case is study the organizational culture in the Virgin Brand, also the structure of the company have allowed virgin to successfully to operate many industry in over the world. Because of the company culture and structure they can make their work effectively and efficiently.

However, According to my view Virgin is a well reputed company. They use differentiation strategy to differ their company among other competitors market. The structure and culture of the company helps to become more successful. But in their structure there is a lack in formalization the structure. If Virgin Company makes it proper they can become a world leading company.

Tesco conquers the world

This case study about Tesco conquers the world. In this case I analysis the long term business strategy. Here I used Ansoff Matrix to identify the product development, market development, market penetration and diversification. Tesco is the leading retails industry in UK. They have its own core competence to compete with competitors.

Tesco leadership style is innovative. They had long term vision to success, and they encouraged all the staffs, executives, managers in the company. Here they used different strategy to motivate employees. And the company conducts business in ethical manner.

From this case study I learned how to use Ansoff Matrix to identify the Strategic change in the organization. According to strategic change in the Tesco they target different market segmentation to provide variety of products. As we know Tesco has many competitors. Also, competitive market introducing various kinds of products in market. This might become a big risk to Tesco.

The main purpose to do this case was to understand the strategic change and how to use those tools in different companies. This case is helpful me to understand the market development, market penetration, acquisition and strategic alliance. Here Tesco using internal development to new markets tactics to begin existing products into new market.

Finally according to my view, to become a market leader Tesco can produce variety of products and they must reduce the risk of the company to become success.

Managing change at Faslane

This case study about Managing change at faslane. Here we asked to answer five questions. For first question I analyzed the strategic change in section 14.2.1. According to this case study I study about the culture, structure of the organization and how they use adaptation, reconstruction, revolution and evolution to this company appropriately.

From this case study I learn how to implement changes effectively and efficiently to run the company successfully. Also here I used Theory E and Theory O. from this theory we analyzed the organizational financial statement and organizational capability also the culture of the organization.

Here they mainly focused on changing management structure to become more effectively. Also there is a small problem in within their organization. Because they frequently changing their strategy. This is not good for organization. Also in this case study we could see that there is an adaption. This helps to organization to be successful in future period.

Within the period of time they change the senior manager of the organization and they reduced the team agents. Their main focus is on structure and culture of the Faslane. Also they reappointed all the jobs to make change.

In my opinion Faslane better to don't change their structure again and again. Because, when they changing frequently it bring big Failure to Organization. Also they must give more concern in stakeholder of that organization and culture too.