Getting the right person for the job

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Recruitment is the organisation has the vacancy that lack of people to fit to the job. Recruiting focus on attracting potential employees from outside the organisation. Most managers try to follow a policy of filling job vacancies above the entry-level position through promotion and transfer (Scott snell and George Bohlander, 2010, p.200). So the organisation decides to advertise the job in order to find the right person to the right job. Why the organisations need to recruit people? The reason that an organisation need do recruit people is when the news of recruitment pass to public the organisation can save the time to find the qualified people. After the news to the public, the people will come to the organisation to make the interview in order to get the job. During the interview, the organisation able to select the best person in order to fit to the job. By this way, the organisation able to get the qualified people for the vacancy. In this assignment the manufacturing company was selected as the example of recruitment process.

In ABC manufacturing organisation that was lack of the marketing manager. In order to get a marketing manager the organisation decides post an advertisement about the qualification of the job. This manufacturing organisation is manufacturing furniture.

Process of recruitment

2.1) Advertisement

The organisation evaluates the number and position of the recruitment before advertises to the newspaper and magazine. So, the organisation have to descript can specify of the certain job. A Job description is a list a task, duties, and responsibilities that a particular job entails (Raymond A. Noe, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, John R. Hollenbeck, 2009, p.94). Job specification is a list of the knowledge, skills, ability, and other characteristics that an individual must have to perform a particular job. (Raymond A. Noe, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, John R. Hollenbeck, 2009, p.95). In the advertisement will show to the public about the requirement to get the job. The advertisement also will show about the qualification to get the job. So, in the public only the people that qualify can apply this job. This advertisement able to save the time consuming for finding the person that applies to the job. By using the advertisement, the public will automatically come to the organisation for apply the job, the people who apply the job is the people that match to the requirement in the advertisement. By the way, this advertisement also reduce the time consuming for recruit the people.

2.2) Interview

Interview is the supervisors and team members most often get involved in the selection process at the stage of employment interviews the interviews bring together job applicants and representatives of the employer to obtain information and evaluate the applicant’ qualification (Raymond A. Noe, Barry Gerhart, Patrick M. Wright, John R. Hollenbeck, 2009, p.167). Specifically, the interview is a carefully designed by the organizers, in a particular scenario to the examiner of the candidates face to face conversation and observation as the main means of evaluation of candidates from outside to inside knowledge, ability, experience and other relevant qualities. In interview consist of question, listen, observe, analysis and contracting. Interviews also with the general oral, written, operation and demonstration, background Surveys, quality of personnel evaluation.

Interview is special designed to the candidate and talk with the purpose of observation to understand the overall quality of the information for the evaluation method. By this interview the employer and the candidate will understand more about each other. In short, the interview is the job of testing before recruitment, through this test, the use of interview able to find the most suitable candidate. In general, for the employer, the purposes interview are the assessment work of the applicant's motivation and expectations, job evaluation instrument, character, knowledge, ability, experience and other characteristics and assessment to obtain written information

2.2.1) The benefit of test Reducing the cost and time

Through the test the human resource team able to identify whether the candidate suitable for the job requirement or the candidate was not fit to the job. If the candidate not fit to the job the human resource team will not approve the candidate enter to the next stage of the recruitment process. By this way, if the candidate not qualified the human resource team will straight away fail the candidate. So, by using this way the human resource team will reduce the cost of train the candidate. Making recruitment fairer

Through the test the human resource team able to treat the candidates in fair, this is because the human resource team is a group of people and every candidate will ask the different question and different test and observe by the human resource team. After that the human resource team consist of a discussion and make the final decision of the candidates. Getting the right person for the job

Through the test the human resource team able to identify whether the candidate suitable for the job requirement or the candidate was not fit to the job. If the candidate pass the test and the human resource team feel that this is the right person for the job the human resource team will bring the candidate to the next stage of recruitment process. The next stage of recruitment is training.

2.3) Training

2.3.1) The communication training,

The trainer uses the language to train them the knowledge, skills and attitudes. The ways of training are lectures, counselling, discussions and comment on personnel training and other forms. The training focused on individual counselling and group counselling, so training is for the collective and individual lecturing.

2.3.2) The body teachings

This training is the trainer use the method of demonstrate, experience and collaboration to help the trainees self-improvement in the training process, The training is to start with officers lead by example, and then the trainee need to learn from the trainer. This method is usually applied to the handwork.

2.3.3) Teaching environment

This training uses the situational influence to the trainee. This training mainly to natural observation, social surveys, group activities, workshops visit and exhibition. So that trainees experience in a dynamic environment and adapt to feel of the people and things, to achieve the education and training purposes.

2.3.4) Benefit of training Benefits to Employers

By training, the employers able to get a better and quality employee. The employees able to increasing the quality of work and employee productivity. The employee work quality ultimately leads to better customer service, better product design and more innovative business solutions. Furthermore, by training the employees will develop the skills and knowledge of the workforce and trained employees are more motivated, more loyal and more willing to adopt new methods and technologies. Benefit to the employee

By training, the employers able to get professional knowledge, higher morale in the workplace, creating a more pleasant working environment and an overall increase in job satisfaction. Employees who are well-trained are better equipped to succeed in their careers and training also will build up the loyalty of the employees to the organisation.

2.4) Comment

In the recruitment, the enterprise allow moderate candidates exaggerate their own experiences and performance, this is known as the packaging them self, some companies are finding that virtual infidelity was not honest to the enterprise and immediately decided not to recruit. The higher recruitment position of the candidate should be more strict.

With the development of society and the liberalization of the education system diameter, the community having the large numbers of fake diplomas the organisation should be check about the reliability to the document. So the organisation must prevent the fake qualification of the candidate. The solution to prevent this is providing test. In this organisation was did the test section in the recruitment process. So this company was did the well done decision for providing the interview section.

Next, the organisation should consist of the application form for the candidate that looking for the job. This is because by provide the application form the human resource team able to get more information about the candidate. If the human resource team not provide the application form the interview section will be longer because need to get the information about the candidate. So, providing the application form to the candidate can save the time of interview.

After that, the training programme in this organisation was a good job. This is because the training programme able to give the employee more understand to the job. When the employees understand about the job the employees will do the job more efficient. Besides that, the training programme not provide for new employees in the other way also can provide to the senior employees. This is because the senior employees long time in the organisation doing the same job will feel bored. By using the training programme, the programme able to motivate the senior employees.


This manufacturing organisation was conduct a good recruitment but there was some area need to improve, such as add the application form in order to cut down the time of interview and should provide internet advertisement. In this century, many people consist of computer at home and have the internet connection. So, online adverting will efficient that to find the people that the organisation want. But online advertise also will bring a lot of problems such as too many people come to interview increase the time consuming and increase the cost.

Lastly this organisation provide a good recruiting process but still have some area need to improve, hopefully the comment is suitable use to help this organisation improve their recruitment process and this organisation able to get the right people to the right job.