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There are several figures from the business changed themselves and changed the world with their ideas of genius. I will write for six figures from different categories. These personals role model for ambitious man and his ideas, which is trying to develop his idea.

The first figure is the …….. Bill Gates….

Bill gates are one of the founder's meeker areas soft. Could bring a wealth about 100 billion. He was echoes of his teachers when he was young that when the 30- years- old will be a millionaire, but it became billionaire at the age of 31 years.

First of all, bill gates were born on 28/10/1955 in Seattle in the United States of America. Is from a wealthy family and heirs million from their grandfather. Grandfather was working vice president of the American national bank. His father William was apartment lawyer and his mother was a mentor to the life of bill organization bell refused to take one dollar fortune from his grandfather decided to build himself from his money. Bill was smart people from a young age does not like free time. He likes sports of all kinds. Bill was superior in math and science material and when he had finished his parents sent him to the elementary school junior high level. In 1968, the school decided to buy a computer and the age of bill 13 is important here began to change the course of the life of bill. He was between three students at school understand the computer and spend their free time at the computer and they understand more than their teachers computer, which caused them a lot of problems. Bill began writing programs at the age 14. Games were limited programs. Taking bill read in magazines that write in the trade. In 1969, bill and his friend founded the soft ware company called lakeside computer group. In a new program called secondary trap –o- data worked a program for the conduct of traffic in the United States of America. The project did not achieve success, but it has made a reasonable profit. After high was expected to enter into Harp hid university the best university in the United States but did not study it. In 1974. On the way back saw the friend bill decree by pc magazine. The idea was generated with bill and his partner that each one can carry a personal computer if added several programs. Contact bill and friendly company designed computer programs so they asked them for the computers work is the girlfriend of the work programs for new computers and far finished after eight weeks. It was born accompany called soft meeker area owner bill and his friend. All the staff works hard and activity. Bill gates decided to convey the company's offices to wider customer places because of growing the company. IBM on bell and his partner offered to provide its programs and application, but did not agree to the terms of some of the company. And turned to another company. They develop software and applications for Microsoft and bought equity of 25 million after the piece and then sold it to the company IBM. IBM the company has 1000 employees and annual profits of up to 3.6 billion, but what prosodic has 32 employees and a simple profit company. Microsoft crop has developed a new program to correct the language and adjusted entrusted 3.5 million to promote the application. Bill collection of 30 of the best programmers to invent windows. In 1986, he and his partner bill of wealthy Americans after they entered the stock market. Increased the number of clients for his company and move to another place called parkland. Bill had a lot of enemies has got problems him and the apple company. In 1999 bill was wrote a book named Business and the speed of thought, the book speaks of how the computer in a lot of work to solve problems. Translated in 25 languages and published in 60 countries. a bestseller in the united states of America . He had published a book in 1995 name it the way forward …..Was a bestseller in the United States for a period of eight weeks? Bill realized his dream is that meeker area should upon seeing each table and see what should Loire in each computer. Bill human being intelligent and ambitious and likes to work constantly. Does not like failure. Customers who likes any question about company because he sees motivation towards excellence and self development. It was the first visit to the bill to the Middle East in Egypt. After the piece was his second visit in Jordan. Bill says there are a lot of Arab talent that at least some of the talents in the rest of the developed countries.

Second personal ………..

Barack Husain Obama

Barack Obama of the greatest figures which ruled strong country in the world and still to now and ruler of the united states U.S.

First of all ' The story of this man strange. His life a combination of Religion Muslim and Christianity, nationality, a combination the U.S, Kenyan and Indonesians. Born 4 august, in Hawaii. Old 48 years .His waif masthead. He has two daughters. His father black Kenny and his mother white American. Ripped off his father for his mother lived with his mother in America and studied there is .He studied in the Islamic school two years and then studied in the Christian school . In 1983 to take a degree bachelor in the political science and international relations .Then work in the field of work hail to help the poor. Jump to the city of Chicago after that happened on the function director of the development project and rehabilitation of the slums. Graduated from the faculty of out of the Harvard University. He studied law at the University of Elion. In 1995 died of his mother. In 2004 was elected senate in U.S in the United States for eylownawey. Was the smallest member of the senate and the first black in the senate?

Third personal ………..

Jack ma

Story man began to $12 to become the richest man in china.

First of all, named jack ma. Chinese nationality .he is 50 year – old. He is married and has son and a daughter .

His company Ali babe trade electro. This leads billionaire jack ma .shares outweigh the world's largest companies such as coca-cola and Samsung

Was a failed student in mathematics has not been accepted at the university employs in the hotel and learn English from foreign tourists. Then he studied at the university and graduated at the university employs a salary of 12$ teacher. Began to publish the internet in china in 1995. China established Biggs then known as Ali Baba. he is not skillful in the use of electronic only uses the computer to send e-mail and browsing the net . Has become the richest man in china where amounted to his fortune 21.9 billion globally ranked 34 in the worlds rich. In 2013 jack stepped down from his position as CEO of Ali Baba group .spent his money in solving the problem of pollution of the environment and education in china .he is likes al konfo. He had wished to be aslder, but when he saw what happened in the world war all from human and environmental disasters retreat from ambition. Also likes to learn traditional Chinese medicine.

Mahatear Mohammed Fourth personal ……….

The story of an Asian man about his great agricultural into an industrial. His name Mahathir Mohammed. Malaysian nationality. Born on 20 / June / 1925 .he has married and has eight children .he is the youngest son of nine sons of father and teacher and mother of a housewife. Assets his father Indian and assets his mother Malay .extended his reign as prime minister 40 years from 1981 to 2003.became the per capita income in Malaysia from 1247 to 8862.

First of all, during world war second during the Japanese occupation of Malaysia Mahathir was selling pies for spending on family. Learning in public schools and then entered the university from which he graduated in 1953. After that employs the Malaysian government officer in the medical services. In 1957 leave Mahathir government service for actuation in the work of private message in the ale sitar. Then expanded and flourished trade Mahathir. In July 1981, Mahathir was elected prime minister of Malaysia; Malaysia was able to change from a poor agricultural country into an industrial-producing country. Was the first prime minister of Malaysia from a poor family? In October 2003, Mahathir retired from his job. After that title to the people …to on...

The fifth personal……… Clyde l beastly

Clyde man a millionaire. In the beginning was a young bad do not please him good. Was amen drugs and many other crimes committed. Spent in prison about 11 years. Likes view golf, which was within the prison.

First of all, in one of nights was Clyde seen game golf and stopped playing due to the severity of rainfall was angry with Clyde on the toys for hanging. After the piece has follow up match tennis. came in his mind the idea of which is seen match tennis it is that the tennis we can played on the tape it is name ,,table tennis ,, why do not be golf course table and then called golf table and play at any time or any place . The clad was developing new design of the game and put those laws into the paper. After that he was came out of the prison crisis brought materials for the manufacture of anew played. After finishing the game making friends club youth and children to teach them new to the game and showed their love and admiration for the game. the marketing of the new game in stores and shopping centers but they refused to adopt his idea display at the annual exhibition of bllardoa and admired game of the new clayed and the company took the idea. In 2005, the company sold one game at a price of 150$ to 700 $ and achieved profits of about 500 million.

The last personal ………… Harry wan

Harry wan is the American man. He was born in late 1937. It is of Dutch origin. Amassed afortune estimated at 2.4 billion, the spectrum of waste collection.

First of all , harry was not like the study and its future is promising successes . After the divorce from his mother, his fathers …harry work to help his mother. He was work in the beginning driver and then resigned. Then after the piece he was worked at the gas station and then resigned after the piece worked in the US army for seven months resigned. He then decided to marry after the piece. Harry married after he was got a job which brought new customers to the company in addition to that waste car drive. He was continued this function to two years. Then he resigned from his job. He was buy car to collect waste $ 500. He was start working with veterans who know their customers during the past two years. Thus making it impossible to start a small step towards the title of businessman. Harry was an active in his work begins his job of the time 2:30 to back a result was customers satisfied with all his work. The number of customer amore increased in the number of cars waste and took known among the people. Achieved harry a great success in Florida and then after the piece in the state of Chicago nearly, including. And was able to achieve success in all but the United States of America. Purchased the companies his competition. He was buy about 133 companies and achieved a profit of 83 million. Has become has a600, 000 a client and 60.000 staff. Decided to harry to work in the field the second, a rental tapes with a partner. Collection of harry my mobile 18 million to buy full company of at his partner to become the sole owner of the company. Achieved profit of many of the new company. Now is has 4.2 billion dollars.

Last of all, I hope that every one develops his ideas to become his position as a global benefit of himself and the world benefit.