General Motors (GMAC) is a leading global financial services company, providing cars and commercial loans

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GM sales leader for 77 consecutive years (1931 to 2008), it was longer than any other automaker. Their brands include BUICK, Pontiac, GMC, SATURN, Cadillac, Holden, Daewoo, Chevrolet, OPEL, and Oldsmobile and so on. GM headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, and another plant in the United States 30 states and 32 countries.

General Motors is the world's largest car manufacturer, and has as many as 1979 employees worldwide, they have 853000 employee. In 2001, GM sold out the 850 million vehicles. In 2002, GM cars and trucks account for15% of the total global sales of cars. In 2007, GM sold 9.37 million vehicles worldwide, and its sales was the world championship car sales for consecutive seventy seven years. GM also has Electronic Data Systems (EDS) which was later sold to News Corporation. GM's financial services company General Motors (GMAC) is a leading global financial services company, providing cars and commercial loans, mortgage financing and insurance services to customers worldwide. GM Onstar is a vehicle safety and industry leader in information services.

On July 10, 2009, a new entity, NGMCO Inc. bought the ongoing operations and trademarks from GM. The bought company changed its name from NGMCO Inc. to GM, marking the spring up a new manipulation from the "pre-packaged" Chapter 11 reorganization.

The Company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange on November 18, 2010, following a US$33-a-share initial public offering of US$23 billion, including senior security. The shareholding in the Company by the U.S. Treasury department reduced from about 61% to about 26%, including senior security and accounting for stock options given to former G.M. bondholders. Disposal of such shares gave the Treasury department about US$13.6 billion continue to maintain. It was previously estimated that the Treasury had to sell G.M. shares at an average of $43.67 a share to balanced revenues and expenditures. SAIC Motor, partner of G.M. in China and India, acquired just less than 1 percent of the new G.M. for about $500 million.


(1) Managers and employees

Managers is a person who actually control the management of the enterprises, they can conduct business activities by themselves with the authority given by the Board. Meanwhile, the company pays big attention to recruiting and training high quality staff, what we can know from this point is the importance of employees for the business and development of company. When managers and employees working in enterprises, the main concern is the future of the company, providing opportunities for personal development and welfare, benefits, etc. The enterprise should meet their reasonable requirements as more as possible in these areas in order to improve the company's cohesion and solidarity.

(2) User

Users play an extremely important role in production and business activities. The products or services provided by companies must meet the needs of users. The enterprise loses the meaning of existence without the user, so does the development of the enterprise. Users can be said of "god" for the enterprise. From product research and development to product's producing and marketing, the enterprise should analysis the user's needs, preferences and purchase motivation.

(3) Supplier

Enterprises need to bargain with suppliers as a raw materials and equipment buyers. A higher purchase prices will increase the production costs so that it will affect the competitiveness of product and corporate profitability for the enterprises. Therefore, building a long-term cooperation relationship with suppliers would be a better solution.

(4) Creditors

A liability is an important source of funds for enterprises. So enhancing the confidence between the creditors and the company is a necessary condition to obtain loans. If the enterprises cannot get the trust of the creditors or the enterprises cannot pass the creditors' risk assessment, it would be difficult to get the required funding from creditors for the enterprises. The creditors offer money to the enterprises aim to recover the principal due and received the agreed profit income. However, when companies cannot return the interest and principal on time, the creditor is entitled to the court for a declaration of bankruptcy. This is a fatal sock for an enterprise who wants a long-term development.

(5) Competitors

Competitor is also a kind of business stakeholders who cannot be ignored. Every action taken by the enterprises in the market will impact every competitor, and sometimes this impact can be very large. Therefore, enterprises need to consider the business rivals' response and make some forecast in the business. In the highly competitive market, it is almost impossible for an enterprise to eliminate all the competitors in the same field. Competition and cooperation is an eternal theme in the market economy. What some entrepreneurs have recognized is that the ultimate competition is not obtaining a single piece of cake but is how to make a greater cake to share.

(6) Government

Government's macro control policies also play a vital role in the development of enterprises. Government's monetary policy, fiscal policy and tax policy is a tool for government to regulation. But it can act directly on the enterprise. For example, businesses will find the cost of capital has increased after raising interest rates. Raising income tax rates, after-tax corporate profits will soon decline. In addition, as the rules of the game, the Government enacted a lot of law such as economic law, environmental law, etc., they are binding upon the enterprise and the companies must follow them.

Corporate social responsibility:

(1)Safety Initiatives

Helping families protect their children is a high priority for GM - and we salute the many families who buckle up their children every time on every trip. Since 1997, we have partnered with Safe Kids USA to bring vehicle safety messages to children and families through community events, auto dealer partnerships, and activities at GM facilities.


GM Grassroots Efforts at USC

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 23, 2010) - The Western Region reached out to students in a fun way by hosting a two-night "Drive Thru Finals with Chevy" grassroots event at University of Southern California. For both nights between 8 p.m. and 1 a.m., a total of 551 students stepped into Chevy vehicles for a downtown Los Angeles drive to Carl's Jr. Star Diner (compliments of Chevy) and picked up late-night food - helping students get through finals.

GM Foundation Helps Florida Wildlife Rescue Get Back on the Road

DETROIT (June 23, 2010) -The General Motors Foundation is providing a $10,000 grant to the Busch Wildlife Foundation based in Jupiter, FL, to support the non-profit organization in its mission to rescue and rehabilitate injured wildlife.

(3) Environmental principles

General Motors have a published policy that includes commitments to

Actions to restore and preserve the environment

Reduce waste and pollutants, conserve resources, and recycle materials at every stage of the product life cycle

Participate actively in educating the public regarding environmental conservation.

Pursue vigorously the development and implementation of technologies for minimizing pollutant emissions.

Continue to work with all governmental entities for the development of technically sound and financially responsible environmental laws and regulations.

Continually assess the impact of the production plants and products on the environment and the communities in which they exist and operate with a goal of continuous improvement.


Since 1996, General Motors has been the exclusive source of funding for Safe Kids USA's "Safe Kids Buckle Up" program, a national initiative to ensure child automobile safety through education and inspection. Through 2002, the Pace Awards program led by GM, EDS, and SUN Microsystems, gave over $1.2 billion of in-kind contributions which includes computers to over 18 universities to support engineering education. In 2009, the GM led group has helped the Pace Awards program worldwide. General Motors is a leading contributor to charity. In 2004, GM gave $51,200,000 in cash contributions and $17,200,000 in-kind donations to charitable causes.


GM in 18 months for the four CEOs, and the current CEO Daniel F. Akerson was the only one can be regarded as a successful executive. Different with several other executives, he has not been dismissed, but has improved.

Took over in September last year when GM reorganized, Akerson to confidently said that he was the most correct choice. The former CEO of GM has indicated that GM's shares should be sold to the government, but ready to accept their point of view Akerson and pointed out that after the reorganization of the success of GM is to decide whether the holders of common shares the government's elements. Although General Motors this year to maintain the momentum of two consecutive quarterly earnings, but future long-term performance is still a question mark, so now is not the best time to sell.

The consumer mentality, Akerson also have their own unique perspectives, not because he thinks GM consumers and the government all (last year the U.S. government injected 50 billion U.S. dollars to rescue them) to the exclusion of GM cars, on the contrary, he considered Most taxpayers still have hope for GM.

With the accelerated pace of GM's market, Akerson has been strongly commended in the general public, the company that the scale of the global production of GM is the industry's pride.

Employees & Retirees