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Unfortunately, management did not live up to their promise, the group have been lied to and continuously being ignored whenever an issue has been bought up about the promises. For the past few months of the first year management has experienced job turnover, sick-out, poor wearing of the uniform and negative answer regarding extra work situation.

I made mentioned of this case to make reference of the topic 'Motivation' which will be read about in this paper. In reference to the case it draws a conclusion that employees are not motivated and as a result negative feedback such as job turnover, regular absenteeism and poor representation of union with management occur. Having read this paper one will be able to define motivation, give reason why it important, explain the two most used early theories helps in motivating employee and other ways and techniques that can be used to motivate people.

In order to achieve organizational goal at its best a need for motivation should be establish in an organization. "That requires understanding what motivation is" (Robbins, 2007, p356).According to Stephen P. Robbins and Mary Coulter, in their book entitle Management. Motivation is defined as "the process by which a person's efforts are energized, directed, and sustained toward attaining a goal (Robbins and Coulter, 2008, p357).

There are three keys elements within the definition that creates an atmosphere for Motivation: energy, direction and persistence. Evaluating someone intensity

Or drive refers to their energy. What benefits the gain organization came from its direction and persistence which is the final element is the continuous and steadfast effort being put fort to achieve organizational goals (Robbins and Coulter, 2008, p357).

The encouragement to complete a task and having our individual needs met is done through motivation, which gives us the drive to do things. Wherever an individual is placed in society to accomplish goals, an atmosphere of motivation needs to be established in order to create an environment that aide in having that goal being completed. Therefore, it is significant to understand motivation and apply it in the various positions it needs to be dominant (Accel-team/management.com).

Do you think that an everyday achievement is being accomplished by just getting out of bed do what have to be done and then back to our normal lives? No, it is not done that way something has to motivate someone to do what they do best. Furthermore, even what we do in our normal and everyday lives needs motivation. Motivation is what gives that drive to succeed in whatever we do. Motivation helps one get started. Not everyone has that inner-self motivation that gives them the drive to go forth with a particular task that needs to be carried out. At the same time they do not need someone that is persistently nagging them to get their work done. This is where motivation steps in, depending on how motivated someone are in doing a task a high level of effort is placed into that work which would increase the standard of the output( Accel-team.com). The more motivate and individual are the more enthused he or she will be in commencing a task that they will effortlessly complete.

Upon finishing my secondary education my parents had know money to send me to College. Because I knew the importance of education and the reward it has behind it: I knew that I have to obtain a tertiary education at someone point in time. I started a job as a voluntary teacher in a Special Education School and was soon hired on contract as an assistant teacher. I was earning and income but I was driven to get educated because I knew I can earn much more than what I was presently working for. With the contract coming to an end and would soon be out of work, I went to the government in search for assistance: I explained to him to what my motives were and would be needing any help I can get to start University. The point knows who and where I will be just by having a sound education motivated me, motivation just does not stop there. Finishing with a degree and to now find a job motivation is still needed.

Are goals set by a business but have no one and no means of getting there is any achievement at all? It is no difference when an organization consists of employees working towards a goal and is not producing efficiently and effectively as they should. An organization success and establishment are achieved through the use of its employee. Management responsibility is to ensure that its employees are motivated in order to achieve its organizational goals and business objective to stay abreast in today's competitive market environment. Employees having the necessary skills and the ability are valuable assets to a company, management therefore needs to motivates its employees to have them perform to their best of ability which will result in increase productivity, and the quality of work produced. To get workers to continue performing to the best of their ability management job is to ensure that they are highly motivated (managementstudyguide.com).

The greatest challenge for me here at the St.George's University is my writing ability and being able to express myself in an understandable manner. It is a requirement for almost every course that I take; knowing that it will affect me tremendously I put one foot forward by letting the tutor know what my weak areas are. I am usually given the assurance that they will be available to assist me in whatever problem that I am feeling insecure about. Once I make myself available. With the concern of the tutors and constant encouragement form them I am proud

to say that my writing has improved remarkable. The level of motivation I got from the tutors drove to me increase by writing ability which allows me to perform my best in my courses. ."The gap between ability and willingness has to be filled with motivation which helps in improving the level of performance." (managementstudyguide.com). It is important that teachers have a high level of motivation conducive enough in order to see their student succeed.

Motivation is a sense of direction to the achievement of organizational goals, it is imperative for managers to motivate their employees. Motivation aide in helping employees utilizes its resources; create a positive and co-operative atmosphere towards the company goals. Without motivation employees will not feel compel to carry out the task that anticipate achievement.

Before as an assistant teacher and a Security Agent I was a Market Vendor, it all started when I was out of a job. As a vibrant individual I could not have seen myself sitting around doing nothing. The thought of getting up early mornings to find the produce and coming to the market extremely early to secure a spot was a turn of. But because of my father establishment with its customers and by being with him; I knew I had chance of gaining customers quite easily if I use the same spot. My goal was to gain a profit at the end of sales. With the encouragement from my aunt and help from my dad in finding the produce, gave me a head start and a sense of direction in achieving my goal. At the end of it all I was able to gain profits (managementstudyguide.com).

Management can be guaranteed employees loyalty to the organization when they are continuously motivated. In that way, the organization will experience fewer turnovers and more stable and perseverance from its employees in achieving its goal. "We can say that motivation is an internal feeling which can be understood only by manager since he is in close contact with the employees. Needs, wants and desires are inter-related and they are the driving force to act. These needs can be understood by the manager and he can frame motivation plans accordingly" (managementstudyguide.com).

In the process of writing this paper a co-worker of mine called to say that he is no longer committed to the job. He made mentioned that management is not honest and fair and gives no accounts for their action; he is now in search of a job that pays well and would appreciate what he have to offer. At this juncture, the organization will soon be recruiting people because they fall short of staff. Management job was to ensure that its employees were well motivated to avoid any future turnover which can be an obstruction to the business. Less staff means that American Airline will not be work efficiently, American management will not be happy and thus it will create a problem for the security company. They can loose the contract with American Airlines.

In an organization understanding motivation is necessary in order to know what motivates employee so that it can be apply by management; to avoid high job turnover, underachieve goals, conflicts; low morale among employees; resigning and absenteeism in the work places; less effective and poor quality work can occur when management fail to motivate its staff. Just as God has created individual in their unique ways that set them apart from each other and are enlighten by different things.

Simultaneously, in the case of management, he/she needs to realize that not all employees are motivated by the same thing, they are motivates one way or the other (managementstudyguide.com).

"Employees come into organizations with different needs, personalities, skills, abilities, interests and aptitudes (management 10thedition)." These features are explained by one of the early theory known as Maslow hierarchy of needs. Maslow hierarchy of needs will be used to explain how it can motivate people.

Maslow theory mentioned five elements of the hierarchy of needs that are to be satisfied. These needs are: psychological need, safety needs social needs, self esteem needs and self-actualization needs. Physiological is known to be the most important need of Maslow theory. "Individual physiological needs are made up of: food, drink, shelter, sex and other physical needs (Robbins and Coulter 2009)."When such aspect of an individual life needs to be fulfilled it motivates them to get a job done once management are satisfying their needs.

At work although individual are not motivated and well appreciated they all stated that because their needs (physiological needs) are met are one of the reason they are still on the job or else they would have left already. Those aspects of their life motivate them in doing the job.

Maslow believes in his theory that whenever a need is satisfied another need becomes central. At one point in his theory he separated those needs into two levels, the higher level and the lower level. The lower level is made up of an individual physiological and safety needs whereas the higher levels are: social, self esteem and self-actualization. It is advisable too managers to know what level their employees are at in order to satisfy their need to motivate them (Robbins and Coulter 2009).

Safety as part of the lower level becomes dominant when someone physiological needs is satisfied. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Policy for all American Staff is to ensure that safety measures and any form of security are put in place to avoid any damages to its employees. It is require that regular session be given to employees to demonstrate the importance of safety in working around the aircraft.

As Maslow mentioned "one need have to be satisfied for another to become dominant."(Robbins and Coulter 2009) now that these two needs are met an individual social needs such having a sense of belonging, and feeling appreciated among members gives motivation to do a job.

Our team is govern by a security company we are not direct with the American company. Although is not American responsibility of ensuring that we are well taking care of. We feel accepted and appreciated by them; often times we take part in their social gatherings and usually include us when they are planning an event. That surely motivates me because a sense of belonging has been given to me.


Now that the three needs are satisfied self esteem level now arises. When an individual self esteem has blossom profoundly he/she has enough confident to pursue a job. On the other hand, an individual will feel less motivated and insecure of themselves if their self esteem level is low. When someone has little or no self esteem they tend to be shy, uncertain of performing their job, produces poor quality work; and needs someone their all the time to encourage them on the job.

The last need in the hierarchy theory is self actualization need. It is the highest and most difficult need in Maslow theory; the four needs that were already being met were obvious and easy to gasp which aide in the motivation of management employees. Whereas, self actualization is a more obscure need that makes it difficult for mangers to tackle; can hinder manager from motivating its employees.

Management should consider the negatives outcome of an organization and should also stay abreast with what motivates someone as to avoid these negative outcomes. What motivate someone is what makes them work the way that they should. If there is a low level of productivity, employees are continuously leaving the job (turnover); has negative attitude towards the job and cease to dislike anything that is good for the company. More likely cause by lack of motivation in the workplace required from its employer. Need I remind management that different employee is motivated differently when it comes to completing a job task. What may motivate one person may not be a motivator for another person and as a result poor job satisfaction and performance are at stake as well as high job turnover in the company. These measures of inadequacy create a bridge between motivations.

My work task creates a job rotation system that allows us to be motivated, less bored more knowledgeable and adequate about the job. The responsibility of a security agent is to ensure that no illegal drug and weapon is transported out on the aircraft. At one point I may be placed on the aircraft to ensure that everything goes well. At another work day I may be placed in an area dealing with baggage to ensure that no one tries anything: or I may be placed by gates to perform a passenger search to ensure that they are clean from illegal items. This motivates us to get the job done because we need to prove that we can perform an effective and efficient job that Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requires.

Job rotation is said to arrive from one of the most recent developed theory Job design rotation which consist of job enrichment and job rotation which seeks to motivate employees. When an employee is constantly rotating it creates a level of interest for them and seeks to perform their best to ensure that they will do well on performing different task (Robbins and Coulter2009). Job rotation as a motivating factor should relate to a workers work environment that seeks to comply with an individual attributes. Their attributes can be their skills and ability to perform the job. A well placed and job fit person in the rotation system will be able to deal with challenges at the job experiences. Such an approach can help boost the level of confidence that person have; and can develop a positive impact on job satisfaction, and most importantly serve as a recruiter of people that can leads to the overall development of a business( alagse.com).