Finding A New Location


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The purpose of my presentation is to assess the suitability of Hotel Azur as a possible future advertising base for the Body Shop.

This report contains the suggested plans for finding a new location in Hungary.As requested by the chairperson Robert Wadson, it examines information gathered from the observations made by myself in the last two weeks.

The report briefly summarises my opinion on the most cost- efficient solution that can be found in this very case.


The Body Shop carries a wide range of products for the body, face, hair and home. The Body Shop does not claim its products are ‘all-natural', but “inspired by nature” and they feature ingredients such as marula oil and sesame seed oil sourced through The Community Trade fair trade programme

As Anita Roddick,the founder of our company mentioned before: "Our products are not tested on animals, never have been and never will be.

This statement above give an insight of the idea of ‘The Body Shop'.


Hotel Azúr is situated in the heart of Siófok, directly on the shore of Lake Balaton, amidst 6 hectares of parkland with its own sandy beach.

Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, captivates every visitor showing every season a different face and rewards those open to its magic with many unforgettable gifts.

Hotel Azúr has one of the largest conference centres of the Balaton region which is exceptionally suitable for holding large conferences, trainings, balls and other corporate events. People, especially business oriented people usually come here to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle-

Being a Wellness Centre,Hotel Azur can provide its guests with a wide range of services in every day of the year such as

  1. room service,
  2. laundry,
  3. ironing service,
  4. bicycle rental,
  5. tour desk,
  6. meeting/banquet facilities,
  7. internet services,
  8. airport shuttle and last but not least,
  9. barber & beauty shop.

Our target is to introduce our natural products to more and more people,especially for women who tend to look after themselves more than men do.

Our new store location should be taken place at the The Hotel Azur not only for its highly qualified staff members but also its high-prices that indicates good quality which is shown by the fact that over half of the visitors who can afford to spend a long weekend here ,are coming from abroad.


The mentioned hotel is conveniently located just off the main road,which is easily accessible by public transport from most parts of the city and it also has ample free parking.

However,the space is not feasible for more than twenty cars at best.

Unfortunately,that could cause inconvenience for some people.

Having realized by the CEO as well they promised a change to come.

Till the parking lot is not finished yet,most of the workers make use of the company bus to travel to and from the hotel.

Availability & Marketing strategy

Due to the fact that there is no any Body Shop Store in Hungary we need to find the best location and make the best decission that could ever been made.

Finding a new location is a very complex issue.

We do need to have a look at the promoting place,weather if it is suitable for advertising our goodies or not.

What is more, we do need to examine weather there is any competitive companies nearby.

I can proudly announce that there is no such a wellness hotel in this area like Hotel Azur where our aim ; the market expansion can be achived by advertising our natural products in its beauty shop sector..

What do I mean by this?

The answear is extremly simple!

The beauty resort has been made for women who more likely to spend their time in here by having a massage instead of going to the GYM and do some strenounus exercise.

These ladies are the key to our success.

Think it through wisely:

We can advertise The Body Shop products by the professional massagers who have been occupied for years and have enough experience to demand trust for themselves from the Hotel guests.

By and large,they can try out our brands immadietly, thank to the great opportunity that they are in a wellness & conference hotel.So they will not have any doubts as for something they purchase.

In contrast, consumers have no way to try out any product in a shopping mall,or in a rented department because nobody would love to change its clothes and spend time by waiting for the result,meanwhile in a wellness hotel they have plenty of free time to try out new things.

It is clear that clients are willing to believe them since they have no reason to advertise something they do not have faith in.

Furthermore,this type of marketing strategy is very cost-efficient because we do not need to spend a fortune on renting a department and paying for additional costs at the very same time.

We can instead, offer a certain percentage to the workers after the sold products of ours.Or,we can pay for their bus that takes them to the hotel.It depends.

On the basis of these findings we can easily measure the need and also the costumer awareness of the advertised produce in order to be prepared for everything.


The obvious conclusion to be drawn from these facts is that we do need to choose the Hotel Azur as a future advertising base in order to make Body Shop successful without speanding a fortune on renting a store.

Furthermore,we create a symphatic balance between a luxury hotel and a high quality brand.

I recommend that the best course of action would be to put all our energy into this mentioned project in order to have doubts in our minds as for the success of the astonishing Body Shop in Hungary's exclusive Wellness and Conference Hotel; The Hotel Azur.

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