Fedex Services And International Trade Networks Business Essay

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FedEx offers three cost-effective and reliable services for residential shipping: FedEx Express®, FedEx Home Delivery® and FedEx Smart Post®. Learn about these three services and how to determine which one is right for your business.

-FedEx Customer Information Services is a subsidiary of FedEx Corporate Services, Inc.  Its mission is to align customer contact centers, worldwide revenue operations, claims, trace and package engineering within FedEx's professional services company

-FedEx Express offers time-bound delivery for

documents, packages and freight. overnight courier services, freight services, logistics solutions and business support services. FedEx Express

also offers express freight services backed by money-back guarantees.

-FedEx Trade Networks, which provides international trade services, specializing in customs brokerage and global cargo distribution. The value-added services of the company include global trade data, an information tool that allows customers to track and manage imports. FedEx Trade Networks provides international trade advisory services, including assistance with the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

program. Through WorldTariff subsidiary, FedEx Trade Networks publishes customs

duty and tax information for over 100 customs areas worldwide. FedEx Trade

Networks operates through 100 offices in 80 service locations throughout North

America and in Asia.

-FedEx Ground offers ground services for delivery of small-packages. FedEx Freight provides Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) freight services.

-FedEx Custom Critical provides a time-specific freight-shipping services. for shipments that require extra care in handling, temperature control or specialized security. FedEx Services provides sales, marketing, information technology and customer

service support,

-FedEx Global Supply Chain Services focuses on IT-sensitive business to meet the needs of its customers and to drive transportation business to other FedEx operating companies.

FedEx Global Supply Chain Services' service offerings use electronic data

interchanges to speed communications between customers and their suppliers.

-FedEx Office's global network of digitally-connected locations offers access to copying and digital printing, professional finishing, document creation, Internet access, computer rentals, video conferencing, signs and graphics, notary, direct mail, web-based printing and range of FedEx day-definite ground shipping and time-definite global express shipping services.

FedEx Corporation (Corp)

FedEx Express

FedEx Ground

FedEx Freight

FedEx Office and Print Services

FedEx Custom Critical

FedEx Trade Networks

FedEx Supply Chain Services

FedEx Services

FedEx Global Supply Chain Services

FedEx Customer Information Services

The FedEx network of companies is led by FedEx Corp, responsible for providing strategic direction and financial reporting. Express is the largest of the networking companies, handling approximately 3.2 million packages per day. By contrast, Ground is a small-package carrier, operating a network of automated facilities, shipping more than 2.6 million small packages per day. Freight provides "less-than-a-truckload" (LTL) freight forwarding services. Kinko's was acquired in 2004 to expand services to FedEx customers while continuing to grow the company. Kinko's has more than 1,450 locations in 11 countries. Custom Critical provides moving services for high-value 13 vehicles. Trade Networks provides global customers with end-to-end transportation and customs clearance solutions. Supply Chain Services, formerly known as Global Logistics, was realigned under FedEx Services and provides transportation, logistics management consulting, and other customized supply chain solutions. Services provides information technology, sales, marketing, and customer management analytics support for FedEx Corp.FedEx offers overnight courier services, freight services, logistics solutions, and business support services. The company is one of the world's largest express transportation companies, delivering small packages throughout the US as well as to 220 countries worldwide. FedEx is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee and employs about 280,000 people. FedEx offers overnight courier services, freight services, logistics solutions, and business support services. It operates the world's largest express transportation company. FedEx has a strong brand image.

What makes FedEx service become so famous? What is so special about FedEx services? What does FedEx sell. First of all, FedEx was famous with its transportation services with its wide coverage around the globe. Fedex provides many option on shipping trying to fulfill everyone's need. Futhermore, FedEx sells "Trust". They provide money back guarantee and emphasize that they manage to ship the parcel between 24 hours. They take the responsibility of pick up your package and deliver it on time.

The world is going into information technology era. FedEx found out smart phone like Blackberry and Iphone were uses by people commonly. So, FedEx expand their service into handphone application. Customer can use their smartphone to place shipment, track their shipment and find out many information about the shipment. They make the service on the go.

There are several option for customer to choose on how to place the shipment. Either by drop off the package at any FedEx location that nearest to you, place shipment online, or even call FedEx to pick up the parcel from you. FedEx provided discount for those who choosed to drop the parcel at any FedEx drop off point for up to RM10.

Fedex understand that people nowadays online often. So, FedEx started to provide online service in order to reach more customer and make the shipment process eaiser and convenient. In another hand, it is eco friendly. It reduces the use of fuel.

Fedex come out with FedEx Global Trade Manager

Track by tracking number, references, e-mail, and you can find out the delivery route by using the sample package delivery route function on the website. It make customer understand how the package will be delievery.