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Exploration and Production (E& P) Industry

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Published: Wed, 13 Sep 2017

This article is associated with the Exploration and Production (E& P) Industry within the oil and gas industry. The industry loses billions of dollars due to the increase of non-productive time, wellbore instability, formation fluid influx (kicks) and drilling fluid losses (hydraulic fractures) and predict pre-drilling pore pressure analysis. Another factor in the loss of billions of dollars is Non-Productive Time (NPT) is defined as the time which drilling operation is ceased or penetration rate is very low. (Civilica). Matching the right training and recruiting qualified personnel can reduce nonproductive time.

Article discusses the following issues that are to be addressed in non-productive time (NPT): Planning process to create pre-drilling problems to reduce risks, Real-time surveillance – optimizing performance by live trending during an all-around clock operation and Knowledge management – resources shared within the organization, such as software which uses data and drilling past experiences with problems and solutions.

As illustrated in the article one of the many programs in the E&P field is the “Mud Program” prior technology that was used for the Gulf of Mexico well drilling, however, the project has its limitations because it did not do pore pressure prediction calculations or real-time monitoring resulting in lost capital. The Mud Program is designed to assist and develop your outcomes and targets. The program gives you detail on the mud type and the density of the mud within the earth.

From trial and error, software such as the “Mud Program” have updated their program to reflect prior errors. An expected forecasted loss in the E & P drilling explorations was typically six plus downtime hours resulting in $1 million monthly. New technology has decreased these numbers according to industry capitalists and is down by 20-30% and cost cut by 50% illustrating the capital benefits of innovation.

Geomechanics with Real Time Monitoring and Visualization has also reduced nonproductive time and risk. Almost half of drilling-related loss time is related to geomechanical problems because of the environment of where drilling occurs. Changes in pore pressure and fracture gradient can lead to problems that force operations to be lost. Industry experts refer to these as lost circulation, washouts, and stuck pipes, loss of tools and equipment and unplanned sidetracks. To date, the new technology has offered the best solution to offset these complications. Pre-drilling models used historical data and patterning in new drilling efforts, with real-time options during drilling an unpredicted event can be avoided because a simulation can now accommodate and make on demand changes to the existing plan thus reducing hazardous events and the operation can proceed. Updated and ongoing analysis leads to continuous efforts and improved outcomes.

With up to date planning and monitoring, new ventures can be undertaken and surveillance into ground floors previously not excavated now provide new options for exploration because there is less fear of the unknown. Industry professionals can take greater risks because drilling hazards can be forecasted.

Visualization is a great tool to transcribe complex information into simple form. In some cases has been utilized only within its means. Visualization is the area with the greatest amount of translated information that can be seen as concise and clear data.

Simulation state of the art drilling software will assist in improving, pre-planning, pre-drilling to the success of completed drilling operations. This will help reduce errors in the process workflow. As part of the Knowledge management process, employers will be able to integrate, use and comprehend their real-time data better.

Finding, identifying and selling different types of oil and gas is high risk/ high reward for these companies. This is what makes it so important for software to support the finding and drilling for these minerals. This response would make production and work flow more accurate and cost effective for both the company and the industry itself.

There is strong evidence to support that data visualization and real-time monitoring improve drilling efficiency. Overall operations from planning to project prove there are a capital, time and resource benefit to this innovation. The E &P industry is a lucrative one but with losses of the past offsets its gains. Moving forward these monies can be applied to hardware, software, and equipment. Owing to the volume of data and the speed needed in this industry for real time to be effective the hardware and software are costly ones because they have to process at maximum speed to keep the pace and storage of the information being processed. The algorithms of this technology must reprocess data quickly, capture 3D images and thus require solutions that deliver speed, scalability, and accuracy. That said, the software coupled with business applications must deliver interactive interpretation at the maximum speed that when coupled are a perfect marriage.

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