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What is Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated? This is a corporation that takes on the development, exploration and production of natural gas reserves and oil. It has assets in Texas, Kansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma but the corporation itself has its headquarter in Austin, Texas. It is registered with various associations which include Dunn & Bradstreet, Austin Chamber of Commerce and Texas Oil and Gas Association. The business of TAP started in 2005 and is still existing until the present.

The Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated is doing business in a trustworthy manner which is evidenced by its Better Business Bureau accreditation. It is among the few businesses which have been granted the accreditation. Although this kind of accreditation is not compulsory for businesses, it implies that the business is operating with quality standard and is delivering products which are of worth. The Better Business Bureau accreditation however emphasizes that it does not advertise or endorses the competency and quality of the services and the products.

Even though the Better Business Bureau accreditation reiterates that the certification given is not a guarantee of competent services and high standard products, it still has an impact to consumers. Consumers would normally patronize the services and products of companies or businesses with these kinds of accreditation. Texas Allied Petroleum is somewhat aware of this and is taking advantage of the accreditation given to them to lure consumers to support their products and services. This is also a kind of marketing strategy and it obviously works well for this business company.

Article 2: All About Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated

If you are from the area of Texas, you must have heard of Texas Allied Petroleum and is aware of what services and products they offer. But for those who are not yet familiar with the company, this article would let you be acquainted with this business. So, read on if you are up to discovering this company and what it has to offer the consumers.

The first thing to understand is that Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated is a for-profit corporation which means it is a corporation expressly put up and developed for the main purpose of gaining or earning profit. And as the name of the corporation suggests, it is operating in Austin, Texas but its natural gas and oil reserves is strategically located in the Louisiana Gulf Coast area and Texas. It was incorporated in November of the year 2005 and was formed to operate a business of exploration, development and production of natural gas and oil in the areas mentioned. It is one of the few businesses in the area that has garnered a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation. This shows that the corporation has met the tough accreditation standards of the Better Business Bureau.

At present, Texas Allied Petroleum is producing a huge amount of gas per day which amounts to 500,000 cubic feet. It has also gained a 300 acre oil and gas lease in the Henry Crooks Survey, Lavaca County, Texas. The corporation is planning to develop more wells so it could cope up with the demands of the consumers around the area where it is operating and nearby places.

Article 3: The Latest on Texas Allied Petroleum Inc.

There are countless ways in which our lives is being affected or touched by oil and natural gas. 60 percent of our nation's energy is supplied by oil and natural gas. One important thing that it does is it generates the electricity that gives power to almost everything that we do in our existence. It heats homes, fuel cars and cook food. The uses of oil and natural gas are enormous. But do you know where and how are these produce and developed? Well, there are companies or businesses which operate to explore, produce and develop oil and natural gases like Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated.

The oil and natural gas industry earnings nowadays are spent in modern technology, new environment and production and latest quality improvements of products to meet up energy needs in the future. Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated as a part of the oil and natural gas industry is committed in facing the challenge of providing the energy needs of the consumers with their modern facilities, competent services and quality products.

Texas Allied Petroleum is expanding vastly its main business of development, production and exploration of oil and natural gases as the demand of the products is also fast increasing. The corporation had obtained extra interest in the Main Pass 35 project which is made of 15 wells offshore. It is evident that the desire of expansion of the company is to meet up the demands and the future energy needs of the populace not only around Texas but the surrounding places as well.

Article 4: Texas Allied Petroleum Inc. Reaching for Success

The oil and natural gas industry is one great factor in the economy of the society. It is reported that the oil and natural gas industry contributes huge amount in the national economy amounting to $385 billion. This industry also opens tremendous opportunities for employment. Data shows that nearly four million jobs are supported by the oil and natural gas industry globally. There are numerous businesses that operate for oil and natural gas exploration or production. One corporation that runs its oil and natural gas business in Austin, Texas is the Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated.

Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated has been in the business of oil and natural gas development, exploration and production for seven years. It started its operation when it was incorporated in 2005. The corporation reportedly has 20 to 49 hired employees up to this date. And it has an annual revenue of 10 to 20 million. This data is not bad at all for a corporation which is not really that gigantic. With the statistics given, this corporation is going nowhere but to the top in the industry of which it belongs.

As the world is getting more modern each day, it is expected that new technologies is needed to create new energy to sustain the humanity's needs. Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated does not stop its exploration of innovative technology to exhaust oil and natural gas from nature. In 2009, the corporation had used a innovative technology when it joined in the re-completion of the Theuman #2 well located in the Colorado County, Texas. This kind of moves would definitely increaser the oil and natural gas productivity.

Article 5: The Growing Business of Texas Allied Petroleum Inc.

People will always find new ways and strategies to meet the needs their needs of oil and natural gases. There are now various new technologies which have been scientifically proven to create new energy. This new energy would be the answer for increasing demands of oil and natural gases. It is not a secret that oil and natural gas are very important resources for the continuous existence of human race in this world. A lot of technological innovation has been discovered and utilized which opened the door to abundant resources of energy in the United States. Even medium sized corporations like Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated support these technological innovations.

A Texas-based corporation, Texas Allied Petroleum Inc. is at present making in excess of 500,000 cubic feet of natural gas on a daily basis. The corporation continuous to exhaust all the possibilities in the industry to further develop its capacity in providing the needed oil and natural gas of the populace. It has been reported that the corporation recently partook in the testing and drilling of a 2,200 ft well in Coffee County, Kansas and has also completed the drilling and testing of the well called as Wilson/Todd.

Texas Allied Petroleum Inc. has done various moves and implemented many strategies to show that it will continuously grow in the next years. A 300 acre oil and gas lease in the Henry Crooks Survey, Lavaca County, Texas has been reportedly acquired by TAP Incorporated. The corporation is also planning to take participation in the completion of a 10,000 ft. well in Liberty County, Texas which is called Neuman #1.

Article 6: Governments Supporting the Backbone of Economy

Why governments of almost all countries give so much support for businesses relating to exploration, development and production of natural gas and oil? Why are they given so much tax benefits? The reason is simple - the natural gas and oil industry is considered as one of the backbones of the economy not only of America but the global economy. Most people when then further inquire what makes the oil and natural gas industry so essential in the society's economy. This is so because this industry gives more than 4 million jobs in America and so much more worldwide. It is a major industry that contributes as a purchaser and employer of American goods and services. It adds a remarkable amount in the gross domestic product. A part of this oil and natural gas industry is Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated.

Texas Allied Petroleum Inc. is a Texas-based corporation which engages in production, development and exploration of natural gas reserves in the Texas Gulf Coast. It is among many private companies in the United States that operate to meet the growing needs of the country of oil and natural gas reserves.

Recently, Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated stated that it has successfully worked again with its Herrick, Cooper Cove and Little Laramie fields which are located in Wyoming. This reworking in the area would allow the corporation to produce more and provide the needs of society. On a per day basis, approximately 100 barrels of oil is produced from these three fields mentioned. This is a signal that this corporation has the potential of increasing its production more through the years.

Article 7: Texas Applied Petroleum is Expanding its Core Business

There is no stopping Texas Applied Petroleum Incorporated from expanding its business and making a mark in the oil and natural gas industry in the United States. This corporation produces natural gas and oil in the United States of America with assets in Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Kansas. It was incorporated in 2005 and thus has been operational for almost 7 years. The corporation headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. It is listed as a member of the Texas Oil and Gas Association, The Austin Chamber of Commerce and Dunn & Bradstreet and many more.

Texas Applied Petroleum is a business which was given accreditation by BBB (Better Business Bureau) since July 23, 2008. At present, it is making in excess of 500,000 cubic feet of natural gas in a daily manner. As it is committed in delivering more quality services and products to consumers, it is doing its best to expand its core business and operation. It has recently successfully operated its Cooper Cove, Little Laramie and Herrick fields in Wyoming once more. And currently a discharge system is being permitted to the corporation.

Evidence that Texas Applied Petroleum Incorporated is expanding vastly its operation in development, exploration and production of natural gas and oil is its acquiring interest in the Main Pass 35 project. This would surely assist the corporation in its dedication to provide quality services and products to people because 15 wells makes up the Main Pass which is located offshore from Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

Article 8: The Implications of a BBB Accreditation to Texas Applied Petroleum Incorporated

Since July 23, 2008, Texas Applied Petroleum Incorporated has been accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau). This accreditation came almost 3 years after the operation of the corporation started. TAP Inc. was formed and began its business in November 2005. This corporation is engaged in a business of exploration, production and development of oil and natural gas reserves specifically in Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast area. Its headquarters is in Austin, Texas.

What does a Better Business Bureau accreditation implies about Texas Applied Petroleum Incorporated? It is emphasized that the accreditation given by the Bureau basically means that the business of TAP Inc. meets the standards set by them. This standard includes the commitment of the business in resolving complaints of all consumers. The Bureau likewise makes it clear that the accreditation that they give to businesses does not mean that it endorses and evaluates the services and products made by them.

Although the Better Business Bureau says that they are not guaranteeing the competency and the quality of the services and products of the businesses they have accredited, the accreditation still has a huge impact to the business. Consumers would always want to patronize businesses which have been accredited because for them it normally means that the certain business is dependable and operating in a trustworthy manner. Unknown to most people, some businesses seeks accreditation from certain bureaus or board to gain recognition and support from customers. People have more tendencies to patronize those businesses which they believed have passes strict standards of dependable agencies and bodies.

Article 9: Texas Allied Petroleum Inc. - Rated A by the BBB

Humans make use of oil and natural gas in almost everything that they do. Most essential machines are run by the use of natural gas or oil. Electricity which is one of the symbols of modernity and advancement utilize oil and natural gas. It is apparent that the lives of the human race will not be the same and be incomplete with the absence of oil and natural gas although there are other sources of energy. Because of the importance of the said resources, businesses which operate for its exploration, development and production are vital to the economy. The Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated is an example of a business of this kind.

The Texas Allied Petroleum Inc. is doing business in Austin, Texas. It has assets in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. It is registered with various associations such as the Austin Chamber of Commerce, Dunn & Bradstreet and Texas Oil and Gas Association. It is likewise given by the BBB or Better Business Bureau an accreditation and a rating of A. This is based on a scale of A+ to F and is considered as the second highest rating that a business could achieve.

The rating that Texas Allied Petroleum Inc. has received speaks a lot about the corporation. It is recognized that the Better Business Bureau considers many factors before giving any accreditation to a business. One of the factors that are taken into consideration is the customer's complaint history of the company. Another factor is the information regarding the action of the government against that government. There are 17 elements noted that are taken into consideration before the accreditation. For the corporation to pass these standards, it means it must be really operating in a very worthy manner.

Article 10: Benefits Enjoyed by Energy Businesses

Businesses in the oil and natural gas industry are being given utmost support by almost all governments of various countries. It is one industry that is crucial for the economy. This industry should remain strong to support the rising demands of these resources. Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated, a Texas-based oil and natural gas producing, exploring and developing corporation, is also getting the support and advantages that companies in the oil and natural gas industry.

One of the advantages that Texas Allied Petroleum Incorporated enjoys just like other energy businesses in the United States is the tax benefits being given to them by the government. Energy businesses enjoy the benefit of 100% deductibility of initial risk capital in the year of investment. They are likewise enjoying the benefits of 100% deductibility of all capital invested within 7 years whether they lose or win. And at the same time, these businesses have limited taxability of returns since a part of gas and oil returns are tax-free.

This means that since the incorporation of Texas Allied Petroleum in 2005, until now it is still benefiting from the 100% deductibility of its capital invested. With the benefits and privileges given to the oil and natural gas industry, it is easier for them to focus more on producing more quality products and competent services. It means they are also given more opportunity to expand their business and implement innovative and modern strategies. Like in the case of TAP Inc. wherein it used a new kind of technology when it took participation in the re-completion of the Theuman #2 well sited in Colorado County, Texas. It is said that the technology used was new and could raise the productivity of the existing fields of the company.