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Tesco is one of the leading retail stores in UK. Tesco has largest numbers of stores across the Europe and in a world. The Human Resource and Personnel Management system of Tesco is so perfect that it is gaining success continually.

I have chosen the Tesco for my chosen organization not because of I am working in this organization. Tesco is a successful organization and I believe that the Human Resource Management system is the successful factors for every organization. Obviously, the Human Resources policy, Law and Legislation and the personnel management acts as a key to organizational growth.

There is no objection that Tesco has a great HR System. It is most important that we need to analyze the key of success of big organizations. Being Human Resource Executives of Tesco it's my responsibility to find the problem and to get the optimum solution how the store is surviving in the market place. Exactly, practicing and applying HR management approach might be helpful and best options in the near future.

The main responsibility being HR Executive is to analyze the requirement of personnel management and to fulfil the requirements. Human Resource Management is very crucial part in any organization, that the Tesco cannot avoid these facts. To promote the business activities, to expand the sales and growth, and to overcome the problems and barrier, human resource management plays a vital role. For those entire activities research and development takes place, expertise persons are needed, planning and organizing takes place. So, all these tasks are not possible without Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management shapes the organization structure that it includes all organization activities i.e. planning, organizing, staffing, controlling and leadership and decision making. So, HR management is the most crucial part of the Tesco. It must have to change its structure to take the strong market position.


Job Description:

The job description is basically detail descriptive formats of the job. Job description basically outlines the role of required position, in terms of both the day to day tasks and responsibilities. Job description supports potential applicants to decide whether they want to apply for the job, and can be a useful aid for employers when devising job advertisements and employment contracts. Job description includes the basic requirements including Job Title, the main purpose of the job, the position of the job within the organisation as a whole, the locations and the setting of the job, day to day task and duties, any occasional duties if required, any special working conditions, and after all the job description shows the clear guidance on how to apply including the deadline for applications and contact information for any enquiries. However, job description must include the pay levels, employment legislation certain rights and responsibilities and it considers the environmental issues as well. Besides that Job Description should include the employment promotional issues and its future perspectives.

Below is the Example of Job Description of Project Manager Required by Tesco. The sample job description and its analysis have been designed. The job description of the following position concerns with the Tesco Organization.

Job Title


Project Manager/Team Leader (Required Position)

04/08/2010 (10:54) (Vacancy Published Date)


Tesco Express (Agency Details)


Freelance Retail Site Managers- Nationwide Salary

(£150-£200) Per Shift-

(Detailed Job Description)

Tesco is a leading retail company who are part of the refresh programme for Tesco. They require experienced Site Managers to join their organisation.

Required Role Description

Site managers will be working on Tesco store refresh projects. The labour is carried out by the sub-contractors and overseen by the Site Manager. Site managers will be responsible for all health and safety on site including signing people in and out and carrying out inductions. You will also hold meetings with all associated parties and control the day to day running of the site. You will work to a strict programmes and tight deadlines and will be responsible for projects up to £2m in value.

(Required Experience)

Candidates wishing to be considered for this role must have extensive experience of working on Tesco refresh programmes as a No.1 on site or overseeing multiple projects at any one time. You will be capable of using complex IT systems and be able to demonstrate experience handling high pressure situations and continuously delivering results.

Candidates who can demonstrate knowledge of direct subcontractors on the Tesco framework will have a distinct advantage.

You must have been working on Tesco Supermarket stores within the last 18 months.

Site Managers must have a CSCS card and a 4 day first aid & SMSTS qualification. All the above qualifications are essential and you will not be considered without them. If you have the FPA (Hot Works) card also it would be advantageous

You will work on a 12 hour shift and be paid a shift rate

(Specific Requirements)

You must be eligible to live and work in the UK to apply for this position.


London, England (Specific Location)

Job Type


Contract Length



£1 - £220/day £190 - 220 per day

Start Date


Job ID

 Job Reference ID

Contact Name

ABC, HR Manager, Tesco



Job Reference


Tesco and HR team has focused on the appropriate data analysis model for analyzing the similarities and differences among jobs. In Tesco job description, the data analysis model is held constant, and the type of job analysis data is varied to examine the effect on the resulting job classification decisions. Job is analyzed using three different levels of job analysis data: task-oriented, worker-oriented, and abilities-oriented. All three sets of data were analyzed using the same hierarchical grouping procedure. Results indicated that the number and type of resulting job groups was clearly dictated by the type of job analysis data that was used to compare the jobs.


Company recruitment and selection process is guided by the employment laws and legislations. The recruitment and selection task must fulfil the requirement of the employment laws. Organization needs to consider the factors and the matters while recruiting the personnel. Tesco, being a leader in retail industry is more conscious and the concerns about the legislation. Some of the legislations affect an organization while recruiting and selecting the people.

Employment Protection is one of the vital issues that every employer should keep the details information and records of an employee. For the protection and future circumstances he must be considered the member of an organization unless the job has been terminated.

Discrimination is the most crucial parts in an organization. Race and the ethnic group can never be the barriers for the job. So, an organization won't have the right to discriminate an employee with their race and ethnic group. All the employees should behave equally.

Fairness and equality: Applicant should be selected on the basic of skills, ability, and knowledge. A candidate who feel that the selection is done unfairly have the right to complain to an Employment tribunal.

Equal pay: it is unlawful for employers to discriminate between men and women in terms of their pay and conditions where they are doing the same work.

Asylum and Immigration act: If the person doesn't have the permission to live and work in the UK should not be hire in any organization. It is a criminal offence. So to overcome these difficulties HR department require proof of evidence of approval to work in the UK Such as birth certificate, NI number.

National Minimum Wages Act: As the law suggests that the minimum wages of UK employees are liable to earn £5.93 per hour. An organization must pay the minimum wages to its employee. However, it differs from the different age groups. Employee has rights to case a file if they are not meeting the minimum required wages.

Working time Regulations: the working time regulation of every organization should be mentioned as per the employee act. For example rest and maximum working time should be declared. This standard are impose by the Health and safety Executive. Working hour should be given according the hours written in offer letter.


The selection is not easy process. Selection process needs detail analysis of candidates as it studies the applicant's spirits, qualification, experiences, knowledge and the willingness for survival. While selecting and hiring new staffs and employees employer should researched and investigated in depth of candidate profile. The basic documentation needs to list out while hiring new employees are as follow:

Eligibility Proof: The employee must be eligible to work in an environment. The applicants need to show the proofs of age, work permit and the conviction of offense.

Qualification: The specific qualification was mentioned clearly while designing the job. An employee must be qualified in terms of his educational level before applying for the post. His/her certificates and the academic degrees may be essential for company while selecting the candidates.

Previous Work Experience: Previous work experience is an essential part of the organization for selection. Company may require an experience as a plus point for describing the jobs. The work experience certificates should be presented while attained an interview.

Referee: The reference of professional or the academics is crucial for selection. Strong recommendation plays a great role for selecting the candidate.


Recruitment, Selection and Retention procedures of Tesco Express;


Basically, Recruitment is the process of selecting the competent candidates or a people that meet the basic requirements of an organization for the concerned job or a post. It is a method of getting people engaged into an institution. Recruitment process is one of the major functions of Human Resource Department. In simple form, it is the process of attracting new people that meets the basic requirement as per the needs of an organization having potential skills, qualifications, and the enthusiasm. Recruitment allows people to admit in the organization by assigning task to them and it starts when after attracting potential people for the task. The form of staffing after the discovering potential manpower from various selected people fits in the organization for a specific job is referred as recruitment. Recruitment process motivates people to follow their career.

Recruiting people is the function that leads people to engage into the organization so that Human Resource Department likely to choose the skilled manpower as an employee. Recruitment is to finding out the several right persons for the right job on a right time with a right qualification. The basic aim of a recruitment process is to boost up that manpower into the selection process.

Process of Recruitment differs from organization to organization or a company to company. The procedures of recruitment depend upon the structure of a company. Different organizations have their own criteria, processes, methods for recruiting people. Basically, recruitment process is only being started when the application process have been completed. As we know that an organizations have their own values, ethics and beliefs. So, that they have their own styles of management implications. They have their own styles of recruitment process. Most of the organizations take the exam and conducts the oral interviews as a procedure of recruitment. Some of the companies directly engaged people, and some of the organizations issued the application forms and some of the organizations published their notice in a paper or a websites. It depends upon the organizations criteria. Only the objective of recruitment is to find out the right people into a right place. Basically, it aims to influence more people to get curious to be a part of those organizations.

Recruitment is not a simultaneous process, it is continuously perform where an organization can reserves those recruited people for the future references. It reduces the cost and consumes redundancy of an organization. 

Recruitment is not a simultaneous process, it is continuously perform where an organization can reserves those recruited people for the future references. It reduces the cost and consumes redundancy of an organization. 

Recruitment Procedures of Tesco;

Tesco is one of the leading retail stores in UK. The Human Resource Department and the entire its employees are the major critical success factors of a Tesco. Exactly, the effective and efficient recruitment process plays a great role to gain this achievement.

Basically recruits when it seeks for a potential people, the vacancy will be noticed when it launches new branches or stores, if someone resigned from their jobs, if the work load became high and so on.

It has its own procedures to recruit people. Generally it uses its own software for the recruitment known as Talent Plan specially designed to move its current people or to attract new potential manpower. Tesco has its own website in operation http:///www.tesco.com or an http://www.tesco-career.com that it publishes the vacancy for two weeks when it needed staffs. Exactly, the people who are looking to work in a Tesco, they will use this site to access. The process is online based and they can post their resumes in this websites followed by the instructions. The assessment centre of Tesco will assess the candidates and chose the potential candidates for an interview.

Tesco also uses the television and radio and the various advertising media and recruitment agency to recruit people. Besides that it also announces the notice in a government site called http://www.jobcentreplus.co.uk.

Basic Recruitment Procedures;

Recruitment Process for Operational Level Staffs

Recruitment Process for Technical Staffs


Selection is the method of choosing the right person that has been recruited for the required vacant job or post. It is the normal procedure resulting in the development of being best personalized to the organization. The person who is recruited or accepted by an organization has been chosen is known as a selection. Selection is the available portions of manpower or human being than an organization assign a task. Candidates with a wide variety of qualifications that has been completed its preliminary stages earlier. In general terms, Selection is the procedures of assign the task to the right people for the right place after being recruited by the company. It is the process of selecting the numbers of candidates who have been completed their recruitment phases of employment.

Selection is basically choosing an applicant's meet the basic qualification and requirements as an organization looking for. It tends to pick up the candidates recruited by the organization and get them involved into the organization. It involves assigning job to the most suitable candidates apply for the job vacancy and they who follows the rules, regulations, terms and conditions of an organization. For the selection, candidates should meet the basic requirements of an organization i.e. they have no criminal offence till date, medical reports, national insurance policy for the tax purposes and attain the age limit. The criteria might be differs from an organization to organization.

Basic Selection Process of Tesco;

Companies have its own procedures for selecting candidates. Tesco believes that only those people have been selected who will work under the rules and regulations of an organization. Breaking the rules will not be forbidden at a company and it will be considered as a crime while it will be done. Human Resource Team of an organization focuses on the staff screening that it believes a screening as most important parts for the selection.

The recruitment teams and the responsible managers are likely to choose a most potential candidate for the post. Potential candidates must meet the basic requirements and qualifications for the concerned job. Resumes or CVs play a great role for being selected in a Tesco. The manager's focuses on the qualifications and the previous experiences of the potential candidates as they provided their information on paper sheets. Job history and the level of education is the most important criteria to be selected in an organization. Professionally presented CVs also valued for this. Company has published the job match tools with the vacancy notice publication. So, for this organization does not discriminate people as it will fully applies the British employment law.

Screening is the most crucial part of organizational selection process. Candidates must pass the test before it reaches the level of screening when they have been approved by this phase; they were assigned various complex tasks, logical reasoning, critical thinking and decision making tools. Only who passed those steps then they will be notified by the internal assessment team after assessed by the manager and then be selected for the required post.

Selection Procedures;

Sent Offer Letter and Sign the Contract

Candidates who fail to attend the assessment centre will be notifying that they are not selected for the final interviews.