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The employee skills couldnt enough matches and satisfied to the company in order to manage the task in efficient method.

Problem Define

In the SLT Architects SdnBhd, they have a few problems such as employee lack of skill, lack of practice or training. For example, when doing a task if employee are lack of skill then they will do very slow or sometimes unable to complete the task that are giving, therefore the manager definitely will not satisfied with the employee. Employee must learn how to using computer skill to design the building. Take the computer course to increase the company performance.

Lack of practice or training by someone employee may affect the company economic downturn because the employee can't finish the task in the faster time. Beside that increase the employee knowledge also can send the employee outside of the country to have a necessary training in order to improve performance by doing the task for the company itself.


In SLT Architects Sdn Bhd, The employee skills couldn't enough matches and satisfied to the company in order to manage the task in efficient method. But there are several ways to assist the company to have better performance such as skills, practice, and self-evaluation.

Skills improving courses such as computer courses, internal trainings and development courses are essential in developing the employees in their career advancements. These courses enable the employees to gain valuable exposures and technical knowledge in their respective fields. Alternatively, the company should provide their employees with the opportunity to seek exposure in various fields. In view of the different exposure, the employees will be motivated to gain more technical skills and apply it in their working practice. Nevertheless, the employees themselves should always have self-motivation to learn extra plus-point in order to achieve career advancement.

By providing practice, the organization could reward the high-performance employees with the prospect of seeking exposure in overseas country. The employees will have extra enthusiasm to achieve high performance and eventually achieve the ultimate goal of overseas working opportunity. By having a different working culture in overseas, the employee will definitely gain valuable practical experience and it would be an asset to the company. The company will benefit from their employees' overseas working experience as they would contribute bright creativity and innovations to the company.

Self-Evaluation further to the abovementioned points, the company should conduct a self-evaluation test to each employee. With the self-evaluation practice, the employees will be given their chances to convey their ideas and suggestions which could bring advantages to the company. The subordinates are able to express their personal experience and the company would be notified of their specialty in every fields. Then, the staffs will be given different tasks based on their technical skills and specialty. By doing this, the company can fully utilize the personal skills of their employees. Self - evaluation test enables the company to keep track of their own performance by measuring their employees' work satisfactions. By holding on to their high-performance staffs, the company will strive to achieve greater results in the real business world.


According to the architect, the employee skills couldn't enough matches and satisfied to the company in order to manage the task in efficient method. There have many way how to improve the employee for example the SLT Architects SdnBhd need give training or practice them, giving briefing to employee, take a computer course, self-evaluation, and so on.

In my opinion, I suggest that give training to the employee, for example, manager shall be manage the employee who lack of skill need the training to built up the skills to have a knowledge about the company wants. Without knowledge, the employees don't know how to complete the task in efficient method and waste time to done the task. The training section that attended by employee shall be appropriate with the level of management and standard that company implement. Therefore, we also can practice the employee and take a computer courses to increase the employee skills. Besides than, also can send them to other country to learn more knowledge in order to improves their critical thinking by doing the task for the company.

The manager also can give a briefing to employee when the company starts work in the morning. Briefing can help the manager to communication between the employees how to done the task within in the faster time. Thus, also build in relationship between manager and employee. In this company situation, employee needs to build up the reliability by practice nonstop in order to have possession of good design. So that, the manager sure satisfied the employee performed.

I Recommendation SLT Architects SdnBhd should give the employee a chance to take computer course. In this company, the skill of using computer is very important, because there are using the computer skill to design the building. Without the employee skill in computer course that mean the employee don't know how to create a new design using computer. If I am a manager, when I hire employee I will choose who are clever in computer skill.

On the other hand, the self-evaluation let the employees know how to evaluate themselves in order to prepare the task. Each employee has to cropping in the attitude of self-evaluation to achieve the good performance and give many benefits to company that they are working with. Employee need to define they own weaknesses and find out the way and method to improve the weakness and exchange it to the positive one. Employees also can set a target to archive the company goals. When the employee done the task in the short time, the manager should satisfied them preformed.