Examining the Environments that Dell Inc Operates within

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With more than 96,000 team members' nationwide Dell is shipping around 110,000 systems everyday for customers in 180 countries.  The famous company has been founded by Michael Dell in 1984 in Austin, Texas. This company manufacturers hardware and software devices, supply, sell and develops their technology to be in the top and compete with its competitors. The great company produced their first Personal Computer in 1985 which they sold it for US$ 795, and they could make more than US$73 million in the first year, so after all this success the company decided to change their name to "Dell Computer Corporation". Dell started to sell their Computers through its www.dell.com site, and they could reach to 4 million visitors a day. Dell's services are highly available in 34 languages and 167 countries across the globe. The new company HQ office changed to Round Rock, Texas, so they could hire 16,000 workers at the company Headquarters. The company became successful and trustworthy by other educational organizations to use Dell's technology systems in University labs, offices or class rooms because of Dell high quality devices and strong services. Dell Company is number one in Small and medium businesses in USA, and more than 10 million small businesses works with the company in Dell's distribution services nationwide.  

Mega environment

International Element

The political, social, cultural, and economic situations of one country are significantly different from another country. Therefore development in a country outside an organization's home country has great influence on the success of an organization. For example a slight increase in the value of the dollar has great influence on the ability of an organization to conduct business abroad. These organizations which are purchasing raw materials from the USA will find it difficult to purchase from them because of increase in the cost of production due to higher prices. Conversely, if the dollar falls against foreign currencies, demand for the raw materials will increase.

In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a market-opening agreement, came into force. Since then, NAFTA has systematically eliminated most tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade and investment between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. By establishing a strong and reliable framework for investment, NAFTA has also helped create the environment of confidence and stability required for long-term investment. NAFTA was preceded by the Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (NAFTANow.org, 2009).

Taking advantage of the benefits inherent in the NAFTA agreement, DELL Inc. and DaimlerChrysler signed a partnership deal which saw the development and deployment of the Dellâ„¢ Managed Services' Custom Factory Integration system. This helped the Chrysler Group implement a standardized computing platform built around Dell OptiPlexâ„¢ desktops and Latitudeâ„¢ note-books (DaimlerChrysler Group, 2007). It also saw the deployment of the Dell Asset Recovery Services which helps the Chrysler Group dispose of antiquated assets; Dell PowerEdgeâ„¢ servers and a Dell/EMC storage area network offer high-availability applications. With these systems in place, DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group realizes a lower total cost of ownership and improved business unit productivity with a new, standardized desktop and notebook infrastructure that enables its IT group to focus on tasks of vital strategic importance.

Today, the NAFTA partners exchange about US$2.6 billion in merchandise on a daily basis with each other. That's about US$108 million per hour (NAFTANow.org, 2009). DaimlerChrysler's Chrysler Group has more than 50,000 Dell computers in its environment. The computers provide a standardized computing platform across the NAFTA region of the company. Along with the products themselves, several Dell services have played a crucial role in helping to ensure standardization, as well as speeding up the implementation of the entire client-side compute platform.

Technological environment

Technology refers to a branch of scientific knowledge or scientific theories which are applied practically to come out with products and services for the satisfaction of people in the environment. Surveys show that organizations which tend to be up-to-date in technology perform well and are more productive than the other organizations who take long time to adapt to new technologies. Nowadays, things change very fast at a rapid speed and all the organizations must stick to the advancement to achieve their goals.

Dell is a technology company which technology pulse businesses. It offers a range of product categories, including mobility products, desktop personal computers, and software's and networking and storage. Therefore the technological environment has a big part in the organization development that definitely means that Dell Company is aware of the technological progress and changes. In the business of Dell, one of the important things the company has to constantly monitor is the technology which changes very rapidly in most of the fields the company is involved. It is critical for the company to adapt itself to the changing technologies, lest the company may not be able to compete successfully with the competitors and may lose its present market standing. The company protects its competitive strength by improving its ability to respond to changing technology. The company has also developed its ability to outsource the need for that know-how to suppliers. This has made the information technology critical to the company. Moreover, Dell has deployed its products and specialized software that uses the technology from Microsoft. The company has ensured that every production step is monitored and the quality is ensured by a high quality IT infrastructure .Dell established the target of designing built-in efficiencies into its high-quality production standards and specialized information technology solution.

Task environment

Customers and clients

Dell provides one of the best and distinctive services for its customers and clients among all computing organizations and that what made it popular. However, Dell supports its customer by giving a high quality of service because it looks for our needs as customers and clients such as Dell 24 hours support, online support, online shopping, its consulting and more…

Dell has different categories of customers and clients, and it provides different types of service for them. The first category of customers is the Home Users; normally, these customers are using their Dell product for entertainment and business at home, so Dell assists them to repair it, answering their questions online, download the latest updates and more. The second category of customer is the Small Organizations; indeed there is a strong demand from this category on Dell products because Dell has many kinds of products, for instance, desktop, laptop, notebook and tablet. Dell resolves their technical issues in a short time, so there are many examples for this category like universities and schools need computer lab.. Therefore, Dell can provide their needs, specifically. The third category of customer is Enterprise IT or public sector; this category is very important one because often Dell holds transactions with important clients like government sectors and huge companies.

Dell service portfolio (types of service which Dell provides)As a part of its service portfolio, Dell has a well-organized system of service that can be prepared to specific customer needs. And they hope to deliver high quality service and minimizing costs. One the best service of Dell is 24 hours support "Pick your dell device from your home and fix it within a day", online support "you can contact them online by Dell website for any issue, and they will respond for all customers' inquiries. Dell's service options are classified into a life cycle that includes three stages: planning, deployment and maintenance.  


Beside Dell, there are so many companies selling the same products (laptops and desktops) like APPLE, HP, SONY, TOSHIBA, ACER and more. Dell competitors are increasing day by day, and their technology is better than Dell like APPLE is very popular because of their application software. ACER is popular because of cheap prices and HP because of their laptop design.                       

Dell in its business is doing good compare to its competitors Dell is selling everything relating to electronic products and IT. Dell is producing new products that are all in one like they're one product (all in one printer) in this product we can scan, photocopy and print. Dell came out with an idea, to compete with others that are to sell laptops and desktops through the internet known as online buying. Dell is the first company that started e-commerce system. This idea really worked for Dell because people don't have enough time to go to the retail shop and buy laptops these are very time saving and people prefer Dell.

ACER put more pressure on Dell because of cheap prices. Dell was influenced a lot by ACER in product prices because ACER products are cheaper than Dell. Dell is squeezing itself by hyper aggressive price cuts and mounting pressure by HP. Dell was being banged by HP and others in public sectors accounts (Edward F. Moltzen & Craig Zarley, CRN). Dell competitors are becoming stronger as they eliminated inefficiencies in their model and average selling price in home and small business. So now Dell is looking for more on rebuilding the model, leveraging the fundamental and unique elements that are extendable.

APPLE and HP are the biggest competitors of the Dell. APPLE has launched the new product called APPLE I PAD 2, MAC BOOK PRO and HP new product is HP TOUCHPAD, BUSINESS NOTEBOOKS they are trying to compete with Dell in all aspects. Besides this in order to compete with Dell is also producing new products for their customers Dell new products are TABLETS, ALIEN WARE M15X laptop its world the most powerful laptop with core i7 and all in one printer and in cheap price compare to its competitors. This is what how dell is competing with its competitors by producing new and fastest in speed products.