Examining Human Resource Management as a Career Choice

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Human resource management is a career that deals with the recruitment, management and guiding workers in an organization. Line managers can perform a career in this field. The career deals mainly with issues which are related to people e.g. hiring, wellness, safety, performance management, compensation, benefits, communication, administration, training and employee motivation.

The intention of the report is to clarify issues that most of the job seekers who are interested in human resource jobs need know before deciding to go out to look for any human resource job any where. Many people are yearning for knowledge and skills on how to tackle the various challenges that they are likely to encounter during their career process. Human resource management is potentially profitable career and according to the research it is expected that many of the management jobs will be based on human resource skills (Heathfield 2000).

The report will also focused on some of the limitations that most of the human resource managers have encountered in one way or another in the course of their duty. Just like any other career there must be some shortcomings in the department of human resource management. The root causes of these limitations and how they can be reduced or solved is what is going to be discussed in the limitations chapter in the text.

Many people have been looking forward to be part of employees in the department of human resources as human resource managers. The field is growing very first with a lot of lucrative opportunities. A number of career analysts have speculated that soon there will be an increase in the number of human resource jobs. This is attributed to natural dynamics of economics whereby so many developed and developing countries are considering human in different fields needs a sound management.

Some human resource professionals have a broad educational background through which they can secure a career in any organization. However, in the field of human resource management, the minimum academic requirement for any one to gain entry is a bachelor's degree in human resources or in other related subjects such as personnel. The degree is also considered when dealing with the hiring managers (Heathfield 2000).

This does not mean that those professionals in the human resource sector and do not have degrees in human resource management are not successful. Many of the professionals in the sector have successfully managed to come up with career without degrees in human resource management. With the change in time and how people respond to changes, those who are thinking about switching to a career in human resource management must undergo a training related to the goes. For the last ten years there has been a rapid change in the way professionals are trained in various courses with an intention of ensuring that specialization is encouraged (Trevor 1990).

Anyone who wishes to pursue a specialized career in human resource management or a managerial position he or she can seek or enroll in business courses that target human resource management. It is obvious that any one who has managed to attain a bachelor's degree in a business course can be comfortably short listed for a career in human resource management.

Whether one pursues a very specialized practice within human resource management or a general human resource degree, he or she should make sure that topics such as recruitment, compensation, management and training should be taken. Interdisciplinary programs are the best because they will assist the professionals to gain a broad spectrum of knowledge and understanding of many business related issues.

It is expected that in the near future many professionals will have room to look for certification in some of the human resource disciplines after getting a college degree. Most of the large companies provide classes and workshops that aim to increase the existing skills that are exhibited by the professionals. Most of the workers have been able to increase their salary by improving the state of their education (Allan 2003). Anyone who is already working in an entry level as a human resource manager, getting a certification can assist boast the career of the same individual. In the same manner it can help during the transition from different department to the position of a human resource manager.

Getting a job within human resource department in an organization is just like getting any other kind of a job. Many online resources like career builder, about dotcom job search and monster can help the job seekers access their clients. Most of the businesses are taking the priority of looking for the potential candidates within the organization. This is because it is believed that the same employees have the much needed experience than any new individual who may need to undergo some form of training. Training can lead to extra expenses that can cause losses which are disastrous to the organization. So it is wise for any one who is working for an organization in the department of human resource to keep this in mind. Most of them will avoid the hustle of running around with the effort of looking for similar jobs. The same people should be able to have a regular check for their chances especially if the same company has internal vacant positions.

The same candidates can find their way to human resource careers through professional networking as well as social networking sites. Even students who are just out of college can be exposed to relevant experience through internships at various human resource departments in various organizations. People who have related majors like psychology, sociology, social sciences and business can also be considered for entry level jobs. The future for human resource jobs is brighter according to researchers. There will be more opportunities available hence with well training one can easily secure a job in the department in any company. Human resource management is seen as a satisfying and lucrative career (Kerry 1998).

Although the career is seen as satisfying and very lucrative, some challenges have been encountered by those individuals who have worked in the filed for some time. The most challenging task in the department is the ability of the manager to identify the right criteria of selecting the potential employees. Most of those who have occupied the position have been accused of corruption, nepotism, favoritism and other bad names. Such accusations can easily make any one who is occupying the position to feel sidelined or intimidated. In the process of such accusations the productivity of the company is likely to go down because the same human resource manager will be trying to weigh issues and likely to take in less competent persons in the name of merit.

Another limitation is the lack of understanding between the workers and the human resource manager. The workers can be rude and in the process fail to meet the expected demands by the organization. It might be not the wish of the human resource manager to be an enemy with anybody but he or she finds out that there are so many people who have become enemies with him (Allan 2003). The post therefore needs someone who is slow to anger and very understanding as well to be able to manage these very challenging tasks. This position needs someone who is also very noble so that he or she can easily avoid accusations. Many human resource mangers also get a lot of pressure from the top managers like the general managers to perform to the expectation of the company and this can make the same individual to feel shortchanged if he fails to deliver.