Evaluation of human resource management in achieving objectives

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Human resource management decisions have important and unique influence on organizational performance. Rapid changes of business and economic environment due to globalization and deregulation of market, changing customers' and investors' demand, increasing market competition has become the norms of the business. To compete in this market, organization must improve the performance by reducing cost, product innovation, improving quality, productivity and speed to the market. So by effective human resource management ABN can provide better understanding and creating of sustainable organizational and competitive advantage.

To achieve the overall objective of the organization the human resource manager can play a vital role as a strategic partner, an employee sponsor or advocate and a change mentor and will motivate the employee as well help to achieve the organizational objectives.

Strategic partner

As a strategic partner, HR manager contributes to the development of and the accomplishment of the organization-wide business plan and objectives. The HR objectives are established to attain the strategic business plan and objectives set by the organization. By effective design of work positions, hiring, reward, recognition and strategic pay, performance development and appraisal systems and employee development HR manger of ABN can align the human resource objective with the organizational objective.

Employee Advocate

HR manger of ABN can play an integral role by his knowledge and advocacy role which includes expertise in how to create a work environment in which employee will be motivated. HR manager can ensure employee participation in goal setting of the organization and can establish the organizational culture and climate in which employee will be motivated.

Change Champion

ABN must be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the human resource management with the changing environment and by knowing how to link up the changes to the strategic needs of the organization, ABN can minimize the employee dissatisfaction and resistance to change which lead to motivated employee and productivity.

The role of Human resource management within the Abbey National Bank (ABN)

The role of human resource management of ABN is to develop and implement human resource policies and strategy with the ongoing and future business plan to maximize the return on investment and to ensure survival of the organization in long run. Sustainable human resource management includes attraction, selection, recruitment, development, training, performance management, employee relations to maintain high quality, productive workforce and safe working environment. Besides Human resource manger needs to ensure he is taking into account of local, national and international law.

These are the following role of human resource management of ABN.

Alignment of human resource policies with the organizational policies.

Recruitment and selection of potential employees.

To decide appropriate reward, compensation and pay for the employee to motivate them.

To ensure performance, conduct behavioral management of employees e.g leadership quality.

Maintain industry liaison and employee relation.

Workforce personnel data management and human resource analysis.

Motivating employee and morale building.

Ensuring the conformity with the labour law.

Designing and developing organization structure.

1.3. Planning Human Resources requirement

Proper human resources planning are required to attain the organizational goals and objective effectively and efficiently. To plan the human resources requirement, HR manager of ANB considers both internal and external factors. These are described as below:

Internal factors

Organization needs, e.g. growth, decline and changes are to be considered when planning the human resources requirement. As the Santander Bank acquired the ANB due strategic purpose and market expansion in UK, HR manager must plan its human resources that should be capable of meeting the future growth of the Santander.

HR manager considers the impact of technical change to the human resources and provides training and skill development for the employees to keep them up to date with the technological change.

HR manager designs the skill requirement for the workforce to perform the specific job.

ANB also maintains the workforce profile (based on gender, age ethnicity skill and ability) to deliver the service to the customer. Such as ANB provides service to the customer from specific ethnicity background by the recruiting the employees from the same background.

External factors

ANB always considers the supply of efficient workforce in the industry and how to attract, recruit and retain the potential employees. Besides it also consider international supply and demand of workforce.

Human resources policies must conform to the existing local, governmental and international law and legislation and must update with it.

ANB always considers their employees expectations by considering participation of employee to the goal setting process. Besides it also consider the salary and wages of average industry standard like considering the salary structure of Lloyds TSB Bank, HSBC Bank and Barclays Bank etc.

Now a day business environment is changing and competitors are using more automated technology to serve their customers effectively and efficiently. So employee must adapt with the changing business environment.

HR managers also plan its human resources requirement with the impact of organizational change like merger, acquisition, alliances and down-sizing.