Evaluating Leadership and Change Management in British Airways

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Leadership is the talent of motivating a group of people to act towards realizing a common goal. To lead means to guide, perform, express and carry on. Leadership can defined in some different tasks:


Influence is the main task of leadership. Without influence leadership can't exist.


Group is the viewpoint in which leadership takes place.


It's the aim of group or organisation which collects the group on similar object. There are five major leadership main tasks of leadership which are determination, brainpower, honesty, self-assurance and cooperation.


Great man theories undertake that the volume for management is inherent - that great leaders are born not made. These theories express that great leaders as heroic, mythic and destined to rise to leadership when needed. The term of Great Man was used of primary as male quality specially in military leadership.


Trait theory coms from great man theories which show that some people have inherited certain abilities and trait which make them better right to leadership. some of the significant traits found to be linked with a successful leadership include intelligent and physical command, necessity for professional accomplishment, self-confidence, self-inspiration, strength, communicative skill, emotional balance, training skill, liberation, social talents and progress, some physical qualities etc.


This theory defined by Paul Harsey and Kenneth Blanchard. It is based on the thought that the mostly useful leadership process belong to the point of development. Supports and demands of the situations.


Contingency approach of leadership effort on might regulate which particular style of leadership which shows that what is best for the current situation.


This is another contingency sight of leadership. the life cycle theory can be defined leadership theory as it is the method which are suitable to different condition. This theory shows that these are the direction and relation track features which build a leader's style.


Path goal theory is related to Vroom's expectancy theory of inspiration and inspects:


Management theories know as transactional theories which are focus of the role of controlling, administration and group presentation.


Relationship theories mean the connections between leaders and followers. In relationship theories leaders have to be high right and moral values.

Q No 2: Importance of leadership skills in 21st century & it's practice by leading organisations?


Leadership skills are very important for successful management and also valuable for any organisation or any business. Human resources department of organisation look for persons who have the abilities for leadership. Because with these abilities of people can help any organisation for the development in all fields. Leadership qualities depends on high qualification, talent to make sound judgments based knowledge, information and understanding, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. For example, in the area of labour, some common skills would comprise time, nitration cooperation and leadership, self-inspiration and others, while domain-specific skills would be helpful only for a definite job.

Leadership skills help to realize the problem and will help to find better solution for development. These skills also help to identify the prospects for advance. It also helps to collect the important information from useful resources and apply it to solve problems.

Another important task of leadership is multi task. It is important for any employee to handle or perform different tasks without mistakes and errors. Employee need to develop these task that given by the owner. He will be responsible to improve the task perform, review operations and exchange with people. It also help the employee to make a strong relation with management. Employee also needs to finish tasks in given time. This will help the employee to set significances and keep standards in his routine both internally and externally. The most important skill is interpersonal skill says by A. Harrison.

There are also eleven tasks of leadership skills:

Getting and Giving Information

Understanding Group Needs and Characteristics

Knowing and Understanding Group Resources

Controlling the Group


Setting the Example

Representing the Group



Sharing Leadership

Manager of Learning


Getting and giving information is the most important task of leadership skills. If a person cannot communicate properly then other skill will reward for this lack.



It is important to introduce activities that helps the group to become strong and its improve its skills, knowledge and abilities.


Controlling the group is basically to manage it and give the right directions to achieve a goal.


Counselling is personal communication skill which helps the individually with personal problem.


To keep the public and privates live as transparent and unified is called setting the example.


Representing the Group is exactly interactive to non-group associates the sum of group members' spirits, ideas, etc., and vice versa.


Planning as a current process, where a choice at each step supports clarify your choices in the next step.


Evaluation is the continuous companion of the White Stag beginner and staff associate. We continually strive to improve ourselves, so we frequently evaluate how we are doing.


Common problem-solving and executive is a progressively dominant feature of successful management and leadership worldwide.


The Manager of Learning is more complex than most leadership competencies. as a manager of learning, is to help the participants to become more effective leaders.

Q NO3: Define in detail organizational change process. How does it affect the operations in long run?

Now days any organisation or company face the different challenges like never before. Globalization has increased the markets and opportunities for more growth and revenue. The ability to control the changing while improving to meet the need of stakeholders is very important. And it is a very important skill required by current environment for leaders and management.


The process of organizational change can include a variety of key roles. These rules can be covered by different ways at some different times during the change process. Sometime individuals or groups can fill more than one role.


Whenever an organisation takes the action or make the changes its can be successful or sometime they face the problems. for example, dramatic discount in sales, loss of a key leader in the organization, cautions from a main depositor, or even actions of a key participant.


The change agent means that the person who makes the changes and organizing the overall change effort in the organisation. The change agent role can be filled by different people at different times during the project because sometimes they change their management or some new changes done by other people. Outside consultant also can be the first change agent.


change efforts often need a person or group who remains to build and withstand strong eagerness about the change. It shows that why the changes has become and these changes effects on the improving the project. The champion might be the same person as the change agent at various times in the project.


The changing process can be done by a one person or it can be done by the official role. Official role can responsible for changing and that is officially sponsored. In big companies or organisation that sponsor are the department like Human Resources, Strategic Planning or Information Technology. But in the smaller companies sponsor can be senior leader working to ensure that the change effort stays on schedule.

Experienced people play a vital role for the effective changes in any organisation. The chances of its success and failure depend upon the implementation of carefully designed campaigns and the policies. So it is very important to plans about changes effectively and efficiently.

For successful changes in any plan or to improve the organisation it required to make these changes step by step. These changes brings the desired changes to the organisation structure. These changes can be done only when all the member of the organisation or company are involved or agreed with the proposed changes. Because it create an environment of corporation and its makes easy to change or to improve the project. And it also help organisation for its strategies planning.

Involve the workers or employees in the change planning because their participation creates an environment of cooperation as opposed to opposition. This helps to facilitate the company's strategies and planning. Provide and communicate the reason for the change and stress the positive objectives. There must be a good and strong reason behind the change. If workers don't embrace or see the reason for change, resentment and resistance can occur You have to emphasize the positive reason for the change and convey it to the workers. This way, improve the chances of support.

For effective organizational change, you should create a transition management team. You should also select a change leader from every department and conduct regular meetings. This will comprise the transition team that can drive the change initiatives and help facilitate and implement the initiatives throughout the various departments. This also provides a support structure for the initiatives. Resources should be provided to the transition management team.

Additional Considerations For Effective Organizational Structure:

Evaluation of the aesthetic appeal is essential for effective organizational change. The plan should be clear defined goals and rationale and should be concise. Ensure that the decision makers within the organization are on-board. Any change in the policy affects the operation of the organization which needs broad approval at some levels.

Ensure you adequately define the nature of the changes. This will help team members and employees to interpret the core objectives. You should measure whether the change has taken place or not. Often this process is neglected but to ensure effective organizational change you need to have predefined benchmarks to measure implementation progress.


British Airways is standard carrier airline of United Kingdom. British Airways Board was familiar in 1971 to control the two main national airline companies, BOAC and BEA.


British Airways is a major airline companies in the world. It is the fifth largest passenger carrying general. It's based is in London's Heathrow Airport, which is the world lead for international airport. At present, as airline business leader, it has a longer history and the direction systems cover destinations in 133 states with 373 airplanes. It has 50,086 employees for the UK airline service. It is one of the major employers in the UK.

British Airways is dealing in air facilities progressions equally in international and internal airfreight. It brings many amenities reaching in viable flights service for clients around the world, cargo freight and mail services and other minor services. British Airways regularly runs its business in Europe and in United States. Located in Harmondsworth, Middlesex, it employments 42, 755 people in all its sections.

British Airways assists flight reservation and booking using the online automated services in which customers can easily contact. Trying to action good and continue its morality as one of the top airlines which tourist attractions excellence consumer amenities, British Airways struggles to make high-end terminal services and other services joining easy of patrons while on-board. British Airways ranges out to 570 in about 134 nations. Such enormity of actions offers clients with difference of destinations with superlative facilities that provide customers reaching from tourists to executives.


British Airways approved itself in last 10 years as a great airline. The prelaunch of British Airways in the 1980s as "the world's desired airline" is the stuff that publicity sequences are finished of although British Airway's procedure re-engineering, familiarizing best applies in consumer care, fill pages in advertising readers and the Harvard Business Review. British Airways upgrading from being a corrupt airline to a world-class initiative has been now well recognized.

 On June 10, 1997, British Airways presented a new element. As an alternative of standing still, a new company individuality was hurled, signalling a £6 billion development plan and a new calculated direction.



 British Airways' strengths include the first-rate new fleet of aircrafts purchased to accolade comfortable traveling of passengers. This move was made to counter the wretched state of travel and complaint received by the previous fleet used by British Airways. The magnitude of Airways' operations allows them on pro over their competitors by servicing to a wider variety of customers.


 Moreover, on the level of knowledge and skills, BA operational research claimed that analytical skills performed by the members of the company and employees become its strengths. The strong consumer focus develops expertise in customer areas while in buying high-end software for air services and wide selection of it strengthens the company's business coordination.


            One of the many weaknesses on organization's business and facilities is the lack of selling policy that will help emphasize its reasonable morals, more so, to win consumers reliability. Although the great structure hosted the business, British Airways needs to carry out recovering market structures to attract more customers. In future, competitive platform for consumer facility must be have enough money in order to make the airline more amiable to its customers, prompting an prospect of making large incomes.



Moreover, on facts and skills organization, limited knowledge of reproduction software and recreation development, information lost through high level of inside staff changes, teams approve resolution methods united only to their services, and lack of participation in best of software and trouble to improve professional airline software are faintness which the corporation must be alert of.


            The threats are not essentially be found external of business's atmosphere but can be an internal. Internal threats as seen in business centralized and official system and all poor policymaking. Moreover, the business's focus on national and native problems pose a threat since much more problems which it inattention create in the world-wide scheme. It disregards the universal difficulties in its place intent forcefully on the nationwide and native level.


The worldwide difficulties really suggestion incredible threats if and when businesses will disregard such. Furthermore, globalization can be an chance and strength but can also be a threat if not to be powerful and alert of its behaviours and disloyalty. Further, fast changes on skill and customers' actions can also be a threat if wrongly construed and relieved.


            The accessibility of huge facilities and goods pose an prospect to operate them accurately. The worldwide changes can be an chance to work with while overlooking positive chances can be a weakness. In British Airways, virtual authenticity could deliver a new use for imitation, locating web software and share proficiency through different attention sets are chances which can be operated and used to additional improve the company's business.


Technical movements provide full chances to many business areas, however, if it will be taken for approved, chances can be a danger or weakness. Maximizing the worldwide trends is a unlimited chance to hold on to.


Leaders always follow a single approach and they choose the way as they need it for requirement. leadership skills are very important for the development of any organization. Different theories clarify different qualities of leadership. As such leaders could be natural, can be made, inborn belongings, performance and activities, organization skills are all the different aspects of leadership skills conferring to different leadership theories. British Airways is the biggest Airline Company in the world .Its strengths, weaknesses, chances and acceptance of new technology have been discussed in the above statement. British Airline by change management understands the importance of collective efforts of the employees and the company.