Evaluating Communication and Motivation within an Organization

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In this essay, I explained about two areas 'Communication' and 'Motivation' in my organization at a particular situation where I experienced previously. I worked as a software engineer for three years in Cognizant technology solutions (CTS) which is a leading IT company in the world. More than 100,000 employees are currently working worldwide.CTS have head office in United States of America (USA). [2]

First of all, I analysed that how much communication and motivation is important to us and how much it work effectively on our individual lives. With effect of 'Communication' and 'Motivation, we can understand how to analyse and behaviour at a particular situation in an organization. So, the communication is crucial to find out what it involve so.

Communication penetrates every characteristic of our daily lives, as it is a key part of our existence. We understand 'Communication' by some basic principles and also analyse the 'communication context' at a situation in detail by the following:

By explaining Communication definitions.

By different communication blocks and how communication will effects on people.

By 'Communication context'.

These principles give us detail information about communication and motivation and how much it effect at a situation. The different types of horizons are present in Communication and Motivation.

Communication is not simply transforming a message from one person to another person where as Motivation is an important aspect of our lives which can change us to face challenges. We should communicate with others in such a way that it should affect our observer or listener.


The passing of information from one person to another person is called communication. Communication can be in form of verbal, non-verbal or written. It is simply defined as exchanging of information between to person or one individual to another by means of speech, writing, behaviour or signals.

For any successful organization, communication plays important role and it is an integral part within the team or group. Without proper communication in an organization, no one can success.

Communication in an organization means "transforming of information may be from employee to employee or employee to management or management to employee."

To coordinate any work in organization, proper communication is needed. Mainly, lack of communication makes misunderstanding between the people or organisations. By good communication with others, we can work effectively and build good relationships.

2(i) Situation: Communication was failed between me and my assistant manager:

I and my colleagues received a communication from assistant manager by means of information. He sent the communication that "every one should attend a meeting on coming second Saturday about our targets to finish out". My assistant manager sent this information through a notice and displayed on the notice board.

Moreover, he mentioned in the notice that "if any one unable to come and attend the meeting they should take the contents of the meeting from their colleagues without fail".

Therefore on the meeting day only three executives (i.e. myself and other two colleagues) are attended out of ten executives because my assistant manager who chosen the channel to communicate for the meeting with us is wrong. In other words, he was not ensuring that the notice which he was sent to the executives has been received or not?

A "Chronological circumstance" was lacked by the communication in the notice as the second Saturday is not a working day.

A "Psychological interference" has been created by the communication because he had not mentioned exact time of the meeting and created confusion in all executives.

My assistant manager is not informed to us about the meeting in advance or any information in confident. So in this situation 'social context' was created and it is also became communication failure.

An organizational communication model:

What is the message to be


What are the objectives?

Who is the target who is the sender of the message? Who is the medium?


How will feedback be obtained?

[Paul Turner (2003).√ā¬†Organizational Communication. London: CIPD. 10th Jan, 2011, pg-65] [7]

To overcome all this obstructions of communication, some lessons has been learnt. Communication of my assistant manager was not clear as he was not informed correct time of meeting. The channel which I was used to inform regarding the meeting would not have been failed, if I circulated this notice to all receivers after knowing their availability and getting of their initials on notice. Of course I never select that day because the every second Saturday is bank holiday even though the work which was a regular one. My assistant manager communication could have been maintaining better relations by me and with my colleagues for the success.

By this entire situation, I can conclude that we can make strong team by using better communication.

Communication is not only transferring of a message or speaking with others, it is also related to behaviour of the people. More than 75% of people will spend their time by communicating in an organization.

As an assistant manager, he should be act as advisor, counsellor, guider, coacher etc. Moreover, many of the employees deserve a manager who is accessible, responsive and open.

"Managers require an understanding of perception in order to help interpret the behaviour and intensions of other people". [5]

The performance about actions, intensions and thoughts are involved by communication. Organisation communication within the system explains about the significance of the communication. The communication is being governed by the procedures and rules.

The main aim of 'Communication Context' is to compare function, quality and different communication forms in different social cultural context with in the world, organisation and communication tells about the role of interacting groups and individuals.[8]

The scholars of organisational communication arise some questions in the globalisation area which includes:

How do people be used to communicate in the multi cultural work areas?

How does process of communication takes place in government, non-government organisation and business.

How does a different organisation communicate in the economic and political debates?

How does the members of organisation communicate in the global market?[4]

2(ii) Importance of organisational communication:

By effective communication in organisation, management will be successful. The Management communication can be classified as by giving attention to team meeting, work group, oral communication and particularly giving attention to issues of persuasion, of interaction, and of conflict across the boundaries of an organisation. The main aspect of organisational communication is that - Communication is nothing but life blood of an organisation.

During the training, communication makes key role between members of and employees of an organisation. The area of communication is required to improve by an organisation. Many of the organisations focus on workers communication at the work place where they need to improve. In an organisation many of the problems are created by lack of communication among workers. Techniques are required, expected and essential by different communication skills. Good communication activities makes continues growth in job and service. It also makes domination in job on everyone. The effective skill of communication is required to work in a group or in a team and also for success in employment.[9]

For example many of the graduate students are not getting a job because of the lack of communication.

(3) Motivation:

At any work place motivating is an essential factor which is effective and makes management successful in an organisation. Motivation plays an important role in an individual lives or organisations. At the work place, the manager makes things done by employees. The main job of a manager is to motivate every employee in every trouble situation.

3(i) Situation: Where I experienced with Motivation in my organization.

When my group which consists of five members (myself and other four members) are doing major project in information technology field. We had strucked in the middle of the project when output is not executed. So, the whole upset for couple of days then after my project manager came and motivated us about upset. He has given strength to all and also told about some tips about motivation and importance of motivation and also how it is helpful to us.

He explained that "motivation makes people relax and leads to success". The organisation and the people or not adjusted if different kinds of motivation methods will not work. He also explained that there are different types of motivation methods to be applied according to the situation and changes from person to person.

Moreover he told about self motivation which is very important aspect to individuals at any work place. So my project manager arranged a seminar on 'motivation'. On the seminar day, my manger spoke about motivation which was inspired a lot and got confident in us. He mainly explained that "motivation build confidence which helps us in facing a challenge".

Employees who are motivated by managers are very creative and productive. In other words, the employees who are creative and productive are will motivated.

The following diagram shows the potential part and reducing of work capacity of the employee in an organisation.

motivationWorkContent.gifSource: http://www.accel-team.com/motivation/(Accessed on: 5/1/2011) [1]

The different ways to employee ratio:-

Makes employee easy at work

Makes employee simpler at work

Makes employee quicker

Makes employee rewarding and

Makes employee fun by different methods of motivation

Motivation is the key to performance improvement. For any type of improvement in the work or performance, motivation plays key role. For instance, we cannot force horse to drink water, if it is thirsty then only horse will drink water. In the same way, people will not do anything if they don't want to do. So this people need motivation to do work and getting confident in them.

They should motivate either by themselves (self - motivation) or through others.Motivation is important for any type of business of any organization to succeed or to survive.Performance is defined as the function of 'motivation' and 'ability' and it is given by

Job performance = f (ability) (motivation)

Education, training and experience are calculated by ability and its development is a very slow and its process is so long. But, motivation can be developed rapidly. The inexperienced manager may not know where to begin.

For motivation, there are seven schemes:

Quality support

Powerful punishment and discipline

Reconstituting jobs

Showing consistent performance in a job then getting rewards

Associated goals by determining work

Good caring of people

Giving employment with sufficient needs.

According to situation to situation at work place, apply these different strategies to people. Moreover, the wanted state and individual real state have some gap between them. So, the managers put effort to decrease this gap. On the other hand, money is also key factor for motivation but it is not primary.

Hard work is an important to achievement of a goal and success in life. The author Albert Einstein said that "genius is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration". This makes to motivate people at work. The 'motivation' came from motive which is a dynamic form of a craving, need or desire which must be fulfilled.

When tensions arise in people then they require motivation which makes free from tensions and gives relief. If we have greater tension then we require higher motivation.

The motivation theory has three characteristics. They are





The effort gives the strength of a person's work which we will put into the activity. Highly motivated students get good percentages in their examinations. Generally, high motivation is reflected by hard work.


It is the second characteristic of motivation which is persistence in the cost. If we achieved a goal then we will think about higher goals and we put efforts to get that goal.


It identifies the quality of expected outcome. [6]

The symbolic equation is given by:

P = f (E, A, M)

Where P is performance, E is Environment, A is ability and M is Motivation. [3]


The two important aspects in our daily lives are 'Communication' and 'Motivation'. Moreover, Communication and Motivation makes individual lives or organization success.

To make better relationships with others, we have to use good communication whereas 'Motivation' makes how to face challenge in our lives. When someone speak anything, listen carefully, properly and understands clearly. When we communicate with others or write something to others, we should honest and respectful in terms of 'Communication'.

Before communicating with others, we have to think twice or thrice. This makes us respectable at the situation in any work place.

The internal communication or external communication will affect the individual or the whole organization.

In an organization, I learnt about how the 'Communication' and 'Motivation' principles to be applied at a situation and how it affects the people.

Modern organization would be affected by Communication and Motivation strategy in both internal and external forces at work place.

The fundamental principles of 'Communication' and 'Motivation' are necessary and compulsory to understand and follow.

Any business of an organization or individual will be success, when Communication and Motivation within the organization should good and effect.


Communicate through proper and different channels, consistently and frequently. It may be writing, speaking, training etc.,

Communicate in a positive manner such that all should understand the purpose, the need and context.

Communicate with others about known and fact information.

Leaders should be excuse-making and need to listen others communication.

Leaders should mingle and interact with others so that all workers can be transparent at the work place.

Everyone should be motivated at workplace as everyone needs to be success in their careers.

All organizational systems should support motivation for employees.

Employers and all educational institutions should give training about motivation skills which is very important aspect of every life.