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Effective communication is a very crucial quality in every business or social setting because it determines how well any information is delivered and received. All information given either in writing or orally must be effective enough so that it can convey the expected message. In a hypothetical situation where I am expected to present quarterly sales information to a group of stakeholders like salespeople, managers and customers, there are several characteristics of my audience that I am supposed to consider. The role played by each in the organization should be one of the considerations. Information provided to the three group of people (managers, salespeople and customers) should be understandable to them. Information on sales may be so clear to the managers and the sales people but for the customers, it may be a bit hard for them to understand some of the terms in it. It therefore means that this information must take into consideration the extent to which each group can be able to decipher the meaning in the presentation. The level of knowledge and expertise is such a good characteristic for my audience since I don't want to leave a portion of them in confusion. It's important for me to take into account that there may be some details that they already know concerning the topic. Salespeople for example may find some of this information redundant. It's thus important to establish the information they already have on the current quarterly sales information before the presentation.

Different people have different interests. I must consider the diverse interests in my audience first. Even if I am the speaker, my interests will not be important than what interests the salespeople, customers and the managers. Salespeople may be interested in the commissions to be offered in case they have more sales volumes than in the previous quarter. For managers, their interest in such a speech maybe the total volumes of sales and the contributing factors. It therefore transpires that interests of my audience are an important characteristic that cannot be omitted. Demographic make up in my audience is another characteristic. Gender, age, and education are some of the demographic factors that must be borne in mind to ensure effective communication (Bullard, 2009). Analogies used in my presentation should be understandable by vast majority of both genders. Age consideration helps me to come up with presentations that will use technology that is either traditional or emergent. For example, the younger tech-savvy generation in the meeting may be comfortable with graphical internet presentations.

In presenting such information, face-to-face communication channels are the best. A presentation on quarterly sales information requires to be given in different sections as it's varied and my audience is also varied. I will conduct face-to-face presentations as I will be speaking to a very large group of people. Such presentations include spreadsheets, graphs and PowerPoint presentations. These will make clear conclusions for my audience since it will not be purely oral. Speeches that are guided by other learning resources are simpler to understand their meaning. This communication channel is important because it will allow me to adapt to the needs of my audience. It will be possible for the presentation to be adapted to all the different groups in the meeting such that at the end of the day I will not leave any one of them without a clear understanding on this subject. Quarterly sales charts prepared for example may assist the stakeholders to know how these figures will help the company in its production efforts and especially in terms of financial gain. Face to face communication channel is the most effective because I will be in a position to relay the sales information at a level that will be clear and understandable to my audience. It has high speed and my audience will be able to retain information at a quicker speed than if they were to read. This is because in reading they have to take time for processing. This channel also gives the speaker enough control. Other tools that may also be used in face to face communication channel include overhead projection monitors.

Since there is diversity in my audience, several considerations will be in my mind. For example, I would like to take into consideration how they are going to react to what I will present. I may give information that may not be up to their expectations. It's important that I take time to know from several of them what they expect from the speech. This will help me tailor my speech on the relevant facts and figures on quarterly sales information. It's important to see to it that I don't present a speech that will leave them offended. My audience may be coming from different backgrounds. People from different backgrounds have different attitudes, beliefs and in communication domain, they have different languages. A prior analysis is important so that the language that is clear to all can be used. This may also require the use of a translator so that eye contact is maintained. For some of them, they may be deaf; this may mean that I have to use a signer or a translator. The background of audience should assist me to know what kind of a lifestyle these people lead. By knowing the lifestyles of my audience, I can comfortably reach them on a better personal level so that I get the outcome that I am after. It's important to take into consideration and ion details all what the audience may require during presentation. This will make them to be comfortable and success in presentation is thus increased.

Striving to have balance in my quarterly sales information presentation is one way in which I can ensure that my message is effective. I will achieve this through planning my speech in such a way that it will critically be evaluated to determine the amount of content to be included. Balance will be achieved in this speech by inclusion of other elements like introduction, effective transitions between concepts and a conclusion. An effective message must have all the jargons and terminologies in it defined. , I will define all those terms that I will be unsure whether the audience have their meaning. Emphasizing the relevance of quarterly sales information to stakeholders, managers, salespeople and customers will also increase the message effectiveness. I will demonstrate to them how they can use the provided information and the benefits that they can reap from the same knowledge. An effective message is one that is repeated by the speaker so that the audience can grasp the concepts. Mostly, repeating the keywords and phrases in the message in differentiated intervals gives the listener a distinctive rhythm. This will help my audience to implant the vital ideas in their minds.

It's always important to relate the old concepts and ideas with the new ones. I will start by explaining those concepts my audience are familiar with. This will involve the use of past quarterly sales information and how analysis was done by that time. From there, I will show them how to draw comparisons withy the current sales information so that they fully understand the information that I am presenting to them. Effective messages incorporate both interesting and new information. My message will carry compelling and fresh information. Such kind of information helps the audience to remain alert. My message will be made even more effective by using presentation aids. An effective message on quarterly sales information needs to be reinforced with models, audio, objects, video, pictures, charts, multimedia and graphs so that it's more believable and understandable than the purely verbalized message. I will use visualization to make sure that my audience has a solid grasp on sales information. Visualization will assist me in making the audience interested. Lastly, effective quarterly sales information should strive to give clarity. I will only tell the audience exactly what I wanted them to decipher out of the message.