Equal Opportunities And Managing Diversity Business Essay

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Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc began in 1899 from a stall in Bradford Market as a family business. It opened its first town-centre shop in 1958 and the need for further growth forced the company to become public. As of march 2008, when Sir Ken Morrison resigned, the company developed to one of UK's largest food retailers with over 400 stores and 132000 employees. The company's products are mainly food and grocery and most of them are own brand. The employees of the company work in stores, at manufacturing, in logistics and at head office.

Recruitment and Selection

As for any other organization, an appropriate recruitment policy is the beginning of an efficient employment procedure for Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc. Based on the job description for supply chain industrial placement the company:

Aims to deliver the most possible fresh food to their customers.

Directs its employees and candidates efforts to supply chain by emphasizing its importance to achieving the organizations overall goal.

Gives a clear statement for commitment in equality of opportunity regardless of the personal situation of candidates and the fact if the candidate already works or not for the company.

 Focus on recruiting the best potential people by offering placement years to undergraduate students with good degrees.

Integrates employee needs with company needs by implying the potential of senior management to the most productive employees.

Defines the terms and conditions of employment by describing the ideal qualities of the role and atmosphere among workforce.

The step after a recruitment campaign is selection. Selection aims to choose the best person for the job. Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc adopts the following selection policies:

They require candidates to apply threw their official website by an online application form which results to rejecting people not using the terminology that IT system recognises.

The application form allows them to eliminate directly the candidates by getting the information they want. For example there is a direct specific question on the university grade of the applicant to eliminate applicants with bad degrees.

They require applicants to agree on the validity of information given and knowledge that they are disqualified from the selection process so to reduce even more unwanted applicants.

In addition to the application form the company requires a CV from the candidates so they reject candidates that pass through the application form.

The disabled people who meet all the criteria in the application form are invited for an interview to reduce the possibility of discrimination.

Final stage of selection is an interview for each applicant so the interviewer evaluates which person covers organisation needs.

Training and development

Training aims to provide workforce with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their job in the organisation. Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc uses the following techniques to train and its employees:

Offer one year industrial placements to undergraduate students in order to train the before offering a job opportunity in their organisation.

Introduce graduates with graduates' schemes to train them before they enter permanently the company.

Use their experience to help people reach their potential.

Develop people in order to fulfil better the position they hold.

Give employees the opportunity to take responsibilities from the starting day at work.

Encourage the practical training on tasks accomplishment

Create training courses, which can be projects or roles depending on the position in the company, and respond ton trainees with feedback and guidance.

Make sure the skills acquired in the training period are transferable to the rest of the career of any employer.

Use external trainers to help workforce develop its commercial capabilities.

Replicate in two days the vertical business model that company uses.

Puts its employees under situations where they confront challenges that force them to develop structured thinking techniques.

Use coaching for performance coaches in order to develop skills for people management

Created the "Buddy Scheme" where previous graduates interact with new graduates to provide them support.

Provide each graduate trainee with personal mentor in order to exposure them to people in the board

During the holidays before graduates start work they have the opportunity to participate to the "Keeping in touch days" to ease their induction to the business

At the beginning of graduates work they take part in site tours to all the parts of the business so they can develop a broad idea how the company works

Equal opportunities and Managing Diversity

Equal opportunity is a principle of non-discrimination which emphasizes that opportunities in education , employment, advancement, benefits and resource distribution, and other areas should be freely available to all citizens irrespective of their age, race, sex, religion, political association, ethnic origin or any other individual or group characteristic unrelated to ability, performance and qualification. Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc has an equal opportunity statement on their website which implies the follow:

Despite anyone's personal situation they will be treated the same as everybody else.

The statement of equality refers to every stage involving recruitment, development and retaining any job role in the company.

Their policy includes gender, gender reassignment, race, disability, age, sexual preferences, religion and nationality.

According to the definition given above they do not include in their policy any political association.

Despite mentioning the fairly treatment among staff, they fail to specify that this fairness includes salary allocation and any other benefits.

According to Wolff (2007) diversity is about valuing differences in staff and customers in terms of all aspects of difference. Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc manages diversity in the following ways:

Pursuing to gain in terms of company's success from any uniqueness that individuals bring to the organisation.

Directs all employees to expose and develop different skills and experiences in the company's environment.

Adopts a policy that people with any disability, if they meet the minimum requirements, they will progress to the stage of interview. Although they try to emphasize their attitude of equal treatment with that policy, they fall into the trap of victimization because they favour any possible complainer disable applicant in the expense of the rest applicants.

Manage to doubt their equal treatment policy among genders and gender reassignment when they require applicants to specify their gender on application form.


The HRM task involved an analysis of the Human resources policies on a company I am interested working. My selection was to analyse Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc.

The pick turned out to be very wise as the company have a dedicated website with lot information on the policies they adopt. The company has a Human Resource apartment which made a professional work on the company's website. Apart from that it made it easier to correlate the knowledge gained from Human Resource Management lectures to a practical perspective and how organisations try to incorporate the policies.

The format of the assignment was mini-report. The selection of this format helped to develop the critical thinking and made it clear what was asked. So it helped to not fall out of the boundaries of the task and looked directly for the essence in the information found. It also helped to see that a company that seemed perfect for work at the beginning of the task has its own weaknesses. Despite that my desire to work for them has not change. The task gave me a broader perspective on how the Human Resource policies are adopted from the organisations in business world.


The HRM task took the whole second part of the portfolio. That alone gives an insight on how important are the policies analysed in the document. The big target of the task was for students and the teacher to evaluate what they have learned from the human resource policies taught in the lectures. In the end it did manage to achieve its goal and it was more pleasant to me. There is an eager now to begin the third part of the portfolio.