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In todays ever-changing world, everyone is looking at good opportunities to become great entrepreneurs. Moreover, great inventors. Some studies show that both radical and incremental innovations are important to the economic sustainability in industries that a dependent on competitive research and development for long-term survival (koberg et al. 2003).

Every country needs innovation in this globalized world. Without new products being put up, they cannot survive in the challenging market. Moreover, it is assumed that there is a direct link between economic growth and innovation within the market. It contributes to the welfare of the economy as well as the development of the individuals in the society. So countries need to give priority for innovations and the development of new products. (A.Kadir Varoglu and Ali Riza Koker)

They go through a lot of hard effort to set up businesses of their own so that the economy as well as themselves can lead a more fulfilling life, which has become a part of their culture. Many people initiate their own small businesses like garment shops, coffee shops, and face shops, which they believe can provide them a more average life rather than 'corporate career' (Bart L' Abbe Ph,D, 2010).

'People have money and are looking for ways to spend it' (Entrepreneur staff, Starting a Business: The Idea phase, Entrepreneur Magazine's, 2012), and enjoy themselves in trust funds, credit funds and other forms of business resource to keep up with their demands in life. However, lots of youngsters go into their own type of challenges and what interests them, to cater to the needs and wants of different people in the society. This is indeed required by all the nations worldwide, in order to remain competitive.

'Innovation is a necessity for the firms that compete in environment where change is pervasive, unpredictable and continuous. In order to achieve competitive success in an economic sense, it is necessary to create valve innovations, as a way of creating value are the source of economic growth (Wijnberg, 2004).

Therefore, It does not mean that everyone who has good financial background, wealth or higher education can become entrepreneurs or be successful in business excellence. Yet, a lot of will, courage and effort are required to become successful.

2 Critical Discussion; Entrepreneur are born, not made

The word entrepreneur, originally from the French verb "Entreprend", which means "to undertake" (Zuleikha MH,2012). An entrepreneur is an individual who undertake on their own business for some sort rick usually financial, and also in this person can organize everything in the their company by using their skills to ask other people to work for them, because in these characters, you find innovation, independence, optimistism, creativity and hard-working attire. With their every product, they seek the needs and requirements of their customers needs and put them on top. For example first Staphen Wozniak who was thinking of how to provide a computer to all American can use at home all time since computer were very big and unsuitable for all people of the United stated carry or use at home. But after Steve Jobs came to work with Stephen Wozniak's company, which everyone know about Apple Company, they have been changing a lot of on their products and also on their consumers, like the company became a leader in the development of personal home and office computer. Moreover Steve jobs can see what it is that everyone wants and needs, what is the change that his customers can enjoy and find happiness in their own life. As you can see now Apple has been success on their produce of iBooks, iPods, iPhones, MacBook and even other innovative produce every year to update their products with new items, so the users of apple won't get bored on the apple's products. And that is how Apple Company can meet their and also their customers' needs all a round the would that businesses were not aware they had, which is never ever end to keep their business running and to complete their user need.

Entrepreneurship is in fashion, everyone is talking about it politicians, experts, and entrepreneurs themselves, according to them this phenomenon will be the solvation of our industrial societies so badly in need of redefinition. (Bechard and Toulouse, 1998) However, every one of you cannot become a true entrepreneur or a true leader. One needs true intentions and the attributes to become successful in life as an entrepreneur. Potential, willing people who aren't afraid to make mistakes, who aren't afraid of risky situations, and who are willing to move forward, even after the worst downfall in their life, are called true entrepreneurs. We cannot wait for great visions from great people, for they are in short supply. It is up to us to light our own small fires in the darkness (Charles Handy, 2011)

Overall, entrepreneurs are the persons who are the owners of their own businesses, and those people who grow up with interest, skill and aptitude towards business negotiations. These qualities and attributes come from within themselves rather then it being forced taught or made to do by choice or different culture, expectations. People with such attributes tend to be more active, innovative and one step ahead of their competition because this decision is made by choice and with regard to their innate abilities; they are well informed are looking for the best opportunity that is out there for them.

Everyone has to be involved in the business excellence journey and have the correct mindset that it is not about doing more work, but building a solid foundation for the organization (by Mr chua, 2012), I think beside the knowledge skill, which all entrepreneurs got from school, they also need to natural skill. And those natural skills are communication skill, attention skills, passion skills, critical thinking skills, imaginative skills, demonstration skills, responsibility skills, and collaboration to increase a good network; relationship

And also can help them to see a good opportunity in the marketplace and with everyone in the public (Chuck Frey, 2008).

Like you need a decent pitch to be able to sing nicely, entrepreneurs need to be able to think constructively and have a good idea on what they are doing. What their vision and Mission is, or from what source their motivation and determination comes from. The main point of a better entrepreneur is not only to make money, but he or she also needs to build their reputation and to stand out as the best and most successful entrepreneur. They should be well aware of their ambition, passion dedication on their goal and work. For example Bill Gates, the chief software architect of Microsoft Corporation, discovered his passion in software and began programming computers since the age of 13. He is now one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world. On top of this, his goal is not only to be financially successful but also to stand as a role model by donating rigorously to charities all around the world.

Most of the times, you would notice that great entrepreneurs come from very humble backgrounds. They have so much strength and motivation that leads them on work so hard to become successful in life. However, a lot of great entrepreneurs also come from business and high-class levels of families. Similarly, I believe that entrepreneur who are born in such family background adopt this behavior from their parent as a form of respect towards their parent.

However, the important face is that they should have the right mindset in order to become a successful entrepreneur. Money cannot make you a business leader, but your attributes will.

For example, in 1998 a fish- farming project in Cambodia served 800000 fishes to eight provides and thereby enables them to take a significant step out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. Run by a Christian charity on a not-for-profit basis the project was set up as a commercial venture. The local farmers had to pay for their fish, often on credit terms, but they were given help and advice so that they could learn how to reveal the potential entrepreneurs and provide an excellent opportunity for them to develop their talent for the benefit of the rest of their community. The people, who took lead in this activity, are people who seek to fulfill their dreams, and so are called born entrepreneurs. They find opportunities in which they can lit their deep interest towards entrepreneurship.

Moreover, just any human being cannot go through the burden of finding a new opportunity to invest in, or finding an innovative idea on how to initiate a business plan. In fact, this comes naturally and great entrepreneurs are born, not made. They always try to find a different way to explore their idea and brainstorm on the best possible opportunities to put their eggs in. they always work on something new, something untested and untried to something unique to improve their own business. Although entrepreneurs are not afraid to take risk from behind their process of creative destruction which they have taken the breakthrough idea and innovation into the marketplace.

One very good example of a successful entrepreneur is the funder of KFC. He first started selling Kentucky Fried chicken on the street of USA in 1955, when he was 60 year old and everyone who were living around the street know about his Fried Chicken which was delicious with the best ingredients. Unfortunately, his business couldn't be run anymore since it was during the cold war, and the American Government needed to build new roads. Consequently, he lost a lot of his customers, which lead him to find a new way to get his customers back and he didn't want to lose his ingredients. He went a round to ask almost 1005 restaurants, whether they would be interested to produce his Fried Chicken. Yet, only one small restaurant accepted his request, even when he proposed to take 10cents for one piece of chicken made. After that his fried chicken became popular in USA and all around the world, which you and I love to eat now. Since then his business as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has started to grow and now they have a lot of franchise units around the globe. Therefore, entrepreneur are hardly made, like the founder of Walt Disney Said, 'if you can dream it, you can do it' proving that entrepreneurs are indeed born with the desire and the potential to overcome whatever in takes to reach their goal and interests.

3 Conclusion

The statement, 'the entrepreneur are born, not made' doesn't mean all of them who are highly educated can be entrepreneurs. However, they are people who use their own skills, and desire. They are people who take every opportunity in the attempt to work with their desires and needs and they are those who always catch their opportunity. They won't wait until it passes or wait until someone comes to show them the way to live their life. They are risk takers, since they stand up even after failure and never give up even in their darkest hour. Entrepreneurs are always passionate, emotional, ambitious, dedicated, creative, and also looking up to have a communication within their global life. They are also very good at managing their time to study new areas of developing their skills and knowledge. Money is not their main motivator, but accomplishing new goals in life and building their own masterpiece as to reach to the top of market. Hence, everyone in the world can learn and benefit from their work. Therefore, I believe that Entrepreneur are born, and even if entrepreneurs can be made. There will always be consequences as most of the theories i have mentioned explain why an entrepreneur needs to have the natural attributes that the authors have theorized them to have.