End-to-end security consulting, deploying & management

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At present, networks are so interconnected and dependent that they require most effective security practices to avoid any intrusions. Supporting today's network we provide end-to-end security solutions believing that network security of the systems and networks should always be in pace with the business initiatives.

Our security services comprises of processes and technologies that provide secure access to your business applications. The organization can achieve its goal of comprehensive information security easily. The system integration team provides a layered security approach that addresses the infrastructure as a whole. And deploying multiple layers of protection reduces the risks of intrusions. A controlled exercise performed by security experts, testing web-based applications ensure that no breach can occur during any transaction or the functioning of the business applications. By conducting Information Security and Technical Audits we can ensure your organisation is immune to various known threats and vulnerabilities as these audits are conducted by taking various standards and best practices as benchmarks.

Services Offering

End-to-End Security Consulting, Deploying & Management

Locuz delivers end-to end consulting, deploying and management services including NAC, DLP and IRM solutions.

The lifecycle methodology followed by Locuz facilitates in delivering projects efficiently. Locuz helps organizations plan, build, implement and operate their Security IT Infrastructure. 

Security Consulting Methodology

Case Study: Security Deployment at India's Premier Compressor Manufacturer

Business Driver

  • Integrate sales operations to enhance productivity
  • Uninterrupted connectivity with foreign branches to haste up the operations
  • Increase network connectivity, good security

The Solution

  • Provided a secure connectivity with Cisco-based IP VPN, Firewall, and Intrusion detection products and has setup radio frequency (RF) links to the internet
  • Interconnected the networks for seamless communications to deliver greater  efficiencies across the supply chain
  • Cisco products to form a robust shield around the entire enterprise

Business Benefits

  • Tecumseh was able to link various sales offices to headquarters in Hyderabad in a faster and secure way
  • Transferring blueprints between offices now takes minutes rather than days

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Locuz provides high availability computing solutions to large networks through SIEM. The Security Information Manger provides an increased level of network visibility and surveillance. It provides real-time event correlation and data archiving to protect against security threats and to preserve critical security data. The Information Manager collects and archives security events from across the enterprise, and they are correlated with the known asset vulnerabilities. The resulting information provides the basis for real-time threat analysis and security incident identification. Client will be able to manage security functions to protect internet facing applications, block virus, kill hidden attacks, restrict unknown attacks, and providing multi-level security.

Case Study: Leading Airlines Company of Middle East - Security Information Mgmt (SIM)

Business Driver

  • Securely identify and respond to critical malicious activities
  • Audit reporting retrieval and events/logs retention
  • To secure overall network infrastructure

The Solution: Implementation of Symantec Security Information Manager (SSIM)

  • Protect sensitive data and improved visibility
  • Manage real-time network security issues & status
  • Provided support in achieving secure network environment

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced overall network Security, Availability  & Performance
  • Less Operational cost
  • Provide high quality Service & meet SLA for its customers

Identity and Access Management / SSO

Identity management system helps your organization to address security, audit and compliance requirements in a proactive and sustainable manner, identifying streamline operations and automate business processes to achieve significant cost savings and competitive advantage.

We align security with the best business solutions. Through our IAM practices, a prudent methodology approach is followed in developing a high-level architectural design for meeting the requirement. It facilitates in growing collaborative partner networks by enabling an efficient and secure way of delivering services online to capture new revenue opportunities.


SSO controls the directory services infrastructure to implement access control and simplified single-sign-on (SSO). A unified mechanism is followed to administer the authentication of users and implement business rules determining user access to applications and data. Single-sign-On solutions are provided when there is a need of implementing identity management and access management strategies and new technologies.

Case Study: 1st IdM/SSO System in the Insurance Segment

Business Driver

Securely manage identities across 20,000 users spread over 100+ locations.

The Solution: Locuz Implementation of Sun Identity Manager

  • Automatically and securely provision/de-provision user accounts based on job function, geography and role
  • Improve audit performance and ensure compliance with governmental mandates
  • Centralized management of global user accounts and access

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced overall security and audit performance
  • Ability to get new employees up and running faster
  • Reduced operational and help-desk support costs

Security Audit & ISMS Consulting

Security Audit Methodology

Locuz follows complete, established and highly effective methodology to help organisations across various verticals address the vulnerabilities and improve their security posture. This structured approach ensures planning to tasks and adhere to the timelines. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing is an activity thru which we ensure Information Security compliance standards are met. The methodology is essential to perform this test, allowing for a systematic check for known vulnerabilities and pursuit of potential security risks. It helps paint an accurate picture of the risks, weaknesses, information leaks and liability.

We indeed integrate the best security testing practices of the industry conforming to Information Security compliance standards and our commitment to ensure the highest possible confidentiality. Every activity is performed only after identifying the complete architecture of the network and its complexity. An executive summary highlighting all the key findings and recommendations from a security perspective are provided for a clear understanding on the identified risks. The steps followed in the Audit process are given below:


  • Identification critical areas to perform the audit
  • Planning, resourcing and scheduling the tasks


  • Know about the services the organisation offers, and the check if the organisation complies any specific standards, guidelines and practices
  • Understand the organizational processes, complexity and technical configurations of the infrastructure


  • Review valid user accounts or poorly protected resource shares
  • Understand the active connections to systems and direct queries
  • Collection of network resources and shares

Vulnerability Analysis

  • Understand the vulnerabilities and impact on information
  • Exposed Web Applications variables, etc


  • Documentation of information and provide resistant where required
  • Provide scanned report on vulnerabilities and impact

Partial list of Customer for Security Audit and ISMS Consulting




Suzlon Energy ltd


BS7799 & Security Audit

Tecumseh Products Ltd


Security Audit & SOC

National Informatics Center


Security Audit

Konkan Railways Corp Ltd


ISO 27001 & Security Audit

NESS Technologies


Security Audit/VAPT

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP)


Security Audit/VAPT

Oman Air



Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Locuz/3i Infotech IDC - Chennai (Security Operations Center)

  • Tier -III Specifications compliant Data Center/NOC/SOC
  • Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Standards
  • 6500+ Sq. ft of Hosting Facility
  • 15000+ Sq. ft more for expansion


  • Access Controlled facility
  • 150 Seat capacity
  • Large Screen Plasma Videos for monitoring
  • Multiple Levels of Technical Support
  • Diffused Lighting
  • Overhead LCD projector
  • ISO 27001 Certified Infrastructure Facility
  • ISO 20000 Certified Service Delivery Process

SOC Architecture

Case Study: 24x7 Security Monitoring - A Global IT Services Company

Business Driver

  • Handle issues of proactive threat protection and reduce risk and downtime through effective processes and security policies
  • Focus on core business
  • 24x7 monitoring support

The Solution: Locuz onsite Security Monitoring Services

  • Security Framework
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection
  • Centralize monitoring and management of security devices
  • ITIL based

Business Benefits

  • Centralized management and visibility to entire security environment
  • SLA based delivery for Security, Availability and Performance
  • 24X7 operations - business aligned