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The world today has prospered dramatically. In a sense, the economic integration of the global market and its activities within the societal area defines a great many features, components and aspects that are directly related to international business. The emergence and impact of globalization in all essence is one example that brings to front the subject of business convergence. In that reasoning of the term, we feel that globalization and its impact posed many opportunistic grounds for corporations and their business operation to look further and to focus their attention on the greener pastures. The purpose for any given business organization that is well established is "going global", as a measure to tap the opportunities and potentialities that international market provides. In that respect, the market structure in the international market also is full of complexities, risks factors; yet the in terms of business returns it is also very impressive and huge. That is why we see reason enough for business organization to venture in the international arena. Question that arises also can be simplified as to what is the impact of globalization overall in nurturing the idea of international business today? The general logic that we can lay emphasis to this notion also can be looked to the fact that there are many interrelated meaning and significance attached to international business.

Thus, the objective of this study is based partly on observing the many crucial facet of international business, and factor attached to it. We are also of the opinion that there is no shortage of issue and subject to consider in that regard. The subject interest of this report also focuses its structural analysis on UAE, and to trace the implication of international business and the trends that is fast catching up in the UAE economy and how corporation in UAE response to such factor. To understand these segments, we feel that a thorough analysis as to how corporations in UAE respond to international business and its implications should be attempted. Part of it, the theoretical discussion and assimilation of the conceptual meaning is also one discourse to define the overall purpose of this work and the attempt made in that regard as one basis to understand the implication and impact of international business and its comparative conceptual term and application relevant to UAE organizations as a measure to reach a conclusive conclusion and to derive the factor that can be recommended in respect of UAE corporations.


International business as one of the subject study is gaining a solid proportion in academic discussion. From a theoretical point of views, there are many interrelated topic that emphasize international business and its meaning. As we relate to the subject in discussion herein, one important point to note is the fact that with globalization making its inroads and impact, the nature of international business and its significant value is also tremendously being felt and has increased substantially. Globalization as we can grabs the general idea in it is an altogether different aspect of business practices to be precise when compared and contrasted with domestic business.

Thus, there is a whole lot of theoretical assimilation to begin with as far as international business goes. Take for example international business or the meaning of its concepts, in which scholars have held the opinion that "international business directly and in greater details involves the exchange of goods and services across national and international boundaries commercially. Together with it the exchange process involving relationships, between social actions located in different countries and nature of input and outputs" (Mohammad Reza Vaghefi, 1991, p. 4) also composed the salient elements of international business. Add to it, what we can further augment in respect of international business also emphasis again in context of the ingredients that are or that which can be influenced by certain factors that are noncommercial in nature. Take for example social and political scenario which has a great many thing that is related to international and its conceptual meaning overall" (Mohammad Reza Vaghefi, 1991, p. 4)

And when we reason again in that capacity, we feel that it would be prudent in which the subject matter proposal statement and its core issue in consideration are also highlighted, which the following sub-paragraph defines.


To begin with, we assume that as the impact of globalization is greatly being felt today, which did happened since the late 80s, business organization and corporations also are facilitating and making new arrangements in seeking new domains for the salient factor attached to diversification of business process and its operation that focus on the global arena. In that reasoning, for most big corporations today, internationalization is a good move and presents many opportunities. Together with it, comparative business management also can be promoted and facilitated accordingly. What we can further assume is the notion that advancement in market structures as well as the distribution processes, its systems and channels of new age marketing trends have redefined the way people do business. One important point to note also can be featured in respect of market structures in the international arena that is full of complexities to trace the many ingredients of business practices in any given location or business environments.


The significant and salient aspects of this work overall is to define the many imbroglio attached to international business and its subject analysis, which is proposed to relate the nature and extent of international business and its direct implication in UAE and the organization therein.

Take for example Etisalat, which have been selected as one organization based in UAE to trace the implication of international and its practices. Assimilating these pointers, we are of the opinion that the subject study that relates to international business scenario today exemplified and directly extrapolates avenues for theories and its discussion that is relevant to be implied practically, which is also one of the core purpose of this study overall.


In context of the scenario as detailed above and the purpose of this work overall, the research question that arises automatically can be hypothesized as summarized below:-

What are the nature, salient and significant aspects of international business in relation to UAE business practices and its scope?

What has been the major arena for the increase of international business today, and how does such insistence be traced and implicated in UAE?

What are the relevant ingredients of international business? How can the said relevant factor be traced in UAE?

What defines the major forces of international business management the organization responses towards and that which matter in context of UAE corporations?

What are the nature and dimension if international trade, and how the same can be emphasized in context of UAE?

In relation to these questions which are interrelated to the subject matter analysis, we feel that there is reason enough to define international business on a larger foreground and from an objective point of view. An aassessment of the subject matter thus, extended to implicate the underlying theories, and the forces affecting international business. Together with it, Etisalat as a business corporation is selected for an analysis of appropriate company responses to the international business phenomenon and anything in that capacity related to the subject matter which we will discuss accordingly.

Keeping the overall factor in contention, we are of the opinion that it would be prudent wherein an attempt to define UAE economic background, and the company overview selected for the purpose of this study and attempt made is that regard to trace the implication of the meaning, if any is also discussed accordingly as a foundation to follow the course of discourse in the subject matter arguments, which is as follows.


As we are aware, UAE today is progressing dramatically in all aspects of the socio-economic and political aspects. The scope of international business and its implication in UAE is also relevant in a sense. As a one of the fastest developing nations in the 21st century UAE has tremendous potential to make the most out of international business and its implication and practicality.

Thus, concerning UAE we assume that recent development is positive when it matters to its national output, price and foreign trade, which is an exemplification of international business and its implication that can be derived. As far as data available related to UAE economic indicators goes for the years 2009, there is enough implication that it's "GDP per capita stood at am impressive $49,782. Together with it, GDP at market price in UAE also is estimated to be approximately $229.97 billion," (OPEC, 2010) which says a lot about the economic background of macro-economic indicator and its relationship that defines the nature of progressing economy and that which is interrelated to international business and its conceptions.


To start with herein, we feel it would be proper to briefed through an introduction a crisp detail about Etisalat and its business process in particular. The company to begin with our analysis is "based in UAE, and designates its corporate profile today as one of the comprehensive telecommunication service providers in the Middle East and African region. On the global arena, Etisalat is one of the largest telecommunication companies, with a benchmark in telecommunication industry, and a global competitive force." (Etisalat, Corporate Profile, 2010)

Moreover, a thorough look into the components of its business process altogether through a tour of its website (http://www.etisalat.ae/) gave abundant details and information that is relevant to its business and overall management perspectives. What is relevant to Etisalat composed its international business, that is to say, which defines "what the firm has to offer in particular to the world and in reaching people and in enabling people to reach each others across market segment." (Etisalat, 2010) To top it all, the company profile also details a whole lot of meaning concerning its business. As we are aware, "Etisalat as an international organization has huge international exposure. In that respect, and in the world of telecommunication, Etisalat have had a long heritage that spans 4 decades down the line, wherein its business also expand beyond the traditional market." (Etisalat, Corporate Profile, 2010)


To begin within this note, we feel it would be relevant that the definition and all in between the significant aspects of international business and its meaning as a measure to derive the value of analysis in context of the abovementioned company and to trace the implication and integration of the concepts in business management practices of Etisalat.

Thus, the objective of the literature review is one part of the overall study that is emphasized in order to understand the salient aspects of the terms overall and that which can be related to the subject secondary and primary discourse, which is detailed below in brief and from many perspectives.


International business in simple meaning of term defines the notion and is "based on the premise that as a firm, internationalization and production claims and markets are more integrated across boundaries." (Debra Johnson, 2003, p. 221) What is the important fact to note in respect of international business can again be emphasized in respect of the idea that it generate in which it held that "globalization and internationalization increases opportunities for cross cultural contacts and also for cross-cultural misunderstandings." (Debra Johnson, 2003, p. 198) This is true to an extent, given that international business presents many opportunities as well as risks for corporation. In context of international business and its meaning, the conceptual term of comparative management also comes into force. However, from an operational management perspective, international business "signifies the point of globalization. Globalization as we can relate herein implies the emergence of a border less, hurdle less and a competitive environment in which survival of the fittest is the order. " (Cherunilam, 2007, p. 33)

Thus, when we lay emphasized to this notion and grounds rule as we can relate and speculate, we are of the opinion from our understanding that international business posits and presents a larger arena for corporation to compete with the best in the industry and on a global format. That is why scholars also are of the opinion that survival of the fittest is the order of international business and that which is true. Together with it and in the word of Debra Johnson, Colin Turner (2003) "international business emerge out of the direct insistence of globalization and changing business environment. In simple term, scholastic impression of the fact is that fundamental change in the last three decades brought about a phenomenon of sorts in the world economy, wherein, the impact also can be profoundly be read and observed in context of business, policies, societies, citizen and all in between the change that were impacted, which to an extent defines the implication of globalization in international business." (Debra Johnson, 2003, p. 3)

As we have related earlier as well, the emergence of international scenario can directly be linked to the phenomena attached to globalization. Fundamental changes in the business environment in the late 80s fostered the way for change, which is a good note. As change came into course, world economy and its avenue also undertook a progressive and dramatic shift as far as business is concerned. To top it all, features that combined the relevance and impact of globalization also can be traced in almost all forms of economic, social, and political integration and the change being nurtured. In that respect, there is a whole lot of meaning attached to the conceptual meaning of international business. Take for example scholastic impression of the fact that emphasis "to explore the basic boundaries and issue that scholar find relevant and that which also defines the conceptual boundaries of international business and matter of it the phenomena and relation of it all," (Brian Toyne, 1999) as we have already discussed


This is where the aspects of International business as we can relate and assimilate from generic understanding of the term also defines in its segment the concept of comparative management in which universal application of its relevant aspects can be traced. Take for example, the notion in which it is held that the study of international business or factor as such related to the management aspects in differing countries involves a process in which analysis of interrelated relationship of functions, the factor of managerial practices and its process as well is major environmental determinants that are given a thorough emphasis and analysis towards.

In that reasoning, contextual dimension of management also come into effect. Let say the components that composed of "management decision and actions that are very often influenced by context," (Edfelt, 2009, p. 8) and a direct relationship with international business and its meaning in greater details. This is what we can emphasis in short composed the nature and scope of international business. Besides, in simple terms, international business also defines the factors attached to divergence in management concepts and its applications and approaches that are a result of varying environmental conditions.

Thus, what scholars and eminent writers feel in that regard also "can be laid emphasis again to the contextual dimension of management again, in view of the system and contingency perspectives that calls for diverse factors, forces and environmental forces, their relationship and interdependencies within organizations, and in between such aspects the relations that also trace their implications with the community and the society at large." (Edfelt, 2009, p. 8) Assimilating this notion in parts provides a clear foundation as to what posits the factors attached to international business environment. Besides, the nature of international business environment and the "common definition that is understood by the general and in simple English language that are used most often concur with the notion of economic globalization. That is to say, the tendency that is marked and nurtured by corporations towards the international integration of goods, technology, information, services, labor and capital or that which defines the process that make things happens in these features and its integrations." (Donald A. Ball, 2009, p. 13)

Thus, in any given situation, international business is significantly influenced by forces of globalization. Take for example the environmental conditions that international business demands. Speaking of environmental condition, we feel that socio-economic forces also posits a solid foundation in that respect that gives a direct point to articulate the major forces in international business environments. However, it would be relevant if the major forces of globalization or factor that influence international business are exemplified. In that view, international business and forces of globalization posits "five major drivers or components, namely - political, technological, market, cost and competitive factors, which are wholly based on change and its nature that is evolving and significant ingredients that leads and foster international corporations towards globalization of their business and operations." (Donald A. Ball, 2009, p. 13) As we relate to these forces of globalization, there is enough reason to see it in crystal clear notion of the term attached to it. Together with it, the dynamics of international business also defines the varying degree as far as the emergence of international business goes. Take for instance, "the varying issue that are involved in international business, which are complex in a sense and when it matter to the cultural elements and forces as such, they are also complex. Hence, the dynamics that focus on international business should be emphasized and analyzed from an objective point. Take for example the factor that covers an analysis to a host of factors such as, international economics and its issue, factors that are attached to political realities, trade patterns, international policies and their influences and socio-cultural environmental forces, which signify the multifaceted processes." (Mohammad Reza Vaghefi, 1991, p. 5)


The influx of international business and mushrooming of Multinational Corporations in UAE in the current state of affairs is tremendously huge. There are countless numbers of Multinational Corporation who has set up shops in UAE in recent years. As we relate again to the economic aspects of UAE, its growth and progression is also heading in the right note and at a fast paced cycle. The UAE economy today and the flexibility of trade barriers present many opportunistic arena for Multinational Corporation to set up shop therein or to look for greener pastures. As more and more Multinational Corporations make their entry, the relevant factor of scope of international business is also more imploded in a sense when it is emphasized from the perspectives of international business environment. Considering these features and characteristics, the direct and primary questions also can be traced, and that which arises accordingly to the many issue encompassing international business environment in UAE and its economy at large. The methodology initiated in respect of the abovementioned facts also is differentiated between primary and secondary data analysis, which is related to the subject matter. Data acquired in that capacity is primarily based on theoretical assimilation of the subject matter and its discourse from available literature and the scenario encompassing international business environment in UAE, be it bilateral trade, political forces, macro and micro-economics as well as many recent development in the trade barrier, foreign trade and investment - wherein an imploded analysis have been focused to trace all the salient factor attached to international business and its subject as a primary discourse to amplify the meaning of this study overall.

When we emphasized again to the context of the primary methodology and its discourse, the question also arises as to what posit the ingredients and implication of international business and its notion when it matter to Etisalat, a company based in UAE with a global business scope and that foundation in the regard.

Thus, this subject study defines the secondary purpose of the methodology employed herein, wherein data analysis and its interpretation have been focused on the company concerned - that is Etisalat and the eventual development phase of the company as can be gathered from recent news events and happening, and information that can be retrieved from the company website, news reports related to the company and its international business, as a means to define the secondary purpose of the attempt made in that regard.


This part of the study takes into account the analysis done in respect of international business and its study overall, which represents the theoretical assimilation and a measure to trace the implication of the subject matter analysis and in context of UAE economy and in particular to the company selected for an evaluation on the impact and relevancy of any given international business and its forces that make their way therein. Scholastic impression of the notion of international business and its analysis also has a "lot to do with macro and micro-economics, and theory of trade and investment, as well the micro level of analysis that concern with corporations resource, governance structure and all in between, the relationship" (Brian Toyne, 1999, p. 59) attached to business operation of a given organization and its response to certain political, social, economic and technological change in the most effective manner and in capitalizing on these forces to project itself as a dominating and progressive force in the global market.


As we have detailed above in brief, there are many relevant factors that influence international business. Donald A. Ball is of the opinion that five major components that influences international business can be looked again in view of the following,

Political, social and economic factors

Technological factors

Market segments

Cost and

Competitive factors

These ingredients are wholly based on change factor and drive in context of international business, and their nature is also evolving and significant in fostering international corporations towards the globalization of their business and operations." (Donald A. Ball, 2009, p. 13) Another important aspect of international business and its driver to be emphasized again from the abovementioned factor and their influence also can be "put greater force to social and cultural convergence to say to. What is relevant to these aspects and components can be related to the facts that greater liberalization and the spread of global communication technology is a degree of social and technological convergence, and in itself is a precondition for globalization." (Debra Johnson, 2003, p. 9)

In parts from the above two scholastic notion, there is a whole lot of factor that can directly be interpreted as to what matters in international business and that which impact one or the other segments. Together with it, what we can further assimilate is also the features that composed the relevancy of international business and its nature and significant aspects and scope to be precise to trace the subject matter theoretically and its implication in UAE. Together with it, scholars have maintained, "the environment of international business is regarded as the sum of total of all the external forces working upon the firm as it goes about its affairs in foreign and domestic market." (Aswathappa, 2008, p. 113)


(Fig 1: - Image retrieved from, indiastudychannel.com)

As we relate to this picture in respect of international business, there is a direct implication that such practices also can be derived in UAE and at Etisalat business operation. Hence, the factor attached to external environment of international business thus explains a lot of things, and give greater essence to the meaning and its implication overall.


As we have already mentioned through an overview of the company, there is a direct integration of international business concepts. What is relevant to justify in that regard can again point to its website and the information therein. A matter of fact is that "international investment of Etisalat gives abundant references as to what posits the ingredients and features of its international business," (Etisalat, International Investment, 2010) and factor that are being nourished within the structure of the company to leverage itself against the best in the industry.

As we have discussed earlier, survival of the fittest is the rule as far as internationalization of business operation matters. In that reasoning as well, we feel that Etisalat have all in it's to make a major and tremendous mark in the global economy in driving home the idea of international business and its implication that is strategically defined. To justify the above assumption, there is a direct development that we can further relate as far as Etisalat international business operation goes. As a matter of fact, what is more relevant is that the firms also have clear details of the aspects of its external and internal business environment. What is more relevant to emphasized the notion of International business that posits a solid foundation at Etisalat also can be directly justified in reference to the media reports, which details "the company, and the news making the rounds wherein Etisalat went to the extent of rounding home the recognition for International Business Award, which is the latest news in the making." (HITEKMAGAZINE, 2010) To further exemplify and elaborate as to the features of international that is making inroads at Etisalat, news report available with AmeInfo.com also details a clear impression at to the course and scope of the point being raised, that is to say, the strategic outlook of Etisalat international business operations.

Hence, in contention of the above point and as far as the news reports and its highlights relates, there is a clear "message from the company leadership that in the wake of global opportunistic windows that have opened up in recent as far as trade and commerce concern, the firm also is in a process thus to increase its reach in major destination and markets such as the US market, Europe, GCC countries and in Asian market, by a standardization and setting up of IPVPN networks across the continents as a measure to leverage the firm global network for global operations." (AmeInfo.com, 2010)

This news highlight in particular is a direct exemplification far as it matter to trace the implication and integration of international business and its operations goes, when it matters Etisalat. Together with it, the "international business and its reach initiated and fostered by the company also expands its domains toward acquiring major shares in company such as Reliance Communication, an Indian based company, wherein the deal as per the news report goes is assumed to be close to US$ 3 billion. Such leverage that the firm have facilitated in recent two years defines that many components and direct influence of international business and its components in bridging the way for Etisalat and its consideration to merge with reliance communication, wherein the alliance between these two corporations gives ample reason for Etisalat leadership to smile as far as business goes, and in negotiating through the many forces of international business and its components," (InternationalBusinessTimes, 2010) to make the expansion move a major success for the company and its brand image. These developments also give evidence of the solid foundation that the corporations comparative management its practices professes to leverage itself against the best in the industry and to take the lead role as far as expansion strategy is concerned and to bring home the many opportunities that such development processes posits.

Apart from these developments in recent times only, the progression of Etisalat insistence in leveraging a detailed course of international business operations also expands far and beyond in major market around the world, and to make its presence felt with greater force. It appears that the internal leadership and corporate structure of Etisalat is profoundly nurtured, with dynamism, visionary in insights and outlook and with a hard point to trace its place and standing in the international market place. Above all, the discussion and development phase that is heating up in recent times as far as Etisalat international business operation and expansion plans goes also trace its significant domains in "Nigeria, where it already have had its market cap. Yet what is critical to note is the fact that Etisalat is in a process to invest heavily and to the tune of US$ 500 million as a measure to further leverage its presence in Nigerian market and to foster a competitive integration of international business in the most befitting way." (Roelf, 2010)

Further down the line, the integration and development course initiated by Etisalat to leverage its brand image and enhances its international business operations defines the direct purpose of the "company to invest heavily in Nigeria as a means to double its subscribers and to pose a direct competitive component for its competitors and rivals in the Nigerian telecommunication industry." (Roelf, 2010) These analyses in brief and in fragments defines the many facets that which we can conclude posits and mirrors the salient features of Etisalat International business operations in leveraging itself against the best in the industry and to make the meaning and derive is discourse for a meaningful result, which is economically reliable and sustainable and strategically defines. However, the question that remains are how does such factors are nurtured in the backdrop of international business in facilitating components and factors that is relevant to bilateral trade and agreements.

Thus, In order to have a clear justification of these development in context of the theoretical meaning that we have already explained, an analysis of UAE economic development phase and eventual turns of the trends and tide is a good exemplification to derive home the overall meaning and our understanding of international business, which is detailed again below in brief with a justification to the subject matter arguments.


As we have detailed earlier, UAE today is in the centre of global economic forces. The economic integration of the country in recent years also defines the many facets of international and in true economic sense to have been felt with greater force than ever before. What is specific and significant to these developments also can be in context of "increasing bilateral trade between UAE and likeminded nation across the world as a measure to facilitate the channels of cross border trade and commerce in the befitting manner and for the economic progression of the national economy and is direct implication and impact when it matter to global economy. In that regard, the news highlight, which brought into force "the news matter that UAE and China bilateral trade and agreements have tremendously and is estimated to be close to AED 40 billion annually," (Anonymous, 2009) defines the many facets that can augmented as one important components of international business making inroads in UAE today.

What brought about the development of these features to make their presence in the international arena also can be emphasized again in context of direct integration and impact of international business. Take for example the news reports which highlights the bilateral trade and agreements in UAE is one major force of contention to begin with, given that "the rapid growth and development of UAE and Chinese economy in recent years also defines the salient aspects of international business making its way to further enhance the very critical means in fostering bilateral trade and agreements between these two nations on many economic plan and layout to give a new meaning to the concept of international business and all in the between the agreements that foster lasting and strategic relationship," (Anonymous, 2009) that has a direct impact of the global economy.

Hence, in that reasoning again, we feel that the economic integration of UAE is also tremendously being felt, and mirrors the many salient components of the subject matter arguments. To further justify these facts and discourse overall, "the news report also highlight UAE and China bilateral trade agreement that is heating up is destined for a success outcome and exemplifies the fact that political and socio-economic forces that controls the dynamism of international business are being leveraged to take the country a step ahead in capitalizing from the many features of international business and its opportunities and benefits, especially factors that matter in bilateral agreements and trade barrier." (Anonymous, 2009)

Together with it, it is also relevant to mirror and comprehend the fact "UAE political leadership and policy makers also significantly understand the nature and scope of international business, which is why we see the integration of it in a better way to rings in the many features and to initiated actions in policy matter and the like as a measure to enhance the bilateral relationship between UAE and major nations, such as China, India as a measure to enhances the relation that are and that which have been nurtured in a strategic manner for the benefits of the national economy and a direct insistence of the global economy can be derived in such a development course." (Anonymous, 2009)


When we come to this part of the subject matter discussion, one important point to retrace back is the dynamics of international business in the backdrop of globalization, and the term attached to it, a clear composition and interpretation of international business can be derive to drive home the idea. In that respect as well, we feel varying degree defines the components of international business, which is more imploded in a sense and its "dimensional aspects and features also are more numerous and presents a greater variety of the components attached to it, than those associated with domestic firms." (Mohammad Reza Vaghefi, 1991, p. 13)

Hence, what we can further emphasize to conclude on the features encompassing Etisalat international business components also can directly be extended to its involvement in the international arena as far as business goes. In that reasoning and from the justification that we have derived, and all in between the information and is discussion in length presents every facts to cover up that "Etisalat international business spans the Asian market, Middle East and Africa, with major investment and presence in Pakistan, Tanzania, Sri Lanka," (Etisalat, International Investment, 2010) and that which defines the scope of its international business segments and corporation strategic outlook as far as international business calls for.


From our analysis of the overall subject matter, the theoretical term, meaning and components of international business there is ample evidence to trace the relevancy of the subject matter when it matter to UAE and in particular management practices that are approached at Etisalat.

However, we feel that further research and analysis of the subject matter also presents many interesting features to segment our understanding of international business and its components in a better way. Let say for example what is recommended is that a greater details to the factor that attached to political, social, technological and economic components can further be refined and present a greater details for research to be carried out as a measure to trace the implication and influence that these forces in particular defines.

As far as UAE economic features goes, there is every relevancy of international making its solid holding in the economy. However, it is recommended that policy in terms of bilateral trade and agreement also should have been given a thorough time to address the scope and strategic plan outlay of international business. Together with it, is also recommended that Etisalat as a service provider with huge international market cap also can significantly influence the competitive force by leveraging itself in the most benefitting by harnessing the opportunities and technological domains relevant to telecommunication industry and to further complements the negotiation process and its development to make its mark in the global economy for its brand image and capability as a Multinational Corporation.