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Professional Studies


Firstly, this report will involve researching the employment trends in software technology and the whole computing industry in general.

This report will then research and identify:

An employment field suited to graduates who are studying Software Technology. This will involve researching companies on the internet who are looking to employee students who have just graduated;

The technical skills required for the field. This will be the skills the graduate will be required to have in order to gain a good chance of getting the job; And

The personal attributes that employees will expect successful candidates to have. This will be the personal skills candidates should have to succeed in the workplace.

Lastly, I will write a critical self-evaluation detailing which of the skills and attributes I already have and how am going to further develop my skills.

Employment trends

Four out of ten UK businesses employ IT professionals. Levels of employment in specific IT roles can be distributed as follows:

The industry which I want to work in (software engineering), only make up 5% of the whole computing industry workforce in the U.K.

Career Development

Employees working in the computing industry must keep up with the latest technology or they will be left behind. The computing industry is forever changing. Companies are always working on new projects. Most technologies are outdated within months of coming out. For example, before the dual core processors came out the companies were already working on quad core processors. When a developer or programmer uses new technology and becomes familiar with the most recent technology trends, they will have advantage over their colleagues. Technological innovation is at the forefront of career development in computer sciences.


Women make up nearly half of the UK workforce (45%) but only 20% of the IT workforce are women. Women do, however, have a higher presence in operations and user support technician roles.

Personally, I have always thought of the computing industry as a male dominated industry. Throughout my four years in Higher education, there have only been a couple of women in each computing class. I think that the computing industry still suffers from stereotyping. People who work with computers are often labelled as “geeks”. TV shows and films also portray characters that use computers as “geeks”.

Employment Field

Identification and justification of selected field of employment

The job most suited for a graduate studying Software Technology would be a Junior Java software engineer. Other jobs suited to graduates are: Graduate Software Engineer, .NET Software Developer, Graduate IT Programmer and Graduate SQL Developer

Junior Java software engineering is suitable for a Software Technology graduate because studying Software Technology provides you with all of the skills necessary for the job. These skills include SQL. Training is also provided which will enable the graduate to further develop their skills. For example training is offered in java and web development.

Outline of key technical skills for selected field of employment

Some of the key technical skills needed by the graduate include:


The graduate will need to have a solid understanding of the language to be able to do the job. They will also have to be good at solving problems as this is required for developing and implementing programs.


Nearly every company has a database of some sort. It is necessary to have some exposure in SQL/Oracle. It is also a timesaver to carry out SQL queries in order to search the database to find records.

Object Orientated technologies

Object Orientated technologies are a lot more complicated than just writing code. You have to identify all of the objects and how they relate to one another. Object-oriented programming takes the view that what we really care about the objects we want to manipulate rather than the logic required to manipulate them.


JavaScript is a scripting language used for web development. It is an essential skill for people who want to be able to write functions that are embedded in or included from HTML pages and interact with the Document Object Model of the page. An example of using JavaScript on a webpage would be opening or popping up a new window with programmatic control over the size, position and 'look' of the new window.

Outline of key personal qualities for selected field of employment

The key personal qualities the graduate should have include:

Excellent communication

It is essential for any employee to have excellent communication skills as you need to be able to talk to your team, manager and clients, get them to listen to you and understand your plans and ideas. Communication helps provide your colleagues and clients with accurate information so there are no misunderstandings of what you have said.

The ability to use your own initiative

Being able to work on your own initiative is a very important skill. Your employer does not want to have to come up and tell you what to do all the time. It is best to have your own ideas to bring in.


It is vital to be able to work as part of a team, especially in the programming world. You have to be able to generate ideas and strategies as a team. It is essential to plan how the team will tackle the project. For example, what parts of the development life cycle will each person tackle and the timescale of the project. Team work involves reviewing the team's performance, making sure everyone is doing what they should be, identifying any problems etc. It is also a good idea to get to know your team before you start as people will respond to you better if you call them by their name rather than he/she.

Self-Evaluation Report

In my opinion, I have strengths and weaknesses in the technical skill - Object Orientated Programming.

My strength would be being able to identify the objects in the scenario and being able to document them. For example, when doing a class diagram I can identify the class names and then identify all of the correct attributes for that class. The next part is to select the operations; these are used in the program as the methods. I would then link the classes using the appropriate association, one to many, one to one, etc. When the class diagram is finished, you are then ready to set up the program.

My weakness would be turning the finished documents into a working program. It is easy enough to set up the classes. I find it difficult to code the program to get polymorphism. I have trouble understanding the logic and how to go about coding. To tackle this problem, I have carried out some research on how to implement polymorphism into my program and I now have a better understanding of how it works.

I plan to develop my object orientated programming skills further by continuing to practise producing documentation and programming using the documentation.

I have strengths and weaknesses in the personal skill - communication.

My strengths would be that I am able to present precise information to other team members when working within a team, making sure the other team members know what I require. Also I can inform other team members what needs to be done and if their work is not up to the required standard.

My weaknesses would be when having to do a presentation; I need to be more clear and concise, make more eye contact with the audience, slow down when necessary and take my time when delivering my presentation.

I plan to develop my presentation skills with lots of practise and be fully prepared for the presentation. Presentation skills are vital in the workplace as well as job interviews.


The basis of the report is based on employment trends in the computing industry. The computing industry is a male dominated industry. Software engineering makes up 5% of the whole computing industry workforce in the U.K. This is the profession in which I would like to work in when I graduate.

I then identified the key technical skills and key personal skills required for this profession. The key technical skills are Java, SQL/Oracle, Object Orientated technologies and JavaScript. The key personal skills are excellent communication, the ability to use your own initiative and teamwork.

Lastly I compiled a self-evaluation based on these key technical skills and key personal skills and my professional development. I identified my strengths and weaknesses in one key technical skill - Object Orientated Programming. I also identified my strengths and weaknesses in one key personal skill - communication.


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