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These models, concepts and tools in business strategic planning in Organization will help to get continues improvement for transformational, incremental and muddling for strategic planning and helps to get good quality of products and services. Those tools are given as following,

Management Strategy technique:

This management Strategy means shortcut to company to allocate the resources to get their business plan. "This aim is to develop and to delivery to customers through suppliers and distributions."(Gary Armstrong, 2008, 19) This technique will lead to company to learn how to get possible ways to investments as same as good understanding market place that where Company looking to target.

Operation management technique:

This operation management is daily active in any organization specially in developing a product or services plans in side of company. In this part of operation management will be a part of it such as suppliers, department and teams etc. Effectiveness, Efficiency and Economy are main aim in this technique.

Seals and marketing technique:

A vital role in the market for any company is seals and marketing. If there are no seals in market, then no sense to company to develop that product or services. So it is very essential every manager to develop seals and marketing strategy works within organization and one more thing that it is difficult understand in depth knowledge about seals due to different taste of customers in the market.

Finance technique:

Finance department strategy is only that can allow to what business company should be in and it helps to measure the performance of product or services. To any organization, a good understanding of how budget process based on strategic plan within the business is essential.

Question 2:

Based on Philip Kotler et al (2008, 76) now companies strategic planning process has been total changed and being preferred to modern style. Brand building, Customer attention, and customer management, product sales these are mainly changed according to modern strategic plan.

In modern strategic process, product, promotion, price and bottom line these concepts are really modern models in organizations. These modern models of strategic makes influencing customer and people come in and buy product or services.

Product or service techniques

Today organization ways to sell one product or their service in the market is totally changed and that way should be better or different to get engage to customers to buy that product or service.

Price techniques

When we compare with pervious days price strategic process, price techniques are totally changed because of heavy competition in the market. Now Companies are looking to sell their products or services based on value.

Ex: In London, Tesco food company products sold with different rates in central and less rate in remote areas out of London. Now it is product price rate is totally based on value that has been changed now a day.

Promotion techniques

In past centuries, there are no ways to much communication tools or delivery techniques in an organization to promote organization products or services but it is total changed. Companies have so many ways to promote their products like through new papers, televisions and self communication with customers and people for feedback.

Bottom line techniques

Now Company can't rely on their pervious performance which given by an organization and companies still need to focus on continues improvement in the market.

Question 3:

There are strong differences between prescriptive and emergent theories of corporate strategy in Organization those are given below. Before explanation and differences, definitions of both corporate strategies will be given below.

Prescriptive corporate strategy:

What is usually done in market is known as Prescriptive corporate strategy. Most of companies prefer this corporate strategy because of decision can be made by careful analysis by organization members.

Emergent corporate strategy:

What can be done realistically in market is known as emergent corporate strategy. It will be helpful company when mistakes are happened in middle of process. And then decision can be analyzed and taken based on those mistakes.

Prescriptive corporate strategy will be taken other factors which are conflicting objectives, multiple criteria being analyzed into consideration. But emergent corporate strategy can be done based on what happed in the past with evidence.

Prescriptive corporate strategy is sensitivity analysis that can be analyzed with possible decisions. But emergent corporate strategy will be analyze and made decision on a topic only based on past experience and that past experience is good for organization then same decision will be made. If it is negative the organization would like to change and go for prescriptive corporate strategy.

Relevance of both Prescriptive emergent corporate strategies to organizations are given a shot note below,

When organization put together both corporate strategies, it can seem bit similar to each strategy and it is depends on situations which are currently facing by Companies in the market. (Gary Armstrong et al, 2008)

Both strategies are main target to give competitive advantage in the market. One more relevance that Prescriptive can helpful company to bring profits and emergent corporate strategy will also try to help company to bring profits even it is hard times in market.

Question 4:

To identify organization goals and values, I have taken one profitably beverage Company which has geographically direction all over the place is Coco Cola company.

Now Coco Cola Company goals and values can be indentified and clarified based on strategic planning process below,

Paul Joyce et al (2001, 34) on goals and values "monitoring and improved decision making are only ways to organization goals and values". Based on Paul Joyce, Coco Cola Company has taken great decision making and monitoring process for product during manufacturing as same as once product has been released in market.

Coco coal Company goals:

To become first leading Beverage Company in North American due to heavy competition from PepsiCo Company there based on surveys.

To give their products to all over the place for reasonable rates in the market based on manufacturing cost and transportation cost.

Heavy competition in market, some innovations and changes are needed to their products those should be made according their customers' expectations from Coco Cola company.

To improve Coco Cola Company market share, profits in all over the places. It helps to shareholders and stakeholders to live longer in the market.

Coco Cola Company values:

Coco Cola company needs improve health care for their customers and needs make health product such Diet cock etc. It helps to their customers to get good health.

Honesty and integrity is main value that every employer should be honesty and integrity with other employers in company and with their customers too.

Every employer has right in company to get right payment, holidays, benefits in all level of employment in Coco Cola Company without any discrimination such age, colour and gender etc.

Trust and respect for Coco Cola Company in market should be built. It helps to company in competitive advantage.

Question 5:

To explain conflicting needs, power and influence of stakeholders of organization, I have taken Coco Cola Company.

Coco Cola Needs, power and influence of stakeholders:

Needs of Coco Cola Company to manufacturing and distributing to all over the place are ingredients and two viable suppliers.


Ingredients of Coco Cola product:

High-fructose corn syrup, 28gram of Caffeine, citric acid of 85 grams and water can be used to manufacture this Coco Cola product.

Two viable suppliers:

Once Coco Cola products are made then next step that should be taken is to suppliers. They can help to company to distribute to all over the places. Coco Cola Company can improve the relations with suppliers by making great tactics due to they are very important to company or else it could lead to bankruptcy. (Richard Lynch, 2005, p: 113)

Power of Coco Cola Company:

The real thing is Coco Cola Company has growth by using national and international resources in all over the places even it is facing up and downs in some countries. The main power to this company its brand name in the market.

Influence of stakeholders in Coco Cola Company:

Coco Cola Company stakeholders are playing key role to making any improvement works for Coco Cola product such as innovations and improvement of company management. These stakeholders are part of company for improvement programmes. In this company there are two types of stakeholders one is internal stakeholders and one more is external stakeholders.

Internal stakeholders

Internal stakeholders are managers and employers in Coco Cola Company and they have some powers to run the particular branch day to day. If anything happened to that particular branch, then these managers and employers will be affected by external stakeholders.

External Stakeholders

External stakeholders in Coco Cola Company are who run organization in particular country is real stakeholders. Whatever that happened even it bad or good to company, these stakeholders really affected based on situation.

Question 7:

Now Mission, Vision and strategic Intent will be developed for Coco Cola Company:

Before organization has been established, every organization should have vision, mission and strategic intent which can be driven and lead company into profitable way.

Coco Cola Mission statement:

In any organization, Mission statement can be described the overall purpose of organization. This mission brings to organization specific image in the market and brings to employers what really develop product and what kind of service should be delivered in the market.

In this Mission statement, Coco Cola Company is clear idea what image they have in the market, what product should be manufactured and delivered in the market.

Coco Cola Vision Statement:

Vision Statement in an organization will be carried out their operation very effectively with full of description. It vision statement give to Company employment and stakeholders to where they needed to move in the end. So Coco Cola Company has vision statement and they are moving toward to their vision by getting profits and brand name in all over the places.

Coco Cola Strategic intent:

The main aim of strategic is analysis the factors of external and internal environment factors and get the plan for how operation in company should be carried out effectively without any mistakes occurred. Coco Cola Company strategic intent is to gain competitive advantage in the market from competitors (PepsiCo) and customer. If any mistake that happened during manufacture and selling, then emergence strategic should be ready to use and avoid same mistakes in the next time.

(Source: http://managementhelp.org/plan_dec/str_plan/stmnts.htm#anchor519441)

Question 8:

Now theories to supporting the relevance and value of Vision, Mission and objectives are critically appraised. Macroeconomic theory, microeconomic theory will be taken to support the relevance Coco Cola Vision, mission and objectives.

Macroeconomics theory at Coco Cola Company:

Macroeconomics is the factor of product of Coco Cola economic is homogeneous and fungible. This macro helps to Coco Cola Company to build resources, capabilities and developing strategic and suited to company analysis.

Microeconomics theory at Coco Cola Company:

This theory will be analyzed Coco Cola Company, market behaviour of individual consumers and to understanding of decision making process. Coco Cola Company Microeconomics theory will help to company to interaction between customers and company management (buyers and sellers).

Value of Vision, Mission and objectives in Coco Cola Company:

Vision, Mission and objectives are very important part in any organization and those can be set up organization goals clearly. Coco Cola Company will be benefited with vision, Mission and objectives by increasing profits, monthly seals in market and maintain cash flow.

The main key element for these Vision, Mission and objectives in Coco Cola Company are company performance, customer satisfaction. If Coco Cola Company serves the best beverage to their customers, then customer satisfaction will be determined by making random surveys of customers.

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