Effects Of Job Changing On Companies

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People are our most important asset. And it's not enough to simply find the best and brightest. Keeping talented employees can be even more important. -Manpower. .

A decade back long service was recognized and awarded ,and better known as silver jublee and golden jublee.In IT industry the news is that this awards for long service are given whoever completes a year.the researcher who is an ex-employee himself was one of them.

During his service period of work it was common to see new faces all the time .after every 3 months he use to see a new face in and out., sarcastically it wasn't companies that were controlling this occurrence.

Changing Jobs is a severe concern and has a lot of harmful impact on a organization. In the coming years with the planet becoming more and more up to date, trustworthiness to a company has taken a definite offstage, Long time back time when a man would arrogantly say that how many years of service was been given by him for that company , today it is like how many jobs one can change in a year .

Job hopping is very serious problem and has various negative impact on the company .with the new company policies and structure and the modern work pattern and employees with various skills ,loyalty to the company was in the back stage .a average man would think how many jobs he can hop in years time with better money.this is the current trend in the market.

This can be caused due to many reasons ,money,stress or managements fault.what ever could be the reason and researcher himself being one of the employee finds this topic exciting and more to research on it .he finds himself in a state to know the condition from both the employees and employers observation.

This research will be based on Afrikanet .net company which started 10 years back in 1990 and is now , one of the good IT company witch provides internet in afrika via satellite and has a revenue of 1 millions pounds annually . Its rise was amazing and is considered to grow 5% annually ,now it has partners across Europe and South America .


even if no one can define HRM, the vital aim of HRM is to support the faithfulness of employees to be reliable to the organisation, In spirit the community become the key success factor to an company , and the accomplishment of the company is to asset how to treat people is key resource (Guest 1987)

According to Bach 2005, HRM varies from employee relations in its heart on management practices and affinity to ignore the interests of employees. In fact, he has 'tough' views on the nature of HRM:

HRM is unitarist (employer and employee interests should coincide) with an emphasis on organizational effectiveness

The interests of other stakeholders such as employees are minimised

There is a major interest on the individual firm - specifically, within the firm - focused on individual employee enthusiasm and goal

According to Human Resource Management in a Business Context 2/e Pages 32-35 the term HRM means 'A idea of employee administration supported by the idea that human resources are exclusively important in continuous industry success. A Company grows competitive benefit by utilizing its employees efficiently, drawing on their skills and originality to meet clearly distinct objectives. HRM is designed to recruit competent, supple and dedicated people, running and pleasing their performance and increasing key competencies.'

in spite of the competitive edge that may be protected from sources such as product improvement, hi-tech transformation and the additional proficient exploitation of force and unrefined resources, the way in which a labor force execute its job will normally have a big attitude on the organisations's long term achievement.

regardless of the above disparagement of HRM, it is generally assumed that the company's HR are the key to the accomplishment and breakdown of the organisation. Therefore if an organisation magnetizes and holds its staff, they will become well aggravated within the job and the company flourish. This is why withholding is of highest significance.

As per Sen (2008), he defines that in an industry which is so blue-collar, or in other words manpower reliant, it is quite regrettable that the most very important factor of production is also the most unreliable one.

Service industry has a sorry image of long hours, impractical deadlines, and in the end an unsatisfactory pay, which in returns have complexity in holding on to its people. The core causes for powerful earnings according to an article in The HRM Journal (2007) are money, the well-known bench, poor managers and the belief that in this field Career development is just a fairy tale.

in spite of hard work being made to decrease workers earnings within the business, earnings is to be likely and no matter what plans and approach a company equipts, if workers are not satisfied within their job function they will ultimately depart.


The research has a dual reason, as the research is based on the company Afrikanet, the report will be fairly helpful for the company, also from a own point of view, the details researcher would put on in this area throughout the course of this dissertation.

at the same time as scripting the report the researcher was lucky to speak to Owner of the Company , He helped me get company information; the business loses around 10 employees on a quaterly basis. To stay up to different standards and to hold to its target, it must hire those many workers again. This is very vital as it must always show good work surface strong point.

Every following batch gets a higher salary than the earlier one, this is because of the competition among the IT companies and their battle to pick the best IT brains from the country. As to find a replacement and to recruit them it cost money not only for the recruitment but also for their training so that they work as per the company standards and maintain the service.

Another upsetting issue due to these problem is a situation where the company has to look at the client and let them know that their preferred Handler or source is no longer working with them ; this would cause responsibility issues with the client and due to this they might loose the client. Apart from these there are a variety of other issues for the company due to high income rates.

this dissertation will allow the researcher, the good chance of working with a company again which is one of the good IT company and also a company the researcher wants too see himself working with, in the future. Te following research will let him know both sides of the coin. To end with this research it will help the researcher to study management in practical circumstances.


The plan of this research,is that researcher must be competent to recognize with and be capable to respond the subsequent query Once he reaches the conclusion .

To recognize the altitude or level of job satisfaction existing in the company.

To examine who is accountable for employee fine being in a company, is it the HR team or management responsibility as well.

To find, review and then apply best practice methods used by other IT company in direct competition with the company (purely based on secondary data)

To reach to certain response to these objectives, it will take the researcher nearer to this study.


Even though the investigator would like to study and find out more about job-Changing on a international and general scale, due to various restriction like money and time , this research will have its boundaries. They are

The research will be mostly based on information offerd by Afrikanet , therefore research will be carried out on these strategy, but because of changing jobs is a common occurrence among other IT companies the motive could be the alike and so would the conclusion offered by this research

These are the a range of restrictions the researcher would come across while writing this report.


The regularly used term 'research', involves a hunt for knowledge, in particular one that is conducted in a normal way using systematic technique and measures. Its major purpose is to learn answers to questions and build up reliable information.

If research was by no means conducted, all methodical and collective work would be based only on presumption defined view and assumption. To do the research one has to put together and build up a plan of action.

To move forward in a right direction the researcher will be considering inductive point of view with qualitative research. Qualitative research is concerned with the growth of details, in order to know the reasons and inspiration of social occurrence . The aim is to know the planet in which we exist in, by taking into holding persons view, skills and approach.

in relation to Saunders et al (2002), the inductive way; assumption will pursue data rather than other way around in the deductive approach. Induction highlights on having knowledge of the importance of persons attachment to trials, it supports in the gathering of qualitative information and lastly, dissimilar assumption which is a vastly controlled course, training is a more supple structure which allows changes as and when the research is developed.

The research strategies used are;

Grounded Theory


Case Study


Grounded Theory

Saunders et al (2002) explains grounded theory as events that are planned to make an clarification or to produce a theory about the vital subject that appears from the information the researcher would obtain. This is an additional approach the researcher would be using to help him for his paper.


according to Saunders et al (2002) Ethnography is definitely ingrained to the inductive method. The reason is to understand the communal world the research focuses to populate in the way in which they understand it. The research procedure needs to be supple and receptive to alter since the researcher will continuously be developing new ways of consideration regarding what is being watched.

Case study

According to Researcher R K Yin (2003) says the case study research method as an experimental investigation that investigates a modern incidents within its real-life circumstances; when the limits between occurrence and situation are not clearly obvious; and in which several causes of proofs are used.

However In this matter the researcher is looking at the IT business, Afrikanet, as a case study to advance his research. This corporation is perfect because changing jobs is lot to worry here; also the researcher has tried to contact with the correct people in this organisation


Both primary and secondary data will be used in the research.

Secondary Data

The facts that is previously existing is known as secondary data. It is utilizing the study previously started in a specific subject so that no one repeats it whilst carrying out primary research. It is very cost efficient and valuable as this is a academic assignment there is no money at our clearance to carry out the research. It recommends ease and is effortlessly obtainable on folders and also on business websites (Wright l, 1995). This will be used widely while examining the literature on the recommended subject. a little of the secondary resources that will be used are academic paper like HR paper and worker relation journals.. to conclude, a number of talented writers have written a lot on this topics, these manuscripts will as well be checked. The secondary research is going to be used efficiently to give a better conditions to start a good primary research.

Primary Data

Primary data is the data that has been gathered during a sequence of documented semi-structured interviews carried out by the researcher. While previous administrator authorization will be taken from those who will be interviewed. Semi-structured discussion are where the interviewer would ask prepared questionnaire to interviewees; these questions differ from individual to individual depending on that individuals status with respect to the study. Although the broad topic remains similar, not all queries can be discarded and as it depends on who is being interviewed. For example, queries to an HR head would be around how to manage with abrasion and the organization view on how they are seeing at this issue, on the other hand in an interview with the engineers, he would be focused on the consciousness of the employee and the motive for the general tendency of changing jobs issue.


The researcher identifes all the data he would gain would be based on significance uttered in the course of language, this sort of information is known as qualitative data. The procedure of qualitative analysis engages the progress of information grouping, assigning part of the original information to right categories and rising and testing theory to produce firm conclusions. Now it is very important that all this loaded data must be altered to information the researcher could

understand and deal with

combine related data from different records and notes

classify key topic or model from them to additional assessment

construct up or test theory based on these obvious model

describe and confirm conclusions (Saunders et al, 2002)


As it draw closer to partially structured meetings with the a range of interviewees, as per Saunders et al (2002), there is at all time a risk that even if, in opinion the interviewee is ready to contribute but nevertheless be aware to examination of certain subject, subject which could make the company look awful or maybe even the person. This could be a genuine setback because then the result of that would be only a incomplete representation of the condition.

But in the case of the researcher, the topic has been properly clarified to the interviewees in time, the researcher is lucky that most of the contributor are associates or friends, hence the pressure will not be present. Having said that there is still that option the contributors will be discussing with a bias for that company, for the same reason, the researcher will be talking to a range employees from different department in that company and not just the Recruitment and HR personals , the researcher administerd to get in touch with a some engineers and also a project manager in that organization . The researcher is eager that taking into account he would do an analysis from every aspect to the issues , and would come to a concrete unbiased truths and fact of this issues.

Lastly the researcher has guaranteed and signed a letter of confidentiality to the Owner of the company saying that this data will only be used for this project and educational purposes.Also the researcher has assured secrecy to the few employees so that they will be tension free to say what they wish to say all about the organization and their own reasons.

2.6 Information ACCESS

The researcher was lucky to have some powerful contacts in the Company , this was partly because he was a good employee and left his mark in the company and also because he comes from a good IT background both intellectually and proficiently

The researcher plans to carry out semi structured interviews with the following people.

Mr. Casamir Fotso(Owner)

Mr Jimmy (Administrative Manager )

Mr. Peter (Ex-Project ManagerAfrikanet)

Miss Mpongo Domnic (France Afrikanet)

Mr. Ritchie Gardner ( Ex Assistant manager for Business Development)

The first member, Mr Casamir is the owner of the company from last 10 years and he himself conducts interview and hire employees according to the need of the company ,it not a big company with the total number of employees are around 70 .the company has grown a lot in a decade and company wants to hire more and more employees.the researcher will access the required information about the HR strategies and and process

To know the Different part of the tale, the researcher is in contact with Mr Jimmy , who was also researcher's ex manager currently working with Afrikanet . Mr Jimmy assured he will help me with this research.

Mr Peter and some more of the colleagues would help me by providing me the employees point of view.

The researcher will seek help from other people and specialist in this topic with in turm help him to get this project done on time





Number of weeks













1.Defining the Objectives

2.Literature Reviewing

3.Adding Important articles

4.Scripting the Literature Review

5.Collecting the Secondary Information

6.Preparation of Interview Questions

7.Writing Research Methodology

8.Collection of Primary Information. by Interviews

9.Analysing the Information and data.

10.First Draft

11.Final Copy then Printing and binding

In 1917 Gantt chart Developed, a chart which provides a straightforward diagram illustration of the activities that structure the research plan, all being planed along a time line. The time that we assume it will take is corresponds to the length of related horizontal bar, at the same time as the task's starts and finishes that time is corresponds to by its point in the time line.

As one can see, the time used for this research is a stage of 7 weeks, .and time taken for every task can be seen clearly

knowledge has it that but fine time is planned, the process takes longer than expected. This Gantt chart however was examined and each task has been given appropriate time which will help him with his completion of dissertation on time.