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I found this project really challenging as I was doing the research on a company which I was not working at and the only connection I had is that my friend was working there through whom I was able to take permission and conduct the research. Domino`s Pizza is a multinational company and it was an enjoyable and knowledgeable experience researching for the motivational issues with the branch. My perception during the research was to complete the project and do well in it. I inherited a lump of new things which has improved my personal skills. As I am very quiet person and not very interactive. I got to communicate with various cultured people. This boosted my confidence and I learnt new things such as performing presentation, conducting interviews, note taking and create questionnaires. I have also implemented or applied some problem solving management theories which I obtained from my notes.

Have your perception changed?

My perception have not been affected or changed after completing the project process because this project was on educational basis therefore I used experience and knowledge to improve my skills to become more efficient and know how to gather, analyze and provide solutions to the problem identified. As this project assisted me obtain additional familiarity than anticipated as I continued to pursue more knowledge or information from the internet and the journals as well. In general the project benefited me a lot as I got a practical idea of how the company runs and how the operations are taken place and allowed me to actually apply the theories and techniques I have learnt from the course.

If you could do the project process again, what would you do differently?

I would like to manage the time efficiently so that my tasks are completed in time and avoid the last minute extra load. I would have more intense and have extra interviews conducted to get raw information and that would help me get to the root of the project. I will make sure that I apply as much as possible problem solving techniques to get accurate results. I need to increase my innovative thoughts as several of my ideas are not adequate to make the project more presentable and up to the standards of the tutor expectations so that I will be able to get a higher grade. I have to be self-motivated and become active as I am very lazy person that is why I sometimes do not perform the tasks at the right time. Therefore I have to work on my time management skills.

The Problem Solving Process Selected From The Project Process.

How did you define the problem or the opportunity as part of your problem solving process? And did this definition process work for you?

The first thing I did was to define the potential business problems by thinking it out. I did it by listing the problems, causes and there effect on the business. Then concluded from the major problems which were currently in the branch or company. With the list jotted down and have the problems in mind; I was able to rationalize the objectives of Domino`s Pizza which they needed. As I was able to discovery various solution to clear the problem; this would be beneficial to the company. This process confirms that the right motivation if present then that factor would lead the company towards success. The main objective was to confirm if there was any motivational issues and if yes then what is triggering that problem and how it should be solved.

What specific problem solving process did you select for your project?

In the problem solving process I performed the following steps:

Identify the Problem

Analyze the Problem

Confirm the business problem through doing a research

Conducted interviews, distributed questionnaires, observation and literature review.

Generate and recommend Potential Solutions.

Critically Review the specific problem solving process you selected for your project?

I believe the most important part was the brainstorming as it will give you innovative ideas or ways to perform the research and it will help you better understand the research in depth. This factor will provide better solutions to the problems. The most teething tasks in the problem solving process was to collect the information. I conducted the interview with the manager and distributed a set of questionnaires to the staff. I prioritized the required information. Ensuring that all information are relevant to the research and not bias. Through undertaking this research I used various problem solving techniques such as planning cautiously and establishing the facts that are significant to the research.

What strategies did you use to overcome difficulties in your problem solving process?

I was patient and analyze the problems carefully. When conducting the research the questionnaires were not given to all the staff at once as they were not all available at the same time so that was time consuming and just before starting the research Domino`s Pizza went for renovations for 2 weeks which spoilt my plan in performing the tasks. This increase the load as all the part of gathering information had to be completed in a short period of time. I had to prepare questions according to the motivational issues possibilities in the company.

If you could do the problem solving process again, what would you do differently?

I would like to gather the information as fast as possible so that problem such as renovation of the company does not slow the entire process. I would like to ask more questions and have the interview recorded so that I can refer to the interview again and pick out points I have missed out. I also would do some intense research and to find out more efficient and effective way to perform the problem solving process. I would try to observe the employees work for longer period of time and how they are treated. I will make sure that I get more time to interview the manager as he was very tied up with his work so I will take an appointment for longer period of time to perform the interview effectively.

The decision making process you selected as part of your project process.

What specific decision making process did you select for your project?

Autocratic style for an extremely compound tactical decision as you have no margin of error and a small wrong decision may negatively affect the research and bring up major problems. I had to take into consideration the research when choosing what management theory to use, what instruments to use to gather information and how to deal with a setback to plans.

Critically review the specific decision making process you selected?

I try to blend into the environment and try to put myself in the shoes of the workers which help me make clear decisions. I planned all the steps and made sure I follow them. I had done enough research to overcome the problem which could occur during the research taking place. To make sure that the right information is being gathered and it is relevant to the research work.

What strategies did you use to overcome difficulties in your decision making process?

I was really focus on my research and made my timetable so that I at least invest some of my time in the research to have a steady progress and try to deploy my time on every aspect of the research so that it can performed correctly and bring up positive results. By doing extensive reading on the related books of the assignment and going through all the management theories which could be applied and be evaluated. Looking for support of high-ranking staffs of the organization concerning their views and examine those views to see if they are helpful or not to the decision making process.

If you could do the decision making process again what would you do differently?

To do intense reading and getting more familiar with the topics and be able to apply more effectively than before. I will use the knowledge off various theories to make my decisions more accurate and effective. I would make sure that I have enough information and knowledge before making any decision and take into consideration the consequences to that decision.

The research method you selected as part of your project process.

What specific research methods did you select for your project?

I used four methods of research such as interviews, questionnaires, literature review and observation. The interview was conducted with the Shift manager where I had a face to face conversation and I retrieved a lot of vital information from the interview such as the behavior of the manager and his leadership style as interview gives us detailed information. Then I distributed questionnaires which had 10 set of questions which were given to 12 of the staff members. These questions where used to identify the factors which were affecting the motivational of the staff. Then I did observation on how the employees where working. Literature review was the first method I used to gather information such as the values, mission and the culture of the business.

Critically review the specific research methods you selected?

The most relevant and helpful method was interviews and then questionnaires. As interviews brings in vast amount of information and can take us to the root of the cause and problem. Questionnaires will give a general and large quantity of information in assort period of time. These methods can reveal some disclosed and confidential information.

Critically review how effective you were in gathering the relevant primary and secondary data?

I was effective until some extent on the secondary data which is from the literature review were I got the information from the web, broachers and a few company files of which I had access to use for my research. Limited access created problems. For the primary the questionnaires took time as all of the employees were not available at the same time so I received the questionnaires in parts. Getting the interview fixed was a big problem as the manager had a very tight schedule.

Was statistically analysis used? If not, why not?

Yes there was a statistical analysis of “What do the employees feel about the working condition.â€Â A pie chart was drawn up to show the ratings provided by the employees regarding the working condition.

Were my planned research instruments used? If not, why not?

As I planned all my four research were used. There were some delays in performing all of due to the dates provided to conduct the research but they were all used.

Cautiously set the questions.

Cautiously organized the information that I collected.

Thoughtfully construed the information through charts to display the efficiency of the analysis.

Observed the details I collected at relative terms rather than at absolute terms.

What strategies did you use to overcome difficulties in your selected research methods?

Were in questionnaires I had to come several times to distribute questionnaires and to solve this kind of problem I planned out my whole research. I tried to get as much as possible information from the time window I had to complete the information gathering. The outlines, notes and samples provided by the tutor helped me go through the process step by step.

If you could do the project again, would you use the same research methods?

I would use all the research methods again except observation. This is because people tend to act differently when they know that they are being watched by someone. Which will give out false information. The other problem with observation is that just by looking you cannot gather a lot of information. Therefore it is irrelevant and waste of time. I would concentrate more on the interviews and this time I would also few of the staff so that I get more base information. Increase number of questions in the questionnaires. I would take the appointment of a longer period of time with the manager so that I can have more details. I will make sure that I get greater access to the documents and files of the company to have a clearer picture of the company`s problem.

Your management of the project process.

Critically review your management of the project process?

I was using strategic management process as it is the perfect fit to the project and this defines the culture, vision, mission and goals of the organization. As I was sing various strategies to maintain the flow of the project. I planned all my tasks so that I can be in track with my progress and so that I can finish the project before the due date. Managing and allocating all the resources in order to conduct the research method.

What strategies did you use to overcome difficulties in management of the project process?

There were some unexpected delays to conduct the research instruments which setback the project. This was taken care of by reorganizing the task so that I could come back on track and be able to complete the project before the deadline. Many problems occurred but by being patient and having a positive attitude made managing easier and this helped me to brainstorm and get new ideas to solve the problems. Planning is the key to organized work so I kept on planning and had a backup plan if something went wrong.

Critically review your experience of putting the proposal together?

All the plans created to what to do during the whole project were disoriented so I had organize them and put it in order than collect information and data from other places which may be helpful and useful to the project and related to my studies or not.

Critically review your experience of putting the report together.

It was a very difficult as it was confusing and did not know how to put together the information to make the report. By using the samples and formats of creating report which made reporting making easier and the tutor would help on places I was stuck but mostly the notes provided were adequate. Making the report by applying various management theories and concepts. Identifying, recommending and applying the motivations theories and providing solutions to the problems detected.

Critically review your experience following your project plan.

I was no able to completely follow the project plan due to some problems and turn on events which affected entire process. Such as the company going for renovation, not getting an appointment with the manager and not being able to find all the employees at one time which meant repeating the process again. This result wastage of time and therefore you cannot perfectly follow the project plan.

If you could manage project process again, what would you do differently?

Time management will be the first thing to improve on. Then having a backup plan if something does not work as expected. Therefore extra precautions and instant solutions should be there for minor problems. Plan the project in such a way that it finishes 2 weeks before time so if there is any delays then I will still have the 2 weeks extra. That would make the whole process more productive and efficient. I have to become proactive rather than be active so that the problem can be solved before it occurs.

Your application of management concepts during the project.

What management concepts did you apply during the project process and writing of the report?

I used various motivational theories such as Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs such as basic needs, social needs and so on. Frederick Herzberg Hygiene Theory and McGregor Theory X and Y. Hertzberg Two Factor Theory and Just-in-time concept to avoid excess stock and get fresh raw materials and to avoid running out of raw materials such as toppings on the pizza. Quality control to maintain the quality of the production of the pizza and keep it up to the standards. I applied and related the above theories and concepts to the research.

What new management concepts (if any?) did you come across during the project?

I did not come along any new concepts. The one I applied and put together were related to the project.

Critically review your application of your management concepts in the project

I used the management functions as follows:




Controlling when Domino`s Pizza went for renovation for 2 week. That affected my task of gathering data got delayed so I had to speed up my plans and starting doing literature review until it opened up. Then I conducted the rest of the research instruments.

Organizing when the above problem occurred I had reorganize my plan according to the fall back. By reprioritizing tasks and plans which were made.

In order to organize I had to plan how to put things into place and how I can complete the project by the provided deadline. The short-term plans have to be developed to know were the business stands.

If there are insufficient resources, which stop high standards from being accomplished; management has to lower the standards. In the controlling processes such as quality control and stock control. Quality has to maintained and to maintain that they need get I quality resources and by keeping the motivated by providing incentives and appraisals.

Did you apply the principles of the ethical research?

Yes, I sent an official letter for request for permission to do the project on the company. Which includes conducting the interview, questionnaire, observation and literature review. All information gathered are not bias and have been researched. Confidential information which are not meant to be revealed are left confidential and untouched.

If you could apply management concepts again in the project what would you do differently?

I would not change anything but I would like to add a new motivation theory. I would add the Vroom Theory as it fits the project. If will be specified alternative chance to apply management concepts again. I will stick to the identical tactic and the knowledge I got from the studies. This will improve my personality and my persuasive skills.


b) Recommend Six Project Process Improvements:

Recommendations 1: Gathering your data

Concern: No interviews conducted with the staff members and all the employees are not available at once.

Recommending you Improvement: to take interview with at least 4 staff members and take an appointment before going to gather the information.

Outcome: so that more information can be collected and less time consumed or wasted in coming again to conduct the research instrument.

Recommendations 2: Following your project plan

Concern: when the Domino`s pizza went for renovation for 2 weeks which delayed the data collection.

Recommending you Improvement: have a backup a plan if such problems occurs or plan the tasks so that they can finish before time. When such problem happens I can recover from the delay.

Outcome: you will have an alternative option if such a problem occurs and you would be able to recover back.

Recommendations 3: Analyzing your data

Concern: the previous project did not have any graphical representation which made analysis unclear.

Recommending you Improvement: put in some graphs and charts and more statistics to compare the results.

Outcome: to make it more presentable and can be easily evaluated. Too check the company performance.

Recommendations 4: Making conclusions and recommendation

Concern: when I created the conclusions its recommendation are from the research conducted so I cannot put in my personal suggestion.

Recommending you Improvement: my personal suggestions or solution should be able to be taken under consideration.

Outcome: this will give better and innovative solutions. As there will be various ideas to help solve the problem.

Recommendations 5: Writing proposal

Concern: it is difficult to start if you have no idea. Thanks for the tutor`s help and handouts plus everyday lecture and search for the internet. Than able to finish it on time. We need time to learn everything and practice.

Recommendations 6: Writing report

Concern: have to apply various management theories which are related to the project and not any other.

Recommending you Improvement: other theories should be used so that we can get detailed information and can related to the concepts and that will help in the analysis.

Outcome: this will make the report writing easier and in detail. This will explain the problem and solutions in depth.