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Golden state is a large textile manufacturing company and is the in the 5th rank in manufacturing organization; purpose of opening it is to provide customer better cloth in attractive price and also increase the standard of life and provides employment to the people and makes profit.

b) Identify three (3) other types of organization and explain how their purpose and reason for establishment might differ from Golden state Manufacturers?


Other types of organization that differs from Golden state manufacturers are:

Wal-Mart -Sam Walton is a founder of Wal-Mart …he opened his first Wal-Mart discount store in 1962 .today ,there are 629 store offering a pleasant and convenient shopping experience across the united state. The purpose of opening Wal-Mart is to meet the growing demand for convenient ,one stop family shopping in everyday low prices .They save our time and money by combining a full grocery and general merchandise under one roof .

KFC- kfc is the largest fast food chicken operator ,developer ,and franchiser in the world ,a woolly subsidiary of Pepsi co,inc.untill late 1997,specializing in original recipe, extra crispy, Kentucky grilled chicken and original recipe strips the purpose of opening it is to provide chicken fast-food restaurant and serve the people with better options .

Hewlett- Packard company -hp is an American multinational information technology corporation headquartered in Palo alto, California ,united state that provide product s,technologies ,software ,solution and services to consumers. The purpose to opening it is to provide service small and medium sized businesses and large enterprises ,including normal customer ,customers in government ,health and education sectors

1.2 Identify at least two (2) of the main roles/ functions that need to be carried out by the following:

Mark (CEO)

Carl (Operations Manager)

Quality Control Manager

Research and Development Manager

Mark (CEO):he is the main head of a company he have to make plan or strategies for organisational goal and control all the department head by telling them their duties .In short his work is to develop strategies for achieving organizational goals.

Carl (Operations Manager): he is operation manager of company so he have to follow every organisation process starting to end and tell others what to do, how to do and when to do and tell every member there role clearly .In short he have manage and supervise production.

Quality Control Manager: quality manager have to maintain same quality of all product and maintain the company standard .In short he have to maintain and improve product quality by checking product, investigating customers complaints.

Research and Development Manager: -make innovating ideas to improves existing product lines, make plan for monitoring product and how to make new improve product provide proper guideline which help in to meet program objective. In short he has to approve product specifications and confirm product performance.


a) Explain how effective you feel Golden state Manufacturers is in meeting its purpose?

Golden state is not effective in meeting their purpose .The company's production was dropped by 20% ,Staffs are leaving the company and General Manager of firm strict and it's create communication problem at all levels.

b) List four (4) main management skills or competencies needed for it to be competitive?

Four main management skills that are competitive are:

Leadership skills

Communication skills,

Technical skills,

Decision making skills

c) Explain why you feel each of the four skills competencies listed in 1.3 (b) are important?

Leadership skills - leadership skills is most important skill which manger should have .He should know how to lead the organisation in effective manner. He need to lead from the front and set goal for himself and for others also and should always give direction for achieving goal

Communication skills -Communication is veins in organisation which help in follow the work.He should be good communicator because manager have to communicate ideas and plans and also tell others what to do how to do when to do and also telling roles .

Technical skills - should have ability to apply specialized knowledge to get work done quickly and effectively

Decision making- main job of manger is to take right decision at right time .All process of organization is depends on what type of decision manager take



a) From any of the leadership theories you have studied on the course identify and briefly explain which theory Ron, the Finishing Manager most closely aligns with, giving evidence from the case study to support your comments?

b) Identify and explain the Leadership styles of Adam, the Knitting Manager and James, the Dyeing Manager giving evidence from the case study to support your comments.

Adam's leadership theory is autocratic the leader makes decisions without reference to anyone else because Adam believes in the philosophy "My way or no Way"! , he follows theory X and like one way communication

James leadership theory is Laissez-Faire responsibilities are shared by all that's what James he relies on good team work .He follow theory Y and like two way communication

c) Comment on how appropriate you feel each of these leadership styles are in the current situation- give two (2) reasons for your answer each style.

Both manger having their own style to do their work .on one hand Adam's want everything according to his way .he like one way communication and believe in theory x but on other hand James likes two way communication he love to communicate with staffs for getting ideas Both managers attitude the way they handle things are effective and he believe in theory y.


a) Select one (1) motivational theory:

Briefly describe the theory

Using information from the case study explain to Mark how he night use the theory to motivate Carl the General Manager Operations.

Abraham Mallow's Hierarchy theory

Mallow know that everyone have same needs and best motivate anyone is showing how they can achieve .he set hierarchy of needs (physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, self actualization)

How to motivate Carl: Carl finds difficulty in communication he should communicate with staffs and try to get out problems which they are facing by staffs during doing there operation that way he gain confidence and also able to solve problem by accepting facts .Which boost him up and motivate him to do more …

b) Advise Adam, the Knitting Manager, of four (4) ways he might motivate his staff so they will remain with the company. Make sure you explain:

Motivate his staffs by setting goal oriented which WOULD help them to work in team and help n setting good work environment

Recognitize achiever and appreciate workers it will motivate them to achieve their goal and do recognition in front of everyone so any body near by can hear it .also it will motivate other employees to do more .

Giving responsibility to staff .it will motivate them to do work and also give mild stress to do work properly which is good for work for get going

Leading from front also doing hard work with worker and also assist them with their work and help them to get going

2.3 Mark the CEO has told Ron, the Finishing Manager that he should delegate more. You are assigned to coach Ron through the steps he must take to delegate effectively?

a) Explain to Ron three (3) benefits of delegation, using information from the case study to illustrate your comments.

1 time saving -if Ron delegate responsibility he have time to do their more work and also have time to look all around organization

2 save money - by delegation responsibilty Ron can save money for organization because he can do other work and can look for organization.if he not do that he have to appoint other staff to that workers

3 training -the work you delegate the employee he will be trained to do that type of work that means you have more skillful employee which make Ron more relax .


b) Explain to Ron the five (5) steps needed to be taken for the effective delegation Make it clear what he should do at each step Give practical examples of each step relating to Ron's job and the case study.

Step 1: Planning function of management

Step 2: Organizing function of management

Step 3: Directing function of management

Step 4: Staffing function of management

Step 5: Controlling function of management

Step 1: Planning, planning means thinking before hand .Ron needs to plan about authorising of power and setting roles for each department which help for achieving organisation goal in effective manner.

Step 2: Organizing, is Ron duty to organize all things according to his plan set all things which he need to achieve organisation goals

Step 3: Directing, Ron is planner and organizer so he need to communicate with stuff and give direction to them (what to do, how to do, when to do) and set roles for everyone which gives employee direction to achieve or generational goals.

Step 4: Staffing -staffing means getting the right employee for right jobs .Ron need to appoint staff according to his plan which will help in getting organizational goals easily and effectively

Step 5: Controlling: Controlling means assuring that everyone is on right track and working according to plan .Ron have to control department with certain guideline which help organization to achieve its goals