Effective Planning and Organization in HRM

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The very essence of HRM is to ensure that organizational activities are fostered to be met with human capital. But how can such insistence are met? The simple thing is that human resources are the life blood of an organization. We can't deny this fact. The effective management of human resource is very critical. There can never be the best time than to make ways for human resource planners and professionals to undertaken a measure towards management of human resources and its capital in an organization.

From our observation, HRM and its processes in the current scenario also define its unique identity. Speculation making the rounds is that HRM today when compared and contrasted with that which was practiced two and three decades back have changed tremendously. Numerous accounts of literature and organizational discussion often emphasize the fact that human resources are very crucial for the maintenance of organizational business success.

Thus, speaking of the subject matter and its theme also we can readily agree and assume that HRM and its role plays a significant part in organizational processes and in maintaining day-to-day activities. In instances as such, planning and organization in human resource also comes into play. And on the basis on this term, we feel it would relevant to undertake a research in that regard, so as to enhance our understanding of the subject matter discussion and the crucial aspects that HRM and HRD plays in shaping and programming the initiation of planning and development process of organizational human resource need.

Subject Matter Significance

The significance of the subject matter cannot be doubted. There is every point from an objective view that planning and development process that concentrates in human resource programs are the driver force of an organization. But how does organization undertake these programs? What is human resource planning and development after all? To be precise, human resource planning and development posits an integral part of the contemporary organizational makeup and its process that we feel defines the development and training programs that employee are entitled for instance. Planning and development is also crucial in the face of effective management of human resource and the knowledge base that comes with it.

Hence, this is where we can emphasize the significance of the study and the subject matter in particular. Add it up, "Human resource planning and development is a well designed appraisal system that provides an outline of the organization human resources needs that also accumulates with the strength and weakness." (Kleynhans, 2006, p. 144) The values that comes from human resource planning and development can be traced in context of the functional aspects that composed recruitment, workforce management, employee training, etc, as a measure to ensure that workforce in the organizations are efficient to perform their duties with the set skills and talents they posses that play a significant role in contributing to the organizational objectives.

Issue in Contention of HRM Planning and Organization

Current HRM and its trend are fast catching up and are being recognized for the sheer element attached to it. However, integrating the management process in context of human resource planning and development is rather a mundane task that most organizational policies makers find it the hard way. Often it can take the form where employees are not open to change and are resistance to any new programs that are introduced.

Thus, considering these aspects, the study also attempts to define some insistence of human resource planning and the development stage that take shapes for example in ADNOC, A company based in UAE.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose of doing this study is to have a close knit understanding of HRM and HRD process together that limits itself in the area of HRM planning and development. To sum it up, the objective is summarized below:-

To have a better and deeper understanding on the theme "HRM planning and development process" in ADNOC based in UAE for the purpose of this study.

Secondly, to study how planning and development programs in context of HRM are initiated.

Most important objective is to enhance our understanding through undertaking a thorough research on the subject matter, which further assist in gaining a deeper understanding of how, what, where and why it is actually done in ADNOC.

Research Questions

Considering the subject as detailed above to its significance and objectives, we feel that defining the research question also is crucial. Thus, research questions are as follows:-

What defines the objective and subject of HRM planning and development process?

What are the basis as to which we can identify that HRM planning is crucial in one sense of the term?

Why after all origination managers and HRM personnel undertake and initiate planning and development programs?

How does it benefit the origination in the long run when it matter to planning and organization of HRM?

Hence, to have a brief insight on these, we feel it is prudent the HRM, its planning and development course of action is also defined, which is as follows.

Defining HRM Planning and Organization

Defining HRM planning and development in simple term can be taken to mirror and reflect in context of the HRD process that concentrates on recruitment, training and appraisal of employees in the origination.

In theoretical meaning of the term "HRM planning are the functional fields that planners in organization undertake to analyze HRM needs of organizations, where the need if t bring into contention a dynamic learning environment and develop activities that enable organization to adapt to change." (Sims, 2002, p. 79)

Experts also are of the opinion and define the meaning of the term as "the process which looks forward to create a roadmap in context of business strategy that is worked out in consideration of organization human resource needs. Hence, HRM planning altogether take into account the salient requirement of an organization toward its workforce as a measure of the overall HRM and HRD process." (Hrmguide, 2007) On the basis of this definition, we can further emphasize that "HRM planning process requires accurate information about the level of skills required in various job to ensure that enough individuals and talent pools are available in the organization to meet the HRM needs of the strategic plan." (Sims, 2002, p. 79)

Literature Review

Recent academic works and scholastic notion held the views that HRM planning is very important for many reasons. As we have detailed to the definition above, we can also augment that there is every point of consideration that HRM planning is very crucial and significant to organizational processes.

Planning as the word defines also can be emphasized to the meaning attached to it, that is to say, the stage that are set for the developmental process that are to be undertaken for goals achievement of any given and defined purpose. In the same tune, HRM planning also assert Nyamupachari Vareta "is the process involved in gathering of information that is relevant to HRM, which assist organizational planners to set certain goals and objectives and making decision, which overall enables the organization to achieve its goals and objectives." (Vareta)

Thus, we can see that HRM planning is one basic co-ordination of HRM process to analyze the very essential factor of organization needs. In the word of Ronald R. Sims (2007) "HRM planning process involves forecasting HRM needs and development programs to endure that the right number and type of individual are available at the right time and place. Such information enables an organization to plan its recruiting, selection, and training strategies." (Sims, Human resource management: contemporary issues, challenges, and opportunities, 2007, p. 7)

The importance of HRM planning in the organizational context also can be emphasized to the notion in which it is held "the professionals in HRM are an important element in the success of an organization, where their job requires a new level of sophistication and most importantly define the strategic nature of their role and functions of representation and advocating for employee in organizational context." (Decenzo, 2009 , p. 36) Together with it, the salient and significant element of HRM planning also "can be look in context that HR program in many of it forms and measures are to ensure that workforces in the organization are managed strategically." (Vareta)

Research Methodology

In this work in particular, the research methodology initialed is classified into the primary and secondary methodology for obtaining all the necessary information required for the project and its completion.

Primary method mainly consisted of a set of questionnaires containing questions on the various aspects of HRM planning. These questions provided the basis to structure HRM planning report in context of ADNOC, a company based in UAE. Information through the company's website (http://www.adnoc.ae/) is one measure initiated for primary sources that only relates to HRM and its overall notion.

In all instances the company website (http://www.adnoc.ae/) has been relevant for information retrieved. Add to it, to gather information on the theme of the subject matter, ADNOC was studied through a tour of its website to collect or retrieve relevant information for necessary actions to formulate and structure this work and its arguments. Together with it, interview conducted with the help of questionnaires and its responses also provided a basis for the formulation of the report.

On the other hand, secondary information was mainly reflected to the recent scholastic works that are relevant to the subject matter. A study of the recent work and literature review further enhanced the understanding as to the overall aspects encompassing HRM planning, which also provided the basis and background foundation of the process and its involvement in organizational context.

Results: Data Analysis

According to the date retrieved from the website of ADNOC (http://www.adnoc.ae/) it is relevant also to note that HRM planning are an integrated measure that the company undertake on a day-to-day basis to meet the demands of human knowledge and workforce with specified skills set in fostering the goals and objectives of the company. Take for example "the fact in which it traced that ADNOC as one of the premiere corporation in UAE acknowledge that its people and workforce are the company biggest assets. Hence, considering these aspects, the company undertakes an ongoing measure to enhance the value proposition of HRM and its planning organization in the most effective ways. The company approaches also take into account to invest heavily in training and developmental process of its workforce and new incumbent in order to develop a highly qualified workforce groups." (ADNOC, 2010)

In context of ADNOC operations, most of the employees composed of engineering in the mechanical fields. Apart, ADNOC workforce also constitutes employees ranging from accountants, technicians, managers and most importantly HR professionals who are central in formulating polices and advocating the right of employee and championing their cause.

Moreover, it also should be taken into consideration that the company under "the directive of the president of the UAE also focuses in enhancing to meet its HRM requirement through the recruitment, training and fostering development programs for UAE national and educated youth that are salient and as a measure to develop the organization activities in the planning process of its HRM requirement through the integration of the HRM programs." (ADNOC, 2010)

Above all, what is relevant to take note from the information in the company website also can be related to be emphasized concerning the fact that "training and development programs as a measure to foster the growth of human resource in the company and to facilitate a solid foundation the continuous improvement programs as one insistence and essence of ADNOC corporate social responsibilities." (ADNOC, Training & Development , 2010)


Summary of findings

HRM planning plays a very important role in the overall growth and development of the organization in general and the employees in particular. The end result of this project thus provided a better and deeper understanding of the subject matter, which can be summed up could not have been gained had the research work were not undertaken.

Our finding shows that ADNOC approach towards its HRM planning represents a solid foundation. Take for example the point "wherein the company integrates world class learning programs for its workforce in all strata. Career path in context of HRM planning also constitutes on e aspect of ADNOC measure to enhance the value and satisfaction of its employee." (ADNOC, Training & Development , 2010)

Compare and Contrast in context of corporations HRM Planning process

Considering these finding we feel that HRM planning and its processes in ADNOC cannot be doubted, given the brand image that the company professes in the global arena, which truly is in acknowledgement of its human workforce as one of the company biggest assets.

To top it all, "the commitment of the company towards its employee also can be emphasized to the fact that the professional development programs that the company initiates is to provide an opportunity for working professional and groups of engineers" (ADNOC, Training & Development , 2010) to learn and unlearn the various aspects of their job and activities related to their designations.


We can further add that the implication of HRM planning process in ADNOC reflects in the way of the company abilities to take on the challenges of the competitive market in the global landscape. In simple reflection as to what can be mirrored to the direct implication of HRM planning and it processes in ADNOC also can be emphasized to the fact that the presence of an independent HRM group in the company such as the "GNRD (group National Recruitment Department) further trace the implication of the subject matter discussion. The group involvement in nurturing talents and skills enhancement of ADNOC is impressive we feel, which reflect in the way of the company workforce and their abilities to take on the challenges head-on without any hiccups in fostering the growth of the company and achievements of its objectives. The role of GNRD also is strictly an independent group of professional who undertake great measure to analyze the pros and cons of human resource requirement in the company and selecting individuals accordingly with a set of qualifications and experience relevant to the particular job as one inspection of making the move of new recruit and incumbent into the company work culture a smooth process." (ADNOC, Group Nationals Recruitment Department (GNRD) , 2010)


The most important limitation was the response received to the survey, which have not been feasible. Yet the researches have been worthwhile in understanding HRM planning in greater details.

Further Research

Further research in the company, that is to say through an internal research calls for necessary and immediate course that can provide an empirically grounded conclusion.


Training of employees in the language aspects such s English is highly recommended. As engineers, and given the stature that English have acquired the global status calls for language in basic English, given that UAE national often find it hard to grabs the basic of what business English is all about.

As per data analysis, there is every effective point to note about ADNOC HRM planning and its process, which we can conclude to have been impressive.