Effect of Human Resource management in success

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Human resource Management (HRM) is function with in an organization that focuses on the recruitment of the managers and other staff performed by the management and line managers. Human resource management is the organizational function that deals with related to people such as compensation, hiring, benefits, employee motivation, communication and training. The effective Human Resource Management motivate employee to work good and contribute effectively and productively to achieve the organization's goals and objective. Human Resource Management also deals with the outsourcing and adds value of the strategic utilization of employee. The role of HRM in the organization to set the employee on its proper position according to their knowledge and experience, Human Resource management gives a best way to recruit the staff on with good exercise as well with good knowledge. Tesco is a big organization that deal with thousand's of the employee so it's hard to maintain them and recruit more staff so its important to make a good HRM department that deal with recruiting and outsourcing to meet the organization goal. A good HRM strategies is a asserts for Tesco to develop and compete market and maintain a good position.

Human Resource Management includes

HRM do job analysis so that all sector of the organization should work well.

It also does planning and recruits the staff.

The responsibilities of HRM are to select a right person on the right place.

The wages and salaries should be divided according to the responsibilities and job title.

HRM Provide takes care of benefits and incentives to the organization so that people do their well within the organization.

The role of the HRM in any organization is achieving the goal of the organization by achieving the goals by hiring the temporary staff and experienced employee. Changes in the managerial work over the last few years also affected the role of HRM in the organization. This study intends to assess the scheme of competitive advantage using the effective human resource management in organization. Tesco is recognized to be biggest supermarket of the United Kingdom. It deals in all the consumer needs like food, drinks and clothes etc. Tesco is one stop shop that deal in all outlet that caters to every market segment in the country, Tesco need a great number of man power. This force is to underline strength to marketing strategy. In any organization the vital asset is employees, because all the strength of the organization is related to its performance, so it's necessary to understand the employees for the organization to be effected. All the performance of the employee in any organization is depend on the leadership and goal of the organization. Tesco also using the E-HRM to make their HRM system strong, they develop a career option to allow people to apply job in Tesco according to their experience and give them find out the new opportunities with in the organization.

Tesco invest not only in international market place as well as its manpower. The recruitment of the Tesco takes place very quickly as the requirement. Tesco is getting reputation because of his CRM, HRM and its strategies. Tesco HRM strategies work as to motivate the staff member by giving them superior work model and motivation that develop company performance. Tesco is running his HRM strategies since 1985, and getting growth till today. In 1987, Tesco spend about £500 million on building 29 new stores and recruiting excellent staff in his stores. After that it got success in the petrol stations and customer satisfaction. Any organization whether it is profit or non profit the most important factor is employee. They all help to contribute in maximize the organization. Tesco HR system believe to motivate and building a good relation with the employee so that they can do their best without any dependence. HRM system helps the organization by recruitment the right person at right place. Tesco HRM performs some responsibilities to maintain their employees effective:-

Train the employee to maintain a good and competitive performance within the organization.

Tesco also implement outsourcing and termination policies.

It also manages all over labour cost.

Provide all the information regarding employee for decision making process

Tesco and its management, organization success is increasing with effective HR strategies the goal of Tesco to develop the powerful market strategies and put it into operations. Tesco is now a global organization so that it also considers on its HR strategies. It is also important to maintain the labour force as well as the managerial staff so that they all work together and help to develop a good effect in organization.

Aims and Objective

To run a successful business it is very necessary to build their aims and objective very early. Because they help to solve lots of the business planning and give a good solution according to the situation. Tesco is running from long time and satisfying the need of the customer as well employee, and also is getting achievement according to their aims and objective. The main aim and objective of the Tesco is:

The entire employee should be fit according to their knowledge and experience.

Expend their business internationally.

Satisfy the customer needs providing the best service to the customer.

A good and friendly environment and coordination between the staff to meet company goal.

In sum, HR strategies or HRM in general, is a typical approach to employment management which seeks to achieve competitive advantage through the strategic deployment of a highly committed and capable workforce, using an integrated array of cultural, structural and personnel techniques. It is about understanding, researching, applying and revising all human resource activities in their internal and external contexts as they impact the process of managing human resources in enterprises throughout the global environment to enhance the experience of multiple stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, partners, suppliers, environment and society.

Letratur Review

Example of Human Resource Management is related to hiring the staff to satisfy the customer needs and reach at the organization goal. In order to answer this problem statement, reviewing some previous conducted research and digging into the literature field of Human Resource Management in the effect of Human Resource Management as key success of any organization.

Jackson, & Schuler (2003) HRM strategy view the strength of the organization, it also view the strength and internal opportunities to competences. According to HRM employees are considering as a resource with knowledge, performance and experience present of the organization to increase the organization performance. The role of Human Resource Management in a organization to deal with the managing employee and providing them a force full environment so that they can work well and contribute in the development of the organization.

Beer et al (1984) It is essential to make changes in the approach of Human Resource function. The HRM strategies considered as overall process related to long term human resource issues which are important part of Human Resource Management of the firm. The management need to make changes in their staff to make changes in strategies and need to provide them training, staffing and performance management. The traditional HRM focused more on the physical skills but with the changes of time it needs to make changes in the technology as well as HRM strategies. This approach helps to promotes innovative, creative behaviour and more sensitive function of the organization.

Denton (1992) The HRM strategy of Tesco is more competitive, dedicated and customer focused workforce. The strategy is clearly visible in all HR practice. For example it recruits best employee who are skilled and competent at all the levels of organization. It gives best possible salaries to all the employee and incentives linked to the employee. It also provides the training to the staff to achieve the higher rate of customer satisfaction as generating a good quality management and leadership development.

Research Question

How Human Resource Management effect in any organization success?

What HRM strategies need to consider within any organization?

Does Tesco HRM effect on its success?

To determine the effect of HRM strategy to satisfy the customer by their service?


Hypotheses are basically used to get an answer of any proposed problem. It not accurate answers but gives some ways to solve the problem. Hypothesis is like assumption of any problem statement. It is human assumption or guess about any problem it suggests the tentative answer of the problem and gives option to approved or disapproved. It gives a way to the researcher because all the hypotheses a might not be sure but they give a sound to researcher about the problem.

A Hypothesis is a short term statements that provide the relationship between two or more variables. A provide the estimate data of that particular problem and give an appropriate solution.

Hypotheses are basically two types:

Deductive approach

This approach is generalization on the basis of the specific observation. This approach is more general and specific and work on the all the available facts and pre written theories. This approach is basically harder and conform any proposed answer in the basis of appropriate observation. It does not consider on the future assumption.

Inductive approach

This approach is bit easier because all the decision is based on the future approaches and considers all the theories. It starts from the specific observation to broader generalization and all assumed theirs. we observe all the problem and then we make a pattern to of all the possible aspect of the problem and then make small and short term assumption and on all what we assume we make theories about the problem. This is also called bottom up approach.

In this research all the hypotheses are generate to find the effect of HRM strategies so that it will help organization to getting the benefit of using his HRM strategies.

Ho- How to provide the a good service to customer by using HRM strategies.

H1- Human Resource Management strategies consider as a good way to make employee and consumer relation.

H2- HRM strategies help to compete market and getting a good position.

Research Methodology

Research methodology is a way to collecting the data and interoperating for generating the result. There any some ways to collect the data and all the data should be collect by using some research ways that make your research easy for future. There are two type of the research method:

Qualitative Research Method

Qualitative research method allow to give much trusted answer of the question put by the researcher that might be missed by the other research method. In this research method all way of generating question in systematic order. All the data collected by an external observation of a group of staff. Qualitative Research Method seeks answer of a question systematically use question and getting the observation of the interviewee. This method is especially effective in obtaining culturally specified information about the value, behaviour and social. This research collect data from the depth interview and focus a specific group, each method is used to obtaining a specific type of data. This is open ended process of getting data. So it is easy to getting people personal information.

Quantitative Research Method

This is a close ended observation technique. All the observation run according to pre design question and observation group need to answer in a systematic way and select the pre define answer. These type of the method used on the large number of the group where it's hard to get observe people like surveys. All the data formatted in the numerical format and study is stale from beginning to end. Study design to the statistical assumption and conditions. In this type of the observation a questioner send to the people by post or distribute in the public place and people have to select pre give answer they can't use their mind and views and result are discussed according to receiving answer. This type of the research is hard when we need to get an answer of personal questions.

Method Use in Research

This research is used to find out the effect of human resource management in success of Tesco so it's necessary to make some question get views of customer and member of staff. To run any organization, it is important the coordination between the employee and customer. And quantitative method is suitable for this research, because it is not necessary to make any interview or open ended observation, all the answer can be getting by making question systematic and people can give their view because these answers are not related to them personally so they can give their view without any problem. Quantitative method allow to interpreter data by giving the answer of the people.


The scope of Tesco in his HRM strategies is making a good arrangement in recruiting the staff with a good experience so that they can get more potential form their HRM to reach the organization objective. Company recruiting staff from online selection they develop a strong system of HRM so that only qualify can be set on the right place. The impact of the changes in HRM strategies Tesco introduced a new model of organizational flexibility as well as levelling power of technology, The HRM strategy of Tesco is assumed as its strength rather than its marketing strategies. The scope of Tesco is to make a good HRM system so that the organization gets success. In the past study when Tesco started their business in USA about 20 of the stores failed to get business just because non delivery of the stoke on the right time so Tesco start selling the material of third party and haring the lories from outsourcing.

Method of Analysis

Analysis of data is necessary to interpret the result. The entire questioner will receive by mail or public survey and all the data will interpret by quantitative method. About 300 questioner will be distributed or send via mail to people to get their response. All the questions are related to the problem and questioner divided in 3 parts. First part is related to normal information like Name, age and sex. Rest of the parts are related about the organization and HRM system.

Sampling Method

Primary data source is subject to the research's answer collected from the Tesco customer. A population sample is created and the idea is use in the basis of some of the element of the Tesco management strategy. This research may have the all the sampling data that use for interpreter the result. There is no restriction on the pool regarding the example of gender, age or occupation. All questions are related to one way to other way of the research. Questions are very simple and easy for everyone to answer that question. All the questions are well designed and tested all the aspect of the research.

All the answer categorized according to the age group and related sex, so that interpreter will be more easy to describe and get a better result of the proposed research.

For example if we make a questioner of 20 question and distribute to a small group of population that we can get a sample of our result.

How employee of Tesco helpful with customer?





Does service of staff member help the CRM?



Now customer need to select his answer from the given option and according to the answer of these question all the result will be interpret and after the hypotheses are based on that these result in this approach. These questions are answer of the hypotheses.


Ethics can be defined by some rules that an organization use to satisfy the need of the customer and employee. It makes difference between right and wrong for the customer and employee. These rules are basically consider as good for both - for a employee it is necessary to provide best and true service to the customer where as the organization Ethics are providing a good salary according to their position and giving them incentive for their good work, so that they can put their more potential. As a customer point of view ethics are buy goods and behave well with the customer service represented. These ethics help to make a good relation between customer and employee. If employees are well experienced and they HRM department is well qualified and placed right person on right place that make a good HRM strategies.


Timeline are estimated time when research will be finish. Before start any research it is important to decide timeline because they give a rough estimate how to continue work example-

1 June

Decide the title of your research topic and collecting data regarding your project.

2 June

Send proposal for the approval in the University.

5 June

Consider the main point of your research and collect data regarding your project.

7 June

Class meets to discuss further steps

This is a rough example of the timeline. These dates motivate to finish our work and tell how much work is pending and what we need to do in coming dates. Work on these dates might be delay but it gives a way, how to start and how to finish.


This research proposal describe the all the method of the research and gives a overview of all the point that need in research. The title show research topic and introduction give a clear view of the all further research material. The Tesco is big organization and running from the long period of the time. From that time they use many human resource strategies so it is easy to make research on their strategies and can easily find out the information about Tesco. The motive of this research is to give a showing how HRM effect in the development of the organization. Using the HRM strategy in any business organization is useful because it is very necessary in any organization that right person on right place. Tesco spend a lot of money to motivate their staff and provide them money according to decided rules. HRM is also arsenical reason of their success. This research follows the qualitative method that helps to make research easer and run in the systematic order and get result in a limit.