Effect Of Culture At Pear Tree Greetings Business Essay

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Every organization goes with certain norms, customs and values which are followed by every member at organization from top management to non-managerial staff. Here are some cultural aspects discussed for Pear Tree and their impact for success or failure of the organization.

Employees' Job Satisfaction

To identify whether employees understand their job roles is vital in understanding the culture of the organization. The employees at Pear Tree Greetings are familiar with their job roles and know their responsibilities which helps them to maintain a good working environment and they perform efficiently hence the firm performs well.

Is Organization Employee Focused or Work Focused?

The employee focused organizations perform well because they have built a good culture of supporting the employees and taking best out of them is easier by focusing on their needs and by motivating them. Pear Tree has this edge over its competitors that its organizational culture is more employees focused which gives confidence to employees and job commitment too.

Organizational Environment

Pear Tree Greetings has a working environment with certain codes of ethics which focuses on dressing and language used at work. Employees have to dress up very professional and do not use their native or loose language at work which results in a very good working environment which is also encouraging for female gender and motivates them to produce the best.

Job Satisfaction and Job Security

These parameters also play a critical role in developing organizational culture. Job satisfaction and job security leads towards employee's satisfaction and retention. A more satisfied employee can work with open mind without any mental depression and fear of loosing job.

Employees at Pear Tree Greetings have satisfaction and security of their job. Recently due to the recession company has to suffer in its profits and while other companies in the industry were shedding their employees Pear Tree retained its employees although it has to suffer some financial loss but retaining the employees gave them courage and commitment towards organization.

Task Allocation amongst Individuals and Groups

If the tasks are equally distributed and allocated to people capable of performing those tasks ensures the proper outcomes for those tasks and gives confidence to performing individual or group as the tasks are equally distributed and performed. At Pear Tree Greetings employees have this concern that tasks are not given according to merit and some people are blessed with easiness by allocating lighter tasks or by keeping them separate from hectic task works.

Understand the Hierarchical Working

Whether supervisors have control over their workers or workers are performing their work accurately and in good manner helps to understand the work at hierarchical levels of organization. The proper allocation and delegation of work amongst hierarchy ensures good performance. At Pear Tree Greetings work is very precisely carried out by workers and also they have good supervision which means a strict control over them.

Whether Organization is Collaborative or Competitive?

This is also an instrument to understand the culture at organization. At competitive organization employees are competing over one other. Although competition brings improvement but sometimes it becomes a matter of leg pulling and degrading others. On other hand the collaborative environment supports all employees to work together with collaboration and commitment. Employees at Pear Tree Greeting are both competitive and collaborative which is very good sign of strong organizational culture.

Is it Supporting or Resisting Internal Changes?

To determine whether the culture is supportive or confounding is a key aspect for understanding the change acceptance. Whether the employee welcome any internal change or resist to it determines the flexibility of acceptance and a supportive culture is always preferred. Luckily the culture at Pear Tree Greetings is much supportive and has a strong collaboration with management and also a great acceptance towards change.

Commitment to Organization

A strong culture creates strong commitments of employees towards organization. Although the organization is employee focused so the employees too have the strong commitment to organization which shows a supportive and strong culture resulting is better performance.

Hiring Minorities

Pear Tree has filled some management positions with low qualified minorities just as to full quotes by focusing on hiring and promoting minorities but it created some problems as inefficient minds are placed at higher positions and it became a reason for a litter less performance.

Understanding the Consumer Focus

A strong culture makes collAboration with consumers too. As Pear Tree Greetings announces kids' Halloween photo contest whereas it is a leading holiday card manufacturer. It is hosting a 'Boo-tiful Halloween Contest' for kids and through online voting the favorite kid will get prize and recognition including a gift worth $ 100.

While conducting this contest the pear Tree greetings president, Liwanag Ojala, said it will help to create unique, trendy and personalized stationery everyday.


As culture is a determinant of employee attitudes, behaviours, motivation and organizational performance. It shows a dramatic relationship between culture and performance. While discussing the key aspects of culture it is too discussed how these aspects influence organizational success or failure. Most of the aspects are influencing towards the success of the organization except one or two factors.

The culture at Pear Tree Greetings is employee focused, ensures job satisfaction and job security, collaborative for working of employees, supportive towards internal change, and ensures employee commitment towards organization and focusing and catering for customer retention.

So it is suggested for Wordplay Greeting Cards to alter the culture by taking inspiration from its competitor Pear Tree Greetings as it has a strong culture but should be vigilant in hiring minorities for management or other positions as Pear Tree suffered by hiring the low qualified minorities at management positions.

A strong culture works as talent attractor and talent retainer too, people prefer the organization with strong and good culture as it gives a good job experience along with performance. It engages people in work and makes the work attractive by creating energy and momentum. It can be double-edged sword which improves the alignment between employee behaviour and corporate objectives.