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E-Commerce Business Information


Student needs to do some research to familiarize herself with the subject area and to gain some ideas about how can carry out the rest of the project. There are a number of e-commerce sites available which sell tickets for sporting events. Use a maximum of 1 hour to review these resources. Bookmark the relevant sites and make notes of information that can use in student assignment.


E-commerce web site are essential to building a successful online business. Especially when customer are looking for good product with most reasonable price. Games and sports getting more popularity. People want to enjoy games and sports by attending the events , but spots tickets obtain can be very difficult. There are many web site in internet on selling sports tickets on lines. Also they provide many other service to there regular customer and to potential customer. Some sports tickets website are.


  • The largest selection of premium sports tickets online
  • Specialized in premium and hard to get sports tickets to major sporting event.
  • The best tickets for the best seats in sports.


  • Providing tickets to over 100,00 satisfied customer for over 15 years.
  • Offer Free Fedex shipping on your first ticket order.
  • Provide special discount to there member.


  • Buy sports tickets and sell sports tickets for all sporting event.
  • Get man is the leading place for sports tickets concert tickets.
  • Provide high security for the sell ticket.


There are lots of website in the Internet which selling tickets of games and sports also for the other event like concert ,theater etc.

The following web site are specialized in hard to get sports tickets to any to any major sporting event .they buy and sell tickets of any national and International sports event events They are committed to find the best tickets so the customer can get up to close and enjoy the event with pleasure.

They also provide corporate sports tickets package for big group and business so that they can buy sports tickets with a special price or discount.

The following website are also buy ticket if anyone have extra ticket for any event.

The give the opportunity to take return one sold ticket with some condition. They ensure that the your ticket buying is secure ,fast and with the most reasonable price.


Following website contain many feature and information which can help to produce a e- commerce site .Adding more feature we can create a good one.


Introduction: A project plan which will help me to complete my task just in time.

For this I create a plan chart according to my Work For this visit http//[11/5/2008;2.00pm] to make a concept of ganttchart.


Write a short note listing three potential domain names that identified, together with recommendation for the choice of domain name that should be used by the new e-commerce site. As part of this note students should explain the particular benefits that students feel the chosen domain names offers, and also list THREE reason why a domain mane is important to ongoing success of an e-commerce site.

Introduction: One of the main requirement in e-commerce is the ability to receive payment from the customer after order processes. E-commerce is not like traditional trade so it does not apply traditional payment receive methods. E -commerce use electronic payment option for transaction. There are so many payment option in ecommerce .

Evaluating payment option:

Finding the best payment option for business is depend on many factor. To conceder the best option some key factor should mind. Four key factor can help to consider the possible option.

  • Acceptability - the payment system selected must be widely accepted by customer and merchants. which ensuring that the sale is processed without delay.
  • Easiness of integration -The interface that is used to take input payment detail must be helpful and integrated into the web environment.
  • Customer base - There must be enough user of the selected payment system and enough facility to passage to justify the investment.
  • Easy to use and easy to access -The payment system should be as easy process as possible. So it can understand by all user
  • Payment options
  • Online payment option
  • Offline payment option
  • Online payment Method

There are many payment methods for online transaction developed time to time. Some of them are:

Digital cash

Digital cash a system that allow a customer to pay for goods and service by transmitting a number from one computer to another. It's like the serial number on real money notes, the digital cash number is unique. Digital cash is issued by a bank and represents a specified amount of real money. [[18/5/2008;3.00pm]

To obtain a digital cash customer must have a bank account at authorized bank. When any one issue digital cash ,the money is withdrawn from the bank account customer transferred the cash number to the seller as pay for goods and service and the seller deposits the cash number in any bank for farther process.

Credit card

Recently credit card obtain popularity for online purchase. Credit card offer credit to the user. Most consumers will purchase using a credit card for online purchases as opposed to cash or check. Consumers feel more secure, and company has more credibility. To do this, you will need a merchant account. The credit card companies will collect between 2% and 3.5% of the transaction from you. Now most popular companies are Visa, MasterCard and American Express etc.


E-cheque is digitally signature cheques using blind signature technology .E-cheques provide opportunity to receive payment with no credit card. The disadvantage of e-cheques is the amount of information that the customer need to input is greater then when the use a credit card. As result there will be more error, confusion, and possible of lost data.

Purchasing card

Purchasing card give buying right to the staff in accompany. Purchasing card effectively set individuals an account up with their suppliers. It can be to limit:

  • The tips of goods that individual can purchase.
  • The individual budget

Pay pal

Pay pal can be a good option to accept payment via online. This allows to send money across the internet using credit card or bank account for funding. Pay Pal charges a percentage of your transactions, but it does not charge any monthly fees. If you don't have a merchant account, Pay Pal can be an effective alternative in order to allow your customers to use a credit card.

Offline payment options

  • Bank cheque
  • Direct payment(manual)
  • BACS
  • Direct Debit

Direct payment(manual)

Direct payment system is the oldest payment method .For direct payment, physical attendance is must needed. Some time it doesn't make document.


In the world of e-commerce, you have many options for accepting payment from your customers. After analysis various payment option I choose credit card can be good payment option for sporting tickets online site. Because:

  • Most customer use a credit card for online purchases as opposed to cash or check.
  • Customer feel secure using credit card.
  • Available service providers (Visa, MasterCard ,American Express etc)
  • Charge less interest only 2% or 3.5% for every transaction.[22/5/2008;200pm]
  • Easy to use.
  • And world wide accessibility


Finding the payment method that are best for business depends on many factors. Consider the type of product that are selling, average ticket, and what type of customers you expect to have. Whatever method choose, there will always be expenses involved in accepting payment.

New sites with whom to link and new lists on which to announce your Company and its service. To market efficiently and effectively online your entire staff has to immerse itself, at least to some degree, in using the Internet regularly as part of their work.



The Marketing Plan is a highly detailed, deeply researched and, confidently written report that many inside and possibly outside the company will calculate. It is an essential document for both large companies marketing departments and for startup companies. It is used to define the company own policy to encourage people to purchase goods or services. Essentially the Marketing Plan:

  • Forces the marketing personnel to look internally in order to fully understand the results of past marketing decisions.
  • Forces the marketing personnel to look externally in order to fully understand the market in which they operate.
  • Sets future goals and provides direction for future marketing efforts that everyone within the organization should understand and support.
  • Is a key component in obtaining funding to pursue new initiatives

Online Marketing

Online marketing or e-marketing, is the process used to distribute, buy, sell or market goods and services, and the transfer of funds online, through electronic communications or networks. There are so many e-marketing tools and options to set marketing strategy.

Including product

Distribution, promotion, publicity and market segmentation. Factors such as market penetration, market share, profit boundaries, budgets, economical analysis, investment, government procedures, demographic changes, emerging technology and cultural trends are also define in this marketing.

Online Marketing Strategy

In the marketing strategy you must have a well defined methodology for the day to day process of implementing. There are two important component for marketing strategy of online marketing:

1. An Attractive Web Site

An attractive web site that will help you to explore your market. Marketing your Web site is as important as designing it. It will play a vital role to promote customer. At first you have to introduce people to visit your marvelous information if they don't know your website. You can help People to find your web site by different ways:

  • Advertisement about your web site in a newspaper.
  • Via e-mail to people.
  • By an online discussion
  • Make a reference and link of your website on another web site, including an online social network.
  • Make contact to the other organization that they need your service or product.
  • From using certain keywords in a search engine relating to your mission statement, services, or name of your organization.

There are a number of ways to prompt people to return to your site more on that in a moment.

2. Advertisement and promotion online

The goal of your e-marketing activities is to both potential and existing customer to visit your website. you can make them aware of the product or service ,highlight any special offer you may have and encourage them to buy or place orders via online.

Banners Adverts

Banners ads often comes down to a personal choice .Banner need to have particular impact to attract attention and encourage users to click on them and visit your website .There are so many free banner exchange website in which you show your web site for other and they will do the same for you.

Marketing tools

The tools and techniques available to promote your website and products include:

  • Search engine
  • E-mail promotion
  • viral marketing
  • Offline marketing activities

Search engines

Search engine and directories are the most frequently used means to locate site on the web .So search engine can be a special consideration in e-marketing. They are in fact slightly different you should include this in your marketing planning.

An search engine indexes pages automatically by using software known as spiders that explore the web and collect keyword information. Which they store in huge data base. They potentially give a higher ranking to website which have taken into consideration the of search engine. In their structure and content.

A directory is an organized listing indexed and maintained by people. It takes into account content and quality when considering what should be added to the directory.

The most popular search engines and directories include:

  • AltaVista -
  • Exite -
  • Google -
  • Yahoo! -

Search engines are always looking for ways to differentiate sites, and one thing they now include is a relevance-ranking algorithm. Within the heading of web pages are html statements known as meta tag. These are not normally displayed by browsers, but contain information about the site's content that help search engines in their site ranking.

E-mail promotion

Email is the online equivalent of direct mail advertising. Email can be used to make announcements or send out promotional offers. The fact that many email programs are now capable of displaying graphics means that the promotional messages can be supported by pictures and images. E-mail has some advantage like-There are no postal charge, It can easily provide more information by directing recipient to the corporate website. It can automatically individualized for specific customer. http://[12/5/2008;2.00pm]

Viral marketing

The viral marketing is that some website provide service free of cost to any company or individual . The strategy is simple and relies on other people to market their service. Good example is the Hot mail which provide web base free e-mail service.

The basic principal of viral marketing are:

  • 1.Give away free products and services.
  • 2.ust easy to transmit-instant communication over the internet Easy and inexpensive
  • 3.Utilies existing communication network.

Exploring News group

Exploring newsgroup can be a good way to promoting you business and attractive visitor your website .It can provide valuable source of information and means to network with contact and potential customer.

Those online marketing tools can help to increase your business by on line. Some of line marketing option also can help you to promote your market.

Offline marketing


There is practically an unlimited number of radio stations that bring experts in various fields into their studios. During the show, you have opportunities to announce your Web address on your local radio stations so listeners can visit your site.


Television is a mass media. People like to enjoy program in TV.So it can be a good media to encourage customer and give information about website. Local cable television advertising is much more feasible and effective from any other promoting source. This type of advertising appears to be very reasonably priced at the moment and is particularly effective if product or services is oriented toward a specific geographic target market.

Local Business Magazines

Many towns have locally published business-oriented magazines. These deal with local interests as well as more broad topics relative to all businesses. Contact with popular local magazine and offer to published advertisement for you also invite them to provide advertisement on your website.


The print media like newspapers is another way where the company can have their web address exposed for everyone to see. At first when the company start it's service then they can published it product, service and it's website address.

Create a Promotion

Create an idea for a promotion and bring it to the customer There are many services to attract potential customer such as:

  • Special package
  • Free offer with other product.
  • Free delivery
  • Occasional gift.
  • Free membership.
  • Special offer to new
  • Maintain security and privacy

Garter Customer Data

There are so many effective way to collect information from web site reader & visitor. Feedback form, e-mail, voting option can be good and effective way to gather information measure visitor. Feedback form contain some text field, radio and check button those are input visitor information like name, address, age, favorite team, others hobby etc. Which can farther use for marketing plan and action.

Email also can be powerful and reliable source to collect information. Suppose any body sent a mail to ticket selling agency for obtain information about agency service or about any sports event. At the time agency collect some information about the customer which can be utilize to the marketing plan and activities.


The key to successful Internet marketing is to accept that it is a never-ending, integrated process. New web sites and online discussion groups emerge and disappear regularly. You need to track with regular searches



The important fact for e-commerce base business is the selection of an effective domain name. The success of the e-commerce business also depend on chosen domain name

Importance of the domain names

  • Domain names easy to remember, easy to spell and should represent what the company is all about.
  • Domain name is also important in terms of branding the company. Research has shown that internet users are busy and prefer to use a known brand as short cut to obtain the goods and services they want as quickly as possible.
  • The domain name should help to reinforce the brand and should, ideally, be short, memorable and easy to spell.

Top Level Domain Name Extensions

  • .Com - A Commercial Web Address
  • .Net - Represents the Word Network
  • .Org - Organizational Web Address
  • .Ca - Canada's Internet Address
  • .Us - America's Internet Address
  • .Biz - A Web Address that Means Business
  • .Info - The Domain for Everyone
  • .Name - the web and e-mail address for life!
  • .Pro - a new top level domain[18/5/2008;3.00pm]

Three potential domain name for sports ticket online:

Com - A Commercial Web Address

It was one of the original top level domains, established in January 1985 and has grown to be the largest TLD in use although a .com web address represents the term "commercial," and is the most widely used extension in the world. Most businesses prefer a .com domain name because it is a highly recognized symbol for having a business presence on the Internet. Individuals also usually prefer to use a .com extension for their own personal use[18/5/2008;3.00pm]



Net - Represents the Word Network

A .net web address represents the word network and is most commonly used by Internet service providers, Web Hosts or other businesses that are directly involved in the infrastructure of the Internet. Individuals also use a .net extension as a .com alternative for their own personal.

Org - Organizational Web addresses

A .org Internet address represents the word "organization," and is primarily used by non-profit organizations, groups or associations. Individuals also use a .org extension as a .com or .net alternative for their own personal use.


United States Democratic Party:

Reason of choice

There are some advantage to chose all above the domain name. I think can be an effective domain name for online sports ticket selling. Because the domain name extension indicate a commercial web site, And our web site is also a commercial site it will sell all kinds of sports ticket. There are advantage of .com domain extension easy to spelling, easy to memorize, world wide used, established for business.


Privacy policy

Privacy statement is highly recommended for an organization especially for an e-commerce base website. Because by the privacy statement organization committed with customer to protect their information.


When any one will visit sports tickets online web site then it will collect his name, address and payment information to process your order. We should restrict access to customer personal and account information to those who need access to use it as set forth in this policy. Only authorized personnel are permitted to see customer Account password.

Customer other personal and account information will never be disclosed to third parties except under the some circumstances. We may disclose customer personal and account information to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or other legal process, as required by law, or to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims.[28/52008;3.30pm]

Customer Registration

When customer make registration then collect user name, password, e-mail address, secret question, and answer to the secret question to protect customer Account. Use the secret question and answer to identify customer as the account user if user have forgotten his password. Customer can help us ensure his privacy by not sharing your user name or password.

On this web site we can collect user name, e-mail address and telephone number, and the other information that is required for entry or participation, which varies depending on the activity. We may use user personal and account information to provide products or services you have requested, respond to a communication from user, contact you, and as otherwise described in this policy.

We may occasionally send promotional or product information. If user do not wish to receive promotional or product information, you may opt out of prospect communications by following the instructions in the e-mail communication or contacting your account administrator.


A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's computer for record-keeping purposes. We can use cookies on this site. We will do not link the information we store in cookies to any personally identifiable information you submit while on our site. We can use both session ID cookies and persistent cookies. We use session cookies to make it easier for you to navigate our site. A session ID cookie expires when you close you browser. A persistent cookie remains on your hard drive for an extended period of time.[28/52008;3.30pm]

Log files

Sports tickets online should store IP address to measure Web site traffic and to help provide a relevant shopping experience. If user come to the Web site via a link, Sports tickets should collect the location of the link that referred user. Collect Browser type information about the browser user are using to help optimize the Web site for visitors.[28/52008;3.30pm]


Sports tickets should secure user personal and account information and transaction history are kept behind firewall on separate servers. So that all information stay confidential because privacy policy increase the customer assurance.


Now days the online Business system becomes more popular by day to day. Because the manual or offline system is a traditional way or method of business which take more time. That manual system lose its popularity. present world want to complete their business easily and rapidly by reducing cost so they exchange to online business. E-commerce is one of the most example of online business which reduces time and cost of the same time.

In this assignment, I have tried my best to focus the e-commerce system on the basis of a sporting tickets selling. According to the scenario when a ticket agency use manual system for ticket selling then the agency will face so many problems that, sometimes the agency may not fulfill supply or demand and when supply and demand might not be matched than that's an unfavorable scenario for him.

As a e-commerce professional which I speak to a ticket selling agency , I hope that he will accept my suggestion When he asked me than I also provide sensibility study of research where all the information show that online ticket selling system will more beneficial which show details in the task.