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1. Introduction

1.1 Nature of business

1.2 Scale

1.3 Scope

2. E-business Model

3. Digital firm

4. Skills

5. Website design

6. Marketing

6.1 Market research

6.2 Promoting the business

6.3 Payment system

7. Security and Trust

8. Legal issue

9. Architecture and Technology

10. Conclusion

11. Reference


Business Model of “Thai herbal”

Top ten of the market research sector 2006

Top 10 of Viruses and their % of infection


E-business has become an important tool in the business world nowadays. There is a lot of challenging in each business, so e-magazine is another way for new owner to prepare their business. “The Internet has been a source of entertainment, information, and communication since the Web became available to the American public in 1994. However, in 2006 we are beginning to measure real growth and discover new directions for the Internet as a comprehensive tool that Americans are using to touch the world.”(www.physorg.com, November 29th, 2006) “The Internet is intended to be a marketplace where we can find things that add value to our lives. If your local community finds value in your service or product, then the rest of the world should also. And even if your product or service cannot be made available to the rest of the world, which is hard to believe, the Internet could be used simply to make your product more attractive to your local community.”(Dirk Wessel) "We need a new understanding on business ethics and governance, with more compassion and less uncritical faith in the “magic” of markets."(Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon UN General Assembly, 23 September 2008) from the articles, we just not only understand about the business flow in the world wide market but we also needs to use the advance technology to improve the business flow, growth of business and promote your business to the cyber market.

For successes in cyber business of “Thai herbal” we need to prepare the following of e-magazine solution. There are planning and knowing in business structure. We hope that this work can provide for new business’s owners to prepare their own business and getting at least some of our ideas.

Nature of business

“Thai herbal” is an idea that collected a lot of information about herbs in Thailand and represents this information in form of online magazine called E-magazine. E-magazine can communicated information to many level of audients in the world. So, this is the best way to promote Thai herbs to be popular in many countries. Thai herbal is a new business that could make more incomes to this business especially herbs has many profits for user such as herbs could be used in cooking, used in medicine or even in spa they also used herbs while massaging.

Scale of business

“Thai herbal” are focused on Thai audiences and especially on international audiences. To present Thai herbs to be popular in international audience, we needs to present on the internet and made the online market that called E-market. This way can lead Thai herbs to be popular because in Thai culture we put lots of herb in Thai food that make it more delicious. Also Thai herbs can use in meditation for some patients and use in massage & Spa that can make customer relaxing while the processed.

Scope of business

Many countries around has their own herbs but that not the same types. So we has concerned that if we could shared our knowledge about Thai herbal to other country, it would be a great things to represent Thai herbs in the form of international product. The target groups of our e-magazine are people who can understand an English language and interested in herbs. From that point, our E-magazine has written information in English language and in the future it would be in other language. Age of our audients should be in 20-70 years old because there is a group that has power to expend for the product and have their own judgments.

E-business Model

E-business Model is tools that the new business’s owner uses for analysis the possibility in their business. There are many types of business model that popularity in the business world. E-business model can help developer to though that should they doing the business or not. The most famous and easy way to analyst some business is S.W.O.T. model. It can classify the information into four parts that are Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of your business. It’s going to help your business to be famous and successful.

We has choose S.W.O.T. modal to analysis the possible ways that could be happening for “Thai herbals” business.


  • Low price

  • Famous in Massage & Spa business

  • OTOP product

  • Natural product


  • High challenging

  • Produce from small & medium company

  • Has less trust in world market

  • Product has depended on each season


  • Government support

  • People care about their health

  • Support to alternative medicine

  • Worldwide market


  • New competitors

  • Quality of product

  • Violation of copyright

  • Delivered management


  • Low price : because of the herbs could be found in every parts of Thailand. So, the price of raw materials will more cheaply than other country.
  • Famous in Massage & Spa business : from the cheaply price of the raw material, many has choose to use the herbs in the therapy process. That will be support the Thai herbs to be an important material in the Spa business.
  • OTOP product : in a few years ago, Thailand has provided a fair name OTOP for guarantee the quality of the local product from every parts of Thailand and that can guarantee Thai herbs has a high quality of product.
  • Natural product : herbs are come from many type of plants in Thailand and many people are needs something that made from nature. That would be good for herbs business.


  • High challenging : we are not the first one in this business. So, there has a lot of competitor in the market.
  • Produce from small & medium company : the raw material are from the local of Thailand. So ,there is has enough material for the big factory.
  • Has less trust in world market : because has less people to know the benefits of the herbs.
  • Product has depended on each season : in Thailand has different season that will have effective to the raw product.


  • Government support : in recently, Thai government has trade the product with many countries such as China that could be the door to wide market.
  • People care about their health : many people has beware about virus H1N1 but some of Thai herbs can be kill the virus. So, this is the good opportunity for Thai herbs business.
  • Support to alternative medicine : we can processed the herbs to be an alternative medicine for people who care their health.
  • Worldwide market : because of supports from government to trade with many countries that will make our market more wider.


  • New competitors : H1N1 is now a hot topic in our world. So, the news about herbs can be kill virus will make new competitor for your business.
  • Quality of product : if you has a lots of competitor that mean your quality of product must be higher than them.
  • Violation of copyright : violation product has become an bad things for the new business because of cheaper cost.
  • Bad management : wrong management could make you failure in the business.

Business Area

Digital firm

Nowadays, our technology has been improved. So, if we don’t improving or receiving a new technology to help in our business, it would be unsuccessful in our business. Digital technology is an easy way to promote or provide information for your business in form of internet, digital picture, advertised your business on web browser and etc. But it has different profits in each of them. So, we have to understand 3 major systems in the digital firm which are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Knowledge Management System (KMS) because those systems can describe about how the business should going on such as strategies, potential usage and the issues involved in our business.

Customer Relationship Management is a tool in form of software that in each company from the biggest business until smallest business use for organizing the contacts with their customers. This tool has focus on how to dealing with the customer by training employee to be policy while processing, focus on information management system and also customer service. Customer Relationship Management is main point that describe to market of each business. The advantages of this tool are good in customers’ information management, a good in relationship with company and customer of that business and can improve product offering from customer. This is one of the ways to be successful in modern business that needs to be famous in worldwide market.

Supply chain management is how to plan and managed the product activities from the raw materials to final stage of the product that are delivered to customer. This tool could help you saving your cost of the warehouse and save time for build the product. Because while we understand what the customer wanted for our product and when they need you to delivered product, it would be easy to get a trust from customer and being well known in the market of that business. That are the reasons why do we have to planning, managing and understand what should going on with the business flow. Supply chain management is another tool for support your business from the origin point to the highest point in traditional business.

Knowledge Management System is refer to how to managing your knowledge in organization of supporting creation, capture, storage and broadcast your information of your business. This tool can improve employees’ skills while working and improve product quality. Because when the employee has high performance in job time, it will be good for your product quality. So, while your product has a high quality, it can make your more popular in wide market. From this reason, Knowledge Management System can enable employees to ready access the organizing document, source of information and producing solution. Also be a centric of every business system that can provide good benefits for your company of your business in the modern market.


Website design


In recently, many companies has realize that E-commerce or online market is become important way to improve the growth rate of their business. So, many companies has designed their website for communicated to their customer for shared information with each other and the website can be tools to promote the local business to the wide market, many of them are success and some of them has failed, because they doesn’t know how to selected the right tools to help their business. The easily ways that can increase the growth rate for your business are market research, how to promote your business and comfortable payment.

Market Research

Market research are usually use for determine market of your product. The objective of market research is how to discover what the customer needs for the product and after you have finished market research, you can identify the area of your business or target groups of your marketing. So, there are easy way to work through the market research that are determine your problem of product, analyzing problem, take sample of rebuild product for customer and analyzing result of the sample product that customer needs or not. There is not only to target your market, you needs to research about competitor in the same business. If you are starting your business that has the same with other company that would be hard for your business to be popular in the shortly time. The benefit of Market research is the way to improve your business to be more successful in the world market than if you thing to doing your own business, your needs to work through Market research before start doing some business.



Sales in 2006

Growth in %


Nielsen Company




IMS Health Inc.




Taylor Nelson Sofres




Kantar Group




























Top ten of the market research sector 2006

Promoting of business

“How can you get more visitors to your website?”(Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, June 2, 2009). There have many ways to promote your business to get more visitor of your website that mean you can have more opportunities in your business. For E-market, the best and easily way is promoting your website with search engine website (E.g. www.google.com). While people around the world are opened search engine website, they can saw your website and that can make your website popularity in the world wide market on cyber world.

Payment system

If you have choosing to work though the online market, you needs to care about the payment system of your business that it’s comfortable for your customer or not. This point can tell that you going to successes in your business or not and while you has a comfortable payment system for your customer that would make your business or company be reliable in customer perspective. There are many ways to work with online market for the payment system as shown in the following.

  • Credit Card.
  • ATM transfer.
  • Checking.
  • Electronic bill payment. ( significant number of bills )
  • E-cash or online payment. ( Banking online service, money transfer service such www.paypol.com and www.nextpay.com )

Security and Trust

When market on the internet has growing, lacking of internet security and unreliable website are become a big problem in the world of business. So, we has design it in two major parts that are lacking of security and trust from customer as the following.

Lacking of security

In many big companies that had their own website doesn’t prepare website in standard security level. They doesn’t aware about hacker that can made problem or delete some information in the company. It will be a big problem in the further for your business. Not only problem from hacker, there has other problem that can be important risks in your business as the following below.

  • Web hosting that your website has registered. You needs to selected website that has a good quality and service. If you selected in bad we hosting you may loss opportunity in your business.
  • Hacking to the server of company by hacker. It can lead lots of problem as we said before.
  • Lacking of hardware such as old modem or unsecure connection ports. It’s may not secure or represent in the wrong information.
  • An important problem while you have a low security is Viruses in computer. It can come from the internet or hacker that could be deletes important information.

Top 10 of Viruses and their % of infection

Trust from customer

“If many people trust you than money will come” Do you believe in the sentence? More than 50% of consumers are cancel the ordering of product on websites because of many websites has miss understand in web design. So, their website will be unbelievable. If website has less trust it means that your incomes will be decrease too. From this point, it can lead to unsuccessful in your business. The way to solve this problem is easy way that is use some technique on wed design. The simple things to check your website are logo, colors on page display, domain name and address of the company. So, web’s trust is the important thing in e-marketing. After the trust from consumer, lots of product order and money will come to you.

  • Have your own domain name. If you have your own domain name, it looks trust than your website that suspends to another website or uses other free website. When you want to buy something between a website, www.tohome.com and www.geocities.com/shopping the web that have own domain name will receive more reliability.
  • Pay for the web hosting avoids to using frees Hosting. It might doesn't look good certainly, if your customer has entered at your website and meet that your website uses free area from the facilitator, which may have advertise show upward or messages is showing.
  • Designing website that seems to be reliable. You website should using normal color and good word which could help you to be batter look and more professional.
  • The information in website is always up to date. Do not liberate your website too old and not update, because only the information in your website it does not take an interesting and customer will not trust in your services.
  • Show information of company location that truth and easy to contact. Give the information completely that easy to contact, such as company’s address, telephone number, FAX or map of your company will give the confidence to your customer.
  • Refer to customer that success in using your service. You should give the correct information. Such as the name surname or company of who ever use your service. Extremely if your customer being popular star may help to make other customer remember and trust your website.
  • Use another trust website to help you to present your website. You will may go to apply for use service of all facilitator for help insist of your website such as register E-Commerce of government department develops a business.
  • Show the certificate or awards of your business in the website. If your business has ever to receive awards or certificate, you should show a picture or news for reliability of your website.
  • Refer your date and time of your services. Extremely how long you have ever to open the service. That mean the reliability that you has will get more than pass, because it mean the professional of your service.
  • Good grammar and spelling matter. A good grammar and spelling matter also will give your website be trust and also using international language.

Legal issue

While we are starting the business over the internet or even the local business, we needs to care about license and copy right that it will be against the law or not. There’s very important point for doing some business. If your company name or product name has the same name with other company, it would be difficult in your business to sale your product that has the same name but different quality. Also trademark can help customer remember your product. The owner of business should have cooperated and registered products and company with government to support the business. Government can help you to check and promote your product or your business to the wide market and that can guarantee your quality of product. When you have your own website, you need to prepare it with legal advisor by make sure that it has high protection for your business.

Back office processes are all about customer service. There are about membership in your business that how can we made their decision to be interested in our product and can update information every week, month or year.

Architecture and Technology