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In recent era, recruitment, selection and induction process has become a very important process for any organization. Elgin pharmaceutical has decided to enter in a new business of crèche and child care center. For this, CEO of Elgin pharmaceuticals appoint a new human resource manager and give the responsibilities for recruiting eleven nursery teachers job. For this, HR team plan a recruitment and selection process and create the job profile and job description for the candidates. For effective human resource planning, HR team uses the advertisement. This would help in employee branding process. The HRP would mainly help to execute the pre-selection, recruitment and induction programs effectively. HR manager select the external recruitment process for selecting the candidates. Recruitment and selection process is time consuming and costly so, this process takes 2 months or 60 days. By different factors of recruitment and selection process, an organization will find the right employee for the job with desirable quality and education. By the induction process employee will understand about the policies and functions of the company. Induction process support to the employee for increasing in quality, knowledge and give the support for understanding the work culture in an organization.

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Organization uses Human Resource Management to compete with other organizations on the basis of effective people management and development by tapping in to the ideas of workers and organizing their work in more efficient ways. The purpose of selection is to match people to work (Armstrong, 2006). Management of people is the most important element in any organization. Flexibility and the change of environment make selection and recruitment more important to look at matching work at the wider context (Bizmanualz, 2008). Elgin Pharmaceuticals is a successful pharmaceutical manufacturer organization of Edinburgh. Scotland. Organization has decided to set up a new crèche and child development center for providing health and educational care to the pre-school children of employees that include 70% female employees (Elearn Limited (Great Britain) and Pergamon Flexible Learning, 2005). For this, HR team will plan a recruitment and selection process and select the candidates according to the various factors of selection process. In recruitment and selection process, the HR team will use the advertisement. It will be helpful to call the external talent for the job. The advertising and pre-selection process would used by the team to develop employee branding. Employee branding is consider with the fact that targeting best employees for the firm.

Main Body

Corporate Context:

The CEO of Elgin pharmaceuticals company, reviewed the company's employee benefits provision and decided to set up a new company crèche and child development center for providing care to pre-school children of employees, it include 70% female employees. The center will provide care and initial education for 30 infants and pre-school children.

For this new development of center, the company purchased initial building for care and teaching of 30 infants and looking for recruitment of staff for teaching. The new center needs to recruit eleven nursery teachers for good care and teaching. The recruitment and selection is a skilled, long time consuming and costly process in an organization. This recruitment and selection process takes the time of 2 months. For recruitment and selection process, the CEO recruits the human resource manager. Company needs to recruit standard employee in terms of care, service and education and retain them to Elgin pharmaceuticals (Bizmanualz, 2008).

Human Resource Planning for Recruitment and Selection Process:

A human resource plan is a systematic process to gain the long term organization goals and opportunities in the community with the help of matching the interests, skills and talents of an individual community member. In human resource planning, job profile, job description, nature of the organization will be included. In this, job profile will depend upon the nature of the organization. In job profile, a HR manager will include the responsibilities and roles of a candidate in the company. Job description also required for judge the candidate. In job description, HR manager will include the necessary details and skills of a candidate.

The nature of the company is to providing good care and pre-school education for the employees children's. For this, company required highly qualified and experienced 11 nursery teachers. In human resource planning, HR manager will include the training session for the final candidates. The training session will help the HR team to find out the problems between the employees and the management team. For this, the HR team will create the communication between management and the employees. After this planning, HR manager will go for the recruitment and selection process (Simms, n.d.).

Recruitment Process:

Recruitment is a process of attracting people who might make an organizational contribution to fill a particular role or job. So, the first stage of recruitment process, include the require people for the company. In this stage of recruitment, the company is looking for eleven nursery teachers with the standard of care, service, and education and with the passion of child development quality. After that, the management will make the job description for recruitment of teachers in the company. The recruitment team will make single job description for all the teachers because the qualification criteria are same for all the teachers (Roberts, 1997).

This job description would contain all the necessary details, skills or the ability to work of the candidate. Recruitment team will give the weight to all the skills according to their importance. In this job description, pay structure will be mentioned. Once the job description is made, recruitment team will send this file to the chief executive officer for the approval because of the chief executive officer is the highest authority of decision making. Once the chief executive officer approves the job description, the team will go for the further step to recruit the nursery teachers (Armstrong, 2006).

After approval of job description, the team would find the candidates for the job. Internal promotion is the cheapest way to attract the candidate. In this, human resource department will motivate low level employee to make nursery teacher. This will help to motivate low level employees for novel work and it will also helpful to increase in their salary level. In the external way the advertisement in newspaper and on the internet sites like company's site or job sites are the best ways for getting applications or CVs for the job (Dev, 2006). By the advertisement, company have two advantages that, by this way company will improve image in public and advertisement will be helpful to maintain company's high level of standards (Bach, 2005).

Giving an advertisement in newspaper is a costly idea for a manager. The team will also take help of employment agency for recruiting eleven nursery teachers. As a human resource manager, I will invite the applications from NGOs whose working in the field of child care and teaching. These applications would be helpful to provide the best nursery teachers for child care. By this way, the team will attract a lot of good, qualified and experienced candidates for the job. By these internal and external ways, the company would get the more applications or CVs for the nursery teacher job (Kleynhans, 2006).

Attracting Candidates:

After deciding the source of advertisement, the team will create the advertisement for the newly created job. In this advertisement, the team will describe the proposed job nature and important elements of the job. The team will also point out the child care center work and the location of the center (Ebrahimi, Saives & Holford, 2008). In this advertisement, the team will also figure out the pay salary including training and promotion opportunity. An advertisement will also include the correspondence address; it will be post office address or an E-mail address. The team will use the technology for selecting the right candidate. As a HR manager, I would be short list the candidate through electronic CV. It will be helpful to reduce the time and increasing in cost efficiency (Luszez and Kleiner, 2000).

Selection Process:

As the Ronel Kleynhans (2006) said "Selection is the process of choosing from a group of applicants those individuals who are best suited for the position and the organization." After advertisement and attracting candidates, the recruitment team will try to match the skills, qualities and the experience of the candidate with job description.

Screening Session:

A screening session for curricula vitae of the candidate is executed. In this screening session, the team will screen the curricula vitae according to the job description. The team will screen the curricula vitae according to the age, qualifications, experience etc. for the job. This will help to find the right candidate for the job (Kleynhans, 2006).

Test and Interview Process:

Once this pre selection process has been completed, the next step is the test and interview. In test and interview process, only candidates will be considering whose match the job description criteria. For Elgin Pharmaceutical Company, candidates will only be short listed who pass the minimum passing criteria for the job.

Evaluation of Experiences and Salary Expectations:

After this, the team would consider the experience candidates and give the weight according to their experiences. If a candidate have the working experience in the field of child care and tutoring is very useful for the candidates (Compton and Nankervis, 2009).

The team will also select a candidate according to their salary expectation. If the candidate salary expectation is high, it will be not consider for the test and interview. So, by consider these criteria the team will make a short list of successful candidate for test and interview (Moy & Lam, 2004).

Now, the company received good amount of CV for the post of Nursery Teacher job. After the short list, the team will select 50 candidates for the written test who passed the eligibility criteria. For the test and interview, letter would be sent to all 50 candidates for attend the test and interview on the given date, time and venue. In the letter, it would be mention that, if candidates coming from far places it would be compensated of traveling cost. The candidates need to come up with all required certificates as mention in the letter. If the candidates fail to display all necessary documents, they would be disqualifying for the interview session (Tanova, 2003).

Preparation of Test for Candidates:

For conducting a test session for the candidates, a question paper would be prepared. This question paper include objective question for the candidates. This would be good criteria to judge the candidates. In this question paper all subjects will be covered that related to the teaching job and child care. I (as manager) will decide the number of questions in the question paper. The question paper length will be 200 questions with the time of two hours. This test will be helpful for the selecting the right candidate for the job. The passing marks for the test will be 40% marks in each subject and 50% marks in all subjects. The pass candidates will be considering for the next stage of selection process. For the result of test, the team will take the help of some primary teachers and some experienced employees. The team will select 30 candidates out of 50 candidates for the interview session from the written test result. For the interview, we will fix the particular date (Dev, 2006).

It is expected that that out of thirty candidates, only twenty five candidates come for the interview because of five candidates are living very far from the venue of interview.

So, it might be possible that they will not come for the interview session. The other five candidates will be not qualifying the documentation round due to the lack of proper documentation. So, out of thirty, only twenty candidates will be showing his seriousness about the newly created nursery teaching job. So, now the team has twenty candidates for the nursery teaching job interview.

Interview Session for Eligible Candidates:

As a human resource manager, I would conduct an interview session for the eligible candidates. In the interview panel, we will include the external interviewers, who have the experience in recruiting nursery teachers and the CEO of the company and me for the twenty candidate's interview. For the interview, we will fix some criteria about the education, qualification, experience, behavior, body language etc. of the candidates. On these some criteria the interview panel will work in the interview session (Tanova, 2003). Interview panel will allocate the fix time of interview for each candidate. This time will be helpful to know about the candidates.

As a manager, I will fix the time for every candidate as 30 minutes. After this, the team will conduct the interview session with all successful twenty candidates in two days. The interview panel will create different viewpoints for each candidate according to the interview. But at the last, the interview panel will be select 15 candidates for the final HR round. Five candidates will be not select because of the less experience and knowledge for the job (Dransfield and Needham, 2005).

Final Round of Selection Process:

A final HR round for the candidates would also be conducted by the team. In this HR round, the team would match the salary expectation of the candidate with the company's proposed salary. All the candidates will be highly experienced and well educated. So, the candidate expectations will be high about the salary. In this HR round, the team would negotiate on the salary and fix the candidate salary according to the job and the company. For HR round the interview panel would select 15 candidates, but at the end of HR round, only 12 candidates would be selected for the job. During this round, the team would evaluate the behavior and presentation of candidates again. If the team will feel that the behavior of three candidates is not suitable for this job and has some doubt on the nature, they would be rejected. So, the company left with 12 candidates. In this HR round, I would give more information about the company and the work. I will also describe the job profile and responsibilities to the new employees (Tsai, Nelson, Barry, 2010).

After this selection processes, the team will choose 12 candidates for the nursery teaching job. One candidate will be reserved because in future, if any candidate will not want to work with the organization, the team will use the reserve candidate for the work. It will save time and money of the organization. Now, the team would send the official offer letter for all the selected candidates. In this offer letter, it will be mention that when the job will be start and how much time the candidate has to accept the offer letter. In the offer letter, the offered salary to the candidate and the date or month for reviewing the salary would be mention. So, finally Elgin Pharmaceuticals gets its eleven nursery teachers for newly created crèche and child development centre (Ullah, 2010).

Criminal Record Method:

Elgin pharmaceutical is a registered body of criminal record bureau. So, all the final candidates will go through the criminal record check. In this process, the HR team member will check the documents and the back ground of the selected candidate. If the HR team found any criminal record about the candidate who has been not declared by the candidate, the senior level will take an action about the candidate.

Health and Safety:

After the criminal record process, the HR team will conduct the medical test session for the final selected candidates. The health and safety process is related to the elements of the human resource management like appraisal, reward and training. If a candidate is healthy fit for the job, the accidents will be decrease in the company. Healthy and safety environment will give the motivation to the employees for give the best result to the company (Bratton and Gold, 2001).

References Check:

This HR team would also concentrate on the process of reference check to evaluate the integrity and authenticity of the candidates. In this the team will cross check the reference provided by candidate and enquire that the information mentioned in their resume are true or not.


Induction is a process of introducing new employees to their workplace, employees and surroundings (Kleynhans, 2006). After selecting the successful candidates and offered the job, the team would plan of induction for new employees. All the eleven candidates would be call by the senior manager and introduce the entire employee with each other and to the new play school premises. It would be helpful for an employee to work with other employees. In the induction program senior manager will be describe all the job responsibilities and function of the center to the new employees (Armstrong, 2006).

In the induction program, the team will plan of training session for the new employees. This training session will be helpful to the new employees for motivation and understanding about the rules and regulation, policies and procedure of the work and the company. For this, company will be hiring a trainer to provide training for the employees in their work. Fifteen days will be sufficient for trained the nursery teachers in their work. After the training session, the new nursery teachers will be well equipped and proficient in their work and ready to take care of kids and teach them (Millmore, 2003).


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that the recruitment and selection process is very important for any organization. The recruitment and selection is a work of the human resource department team. Recruiting the right employee will be a challenging work, with no guarantee of success. Human resource planning will be helpful to reduce this challenge for a HR team and using the right information and procedures will improve the chances of finding what an organization is looking for. Advertisement in news papers and magazines are best idea for employee branding. By this, HR team will find the best candidate for nursery teaching job. The process of pre-selection with the help of different methods like, CRB, reference check, health and safety issues, etc. would be beneficial to select best candidates. Elgin pharmaceutical is entering in a new business of crèche and child development centre, for this the company has create some new policies and procedures for recruitment and selection process.