Discussion and Conclusion

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Discussion and Conclusion


After using the SPSS tool analyze the data from survey. The final stage is will present the findings from the research and proceeds with discussion and conclusion for the research. The recommendation of the study research are also highlighted and proposed in this chapter.


GPA is a term that all student concern and worry about it. So, everyone desired to achieve a good result; therefore it will come out stress to people. The cause of stress in humans is universal but for each people will experience their individual stress regardless of cultural, race or background. The stress comes from personality, finiancial, family or relationship. Stress has been known “to be the fuel the body uses to meet the challenges of our fast-paced modern life; for others, it is the aversive by-product of such a life” (Altmaier, 1983, p.4).

Personality has a significant positive relationship with stress and academic performance. Student need to live within the discipline lifestyle to ability cope the stress in the study life. Normally, for undergraduate will have more freedom than primary and secondary student. Therefore they need to have a good time manage to able them have a good achievement in their academic performance. Next in that they state stress is more than a response to environmental demands, but is also related to personal perception. If an individual perceives a situation as stressful, then it is indeed stressful. Also, if an individual is susceptible or vulnerable to the negative effects produced by stressors, the situation may pose a threat or may be harmful to the individual (Lazarus & Folkman 1984). All in all, when multiple demands are made on an individual, they usually experience intense feelings of stress related to role-ambiguity, role-strain and role-overload (Dziegielewski et al., 2004).from the view of the positive site the intense feeling can be a positive motivation, to impulse undergraduate to overcome the problem to achieve high performance. According the Maslow's hierarchy theory, the highest level of people achievement are self-esteem and self-actualization. The need for achievement may bring a positive approach to push student hit better result in their academic performance.

There are many negative effects by stress like some students do not get good result for the quiz, test, presentation and exam. But mostly is because of no in well preparation or study at the eleven o'clock. Course overload also will bring stress to student. It is hardly doing well in all subjects when taking too much courses especially they have many assignment need to rush in a short period. However it will graduate quickly. So student need know own ability to arrange the course and time management.

Financial has a significant negative relationship with stress and academic performance. Even though student have the support from loan but it is not enough to cover their daily life. On the other hand, student from poor family the parent really can't afford it. So, there are many students have to work to support their study fee. It is hard to them to adjust the time to having the part time. Normally student needs to sacrifice to work late at night and it will affect them do not have time to study and totally will harm their healthy. Therefore financial problem is can be the one of the cause affect their academic performance. Worrying about their financial issues and their grades can be an immense stressor in their academic life. “More time spent at work can encroach on time otherwise available for studying” (Trockel, Barnes, and Egget, 2000, p. 131). In the study, Student need more time to study and energy to concentrate in the study. “The income from such jobs may solve their fiscal crisis, but students often find themselves exhausted physically and distracted mentally” (Arnstein et al., 1999, p. 52). Financial constraints are the problem for most of the graduate student. This is because student does not want to burden their parent.

According to our research, family has a significant positive relationship with stress and academic performance. For the first year student normally will have homesick but they will change it as a power to focus and do well in the academic. They learn independent e.g. learn how to solve problem and take care themselves .Family always will high expectation to their children, it will be a good source to motive student to have a good achievement. Family will feel proud of us when we get a good result. However for some student cannot achieve what they expect, they also no get scold from family. In opposite their parent will encourage and support them to do well in coming exam. It let student feel warm and love from family, supporting from family is important for student who study far away from home. Another point that family important is family always plays as a role of adviser for the student. When student face problem in their study life they hope to find support and advice from family whether in financial problem or relationship problem. Moreover parents seldom compare their result or achievement between their children, they know everyone are different everyone have their own talent. As a parent they will not look down to their children, they are the person who will always support and encourage children. Family always will provide the better environmentally to children have a comfortable study life. Therefore children will enjoy their study without stress.

From the point of relationship among their peer, boyfriend or girlfriend will bring positive effect for graduate. The belief that there is a relationship between stress and disease has been discussed for several decades. Holmes and Rahe (1967) were among the first researchers who identified a relationship between stressful life experiences and the onset of disease. Second, because of the pressure of studies, there is strain placed on interpersonal relationships. It is because from psychology side student will afraid to lose or fail compare with their peer. It also will make student shame in front of their lover. Student likes to compare the result among their peer. The comparison not only can push student study hard and achieve high performance but also built their confidence and get respect from people. Comparison among student also can raise the motivation and commitment for graduate to keep going on in study and maintain their good result. Another source of stress for students is making new friends. “Giving up or changing new friendships and developing new ones is often a stressful activity associated with college life” (Greenberg, 1996, p. 280). It always becomes a challenge to the first year student in a new environment. So at this moment you need to wisely select your friend that who can help you encourage you and push you in your study. Beside, the relationship with their roommate also is the key point to encourage student study well. They can discuss the academic together. Otherwise, when student have good relationship with their roommate or housemate they will not keep confusing and involve conflict with their friend. They can focus on their study but not in messy relationship among his or her friend. By the way the positive effect from their lover is they will encourage each other in their study life. From the survey their partner can build the motivation to study and make discussion together. It is because many of the couple is from the same faculty. Couple of the student also can hold a small study group during exam. As a normal human live, we cannot live without friend.

Stress can be a positive aspect of learning if students experience stress as a challenge can exhibit an increased capacity to learn (Roberts & White, 1989). Among the four hypotheses the most significant influence the stress on academic performance is the relationship their between their peer, boyfriend or girlfriend compare with the financial, personality and family. This is because friend is who the person will always beside us, accompany us and face same problem with us. The most affected people are the friend who around student. So we can work together to find solution to solve it. Everyone need friend but it depend on how the friend we make. Some may make friend with bad friend same may make with good friend. In our experience tell us that student will become good when make friend with good person and vise versa.


We are not robot but human being. We need be concerned and get attention. Parents are in better positions to give advice, motivation and moral support to reduce the stress factors which could enhance the academic performance of their children. Support and encourage from family is the power to let them find the solution. Scold or blame is not the right way to purse them to have the good achievement. It only will make them more stressful and feel tough. Besides that, parent should give them more freedom to let them learn to independence and learn how to choices or making decision in their life. Of course, parent should always guide them in a right way while they are in the learning way. Student can share any problem no matter is happiness or sadness thing with their parent, I believe family is the person who always be ready and standby to share your happy and face the problem together.

Students have the responsible to study well bring along good result. Purpose of study is to get knowledge; not only for achieve the good result. We should always remember that the process is most important than the result. So, student should have their own dream and clear direction trough to the future. We should put effort to hit our goal. Besides having a good result in the study, we also need balance in our co-curriculum. It will be the way to release our stress and get different information and knowledge from it. Student should not merely focus on the result only. Furthermore student have to balance the time between study and entertainment; doing revision and assignment in time not the last minute to prepare all the thing done. In fair weather prepare for foul. Program such as emotional intelligence can also play a pivotal role in ensuring that these students are not emotionally disturbed when facing problems with their other halves (Hidi, 2006).

Financial is always the trickiest problem to student and their parents. The high education fees always the social problem that hopes to be solved. Student has to pay up for every semester, if not they will have to suspend their study. However, student Part time job will always as the main cause for settle the problem but it comes out many harm to student. Student should find the part time job which the working time is flexible. When the exam is coming, student should hold over a short period of the work to focus in the study first. Next step is cut down your “want “and learn how to manage and use wisely of your money. By the way parent should plan the education fund early for their child in order to support the education fees which become higher and higher every year in 21st century. Besides, well planning in education fund also provide the chance for the student study advance and have a good college or university that provide good environment for student study. For example Harvard University, which foster a lot of excellent student every year.

Friend play an important role in everybody life. We should maintain a good relationship with friend to avoid any unnecessary conflict or argument. Friend as a model to us and it is also easily to influence our thinking and our action. Friend always the first person we look for help when we facing problem. We should compare with friend in a positive site, so it will motive you to do well. Next, do not stingy to share your knowledge to your friend. Besides that we must always concern and take care our friend especially who face problem. Be optimism person, you will find out there are many friends want being friend with you, close with you, and help you all the time. While the problems of boyfriends/girlfriends are inevitable especially for those who have already found the other half before or after joining the institution, treat it is a challenge. Everyone also will face it one a day. Special programs can be arranged for couples or individuals with boyfriends/girlfriends outside the institution on how they could maintain a healthy relationship and motivate each other in achieving better grades.

We also recommend that education sector cooperate with government to organize seminar and workshop in stress management around Malaysia. Beside government can set the target of manage stress as the homework of every Malaysian to create Malaysia as a stress handle country but not handle by the stress. We need to find the way fight with the stress and gain the victory.

Personality, family, financial, and relationship are the causes of stress on the academic performance. Stress can be a good motive or a burden for people, it depend the person how to think and solve. It is equally important to identify what constitute good and bad stress and how good stress can be enhanced and bad stress can be eliminated.


In conclusion as a student job is study well in their study life and make effort to the society in future. Stress is one of the tricky issue that student need to face. The stress management is important to everyone not merely the student. The employee, CEO, lecturer and so on also will face the stress but in different level. We need to clarify what type of stress is good for us and make constructive and what are not. Nowadays, we can see that a lot of student commit suicide because of the stress, it include the student at primary school. Therefore family and relationship among the peer is important to guide the student management the stress. In the research we focus on the benefit of stress but not the negative side is hope to find the positive way engage with the stress and encourage student use the stress in properly way to achieve good performance.

Another purpose for our research on positive side effect of stress is we hope that from our research we can raise up the signal of positive side of the stress. People always focus and zoom in the negative side effect of stress and create passive image of the stress so we hope can turn the trend be sunny and active. From the research we also learn that stress was varying according to different student. Some stressor may an optimist person and brings a long positive effect of stress. Optimist people will choose to face the stress, analysis the stress and solve the thing that brings a long stress. When a person is pessimistic they will found difficult engage with he stress and choose to run away from the stress. Some serious case was they choose to suicide for away the stress.

Another point we learn from the research is prepare umbrella before rain no matter what is. Take an example financial and examination. If parent prepare education fund early for their child in later their child and parent will not face the financial stress when going to higher education. From the side of examination student can easy facing examination if they well prepare in for their test but not in last minute. All the stress we can say that it is create by human being self but not the stress jump out suddenly.

Lastly want to say that learn to manage stress better than run away from the stress. We keep running from the stress we can not settle the problem and the problem remain there and may become serious and serious. In life we can not definitely avoid stress. Stress, failure and success are hanged together. When failure faces stress, after we settle that challenge success will follow coming in front our door.