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One of the most challenging tasks for a manager is dealing with low employee performance. For some executives, this is the most despised side of their job. Nevertheless, wherever poor work performance is not accurately identified and challenged, the costs are abundant in lost productivity, growing customer complaint, lost profits and a high rate of employee turnover. The purpose of this paper is to diagnose and solve motivation issues at OMD using The Performance Diagnostic Model as a tool. The same will assist the organization's management in improved discovery of the origins of poor performance and handling employee operational issues.

OMD Lebanon, Omnicom Media Group's media specialist arm and most strategic SBU, has been chosen for the analysis. OMD is an integrated communications agency delivering media planning, buying and marketing solutions locally and regionally.

In the following pages, we diagnose OMD practices in an attempt to identify its strength and weakness thus helping the organization to develop. The performance diagnosis model instrument offers a systematic way for managers and subordinates to pin down collaboratively the causes of frustration and performance problems. It assumes that employees will work hard and be good performers if the work environment encourages these actions. Consequently, rather than jumping to conclusions about poor performance stemming from deficiencies in personality traits or a bad attitude, this diagnostic process helps OMD management focus its attention on improving the selection, job design, performance evaluation, and reward-allocation systems. In this manner, identify the specific steps necessary to accomplish work goals and examine the management's expectations to pinpoint the reasons behind worker's performance falling short.

Understanding how OMD's different elements are aligned with one another, and in what ways transformation might be instigated are all significant outcomes from this brief examination of profiles. After closely reviewing all aspects, the report results indicate that OMD needs to enhance its practices to improve the employees' performance. The assessment provides a sound context within which insightful conclusions resulting from the current state and future of OMD.

II The Work Performance Assessment Survey

The survey included all OMD departments and was done on 33 employees. It revealed the below scores:

Perception: 3.3

Training: 4.5

Aptitude: 3.1

Resources: 3.7

Expectations: 5.4

Incentives: 6.4

Reward Salience: 5.6

Total 32

The main three obstacles to the organization's performance and employee satisfaction can be categorized into Incentives, Reward Salience and Expectations matters. Subsequently, we will be identifying and proposing realistic strategies and solutions for these hindrances.

A - Fostering a motivating work environment

One of the most challenging aspects facing management of most organization today is how to make their employees become competent. This aspect of organization has led most industries to develop strategies by which to motivate their work force.

At OMD, it is clear that employees lack motivation due to their beliefs that the organization's rewards practices are being unfair and most of the times are not being related to performance. Consequently, enhancing motivation is exceedingly significant to OMD's productivity and is necessary and fundamental objective of every meaningful organization, and for that standard to be achieved, OMD employees must be adequately pleased to inspire motivated behavior to achieve organizational goals.

The following steps will be taken within a period of one year to enhance motivation within the organization:

Improve the Work Environment:

As OMD's GM, I will strive to make the workplace more pleasant for employees to come to work and enjoy being part of the company by implementing the below tactics:

Ensure all employees have access to the building's parking

Provide all senior personnel with Blackberry services

Make certain a smoke free atmosphere

Guarantee a well-adjusted life work balance environment

Celebrate a well done job:

It is vital that OMD's management takes advantage of every opportunity to recognize hard work. A fringe benefits fund will be created and all hard workers will be awarded on frequent basis based on their needs. The compensation methods will include various types of rewards such as paying their phone bills, inviting them to lunches and running employee recognition programs allowing employees to choose from a menu of rewards such as tickets to events, gifts certificates to shops or extra time off.

Ensure flexible policies and procedures:

OMDers have been complaining about the rigidness of the company' policies and procedures. Consequently, we will embrace a more flexible approach when it comes to providing a sociable working environment. The employees will have the choice to alternate their working hours, work from home on need basis and leave early as long as their work is done properly.

Use rewards as reinforcer:

It is critical we amend our bonus scheme to cater for all employees to boost everyone's moral. Currently, the company distributes bonuses to performers only while neglecting the rest of the team. Such policy will motivate all departments and will ensure a more productive environment.

Establish clear performance expectations:

The basis of an effective motivation model is proper goal settings. The same will facilitate the entire organization achieve goals because they mobilize effort, explicit attention and encourage determination and strategy development for both employees and OMD. As a result, we will ensure open and transparent communication across all functions stating and revealing OMD's overall objectives and the ones of employees. However, the management needs to involve senior employees in the goal setting process and ensure they are clearly understood and accepted by all of them.

B - Enhancing Ability

In order to enhance the employees' performance, we will utilize the following remedies:

Implementation of 360 performance appraisals

Performance appraisals will be conducted semiannually. Appraisal suggests a valued opening to emphasis on work activities and goals, to recognize and rectify existing problems, and to inspire improved prospect performance. Hence the performance of the entire institute is improved.

Enhancement of training and development

During an employee's work performance discussion, the presence or lack of work capabilities will become recognizable even to those who consistently discard the notion of guiding them. Performance appraisal can make the requirement for training more demanding and significant by associating it clearly to performance consequences and future career ambitions.

From the point of view of the entire organization, combined valuation data can form a picture of the complete demand for training. This data may be examined by variables such as sex, division and experience. In this respect, performance appraisal can offer a systematic and effective training needs review for the entire organization.

Alignment of responsibilities with capabilities

It is imperative we align department responsibilities with individual's capability framework. Such process will help us distinguish and deliver departmental and objective portfolios within OMD's planning, trading and research departments. In addition, we will ensure to promote the right person for the role when selecting or promoting any candidate.

Provide effective and accurate feedback

Offering the right kind of feedback to employees can make a substantial transformation in their professional behavior. Primary, feedback that enhances learning is reactive to specific aspects of the employee's work, such as providing a good service, the right media strategy, and delivers specific and related suggestions to any media challenge. This type of feedback spreads the opportunity to communicate by easing confusion and reinforcing knowledge. Succeeding, the feedback must be well-timed. If employees receive feedback no more than a week after a task has been completed it will grow the window of opportunity for learning and professional development. The same will be implemented by the employees' direct supervisors and head of departments across the entire agency.

IV Conclusion

Every organization and business desires to be prosperous and crave to get continuous progress. The recent era is exceedingly competitive and organizations irrespective of size, technology and market attention are confronting employee retention challenges. To conquer these limitations, a robust and positive association and bonding should be shaped and sustained between employees and their organizations. Human resource or employees of any organization are the most crucial element and need to be influenced and motivated towards tasks fulfillment.

For achieving success, OMD management should design different strategies to compete with the competitors and for increasing the performance of the organizations. We strongly believe that the human personnel and employees of any organization are its main assets which can lead them to success or if not focused well, to decline. Unless and until, OMD employees are satisfied with it, are motivated for the tasks fulfillment and goals achievements and encouraged, we will never progress or achieve future success.