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The selection of my profit oriented company is H & M ( Hennes& Mautriz). It was set up in 1947 which is acknowledged for its rapid fashion clothing offerings for men, women, adolescent and children. It remains a distinctive phenomenon because of visible difference in the behaviour of the customers in the existing retailing market. It is victorious and expansive company in both market and financial performance term. The H & M strategies have carried out along the line of persistent growth and seek for promising market largely. It can also be taken as example of the advantage brought by incorporated e- business solutions.

Employee performance is an imperative measurement of HR Management. For H & M, performance is directly related with its productivity, competence and with the achievement of its objectives. The employee's career development, reward and motivation are connected with their effective performance. Therefore management is must know how efficiently the team members are working towards achieving H& M's goals.

Task 01. Based on the customer requirements & organisational objectives develop work objective for the team. Also explain how you are going to communicate work objectives for the team members, communicate, monitor and appraise them.

H & M portrays its mission as "Fashion and quality at the best price". The develop work objectives for H & M team based on the customer requirements and organisational objectives are follows:

To expand and sustain financial stability

To promote environmental awareness to team members, customers and suppliers.

To manufacture the products in a way which is both environmentally and socially sustainable

To apply the deterrent principle in environmental work

To adopt a anticipatory methods with the substitution of hazardous chemicals

To utilize resources as efficiently to minimise waste

Reward the team members and motivate to do their best

Agree with manager a job improvement plan which assist to make a measurable and realistic contribution for better performance

To develop better management training plans to build up the strengths to overcome the weakness

To develop the communication environment both horizontally and vertically

To develop the management and organisational skills to ensure all the staffs are fully productive and motivated to perform well.

To make certain that managers are agreed to review goals

The key elements of performance management are agreement, measurement, feedback, positive reinforcement and dialogue. It is all about coaching guiding, appraising, motivating and rewarding team members to help unleash potential and improve organisational performance. The ways to articulate work objectives for the team members, communicate, monitor and appraise them are

a. Performance planning:

Performance planning is about setting the direction, concluding performance agreements and agreeing personal development plans. It is also about what the colleague needed to be done, how it can be done to achieve the company's goals. This gives a chance to colleagues to perform and develop by recognising their achievements.

b. Setting the direction

The direction is set by plan based on what colleague in H & M is expected to do and behave to meet the obligation of their role and improve their skills and competencies.

c. The performance agreement

The performance agreement comes out from the planning process and performance reviews. It records the agreed direction and form basis for measurement, feedback, assessment and development in the management process.

d. Reviewing performance

The significant of reviewing performance is for motivation, development communication. It is also important in H & M because this gives the main point for the consideration of key motivational, performance and development issues of colleague. The colleague needs consider the future understanding the past and present. The review helps the colleagues and managers in H& M to reflect on main issues of individual development and improvement in their performance.

e. Rewarding performance

The rewarding performance includes base pay, employee benefits, non financial rewards etc. The H & M should offers wide range of rewards for its staff in order to encourage job engagement and promote commitment. The rewards can take the form of recognition through feedback, direction on career path etc.

Task 02 - Critically evaluates and monitors work activities as per prevailing legalisation and quality systems in the company.

It is significant to evaluate and monitor work activities as per prevailing legalisation and quality systems in H & M. It is significant dimension of performance management in H& M. It is important to evaluate and monitors work activities to decide colleague's motivation, promotion, reward and training and development. In other words its result is associated with colleagues' quality of work life. It is also necessary to find out how well it is operating so that the communication, training, coaching and guidance can be offered when needed at any time. T

Are suitable performance measures o monitor the introduction of performance management cautiously is important as well. It is equally important to continue to monitor and evaluate time to time especially in every first year of its operation.

The finest method of monitoring and evaluation is to question those involved managers and individuals how it worked. The members of the project team can carry out the evaluation process. The performance can be evaluate and monitors by questioning on

Performances agreements like are the performance agreements in H & M being completed accurately, do they tell something about the objectives, attribute and competence requirement, work plan and performance improvement.

Is the objective in H & M being agreed as it should be and related to key areas and are the teams in H & M given a capacity to contribute to the formulation of higher level objectives.

Are performances standards agreed for key aspects of the job where time- based and quantifiable objectives cannot be set? being agreed

Are colleague in the H & M being provided good feedback during the year?

Are both managers and individuals preparing properly for performances review meeting?

How well are managers carrying out such meeting with particular reference to creating the right atmosphere, working to a clear structure, using praise to get people relax, to motivate and to provide them with support, inviting self appraisal, being positive facing up to the situations and agreeing on objectives and a plan of action.

How efficient has performance management been in motivating employees?

How efficient has performance management been in developing skills?

Have ratings been fair and consistently applied?

Do the managers and employees feel that the rewards under the performance related pay plan are appropriately and reasonably linked to their performances?

How well have the performance management forms been completed?

How efficient have the briefing and training programmes been?

Setting appraisal objectives:

It is necessary to define clearly the appraisal objectives in H & M. Without defining its objective it is intricate to follow appropriate appraisal techniques.

Setting the performance standard:

This contains the information such as what is to be done and how well it is to be done. After setting the appraisal objective the next step is to develop performance standards based on the information from job analysis and job descriptions.

Communicate the expectations:

After the performance standard is set, it is vital to communicate clearly to the employees concerned in H & M. The communication should be two way process to avoid barrier in implementing the managerial performance expectations.

Making the appraisal:

This step is the real measurement of performance. The information on real performance is accumulated by using different means for instance direct observation, reports and other written documents. The real performance related information is collected on the basis of the performance appraisal objective.

Comparing standard and actual performance:

After accumulating information on the actual performance level employee in H & M, this information is measured up with the expected performance which is set by the management which result may be either above/ below or equal to the standards.

Discussion of appraisal with employees:

Whatever the result is at the end it should be discuss with employee about the pros and cons. The manager can take alternative action based on the results. The employee should be rewarded if the performance is above the standard.

Corrective action

The manager needs to develop actions to rectify the behaviour of the employees to improve their performance if the result is below the standard. The employee should be given a chance or training course if the manager sees the employee can improve in the future.

Task 03 - Discuss appropriate methods to measure and assess the performance of colleagues. Explain various methods of providing feedback to the team members. Suggest and implantation & monitoring plan to deal with an underperformance.

The only way to assess performance of colleague is by rating system. It will disclose the strength and possibly the weakness of colleague in H & M which indicate where development can usually take place.

It is important to discover a trouble, identify its cause, and decide on what needs to be done by the manager to overcome the problem. The implementation and monitoring plan to deal with underperformance are

Identify and agree the problem -

The feedback is offered by manager in H & M and it is essential to analyse and gain agreement from individuals on what shortfall has been. This occurs only when the individuals are conscious of their objectives and know what performances measures will be used to receive feedback or control information. Then only they will in a situation to measure and assess their own performances. They will be able to take their own corrective actions if they are encouraged or trained

Establish the reason for the shortfall

The aim for the manager and individual is to recognise the facts that have contributed to the problems. The manager in H & M should not rudely blame when looking for the reasons for any shortfall in H & M. It is significant to identify the causes that are outside the control of individual. This may involves the external pressure, changes in requirements, system faults, not enough resources and so on. It is important to decide and agree on the action both by the managers and individuals and the action can be taken by both parties which could include any actions for instance such change behaviour or change in attitude, develop abilities and skills, redesign jobs etc.

Resource the action

To make possible the agreed actions to happen in H & M it is necessary to provide the training, coaching, guidance and needed facilities to its staffs.

Monitor and provide feedback

The managers and individuals monitor performance is important in H & M to make certain that the feedback is provided or obtained analysed and agree on any further actions that may be essential.